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Hi Equisetum

Posted by Buygold @ 21:15 on January 12, 2018  

Thanks for posting your thoughts! I hope you’re right about this Sunday being different.

I agree that Neumeyer is a smart guy and hope he turns his company and their investments into winners.


Buygold, your past postings indicate that you watch the posted price of gold every Sunday afternoon, as

Posted by Equisetum @ 20:34 on January 12, 2018  

I am in the habit of doing too.  Where I live the opening time for POG to come to life on Sunday afternnon is at 3:00 pm local time.  This is the first Friday evening in quite a while that I have a gut feeling that the traditional few dollar drop in POG when the posting first appears on a Sunday afternoon may play out  differently this weekend.  I would not bet any of our physical silver on it, but If I was a betting person I would wager that the POG (and POS) will post positive when things open at 3:00 pm local time this coming Sunday.

My gut feelings have proved to be unreliable sometimes in the past but I still rely on them for comfort.  Since I know your feelings about Neumeyer, I should also mention that I have positive gut feelings about what Neumeyer is capable of doing with First Majestic and First Mining Gold.  I think it is a good move for Keith Neumeyer to have changed the name of First Mining Finance to First Mining Gold Corp.    Have a good weekend.   Equiz

Here is the Wiki description of ‘Silver Manipulation’ by Bunkie Hunt

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:06 on January 12, 2018  

I had to laugh … they owned the silver and it was THEY who manipulated silver futures contracts ???

GAWD !!!! What a crock of crap !

I tell my grandkids that when I went off to college in 1959 in a state near Las Vegas , I went to Penny’s to buy a pair of Levi’s . I was to get over $5 in change (from a ten dollar bill ) , and the saleslady asked ” Paper ? Silver ? ”
I was from Canada and looked at my room mate with a stunned look . He said ” She is asking if you want paper dollars or silver dollars .” Then he added ” Take the paper – the rough edges on the coins will wear out your pockets .”

If I saw him today , I would kick him so hard in the groin , he’d be bent over for a week !

Well, back to Wiki…

Silver manipulation[edit]
Main article: Silver Thursday
Beginning in the early 1970s, Hunt and his brothers William Herbert and Lamar began accumulating large amounts of silver. By 1979, they had nearly cornered the global market.[8] In the last nine months of 1979, the brothers profited by an estimated $2 billion to $4 billion in silver speculation, with estimated silver holdings of 100 million troy ounces (3,100,000 kg).[9]

Primarily because of the Hunt brothers’ accumulation of the precious metal, prices of silver futures contracts and silver bullion rose from $11 an ounce in September 1979 to $50 an ounce in January 1980. Silver prices ultimately collapsed to below $11 an ounce two months later.[10] The largest single day drop in the price of silver occurred on “Silver Thursday.”[2] In February 1985 the Hunt brothers were charged “with manipulating and attempting to manipulate the prices of silver futures contracts and silver bullion during 1979 and 1980” by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission.[2]

In September 1988 the Hunt brothers filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code largely due to lawsuits incurred as a result of their silver speculation.[2]

In 1989, in a settlement with the CFTC, Nelson Bunker Hunt was fined US$10 million and banned from trading in the commodity markets as a result of civil charges of conspiring to manipulate the silver market.[2] This fine was in addition to a multimillion-dollar settlement to pay back taxes, fines and interest to the Internal Revenue Service for the same period. His brother made a similar settlement.[2]

Buygold 17:18

Posted by aufever @ 19:44 on January 12, 2018  

Make that you, Farmboy, and me.

Farmboy – didn’t like seeing your dawgs get screwed. Not looking forward to the Cocktail Party next year!

samb – good point

Posted by Buygold @ 19:37 on January 12, 2018  

Probably. He’s moving us hopefully towards the “America first” protectionist side.

I don’t care about his shithole comment, he knows good and well that allowing these people in makes us weak. The Democraps and globalists, Zionists don’t care about anything other than increasing their voting blocks to grow gov’t and enslave us all to increase their wealth.

Make no mistake though, they will crash the dollar and create a lot of pain for us here I the US. jMHO

Gold n Silver up very nicely

Posted by Samb @ 19:18 on January 12, 2018  

Bigly, Hugely….but, why?  Because yesterday the essential truth was finally finally revealed. So simple but, I really didn’t see it coming. Four words alone did it. “We Need More Norwegians.”

