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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:58 on December 1, 2017  

That’s a ongoing joke about building a wall around Calif. Actually they should beef up the borders of all border towns after they travel out of them to other places. But it isn’t fair for Californians that Congress is failing them and has been for years due to internal corruption in the state. They need to go after and start arresting the corrupt and make a example out of them.
” They need a invistagation on them.”

Buygold 8 ? Am

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:52 on December 1, 2017  

Yep bought and paid for snake pit. They even know we know their corrupt and don’t care.

Build The Wall

Posted by commish @ 20:09 on December 1, 2017  


A little Bit Coin Gold chart 3 months with FIB velly interesting,How would a FIB expert interpret this ?If you start at the first trade date,the peak was reached at 100 % fib ..Help fib expert needed !

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:31 on December 1, 2017  



Posted by Buygold @ 17:15 on December 1, 2017  

Absolutely right. If it wasn’t Russia collusion the swamp would have tried something else. This is about removing an elected President.

If this were Clinton, there’d be a false flag this weekend.

COT Report


Can someone find the 45K contract dump this week in these numbers?

Maddog @ 13:42

Posted by Samb @ 15:47 on December 1, 2017  

All Flynn had to do was state this simple truth to both Mike Pence and to that sleazebag Mueller: ‘Donald Trump has stated that it is stupid to not want better relations with Russia. I agree and will try to help better relations with all nations, including Russia. I stated this opinion to the Russian Ambassador and am proud of it.’ Now, what could anyone do with that statement? It is certainly NOT collusion but, rather a new non aggression policy as regards to Russia.

Mueller, on the other hand has much to answer for: He headed the FBI during the Uranium One investigation which found there to be Russian bribery and extortion to get the transfer approved. He and Eric Holder choose not to inform the approving agencies of the FBI investigation. That is collusion and obstruction of justice. They both were sitting members of the foreign  investment committee and their silence gave approval. Rod Rosenstein is complicit also.

Mueller is known to have a very friendly relationship with Comey, Clapper and the ringleader Brennan. Comey wrote an exonerating FBI memo regarding Hillary two months prior to the FBI investigation into her e-mail server. He gave immunity to her entire inner circle including her IT person. He then allowed them  to destroy all evidence on their laptops and Blackberry’s. He never had Hillary put under oath and saw to it that there is no video or recording of any sort with Hillary’s final interview. That is contrary to standard FBI Policy.

As far as $gold, we find ourselves in a defined downtrend…watch the July lows come into play. Dust rather then Nugt and with very neglicable time decay compared to options.


Posted by eeos @ 14:10 on December 1, 2017  

Are full of Obozo puppets who will make any claim that could possibly ever be believed. Noise

Some adult needs to stop Mueller fast

Posted by Maddog @ 13:42 on December 1, 2017  


All this happened after the election, he is supposed to be ivestigating interference in the election.

Trump had every right to open channels to the Russians, he was president elect already…..Mueller must be mad, if he thinks this will fly….for once the mkt is right to ignore news….there is no news here.


Posted by Maddog @ 13:23 on December 1, 2017  

was talking to a mate. who loves to short the SM and said….don’t think they have lost control yet..look at PAAS, dn over 2 %,,,,

So far it’s just another BTFD orgasmatron.


Posted by deer79 @ 12:17 on December 1, 2017  

It simply has to be that the algorithms must be programmed to buy every substantial dip. This in turn influences the rest of the funds continually chasing yields.

Lets confuse it some more ..Heres Trump COIN today hehe (not advice )

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:01 on December 1, 2017  


eeos – too funny

Posted by Buygold @ 11:51 on December 1, 2017  

USD smashed, market down 1% and they still have pinching gold and silver as their No. 1 priority

The scum

Posted by Buygold @ 11:49 on December 1, 2017  

better get the VIX under control because the mammoth amount of VIX shorts can derail this SM

Margin calls would come fast and furious

the stock market falls .8% and Gold is allowed to rally?

Posted by eeos @ 11:39 on December 1, 2017  

Better get the wall street peons to re-rig. Notice Bitcoin shook off the weakness too. Well about $10,000

Sure hope this isn’t true – I thought Flynn was one of the good guys

Posted by Buygold @ 11:19 on December 1, 2017  

Flynn Prepared To Testify Against Trump; Gold Spikes, Stocks Plunge

Gold is spiking as stocks and the dollar sink after headline reports from ABC that Michael Flynn promised “full cooperation to the Mueller team” and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump “directed him to make contact with the Russians.”


Posted by Buygold @ 11:14 on December 1, 2017  

must have just kicked tax reform to the curb

SM is flash crashing


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:10 on December 1, 2017  

I know how you feel. I felt that way last year, and totally stopped buying any PMs. Just holding on to what was too low to sell. Waiting for a clear obvious PMs uptrend first. I’ve seen to many false breakouts, irrational rice action etc.

I’m not looking to be the leader, and be first at plowing back in. I’ve been playing a little with other things instead. Waiting patiently for Gold/Silver to get back on track.


Posted by Buygold @ 10:44 on December 1, 2017  

Hillary has been skating for so long we’re immune to any justice being served. I blame the Establishment RINO’s for this too.

The Globalist Uniparty at their finest.


Posted by Maddog @ 10:36 on December 1, 2017  

Worse than joke, as a two tier system is pure evil…..though far too mny hate the Donald so badly, they think any tactic is fair…..now if it was the Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech Hellary being hounded and the Donald left to skate, the US would be a world parariah.

I wonder how the scum will stop Moore…..I agree that’s how the scum will fall, by being voted out and the movement is gaining power daily…people in the UK are furious with the London Elite, as well…same all across Europe, that’s where AfD in Germany and 5 Star in Italy are getting their votes from.

Good call on the hit….

R640 Re Bitcoin

Posted by Maddog @ 10:31 on December 1, 2017  

Reckon the PtB are well in on it.

They want us all to go digital, so they can have serious negative rates, the next time they screw up. Plus all the other easy controls over us, that they give. As long as cash is around, that, negative rates doesn’t work, as people just pull their money and stick it under the mattress. Paper money supply went up in the UK by over 30 % in 2007/9, as people stuffed it under their beds, rather than get hit by negative rates.

Apparently the UK nearly announced it was going to be the 1st country to go digital, back under that idiot Cameron, but his Chancellor, realised it was still a huge vote loser then and the announcement was pulled…..so it is highly possible that Cyrpto’s are the softening up process…..

Farmboy, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 10:30 on December 1, 2017  

Farmboy – pretty sure OPEC announced they were sticking to their cuts yesterday – oil was flat. I’ll have to leave the DRIP up to you. I’m not sure I’d want to hold that position into the weekend.

Maddog – we must look like an absolute joke to the rest of the world

Buygold re Flynn

Posted by Maddog @ 10:18 on December 1, 2017  

As you and others say, as long as Hillary walks free, untouched, all these other pulls, make the US look v bad.

A two tier system is pure banana republic…..

Buygold, I Think OPEC

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:17 on December 1, 2017  

is suppose to formally announce today that they are sticking to their production cuts. Probably a good time to pick up some DRIP. ??

Dollar up a little

Posted by Buygold @ 10:14 on December 1, 2017  

Expect a $4 billion notional dump in 3…2…1…

Oil having a good day

Posted by Buygold @ 10:09 on December 1, 2017  

no correlation to silver like it was once thought

Farmboy – spittoon? Ugh?

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