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Yep – 1 poster said this is the biggest story of 2018 – I agree

Posted by Buygold @ 19:30 on January 13, 2018  

Surging Russian-Chinese Trade Pressures Petrodollar

The latest trade figures on Chinese/Russian trade should be further warning to the U.S. that economic sanctions do not work...


Posted by treefrog @ 19:22 on January 13, 2018  

the list keeps changing.  venezuela is moving on to the list, while zimbabwe looks like it’s trying to climb off.

Posted by macroman3 @ 13:37 on January 13, 2018 Hawaii False Alarm

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:09 on January 13, 2018  

It seems like a reversal of December 7,1941 in Hawaii when nobody paid any attention to warnings about an imminent Japanese attack ..It was a nice sunny Sunday morning and everybody was playing Golf  a typical Hawaii beach Day .The US NAVAL fleet was enjoying the SUN ,planning the DAys picnic events .When the Sirens did start nobody believed them until the BOMBS started falling….This time a Japanese American Mr Miyagi sounded the Alarm went to his computer and the Computer said “are you sure you want to sound the Alarm”? he said yes  !  This time the Japanese didnt attack, the Japanese American  guy sounded a False alarm..!   Still cant trust those Japanese ? When asked if the guy responsible should be fired,he replied thats a Personel decision I cant make….. Mr MIYAGI  replied   Wax on Wax off..Wax on Wax off…


Will somebody

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:48 on January 13, 2018  

please make a list of Shithole Countries and while your at it throw in the Shithole politicians that invite the refuse from them….It kinda reminds me of the episode when NY was sending its garbage to other States and they were paying the Governors of those states to accept NY’s citys Garbage ..and those politicians did it for the money !   supposedly to balance their budgets ….whats the difference ?

Ipso, MM – speaking of false alarms

Posted by Buygold @ 15:34 on January 13, 2018  

“Twould be nice if we’re in liftoff phase right now. Patience is wearing away.”

Yeah, that’s the thing – exactly. We’re up off our last lows of what $1240 or so? (I’m too lazy to check) Here we are back close to the Sept. 2017 highs, and I’m already fantasizing about a liftoff. Problem: the move higher is typical, inching up.

Now the share action Friday was finally somewhat encouraging. I hate being “somewhat” encouraged, because for years it’s lead to disappointment.

Note to self: Temper Expectations – “patience is wearing away”


Maya duck and cover under yer old wooden desk. Incoming! Jeesh will the propaganda fear mongering ever rachet down?

Posted by macroman3 @ 13:37 on January 13, 2018  



Posted by ipso facto @ 13:01 on January 13, 2018  

“Certainly reason to get more serious about acquiring more physical ounces while we can.”

You got that right in spades! What other opportunity is even close?

Twould be nice if we’re in liftoff phase right now. Patience is wearing away.

… and what is JPM up too? I have no clue except to ask: What do villains do?

ipso facto @ 9:37 Thought The Article Painted A Good Visual Of The Financial Markets In Which

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:54 on January 13, 2018  

Silver is a toothpick, and Gold a 2×4 sitting in the midst of a Redwood Forest. Simply boggles any sensible mind to the extent the PM’s are so closely controlled. ??? One might suspect some of those gazillion worth of derivatives have a clause in small print tying them to gold or silver, in whole or even part. ???

Drb’s post regarding JPM Silver holdings tells us something. Perhaps JPM will one day be the world’s sole banker with its silver holdings backing any and all transactions. Reminds me of of ‘Another’s’ comments; ” Can you not follow in the footprints of Giants?”

Certainly reason to get more serious about acquiring more physical ounces while we can.

Ha! BG you got banned too? That’s why I had to add new to newmacroman (twice).

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:51 on January 13, 2018  

Oh well,  I’ve been banned from better places than ZH. <blushes>

Rogers, roger that.

yes ipso, conspiracy crisis over. Pretty weird that no opinions (0-16) one way or another for a long time.

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:44 on January 13, 2018  

A guy from UK named dark star (NSA spook?) in the cubicle next to me gave proof of life.

Maddog AKA dark star?? Inquiring minds and all…


Posted by Buygold @ 12:42 on January 13, 2018  

I saw a couple of your posts with no votes. I was banned from ZH several years ago otherwise I’d throw an up vote your way.

BTW – it appears your NSA boy Adm. Rogers did Trump a solid by telling him he and Trump Towers were being surveilled.

no, mr president,

Posted by treefrog @ 12:25 on January 13, 2018  



Posted by ipso facto @ 12:24 on January 13, 2018  

Your post was down voted twice that I saw.


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:20 on January 13, 2018  

“Ipso – it would be nice to see gold stay as overbought as the DOW has for so long.”

Wouldn’t that be nice! Where’d I put the number for that Lambo salesman back in 2011? 🙂

Anyone following the shadow ban conspiracy, could you please help out on an experiment over at Zerohedge.

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:17 on January 13, 2018  

On the very active Las Vegas shooter thread, I posted 8 separate messages all with 0 in both up and downvotes.

One message I even posted was for someone, not from Utah, to downvote me so I know I haven’t been shadow banned.

BG, I can’t believe my buds at NSA would do this.

Be quick, this message will self destruct in 10 seconds.

drb2, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 12:12 on January 13, 2018  

Interesting article. No clue what/when they’ll do with all that silver. Not sure Butler could prove they have all that metal as he freely admits.

