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Posted by goldielocks @ 20:33 on January 10, 2018  

The Canadian MJ stocks might do okay there since we have Sessions here who want to eliminate them although he’s okay with Opioids, go figure. I don’t follow them so just guessing.

Happy Hour

Posted by winedoc @ 20:22 on January 10, 2018  

Belong to a little “investors group”  9 guys.  Diversified Backgrounds …….

Been together over 12 yrs   ….  125  meetings …..  $100 (each) per month  goes into a group trading account.

Last night the majority wanted to BTFATH ……..  Sure I said …… Lets go for it !! (UGH)

We are over weight oil and gas (CDN)  We hold T.ABX and T.CEF.A (my influence )

Two MJ stocks …….. (I hate MJ)

I give up

Hahahaha,   Really,  I didn’t give up ……  I just keep stacking Phyzz ….. and hanging with the boys

“I just wanna get along”

Butter is cheap ……. So is Silver …….

Some of my best friends …….  On the markets …….. We can’t make any sense at all …..

Onward Pilgrims




Posted by Maddog @ 20:06 on January 10, 2018  

re Wierd day

Big danger the Chinese news was as useless as the last NK ICBM news, tks to the Rig.

SM nicely up again tonight, all is well etc.

Re The Bogeyman Bond Market Crash (higher interest rates) That Never Happens

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:36 on January 10, 2018  

Bogeyman, an imaginary evil spirit, referred to typically to frighten children, or a person or thing that is widely regarded as an object of fear. This chart below does not look like a Bond market crash to me yet. It just looks like one of many dips on the way up. I report, you decide. 🙂



Maddog-a weird day

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:05 on January 10, 2018  

SLV had no gain but SIL-CDE-PAAS-HL all had nice gains…

Charts-Tech analysis of the stock market

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:01 on January 10, 2018  
LetThemEatRand Jan 6, 2018 9:38 PM  Permalink

Given the outright admissions by various Fed members that the Fed 1) intentionally props up the stock market; and 2) has short VIX positions, the people who create charts for purposes of predicting future stock market action by reference to stock market performance in decades past, should be in the bread lines with buggy whip manufacturers.  
HRClinton  LetThemEatRand Jan 7, 2018 3:47 AM  Permalink

When I stopped fussing about how things should be, and started to work with how things are, 3 things happened:
1. I felt better w/o the adrenaline surges of indignation
2. I had more clarity and got richer
3. I was more at peace
I now suspect that until you are willing to give up #1, #2 and #3 can’t happen. 

Maddog @ 15:24

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:00 on January 10, 2018  

They’re effing magicians … but who believes what the magicians do?


Posted by Buygold @ 16:00 on January 10, 2018  

Yep, the matrix – nothing is real

They can do anything they want in these markets without being challenged. Ability to print unlimited amounts of fiat is a powerful tool which is why I doubt any country will ever back their currency with anything of value again.

scum at work…….SLV goes negative !!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 15:44 on January 10, 2018  

and just to really rub it all in…..PoS TSLA is UP on the day !!!!!!!

Near miracle Bond close on the Hi tick for the day !!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 15:24 on January 10, 2018  

Just unreal action that stinks of the scum. A lot of serious money is going to be questioning the action, as to how once the US opens everything goes the Fed’s way, yet again.

Sure we are used to it and few care what happens in the PM’s, but the bond mkt has v big money wondering, just what the hell is going on.

Putting a few percentages into Physical gold, has to make sense, when ALL paper becomes suspect.

It sucks having a democratic governor

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:39 on January 10, 2018  

Inslee’s carbon tax would raise costs for consumers, polluters to fund environmental projects

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday unveiled details of his new plan to charge polluters, a centerpiece of the Democrat’s drive to combat climate change and address a court order to speed up a fix for the K-12 school system.

