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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:35 on January 12, 2018  

Your right, they can’t answer. Nor can the people who run that country or other DYSFUNCTIONAL country’s answer to in the 20 th century they are living in 18 th century times.
Every time we try to recoup from the barrage of people from these dysfunctional countries pouring in it which results in more poverty and lower living standards for the rest of us the Carrear politicians mostly Demos like buzzards needing more votes or kickbacks do it again.

If they want to get into race where was the apology to the French when they killed all whites who were French in Haiti including women and children to make it a all black Island. Now they’re coming to French Canada. How ironic. They have no room to call racism nor are we obligated to take care of anyone but our own. There is no reciprocation with this racist mindset either in fact just a remake of 1804 massacre talk.
Will Smith ” we have to cleans the country of Trump supporters.” Same kinda group think.

When they say they’re taking people in temporarily they mean permanent. Granted why would they want to go back to that 18 century nightmare. More thought to put pressure on the corruption in these countries instead. The ones who get out it also should scrutinized.
How many of us walking across the border say to Canada based on income or poverty would be held up in trailers given money food and jobs? This is economic migration so why can poor white people do it or American blacks either?

How many Canadian citizens who worked there for years bring their relatives in and denied because they would be a burden due to age or whatever.
This is a vote and pay for play scam. Hey it worked for them so they keep doing it.
The more minorities they over when is with from dysfunctional country’s the better for them.

The Demos do not care about the Americans just themselves. It’s all about foreign countries so consider the cost, now complaining about tax cuts. The Demos said they ” they” couldn’t afford it.” Now trying to play the people by saying it’s not enough cuts for middle class. They were DESTROYING the middle class.
If they get back in power they will seek to undo it as well as businesses and Pelosi will move to impeach Trump.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.