I guess when they decide to dump that metal on the market we’ll have a problem.

Maybe they know that a currency will eventually be backed by silver. Maybe they know that gold will be revalued higher and speculate that silver will explode if that happens.

Ipso – it would be nice to see gold stay as overbought as the DOW has for so long.



JP Morgan & Silver

Posted by drb2 @ 11:31 on January 13, 2018  


I think this article by Butler  warrants discussion. 

Within this article is everything that needs to be known about silver – what has happened – and what will happen.

The problem is the information is there, but it resides with JPM.  And they are not going to tell Butler, or anyone, what they have in mind.


JPM is not like Hunt or Buffet.   Hunt was an independent, and they crushed him.  Buffet probably not independent, but connected in some way. 


I do not agree with Butler.  I don’t think JPM is controlling silver independently on its own solely for profit. 

No one is going to do to JPM, what was done to the Hunts – JPM is absolutely part, or leader, of the cartel that controls silver (and a whole lot more). 

It scares me to the core to learn that they have such a large position of physical – what is their purpose?

Anybody have any ideas?



The Last Great Silver Buy

by Theodore Butler

January 12, 2018 – 1:44pm

In the annals of silver in the modern age, there have been two well-known instances of very large investor accumulations of the metal. First came the purchase by the Hunt Brothers and their associates in early 1980, followed by the purchase by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, 17 years later. The Hunts were said to control around 100 million ounces of actual metal (plus another 100 million ounces in long paper futures contracts), while Berkshire held as many as 129 million ounces.

Now there is compelling evidence of a third great investment accumulation of physical silver by none other than JPMorgan, one of the most powerful and connected banks in the world. This accumulation can be dated from the price peak of April 2011, after silver began what is now a near seven-year price decline. From zero in April 2011, the amount of silver in the JPMorgan COMEX warehouse has increased to 120 million ounces. Just about every ounce moved into the JPMorgan COMEX warehouse over the past 7 years has come from futures deliveries stopped (taken) by JPM in its own name. JPMorgan took delivery of 14 million ounces in December and so far, 13 million ounces have remained in the warehouses from which the metal was delivered. So this means that JPMorgan now holds more than 133 million ounces of silver in COMEX warehouses, or more than was held by the Hunt Bros or by Berkshire Hathaway at their peaks. There was a lot more silver in the world in 1980 and 1998 than there is today, meaning that JPMorgan’s accumulation is much more of an accomplishment than previous silver acquisitions.

JPMorgan’s COMEX warehouse silver holdings are only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, the true extent of JPMorgan’s physical silver accumulation is nothing short of mind-boggling. All told, including the verifiable 133 million ounces held in its own and other COMEX warehouses, JPMorgan holds at least 675 million ounces of actual silver. Simply put, JPMorgan has acquired six times as much metal as bought by the Hunts or Berkshire Hathaway. How is it possible that JPMorgan, could acquire such a massive quantity of physical silver, with no general awareness that it was doing so? More importantly, how did they do it while silver prices steadily declined over the entire time of JPM’s accumulation?

…….cont. http://silverseek.com/commentary/last-great-silver-buy-17047

Buygold and goldie

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:26 on January 13, 2018  

I own some AXU, seems like a good long term call on silver. Technically looks like it could go a long way once it breaks out.

The dollar is sure looking sickly lately. If it really starts breaking down then gold’s overbought position won’t matter so much. Could stay overbought for a long time methinks.


Ipso, Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 11:08 on January 13, 2018  

I like Goldie’s assessment and targets seems about right. AXU looks better to me but doesn’t pay the dividend.

I’ve got to temper my enthusiasm a bit though GLD looks like it’s getting overbought, not like that matters to the SM but it always seems to matter to pm’s.

I wonder why the USD took such a beating on Friday? Will the USD really breakdown from here and gold breakout, or will this reverse?



Posted by goldielocks @ 10:44 on January 13, 2018  

Most of the pm stocks are still in position trade mode until they pass resistance. Goro trying to move up to current past resistance on 5.26 to 6 area
and does pay divis I just hold it but almost hit the sell at 8 ish but didn’t want the tax issue but should of took it along with some others. AXU IMO resistance around 2:12 ish to 3 for now. Higher bounce seems more positive IMO I don’t hold that one.

Buygold @ 9:16

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:40 on January 13, 2018  

Maybe it’s time for Goro again. They’ve had quite a ride! I always liked their policy of paying dividends, I wish more of the miners paid them.

Farmboy @ 5:28

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:37 on January 13, 2018  

Check those derivatives. Wow!

Some charts and commentary from Clive Maund

Posted by Buygold @ 9:16 on January 13, 2018  

Interesting, the chart guys here might like to take a look. Also analyzes GORO and AXU

Gold & Silver WILL NOT First Go Down In Price Like They Did When The Markets Crashed In 2008

Thought so

Posted by Buygold @ 8:19 on January 13, 2018  

They were going to dump yesterday no matter what the retail sales and CPI were

12,158 Gold Contracts Dumped On Market IN ONE MINUTE Friday 8:30 A.M. EST (Silver Hit Too)

Buygold & Aufever, We Be Looking Good !

Posted by Farmboy @ 5:28 on January 13, 2018  

Buygold, good chance you get that dollar rise in silver within the next four weeks. 🙂

Meanwhile, here is something to ponder over this weekend.

All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization





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