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Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:50 on December 9, 2017  

shoot me an email at my handle@yahoo.

Harvey Organ from a few days ago – I’m not a big fan but he talks about EFP’s

Posted by Buygold @ 19:46 on December 9, 2017  

Harvey Organ: There’s Wild Results In Silver At The COMEX

i stole this from ron paul

Posted by treefrog @ 18:23 on December 9, 2017  


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:48 on December 9, 2017  

“Starting around 1980, American society began to undergo a series of deep shifts. Deregulation, weakened antitrust enforcement, and technological changes led to increasing concentration of industry and finance. Money began to play a larger and more corrupting role in politics. America fell behind other nations in education, in infrastructure, and in the performance of many of its major industries. Inequality increased.

As a result of these and other changes, America was turning into a rigged game— a society that denies opportunity to those who are not born into wealthy families, one that resembles a third-world dictatorship more than an advanced democracy.”

Charles H. Ferguson, Predator Nation


Karma. Lindsey Vonn

Posted by commish @ 17:21 on December 9, 2017  

dqozrvwueaaa7f_ Injured her back today competing in the World Cup being held in Switzerland.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:12 on December 9, 2017  

I miss our friend too. Hopefully we’ll all hoist some suds in Heaven.

This story about Moore and the Russian stories are very similar. Lots of contrived BS combined with lots of nothingness.


Ipso for some reason

Posted by Buygold @ 16:08 on December 9, 2017  

I just thought of Wanka John, funny how when the lows in morale came he used to razz us and lighten up the situation.

I agree with you, we should get out of Syria altogether, not because of some Iranian threat but because we have no interests there. We really can be a self-sufficient nation, plenty of oil, farms and food, manufacturing etc. Unfortunately our globalist, Zionist masters have other ideas for us and how our military needs to be used on their behalf.

FOX News now showing a Real Clear Politics poll on how Moore is up only 2.3 points against Moore in Alabama. Might as well quote RCP because they were soooo accurate in the Presidential election, right?!

Mark my words, Moore will win by a minimum of 8-10 points.

McConnell and the RNC know this, otherwise they wouldn’t have backed off nor would the RNC start to put money back into the Moore campaign.

Portugeezer @ 12:02

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:49 on December 9, 2017  

It sure seems from recent happenings that if we believe the “worst” of our politicos then we would be close to the mark.

Buygold @ 15:23

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:35 on December 9, 2017  

That’s right! I’m so smart I’ve turned my PF from …………. oh never mind. 🙂

I say again: What is the US doing in Syria? Inviting trouble is all I can discern.

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:32 on December 9, 2017  

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Sends Formal Message To US Military: Leave Syria Or Else

Russia would stay out


The Russians are not necessarily against the US presence and can adapt to this after defining the demarcation lines to avoid any clash, but Iran has a clear position and has decided not to abandon the Syrian President alone to face the US forces, if these stay behind.

Soleimani’s message to the US clearly indicated the promise of ‘surprise measures’ against the US: “You shall face soldiers and forces you have not experienced before in Syria and you will leave the country sooner or later.”

Russia conveyed to the US that Iran will stay in Syria as long as President Assad desires, and he insists on liberating the entire territory from all forces without exception. Russia confirmed to the US its intention to refrain from offering any air support to Iran and its allies in the case of attacks on US forces. From the Russian perspective, the Iran-US dispute is not its concern nor on its agenda.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said last week that he had sent a letter to Soleimani expressing his concern about Iran’s intention to attack American interests and “will hold Soleimani and Iran accountable for any attack in Iraq.”


Ipso – LOL

Posted by Buygold @ 15:23 on December 9, 2017  

Since you and I didn’t buy Bitcoin we must be some very smart SOB’s 🙂


Related events? We are losing status and should let them have the M.E. JMHO

Posted by Buygold @ 15:21 on December 9, 2017  

Russian Defense Ministry Reports “Incident” With US F-22 Above Syria

A Russian interceptor was scrambled to stop a “rogue” US fighter jet from actively interfering with an anti-terrorist operation, the Russian Defense Ministry said, describing the latest close encounter between the US and Russian air force.

LOL Better lucky than smart

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:19 on December 9, 2017  

Bulgaria Government Shocked To Discover It Owns $3 Billion In Bitcoin


Portugeezer (Rich)

Posted by Buygold @ 15:18 on December 9, 2017  

“But of course, the threat of blackmail will keep these people in line.  I was laughed at.”

Hope you don’t think anyone here laughed at you for those views!

I think you hit the nail on the head with the blackmailing. I bet it goes on all over the swamp. How could anyone explain some of the votes/views/corruption that occurs in D.C.?


Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:08 on December 9, 2017  

The market


It seems the time has come:






A few months ago

Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:02 on December 9, 2017  

I recounted conspiracy theories about the democratic party and how they have lured potential candidates for various positions in high places into traps, using children, bribes or other means.  Lolita Express, Island Paradises etc.  Then, once on the hook, these people are supported, both politically and financially.

But of course, the threat of blackmail will keep these people in line.  I was laughed at.

Now, perhaps I see that I was wrong.

These democrats did not need to be lured into the trap, they are naturally attracted to that way of life – swamp life.  One at a time they are exposing themselves (pun intended).


Sentiment alert=Investors Intelligence is about 65% bullz–and then this-so far nothing has affected this bull mkt. but just wanted to mention this.

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:48 on December 9, 2017  

Stock market poised for a ‘melt-up’ as it begins strongest months of the year

  • Stock market technicians say the stock market setup into year-end looks strong, and the market should continue to add to its gains.
  • The S&P 500 is up 15 percent year to date. When it’s been that strong in years past, further gains have followed with an average 4.9 percent added in the final two months of the year.
  • Technicians say the bull market appears healthy and if it does “melt-up” into the final two months of the year, a bad meltdown isn’t necessarily in the cards right away.
  • https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/01/stock-market-poised-for-a-melt-up-as-it-begins-strongest-months-of-the-year.html

So … perhaps the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was in part so that we could goad Iran into doing something so that we could go to war with them.

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:35 on December 9, 2017  

Flash Points Grow In Number & Increase Threats Of Attack On U.S.


I hope not! We have enough trouble.

goldielocks @ 22:03

Posted by silver rider @ 11:33 on December 9, 2017  

I know Roy Moore and also know how elections go.  I didn’t believe the charges for a nanosecond.  The charges are made up.  What people should be asking themselves is why the establishment immediately call for Moore to withdraw without the vetting of the charges.  Why did Shelby violate the bylaws and encourage a write in candidate which will prevent him from running for re-election with a R beside his name if he lives that long.   My take on why they hate him so much:  He is not a go along git along person.   He will mess up their nice little gig that they have going up there.  He will address the proper role of the federal government vs. the state government.  He will make sound constitutional arguments.  That is what they don’t want.  He has a spine.  The only people that the establishment fears are people who don’t fear them.

Morning Treefrog, R640

Posted by Buygold @ 9:58 on December 9, 2017  

Treefrog – I agree, nothing to go after with Nelson but I’d sure like to see Moore go after that phony Allred and the WaPo. The definitely could have some culpability in my non-legal opinion

R640 – yeah, I posted that earlier and those are some pretty stunning numbers. With the move down over the last month or so I would have thought we’d have seen that short covering start a few weeks ago. Best guess is that we’ll need to see these type of numbers for a couple more weeks as the banksters’ short positions are still pretty elevated.

Still think the banksters are playing both sides – spec and commercials – just because the dumps we see are high volume all at once. Can’t imagine a legit hedgefund dumping like that…

We’ll see.

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