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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:16 on December 6, 2017  

As you would say copy that as far as who is running the country. We should have the right to know WHO is contributing to their campaign. Further even other insiders ” senators what not” apparently also contribute to other senators as we reciently seen with a should be a democrat Republican sending money to a Democrat campaigning against Moore. The club. But what we do know is that many of these behind the curtain contributors like probably all the multi national companies are not happy because he’s nixing NAFTA, Paris climate deal, which are all job killers and tax burdens that benefit other countries at our expense.
We had people like Buffet saying he pays less taxes than his secretary to Obama so what did he do but increase taxes to US businesses. These multi nationals don’t get taxed till they bring their money home so it doesn’t hurt them. These politicians are either too stupid or as Obama didn’t mind if he destroyed America including weakening our military to see that destroying small business stops the multinationals competition as well as kill 70 % of the job creators. Our military needs to stay strong because we have a lot of people on the side lines waiting to pounce as well as building that wall and strenghting our borders. We also need to slow the amount of legal immigration because of chain migration plus limit chain migration. If we let a million in and they can let at least 6 and more extended family that 1 mil a year which is already too much turns into 6 mil plus a year. The Mexican moles excuse is well it’s splitting up family. If they came here themselves it wasn’t us who chose to split up it was their choice. How does that become our problem. They can never answer that also was never put their choice but how is it our problem they just side step it. Now if it were a wife and kid maybe but not parents needing to be in a home we pay for uncles aunts brothers sisters etc. That’s what will happen if DACA gets citizenship. Those who sent them illegally will benefit and totally unfair to the legal immigrants.
A Japanese friend came by today to exchange gifts talked about Korea and the wall. She came here legally and brought no one. She said these people come and have kids and kids it’s terrible lol They need to put up a wall. We have less kids for a better life and they coke here and have all these kids. I told her about EMPs told her to tell her family and friends back home about food storage. People there are still suffering from cancers as it is.
Anyways even legal immigrants who have higher standards of living want the wall they don’t think it’s fair and it isn’t.

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