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 19:14 on January 12, 2018  

“The Bank”. No NEED to defend the dollar now. They have to defend themselves. Banks are up to their asses in real estate investments. Higher rates? PAIN! They are backers cosigners of real estate.  That’s why they wrote so many no document 110% leverage liar loans. They need debtors that can afford to pay.

I agree with you. Personally I don’t think the Fed gives a rats ass about their debts, the dollar, the economy, assets or anything else. This is a shell game, Euro banks get strong, US banks get weak. Central banks are all over, one gets strong, the others get weak. They make money regardless as long as fiat lives. IMHO, this is the key: Iran, North Korea and Syria have no Central Banks. Usury used to be illegal in Muslim countries, this is why Saddam and Khadaffi were killed.

I really can’t believe that we’ve allowed the Rothschild banks to do this. Lead us to war where they’ve financed both sides, allowed them to control govt’s,currencies and media propaganda. Allowed us to kill people and be killed for profit.

Whatever, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the new rave. 🙂


Posted by Richard640 @ 18:56 on January 12, 2018  

The Commitment of Traders Report


*The large specs increased their long positions by 9,186 contracts and reduced their shorts by 6,099 contracts.

*The commercials reduced their longs by 2,507 contracts and increased their shorts by 10,243 contracts.

*The small specs reduced their longs by 1,147 contracts and increased their shorts by 1,388 contracts.


*The large specs increased their long positions by 47,733 contracts and increased their shorts by 7,713 contracts.

*The commercials reduced their longs by 5,005 contracts and increased their shorts by 37,666 contracts.

*The small specs increased their longs by 2,774 contracts and increased their shorts by 123 contracts.


Mr. Copper re: your 15:15

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:18 on January 12, 2018  

…and just try to use well water instead of municipal water – your home will be declared unfit for habitation . A lady on the west coast of Florida had good reasons to go to well water ( maybe did not want fluoridation or chlorination ? ) . The legal battles were unbelievable , but the issue made the news , and soon folks were saying to city council “Do we live in liberty or not ?” The gestapo tactics backed off a bit , but bet me , she now pays a city water bill .


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:33 on January 12, 2018  

Copy that, thanks for the info. However, re your…”the only reason the Fed does a hike like that is to defend the falling dollar. ” It was thought provoking. And my thoughts are that the Fed Res is…..

“The Bank”. No NEED to defend the dollar now. They have to defend themselves. Banks are up to their asses in real estate investments. Higher rates? PAIN! They are backers cosigners of real estate.  That’s why they wrote so many no document 110% leverage liar loans. They need debtors that can afford to pay.

Mr. Copper, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 17:18 on January 12, 2018  

Mr. Copper – 2014 on the USD move is interesting. No doubt the CNBS folks and some of the consensus folks in articles I’ve read are getting creamed on their bullish dollar bets. Funny, there was a ZH article from B of A where their clients are supposedly wondering if the Fed might do a surprise rate hike of .5% if the S & P got to a certain level. I’ll say this, the only reason the Fed does a hike like that is to defend the falling dollar. If they do, it will have to be a lot more than .5% -think Russia.

Maddog – yes, the pm world looks a lot better tonight. I’m glad to hear you are loaded for bear in pm’s. I’ve been that way for years, no longer looking for these $5 moves but looking for a $1-2000 up move to make up ground. I’ll say this though, I’m really encouraged by the surge in volume in the shares at the close. Probably made a mistake selling GG but I’ve been burned so many times on Sunday nights and COT Reports – taking a little off the table was prudent.

CNBS is talking a lot about Bitcoin this afternoon and it falling. Ethereum is the new rage. I dunno, can’t play there.

Good luck to all, me and Farmboy need a $1 move up in silver next week.

Good Week

Posted by commish @ 16:40 on January 12, 2018  

7712a19277 Spot Gold 1338.30

Re US Dollar Bulls?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:30 on January 12, 2018  

Many players on CNBC said they were confident of a higher dollar. They must be getting killed if still hanging on to long dollar bets. Widely held opinions are often wrong. They were all unanimous for higher interest rates too. Lets not be surprised to see falling rates.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:22 on January 12, 2018  

Being a moron I’m loaded for Bull and looking to load up…….let’see.

