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Posted by Ororeef @ 22:06 on December 6, 2017  

If your going to engage in bit Coins its better to have a “HARD WALLET” to store your money ,that is a physical device that you personally keep,not stored on you computer .Its a tiny piece of hardware that you absolutely must keep secure just like your back pocket wallet .There are three companies that make them .1 TREZOR 2.Ledger 3.Keepkey —-they should come with a USB port connection and an APP called “ELECTRUM” the software that communicates with whoever you are sending your bitcoins to .ALL your money will be stored here ,so learn how it works .Its Better than trusting your Browser or Hard Drive to  secure bit coins .Lean more for example you can carry your money on it while traveling on an airplane with declaring anything..when you get to your destination spend your bit coins just as u would at home ..FREEDOM..

Bitcoin to trade on futures market!

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:58 on December 6, 2017  

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange announced it would start trading 5btc contracts on December 18. Not to be outdone, the Chicago Board of Trade announced a 1btc contract would start on December 10. Margins are expected to be about 44% because of extreme volatility.



The problem with ALL cryptos is that u r “sh*t out of luck” if u have a problem-who r u gonna call? 911? Har Har!

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:32 on December 6, 2017  

Traders on billion-dollar crypto exchange say they can’t withdraw money

By Oscar Williams-Grut
Business Insider, New York
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

LONDON — Customers of cryptocurrency trading platform Bittrex are complaining of problems withdrawing money and say they have been left in the dark by the huge U.S. exchange.

Several Bittrex customers contacted Business Insider in recent weeks to complain about problems. Others have taken to Twitter and forums such as Reddit.

The majority appear to have issues verifying their identities when trying to withdraw money from the platform. The people who BI spoke to are angry that they have received little to no communication from the platform about the issues, leaving them confused and concerned.

Bittrex on Wednesday admitted to “significant delays” in handling customer issues but…

Bob Doll: The Market Cannot Go Down; Earnings are Too Good

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:25 on December 6, 2017  

Stock bulls bottom line argument is where else is there to go with your money? Bonds at one percent or less?

When the Nikkei crashed from 39,000, Japanese investors were so traumatized that they sat for 20 yrs. in bonds yielding one percent + or -…..they did not come back to the market and the Nikkei was dead money for 20 yrs…it could happen here is we get a 3rd melt down…


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:49 on December 6, 2017  

Got a notification from my bank about Fed regulations on withdrawals from savings account.That you can only make so many a month without them charging fees for doing so. I put a certain amount for Christmas and take it out when needed and now get this notification. They didn’t have any problem for me transferring it to savings in the first place.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:16 on December 6, 2017  

As you would say copy that as far as who is running the country. We should have the right to know WHO is contributing to their campaign. Further even other insiders ” senators what not” apparently also contribute to other senators as we reciently seen with a should be a democrat Republican sending money to a Democrat campaigning against Moore. The club. But what we do know is that many of these behind the curtain contributors like probably all the multi national companies are not happy because he’s nixing NAFTA, Paris climate deal, which are all job killers and tax burdens that benefit other countries at our expense.
We had people like Buffet saying he pays less taxes than his secretary to Obama so what did he do but increase taxes to US businesses. These multi nationals don’t get taxed till they bring their money home so it doesn’t hurt them. These politicians are either too stupid or as Obama didn’t mind if he destroyed America including weakening our military to see that destroying small business stops the multinationals competition as well as kill 70 % of the job creators. Our military needs to stay strong because we have a lot of people on the side lines waiting to pounce as well as building that wall and strenghting our borders. We also need to slow the amount of legal immigration because of chain migration plus limit chain migration. If we let a million in and they can let at least 6 and more extended family that 1 mil a year which is already too much turns into 6 mil plus a year. The Mexican moles excuse is well it’s splitting up family. If they came here themselves it wasn’t us who chose to split up it was their choice. How does that become our problem. They can never answer that also was never put their choice but how is it our problem they just side step it. Now if it were a wife and kid maybe but not parents needing to be in a home we pay for uncles aunts brothers sisters etc. That’s what will happen if DACA gets citizenship. Those who sent them illegally will benefit and totally unfair to the legal immigrants.
A Japanese friend came by today to exchange gifts talked about Korea and the wall. She came here legally and brought no one. She said these people come and have kids and kids it’s terrible lol They need to put up a wall. We have less kids for a better life and they coke here and have all these kids. I told her about EMPs told her to tell her family and friends back home about food storage. People there are still suffering from cancers as it is.
Anyways even legal immigrants who have higher standards of living want the wall they don’t think it’s fair and it isn’t.

The Corbett Report, well worth the few minutes of thought

Posted by silverngold @ 20:07 on December 6, 2017  

World War III Is Over (If You Want It)

The unreal world of the Rig

Posted by Maddog @ 19:25 on December 6, 2017  

Meanwhile, the ECB’s monetization of all European debt continues apace, and as of last Friday, the ECB held over 40% of Europe’s GDP on its balance sheet.