The plan would tax carbon emissions generated by transportation fuels and power plants at $20 per metric ton starting in July of 2019. After that, the tax would increase by 3.5 percent each year, plus inflation.

The governor’s office estimates the tax would raise $1.5 billion over its first two years, and $3.3 billion over four years. Much of the money from the tax would initially be used to replenish the roughly $1 billion in reserves Inslee hopes to spend on education.

The money later would be spent on a mix of clean energy, water conservation and other environmental projects.



Posted by ipso facto @ 13:33 on January 10, 2018  

Thank God those “Belgians” have deep pockets!

Well ain’t that convenient !!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 13:23 on January 10, 2018  

What Bond Boycott: Foreign Demand In 10Y Auction Soars


I guess that famous Brussels PO Box, was busy buying billions of Treasuries, just in time….again !!!!!!


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:17 on January 10, 2018  

Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Well said and makes sense. I really need a lot more time for response. But briefly I see what happed after 2008 is an act of desperation by the bankers. Not Obama. I’m certain they did not want to do all the crazy things they did after that crash.

They all would have been hung like Sadam Huseign if the whole global economy collapsed. By the way, the more Americans spend on cars TVs clothes etc, the more money a foreign country gets. It’s like a global income tax for Americans when they spend money.

The more money they make, the more taxes they pay. Remember, the USA had to fight for Europe. Europe never had to fight for us at enormous expense.


Bitcoin Dissonance

Posted by Maya @ 12:59 on January 10, 2018  

Them that knows nothing don’t like it, them that know something think it could succeed.

Buffett: “I would buy a five-year put on every cryptocurrency”

 “[Cryptocurrencies are] something I don’t know anything about… [but] I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending…”
COMMENT:  Five year ‘puts’ do not exist for cryptocurrency.  You know nothing, Uncle Warren…. like you said.

Floridagold, re Game Over Article, About Rates Going Up, As Bonds Go Lower

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:59 on January 10, 2018  

The story makes sense, but in my view it was “game over” was back in 2008. Long game, spread paper money “prosperity” around the world, from 1913 to 2008.

The author FORGOT to mention the DEFLATION in labor costs that started after 1975 as the USA used foreign labor instead of domestic, for the global greater good.

It took its toll by 2008, when low paid taxpayer borrowers could no longer afford to pay down 105% leverage on real estate buys. That they were encouraged to do.

Holding down unskilled labor costs, unwittingly holds down SKILLED labor costs also. Which leads to no savings accounts, no down payments, and lower interest rates to accommodate low wages, low tax receipts, big deficits etc.

I have not yet seen even one financial writer, writing about a deflation in labor costs, and or a lack of maintaining with cost of living inflation, the minimum wage and Social Security payments. Why? Are they all fake news connected, and I’m not? Or they don’t remember anything?

Note also the gov’t/business media saying they are puzzled that the high demand for labor is not pushing up wages??? See how full of crapola they are?

No business man wants to or is going to pay, any more than they HAVE to pay. For rent, for electric, taxes etc. They DON’T have to pay the REAL cost of what a laborer costs to live in the area they do business.

In reality, the local gov’ts/businesses should for their own good, represent all non union labor prices. “If your business is not lucrative enough to pay all expenses, rent electric labor costs, then you can’t be in that business at taxpayer expense for increased poverty.”

Is what the business community needs to be told. But the business community has been telling the representatives what THEY want. Usually, they want, CHEAPER THAN NORMAL COSTS for LABOR and MATERIALS.

In the long run, the global economy NEEDS a healthy prosperous US consumer/taxpayer.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:45 on January 10, 2018  

Hi Mr Copper, not to be argumentative but;

Why does the global economy need it to be the USA?

You already have two cars, two fridges, six televisions, four bicycles, a huge mortgage, your IRA in the stock market, just enough money in the bank to live for a month if your wages/dole/pension money doesn’t arrive – and so on.

The bankster/pols don’t care about that.  They have you where they want you – the average American. Us too, in Europe.

