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Ororeef @ 18:57 re You were a SEARS Manufacturing supplier for 15 Years

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:25 on October 13, 2017  

Interesting story, thanks for taking the time to share it. For many years I was a one man fabricating business. Occasionally I’d get some temporary help from my kids. I learned to not let the customers “steer” me. I stuck to my guns all the time.

I’ll never forget this purchasing agent, Bill Scharf was his name. He calls me one day and says…..Mr. Copper, ya know, that price quote you gave me, it was actually double the price I got from someone else.

I immediately don’t care, and at that point I actually WANT the other guy or company to get that job.  So I tell him, well Bill, it’s your job to give the job to the other guy. Then he starts stuttering, but but it will take me 6 weeks to get the parts.

Then I say…If I worked that cheap, I’d also be so loaded down and I would also need 6 weeks. That guy is technically out of business, if he can’t get a small job done promptly. Naturally I got the job. I don’t believe those type of people anyway. You can’t trust what they say. They bluff.

Eminem A Player For Sure

Posted by commish @ 20:35 on October 13, 2017  


I guess he did

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:17 on October 13, 2017  

Trump Invites “Crushing” Response After Designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard As Terrorist Organization



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:09 on October 13, 2017  

“I’ll take that happy thought into the weekend…”

10K gold would resolve some issues. emoji_1f601

But I’m not holding my breath!



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:25 on October 13, 2017  

Even worse management. They sounded like real jerks and usually the type who never worked hard themselves or couldn’t but found they could profit off those who could. These type are everywhere and do destroy business by driving off the actual talent that makes them money. Maybe your company should have started its own outlet. Putting their logo on your products and dependent on them which they were really dependent on you would end.
I think that’s one of the things that did end them. Private and outlet stores via malls where it was way more than Gimbles they had to compete with, then online came along.
Some people don’t even like logos or fads. I suppose it was a status once like Nike logo or others are today. All it is its like psychology that you have something that looks expensive or in some cases limited like the cabbage patch doll so they can use it to drive prices up.Then it justifies other stores or producers to drive their prices up and hurts everyone.
Remember how much tennis shoes were back in 50 s or even 60s. Then in the 80 s they started going up and in the 90s they started using the same psychology as the cabbage patch doll. Limited addition Jordan shoes for instance. Ridiculous but people fall for it.

Janet is fit to be tied

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:21 on October 13, 2017  

she dont know what to do to help her Bankster bosses get interest rates UP ….NO INFLATION   say what !  WE cant have that !

Wages going up ,sales improving lots of projects in planning ..and nothing for the Banksters  shes going to get fired if she somehow cant justify raising rates ..even if it means killing housing,bankrupting Students ,closing marginal businesses…. Damm it Janet !   your gonna get Fired !

Shut the FED down ,send her to the unemployment line and give her Food Stamps ……just get her out of there…. No interest rate hikes for TWO years and all will be booming ……Stop the FED from ruining the Recovery  !


Posted by Buygold @ 19:18 on October 13, 2017  

Big banks failing?

That’s easily good for another 1000 DOW points.

Rickards said the US is going to do a 40% backing of the USD to gold and gold will be revalued to 10K per oz.

I’ll take that happy thought into the weekend…

IMF says there are nine big global banks in big financial trouble.

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:58 on October 13, 2017  

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says there are nine big global banks in big financial trouble. These nine banks represent $47 trillion in assets. Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says these nine banks could all be the equivalent to Lehman Brothers that imploded the financial markets in 2008. The IMF agrees and warns it will only take one of the nine named banks to cause global “systemic stress.” Citigroup is the only U.S. bank named by the IMF as a struggling global bank.


I was a SEARS Manufacturing supplier for 15 Years

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:57 on October 13, 2017  

I know how they operated and how they destroyed their own suppliers .Predators……..

I made children’s quilted robes for them and made tens of thousands of them..