Mr Copper

Posted by Maddog @ 19:23 on December 6, 2017  

No way would I ever think u were a libtard…..far too intelligent for that !!!!


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:17 on December 6, 2017  

TPTB were reversing the system (they don’t come up for vote) after 2001 9/11. Then the reversal accelerated after the 2008 meltdown.

Many people that own race horses, hire other tiny people to race them. Same in politics imo. The people in charge “hire” others to enter the race. As Carlin said, “It’s a club, and we ain’t in it”

The group that got Trump to run and KNEW he would win, have started reversing the reversal. Status quo returning. Higher budget and trade deficits, more military spending, more respect and love for Israel.

Trump (and every past president) only have some influence. Not dictators. The dictators are invisible. They control what is said in the mass media. Find out who THEY are, and you know who’s in charge.

@eeos Copy That, agreed.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:08 on December 6, 2017  

Los Angles Wild Fire – KTLA 5 Stream

Posted by commish @ 17:49 on December 6, 2017  

Live Streaming

Flu shots only 10% effective this year!?

Posted by Floridagold @ 17:31 on December 6, 2017  

Such a deal – glad I did not bother.



Mr Copper …there’s nothing wrong with insolationism

Posted by eeos @ 16:38 on December 6, 2017  

Eff all these people around the world. not our problem, we can’t afford to be the world’s policemen. Do something to hurt the USA….bombs away. Otherwise we should be minding our own problems and coming up with in-house solutions that help America become a technological innovator and empower ourselves again. Enough of the world aid….give them left over rice and beans, lucky at that.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:20 on December 6, 2017  

Trump also made that part of his campaign promises to Jewish community as well as making promises to Christian community.
Presidents of past made the same promises to them, Bush even Obama and probably just used it for a campaign glitch for votes. The Donald will do what he says he’s gonna do. If he promised something he’s going to do it, or what’s in his power outside congress to fulfill those promises. He is concentrating on America too, its congress who are the obstructers.
Now these snake oil salesmen will have to find something else to campaign about for votes because he’s getting things done.
I’d vote against some of these hypocrite repubs but if Demos get the house or senate they will go after Donald even if it’s bogus. We can’t let that happen. All we can hope for is better choices on the Repub side.

@Maddog re The Donald does it?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:00 on December 6, 2017  

“I don’t want to be president of the world” “Just president of the USA”. Trump during his campaign. Huh??

Can’t the USA forget about the rest of the world for four years and concentrate totally on the USA?? It’s OUR president. We pay him. The rest of the world needs to POUND salt, leave us alone, get off our backs.

Hasn’t the USA done enough? They are like welfare recipients, leaches and bed bugs.

Note: I am not a libtard. I took a test once on the Internet, answered a lot of questions, and found out I’m an “Isolationist.” Like the Founding Fathers. Or Switzerland.

Total control

Posted by Maddog @ 15:18 on December 6, 2017  

The Donald does it….pisses off every libtard on the planet ( what’s new) and every raghead, from the mad to the completely mad ….yet nothing stops the Rig….PM’s down all day and the SM is up.


I shall raise a glass to the Donald…..


Posted by Ororeef @ 14:46 on December 6, 2017  


The Google car was pulled over in California for driving too slow. When the police realized that there was no driver, they were stumped since no driver means no ticket. My bet is that they will start fining people who just own cars, regardless of who drives. Interesting problem.


Posted by Buygold @ 14:35 on December 6, 2017  

Don’t think you’ll have to wait until March to get that condo. Just a hunch…

Meanwhile Bitcoin over $13K

None of this is going to end well

Bit Coin Vs BlockChain

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:05 on December 6, 2017  

Blockchain is like the invention of the Matchbox  Bit Coin is whats done with it  …! and all that that implies its usefull in the right hands and dangerous in others .

Blockchain sounds like something James Madison  would envision equivalent to a written Constitution used to bind the Politicians with the CHAINS of the Constitution …Bit Coins are what follows when the Politicians try to work around it ..some go to jail ,some get rich..

Not good gold dropped today

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:51 on December 6, 2017  

But what else is new.

Thats It Bankster Boyz, Keep Knocking It Down!

Posted by Farmboy @ 13:32 on December 6, 2017  

One of us will be in the Po House come March, one of us will have a new Condo on the beach. 🙂

Bought to Open 98c @ $0.29 – Total: $2,842.00



Posted by Buygold @ 12:46 on December 6, 2017  

agree – WPM has held up well during this nightmare

wpm looks coiled

Posted by eeos @ 12:24 on December 6, 2017  

so I’m just sitting here…can’t do too much to us ATM

Still think

Posted by Buygold @ 12:19 on December 6, 2017  

this sm is going to get crushed soon.

Doesn’t mean pm’s go up but just sayin’

Looks like Al Frankenstein is being forced to resign from the Senate.

Good riddance to the mouthy libtard

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