5 weeks up…screaming correction in our world, in the SM barely registers ????

Cheers and have a great one….tonight the world looks a little better.

Great closes for sure.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:12 on January 12, 2018  

Typical Third wave action and that as R640 says, is what Wolly is seeing in the SM…or maybe Wanka has had a word with the Big Man.

Maddog – agree

Posted by Buygold @ 16:09 on January 12, 2018  

This will get some attention – especially the HUI

All things being equal (they never are with pm’s) a break above 200 should lead to 220

I took GG off the table for a decent gain in case we get a Sunday night massacre – hope it doesn’t happen so I can re-deploy.

A little dry powder that I hope is a mistake.

Buygold @ 15:52 re When was the last time we saw BIG Dollar Moves?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:02 on January 12, 2018  

In June 2014, was the prior time they did a manual long term change in direction adjustment upwards. Look at 2014, below, straight up. They started DROPPING the dollar in early ’16, but the Trump campaign mania temporarily over road and interrupted the decline with a big bounce, that also dropped our gold temporarily. The lower dollar AND higher Gold are way behind schedule on account of Trump.


Richard 10:13

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:52 on January 12, 2018  

The Demos would love to call Martial law and take our guns and dictate. They did it in Katrina and didn’t turn out well for the law abiding citizens. I don’t like the way Bush handled that though but since he was one of the Boyz no one called him racist.
I’m sure there are a lot of issues going on that don’t hit the news.

I remember how importing the dysfunctional works in hospitals now Europe is making mention of and racism they can’t talk to much about.

I remember when a black man from Louisiana tried to kill one of my light skinned black nurses Aide with a knife. He called her creole. She didn’t know much about it, never been to south.
I had to get the knife away from him and keep her away from his room. Still they didn’t do anything until he threw a chair threw the window. Now they would call this normal. He was going to kill her no doubt about it.

Good action – Here’s the COT and it’s downright scary

Posted by Buygold @ 15:52 on January 12, 2018  


Battle lines are being drawn BUT the dollar is collapsing – when was the last time we saw the USD down 1% in a single session?

Example Of Fake Jobs Creation

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:15 on January 12, 2018  

Water company employee just left here. Couple of years ago, got a notification,

#1 I have no choice, I need a new “smart water meter”. It sends a signal like a cell phone that reads the consumption numbers.

#2 Employee (same one that left) came here, but could not shut water in the street, to do the job, bad old valve not budging. He schedules the need for new valve in the street.

#3 Two new employees put in a new valve in the street, and a new fangled “smart water meter” in the basement.

#4 My hot water heater occasionally started pushing, spraying water out the high pressure relief valve. I call my burner service guy, who puts in a new high pressure relief valve on the water heater.

#5 No improvement. Water still pushing out. I looked on the Internet, and find out, SOME new smart water meters have an anti back up valve so my water or pressure can’t go back out into the system. And I need an expansion tank for my water heater. Huh??

I call the water company, and sure enough, that’s right. So they send an employee, the first one that was here, to come and remove the anti back up feature. I ask him. How did this stupid thing happen?

He says. “Somebody had the idea (anti back flow) but didn’t put enough thought into it, and then we had to start removing them.” So I wonder… Was the “idea” to prevent a terrorist from putting poison into the water main from my house??

Or was it just another on millions of ideas to create another unneeded part to be fabricated pay people in China fabricate it and pay somebody else to install it, and later pay remove it?

On top of paying some country to make the new smart meter, pay another to install it, who could not, until we pay another employee to put a new foreign made valve in the street, and pay to install the new smart meter. With the unneeded created and installed and pay to remove, anti back flow part.

On account of all the above, I paid for service call for my hot water heater, plus paid for a new China made high pressure valve I did not need. Also, by the way…..

My Burner service guy about 20 years ago, told me the Ford hot water I have, that was installed in 1975, needed to be replaced. TWENTY YEARS AGO. Still working fine.

It uses only 1/4 to 1/2 gallon #2 heating oil per day for hot water. My land lord friend says he automatically changes all the modern hot water heaters every 10 years. They don’t last and can’t be trusted.

To heat the whole house, I have a big cast iron oil burning boiler from 1929. Service guy said it originally burnt coal. On the worst cold windy weather it uses 10 gallons per day. Normal winter weather, 5-6 gallons per day.