Sears wanted to control every aspect of the manufacturing process. They told you how many stitches per inch (12) ,they told you two elastic measurements ..one stretched,one relaxed .They required you sew their label on the garment without paying you the labor cost to do it.

when finished they required you to package it in bundles of 3 colors together so they wouldent have to sort in the store. They required you to deliver close to the Holiday season so they couldent be billed to far from the sales time to reduce their capital needs.Then each year they assess how much of your production they took .If it was 30 % they offered to take 50 % of your production (give you more business) until you became dependent on them to keep your factory going .Then they started to dictate prices until you became a wholly dependent on them..for everything.Predators on their own suppliers….WE refused more business and told them to get out..You will not own us..! All the time their Buyers rode around in Cadillac Limousines inspecting the Factory to see where they could get to cut out 2 cents a doz from you…  They deserved what they GOT……

Their biggest mistake was controlling the manufacturing process ,it could only be done where fashion didnt change .They were to bureaucratic with too many instructions for everything .It became impossible to keep up with changing style in the clothing business. and as such lost SALES to more nimble sales oriented companies that could keep coming up with the Latest styles instead of trying to control the manufacturing process.

They would have succeeded in Russia or China where everybody wore a Mao Jacket…..or manufactured one style of CAR…for 20 years like the LADA..in Russia  ….


Re “Foreign Goods Distributorships” and the Stores Going Bankrupt, They Deserve It

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:20 on October 13, 2017  

Long long ago, at the start of globalization, the US public was “taught” that the most important thing was getting the cheapest price available. Leading American consumers to buy cheaper imported products. Like Gresham’s law, the bad drives out the good. Cheap is bad. For the USA.

The fake news media makes it sound like, or says, on line sales are killing stores, but online sales are only about 11% of total sales. Re “the dinosaurs who couldn’t adapt? A sad thing but the way of the world. ”

In my view they DID adapt, long ago, at the start of globalization. They proceeded to do what the world gov’t, new world order, wanted them to do. Start buying imported foreign made products, thereby taking the “work” away or “money” away from their domestic USA customers, who use money to buy things.

Naturally, over the long haul, the Americans have less money to spend, ESPECIALLY the young Americans coming out of high school, still living home. They have nothing and if they could get a non-slave wage job, they’d leave home, have money to spend on unlimited needs.

If Henry Ford had cars made in Japan, he would have LESS domestic customers with money to buy his cars.

Farmboy @ 8:31

Posted by Maya @ 16:25 on October 13, 2017  

Yeah, Coinbase is a big exchange.  I don’t recall offhand if they were one that had problems in the past.  But they are getting more liquid with rapid transfers.   If you are going to play with Bitcoin, you need to download the software and set up your own wallet to transfer BTC into and out of.   You gotta (this sounds funny) hold the physical bitcoins in your own wallet… treat ’em like gold coins. If /when it goes up, you can either cash them back into the exchange, or… my personal preference… you can order gold coins online from various bullion sellers who will accept payment in BTC.    I have had excellent customer service and rapid shipments from JM Bullion.

… and that “Houston” image was horrific!  Nearly sprayed my coffee onscreen.

goldielocks @ 15:22

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:17 on October 13, 2017  

If Sears goes down completely, which looks likely, then then it’ll be like the dinosaurs who couldn’t adapt. A sad thing but the way of the world.


COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 15:51 on October 13, 2017  

Don’t know what to make of this, dead action


G & S closing near the highs but my stock account is slightly in the red

and the beat goes on…


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:29 on October 13, 2017  

In summary these probably men managers at Sears don’t think or realize those shoes for sale at their store you can get for 20 less somewhere else and so on and so forth and again their online site sucks in short. They also cut sales people making people wait when they again can go online.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:22 on October 13, 2017  