The USA rose to its position because it was selected by the bankers for easy money.  Loans were available.  Money was printed.  Who else, where else had that opportunity?  Give another country the same opportunity that we had and see them buy two cars per family, etc.  Who will it be?  The Chinese, the Indians, I’ve no idea.

But I would not bet on it being the USA.  The bankers have a much longer outlook and can plan years ahead.  Like a fisherman, they spread their nets and wait.  The west has already been netted and is just waiting to be harvested. When it happens, the west will be bought up for pennies on the dollar, by the bankers.  Until that happens, I would not plan on any Phoenix rising from these ashes that the bummer has left.

How many US$ were there in 2008?  What was the GDP? How many US$ are there now (four times as many) what is the GDP, not much change.  Therefore, the US$ is overvalued by 75% and when the velocity picks up, it will normalize. The same for the Euro.

So, again, why should the bankers boost the USA? There is far more to gain if they support an economy that has room to rise and become ripe for picking.

JMHO, Rich


Posted by Richard640 @ 12:30 on January 10, 2018  

Retail Investors Finally “Up To Their Chest” in Stocks, Become True Believers with Record Exposure

One of the “bigger fears”: dip buyers get burned, turn into sellers, “get an exponential move to the downside.”

As far as the stock market is concerned, it took a while – in fact, it took eight years, but retail investors are finally all in, bristling with enthusiasm. TD Ameritrade’s Investor Movement Index rose to 8.59 in December, a new record. TDA’s clients were net buyers for the 11th month in a row, one of the longest buying streaks and ended up with more exposure to the stock market than ever before in the history of the index.

This came after a blistering November, when the index had jumped 15%, “its largest single-month increase ever,” as TDA reported at the time, to 8.53, also a record:

Note how retail investors had been to varying degrees among the naysayers from the end of the Financial Crisis till the end of 2016, before they suddenlybecame true believers in February 2017.

“I don’t think the investors who are engaging regularly are doing so in a dangerous fashion,” said TDA Chief Market Strategist JJ Kinahan in an interview. But he added, clients at the beginning of 2017 were “up to their knees in it and then up to their thighs, and now up to their chests.”


Posted by Maddog @ 12:19 on January 10, 2018  

Re Bonds…..Great article….some of us oldies understand the vicious nature of a Bond Bull mkt…the fact that it is called a Bull causes many to think it is good news.

How the snowflakes handle it will be priceless…..the whining will be epic, the Fed may well cave and print to infinity.

The Gold and Commodity Bull Market That Started In 2001, and The Four Year Correction with Both, Ended In Late 2015

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:09 on January 10, 2018  

My view is the “central planners” in 2001, started pushing the US Dollar lower.  Because of various reasons. USA commodity prices were in 20 year bear market by 2001.

US Producers were going out of business. Remember? After George Bush Jr got in “they” had “him” put tariffs on steel and lumber. Until the lower dollar kicked in to raise the prices and help the USA live.

Obviously, by 2012, “they” must have decided the USA was replenished enough, and a stronger dollar was needed to replenish a weakening Europe Japan et all. Don’t forget, when they help the USA, the OTHERS get hurt, and vice versus.

This is all simple stuff. Like a farmer watering various areas of the farm. They started this crap after WW II. Breton Woods agreement. By   late 2015, Gold at $1060 and other commodities were already in a long 4 year correction.

In the long run, the global economy NEEDS a healthy prosperous US consumer/taxpayer. The US consumer/taxpayer, does NOT need a healthy wealthy Global economy. History since 1913 has shown, they need us MORE than we need them. Simple. “They” have to build us up for their benefit later on.



Simply amazing action

Posted by Buygold @ 11:55 on January 10, 2018  

day after day


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:34 on January 10, 2018  

Yes and some of them like him can be nice in person I’m guessing but you just can’t trust them. They’re idea to protect America from what? Desmiation, the twin towers, armless or armed invasions, poverty, our money going everywhere but here?
Banks, they’ve moving up now on the prospect of interest rates where they can charge more. I see the beginning of another bubble in the future.