Caution: Sales and service businesses will ALWAYS sell and service you MORE than you need. The Medical Industry and big Pharma, same exact thing. Many unnecessary job creations. MORE than you really need. Be it a test, prescription, operation etc. Remember. They are also sales and service.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:35 on January 12, 2018  

Your right, they can’t answer. Nor can the people who run that country or other DYSFUNCTIONAL country’s answer to in the 20 th century they are living in 18 th century times.
Every time we try to recoup from the barrage of people from these dysfunctional countries pouring in it which results in more poverty and lower living standards for the rest of us the Carrear politicians mostly Demos like buzzards needing more votes or kickbacks do it again.

If they want to get into race where was the apology to the French when they killed all whites who were French in Haiti including women and children to make it a all black Island. Now they’re coming to French Canada. How ironic. They have no room to call racism nor are we obligated to take care of anyone but our own. There is no reciprocation with this racist mindset either in fact just a remake of 1804 massacre talk.
Will Smith ” we have to cleans the country of Trump supporters.” Same kinda group think.

When they say they’re taking people in temporarily they mean permanent. Granted why would they want to go back to that 18 century nightmare. More thought to put pressure on the corruption in these countries instead. The ones who get out it also should scrutinized.
How many of us walking across the border say to Canada based on income or poverty would be held up in trailers given money food and jobs? This is economic migration so why can poor white people do it or American blacks either?

How many Canadian citizens who worked there for years bring their relatives in and denied because they would be a burden due to age or whatever.
This is a vote and pay for play scam. Hey it worked for them so they keep doing it.
The more minorities they over when is with from dysfunctional country’s the better for them.

The Demos do not care about the Americans just themselves. It’s all about foreign countries so consider the cost, now complaining about tax cuts. The Demos said they ” they” couldn’t afford it.” Now trying to play the people by saying it’s not enough cuts for middle class. They were DESTROYING the middle class.
If they get back in power they will seek to undo it as well as businesses and Pelosi will move to impeach Trump.

Mr. Trump’s remark raises another interesting question that has not received much analysis = how much of a “shithole” is our own country

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:05 on January 12, 2018  


The moral panic of “the Resistance” is back in DefCon 1 mode overnight just as the righteousness orgasm of the Golden Globe Awards was wearing off. Mr. Trump’s casual question to a couple of Senators vis-à-vis immigration policy — “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” — pushed the “racism” button at Resistance Central and CNN staged yet another of the orchestrated anxiety attacks it has perfected over the past year.

The spotlight in this three-ring circus of perpetual offense, indignation, and alarm shifts back from the alleged sufferings of movie actresses to another intersectional victim group from the Dem/Prog pantheon of oppressed minorities: would-be immigrants-of-color. The President’s vulgar animus proves the charge that at least half the country is a lynch mob.

Of course, the most interesting feature of this neurotic zeitgeist is the displacement dynamic among the political Left as its frantic virtue-signaling attempts to distract everybody else in the room from its own dark and shameful emotions about the composition of American culture. As a born-and-bred Boomer (ex-)liberal from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I can assure you from direct experience that this group has, at best, ambiguous feelings about the lower orders of mankind — my Gawd, did he actually say that? — and, at worst, a certain unmanageable contempt that stirs deep fears of moral failure.

Who Moved My Xanax?

re Gold Higher Export Products Dollar Lower Punch Bowl

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:03 on January 12, 2018  

Its very simple. When the USA gets the punch bowl, (a plus for exporters) gasoline goes up. (a minus for consumers) When they take the punch bowl AWAY? (a minus for manufacturers) Gasoline goes down. (a plus for consumers)

Take this UUP (dollar chart) add GLD (gold) to it, side scroll out to Dec ’15 or Jan ’16, and clearly see dollar is net lower by 7% Gold net higher 20% (thru all manipulations)

Everybody gets a turn at feast or famine, locally or globally, until something big happens.


Remember the action of the past 2 days! and even how the day started today…

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:02 on January 12, 2018  

no wonder no one’s on board these rallies…looking reeeeel god today, though!o

Here comes 1 % in Au….let’s see if anything else has changed

Posted by Maddog @ 13:34 on January 12, 2018  

some shares still relatively weak…like NEM say…..however Hui takes out recent Hi !!!!!

But this action will attract some attention….

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