These department stores have been getting hit for awhile. One for so called discount stores like Walmart then Amazon especially with the younger computer age who can go online and buy something and if they have Amazon Prime they can get it that day or the next. That way their not tempted to buy other things they come across while their shopping.They can also compare prices. When I bough a electronic game for instance they had a discount plus they matched the price on Amazon so double discount so the game originally 70 I got for about 35 at target. My coupon queen daughter in law told me how it worked. She knows how to get things even cheaper except that and since I needed to buy two of these games for two different grand kids she told me about it saving her more money lol
Sears would be smart to have a online fast delivery thing and maybe match or coupons but their Sears online site is terrible. With all the problems they have you think they would of improved on it and kept up with changing times instead of go under.
So instead their going under due to poor management. Maybe I could apply for a change of careers.lol That’s one place they’re lacking women which is a mistake but then they probably hire sheltered type and low educated type that just do sales and use guys with some degree but not wise about buying habits of mostly woman. Even rich women can be sheltered as not understanding every days needs of working family’s on limited wages or trying to save.
I don’t see men so enthused with shopping less it’s tools, large toys, or electronics and usually more consertative. They will go down for poor management holding on to days gone due to competition.

Posted by treefrog @ 14:31 on October 13, 2017  


Maddog @ 14:01

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:17 on October 13, 2017  

Hilarious! 🙂

Says it all

Posted by Maddog @ 14:01 on October 13, 2017  

2 Pigs


Posted by Maddog @ 13:58 on October 13, 2017  

Re Fires

U have the exact same problem in Australia….Mellons will not allow scrub clearance….the Mellons also build houses in the fire risk outback and can’t afford/buy insurance…so when they get burn’t out they swceam and swceam and then the government uses taxpayers money to rebuild for them…until the next time and so on etc.

Even worse fire is a natural occurrence, some trees self combust and the only way to stop the fires spreading is clearance…but not according to the Mellons.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:02 on October 13, 2017  

They need to clear brush near the homes and better fire retardant houses. But rest of it still wildlife about getting pushed out by population. A sanctuary state you know. Criminal mismanagement require living in a sardine can so they get get more money.
One of my face book friends posted a pick of a couple putting out a fire and other passer bys joined in by a Hwy helping. They say a man pulled over starting it and when they drove up the man took off. That complains like this are going quiet when reported.

Kalifornia needs to change its Forest Management Practices

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:36 on October 13, 2017  

not blame too much rain…idiots..

There are vast acreages right in housing tracts that are in Canyons where the weeds grow and accumulate and the environmentalists say “you cant touch those pristine Natural acres  and cut the weeds down ….So you have FUEL for FIRES in the DRY SEASON  ….I seen it right behind my sons house .

Its Insane !   Home owneres that want to cut the weeds down bordering their well maintained Lawns will be fined and Jailed !

Thats what happens when Liberals run things….so they have to live with their FIRES …..thats Natural too !

LIL KIM sez Trump is “deranged”

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:23 on October 13, 2017  

wow thats a Good thing  !  He better be carefull then !     Now he will be seen as the Prudent one compared to Trump  …I like that !   he no longer has the Luxury of being irresponsible    !      you go Trump….!

Thanks For Letting Me Hang Out With Ya’ll This Morning !

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:16 on October 13, 2017  

Got to get back to the chores if I want to head back to Florida

And Buygold, you were Right ! That JDST turned green afterall.

As Maddog sez, these PM markets are anything BUT normal markets.

Hopefully, we live to fight another day. 🙂

Ps) Keep stacking em Winedoc. I think you are on to something.

Can You Hear Me Now??

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:07 on October 13, 2017  

Trump urges Democrats to ‘call me’ to help fix Obamacare day after he ends key payments to health insurers.


Comment: Trump might just have their (Dems & Repubs) attention !

mr copper 11:39

Posted by treefrog @ 12:03 on October 13, 2017  

that kind of bullsh*t was the reason florida repealed the vehicle inspection laws decades ago.

write your state legislator a red hot letter about it.  he probably listens to the car dealer/repair shop lobby more than he does to the people.  let him know that while the lobbyists may have more money, the people have more votes

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