If The Bond Bull Market Is Over.

Posted by Floridagold @ 11:28 on January 10, 2018  
If The Bond Bull Market Is Over.

[Comments enabled]

….. then so is the bull market in equities, real estate, and damn near everything else.

Folks, I’ve written more articles than I can count on the utter nonsense of alleged “GDP and economic growth” fueled by debt-based expansion.  Specifically, nobody ever pays off their debt in the larger context.

I’ve noted many times that despite the so-called “financial crisis” commercial loans outstanding never went down.  Not once, for even one quarter.  In addition state and local governments never pay down their debts either; they roll them over.

And why not?  You borrow a million at 10% interest, you must pay $100,000 in interest per year.  But a “bond bull market” means when the year, two or ten is up you can refinance it at a lower rate.  Now that $1 million costs $50,000 (if the rate is now 5%.)  Why not borrow another million, since you can cover the $100,000 interest payment?

When the rate of interest reaches 1% you now have $10 million out, or ten times as much.

Where do you think all the “buybacks” came from?  Where do you think all the consumer credit came from (yes, I know, your interest rate on your credit card didn’t go to 1%, but the bank’s loan to get the money to let you havedid.)

So we did all that; Obama doubled the national debt during just a few short years.  But don’t blame just him — look at what Bush did before him and then look at Trump who put over $600 billion on the national debt during his first year in office too.

Oh, those “tax cuts”?  That’ll boost it further.

That only works when rates are generally declining and you can thus issue the new debt and roll over the old to keep borrowing more money while paying a lesser or equal amount in interest.

If rates rise then the game’s over for one simple reason: When you go to refinance that bond the amount you must pay to keep the same amount of money borrowed outstanding goes up and you don’t have it.

You also don’t have the cash to redeem the bond in question because you spent it on some form of consumption — it’s gone.

So what happens to “valuations” across the board — stocks, houses, commercial buildings, etc — when the 71:1 leverage (what the fairly recent ~1.4% ten year Treasury rate amounts to) goes to this morning’s 2.6% and thus represents a 38:1 leverage ratio — pretty close to being cut in half.

That’s pretty simple — you have to come up with roughly half of the money you borrowed because otherwise the interest payment is going to double and you don’t have either half of what you borrowed or the doubled interest payment.

Valuations are “reasonable” eh?  Sure they are — the leverage base on which they’re predicated just got cut by 50%.

Oh by the way the 5-year move is even more-impressive; it has gone from a 200:1 leverage ratio to 42.6:1 or a contraction of approximately 79%.

It took several years for the leverage available in the five-year to wind up in equities.  That’s no surprise; it should take about five years (duh!) and it did — from 2013 to now.

If Bill Gross is right, and if the bond market bull is over then so are the other bull markets and that excess leverage, over the next few years, is going to come back out.

Where does that leave the stock market?

About where it was in 2013 — if you’re lucky.

Oh, that assumes the move higher in rates stops here which, if the bull market in bonds is over, it won’t.




Posted by Buygold @ 11:28 on January 10, 2018  

I guess so, but it’s really hard to see that happening from where I sit on a daily basis.

The VIX, SM and of course pm’s are all completely managed and ridiculous.

We haven’t seen any potential crisis or anything else be able to cause the “shit to hit the fan” in years. Even if we have “events” the moves are corrected in a matter of hours.


Posted by deer79 @ 11:19 on January 10, 2018  

You’re absolutely correct; there’s just too many weapons that the Cretins can manipulate to keep things under control. I guess the only positive from that is that we should clearly see when the *hit hits the fan……VIX will pop multiple handles, G&S should pop $50/$5 easily and the market will tank  big time. From our lips to God’s ears….

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