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Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:33 on January 23, 2018  


The Original Silver Streak



Posted by treefrog @ 23:25 on January 23, 2018  

all in good time.  we may see silver and gold react to this dollar index move in the morning – in a day or two – other?    the dollar index and the metals prices are not connected at the hip, and often take some time to react to each other.  i’m pretty sure there will be a reaction.  i’m not so sure about just when.

you say this crap drives you nuts…

i am blessed.  nothing can drive me crazy – and i can’t move to florida either.




treefrog – yes

Posted by Buygold @ 22:24 on January 23, 2018  

The USD index broke 90 but why is gold down?

This crap drives me nuts – gold should be screaming higher based on the recent USD action lately. Yet it’s not


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:15 on January 23, 2018  

That is a good story. I hope who ever got him treated him right. Sounds like he was okay and still chasing the girls meaning maybe his spirit was still good. I don’t like abuse of animals of any kind. My step father got my younger half brother a horse but wasn’t all that interested as another brother who turned out to be a cowboy. It was best because the horse threw anyone who rode him except me. I think it was because I treated him kinda like a person and listened to his non verbal communication. He half hearted tried some tricks on me like running and stopping putting his head down expecting me to get thrown or going up to the fence after I saddled him on the side you mount. I said okay I jump up on other side. What I saw was a smart horse with a sense of humor. I started taking care of him when I could and getting a attachment and he stopped his tricks except little things like bumping into be and know it was his sense of humor again like I’m bigger than you. Then my step father sold him and said they’re running and whipping him. I was very upset and broken hearted over it. He was a intelligent horse being treated like that by obviously ignorant people. He didn’t tell me where he went. Didn’t talk to my stepfather too much after that. It was hard for me trying to survive after the Sylmar quake in 71 and still very young but in my own or I probably would of found away to get him.
Too bad all can’t be like your friend.

Goldie – very interesting that you mentioned race horses

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 21:23 on January 23, 2018  

The guy was a horse trainer from his youth , and they would do anything for him , because he never used the whip on them . Most of those racing the trotters ( sulky races ) would use the whip in the final stretch . He would just encourage his horse and let it run , and they would often lead the pack . He had one which he was swindled out of after it had made him a lot of money around the time his wife died . He found pictures of the horse a couple of years ago , in a book , and learned that it was on a ‘retirement’ farm in Maine . He had me watch his dog for a few days and took the train to New England to visit the horse . When he got there he saw him far across a pasture next to a younger filly , grazing , and yelled his nickname for the horse . That was after THIRTY years without contact , and the horse raced across that field to him . Animals never forget kindness . The horse died the next winter, so he felt good about the expense of the trip to visit that horse one last time .

there it is.

Posted by treefrog @ 21:00 on January 23, 2018  

the dollar index just broke  90.


not by much, and not for long, but 90 has been breached to the downside.  i think we can expect more, but the question is when.

Alex 12:35

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:05 on January 23, 2018  

Wow You can find that everywhere because of lack of work ethic but not to that level. Hope it was investigated. On the other end there’s people who will try to take advantage of them treating them like a dime a dozen when their not and try to dump on them run them like a abused race horse till their dead.

Did anybody get hurt with the NVO hype? I wonder what the real deal is with it? I have no reason to belive it’s an outright scam…do I?

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:37 on January 23, 2018  

Novo Resources Corp. (NVO.V)

TSXV – TSXV Delayed Price. Currency in CAD

2.85-0.30 (-9.52%)

At close: 3:59PM EST–I didn’t buy any.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:03 on January 23, 2018  

They are taking their good time about getting the memos or the texts. Even lay persons can retrieve things lost with cloud. It looks like they’re giving them time to get rid of evidence. They should of retrieved it yesterday.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:59 on January 23, 2018  

I may be going out on a limb but think dollar could easily go to 80.

u. s. dollar index

Posted by treefrog @ 17:30 on January 23, 2018  

$lowly $lip-$liding toward 90.

will we see an eight handle tonight?  tomorrow?


Posted by commish @ 17:22 on January 23, 2018  


Good comeback today

Posted by Buygold @ 16:58 on January 23, 2018  

Hope I was wrong to have sold some stuff because I’d like to go back in. Agree with Maddog that if we can bust 205 HUI maybe we can get to 220?

Gold and silver move is still muted, but at least silver came back from the severe beating this am

USD showing absolutely no life, can’t help but believe there is something else going on that maybe we don’t know about yet. Trade wars?

Maddog @ 15:10

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:48 on January 23, 2018  

Great to see the late day action with the big fat white candle in the HUI.

Usually we fade as the day goes by … to see the opposite is really heartening.

Well , I am still barely in the green on Pretium

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:54 on January 23, 2018  

But if I had sold about a week ago , I would have been up about 50% over where I am now .

As it is , it was dead money for a year and a half , or so . A lesson in greed for me .

It’s still dumb as hell

Posted by eeos @ 15:51 on January 23, 2018  

to have to be body slammed on a weekly basis for no reason

Good action

Posted by Maddog @ 15:10 on January 23, 2018  

Really thought we would be bombed hard tdy and we were earlier….let’s see how we close but to come back like this, is gonna worry lots of people who were waiting for a bigger dip to buy on.

Hui close above 204.34, says last hesitation/ A-B-C was a running one….V bullish…..

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:07 on January 23, 2018  

You were watching changes before me. You probably guessed I’m on the side of border control but not all banned less necessary as it probably was in the depression. I see we are probably the only ones who appreciate diversity say of arts music talent what not but now people eyes are opened to others taking advantage of it that are not. It’s identity warfare.
They call it the unarmed invasion but it is armed with identity and color. Doesn’t always have to be color like Ireland division but identity. It’s just as a lethal weapon in the end. We’re seeing how it’s one sided they call the double standard and what would happen if it would be in the reverse. There blatant in your face manner will go along way and many years of not trusting again and hope at this point until real change if ever. Then they try to spin it as we’re suppressing them and have these dumb Americans thinking the same as Europe with the refugees just be nice to them. Valor was nice to illegals for years, now look what happened. They have infiltrated and have their own sanctuary state. They should all be investigated. They should also charge all these other country’s for cost of jail and any services they get because they are importing and aiding them.
Sweeden is about lost now because of it and look how fast if happened while their lawmakers do nothing.They like Demos will put non citizens ah ad of their own. They would have nothing to lose by charging the gov and taking them out. In Ukraine they were taking them out and throwing them in the trash.
If we didn’t have border agents it would of happened just as fast here. This is no longer about assimilation as it was once.
As far as Japan as far as I know at least they started making their own cars not outsourcing ours. They even have plants here which I can’t say for the others.
They are now importing workers for lower level jobs as most are educated there or women don’t work like nurses aids what not and Japanese like Americans really don’t like it. They will not tolerate sub cultures demanding things like here for votes and will deport trouble which improves a more harmonic culture they would spin as dictation or racism here.
If Trump can pull it off perhaps we can salvage some of our jobs while creating fair trading partners that will benefit all country’s instead of looking for war to side track the issues here.
As time goes things will change and people will need to change or at least adjust wwith it or go extinct. We can’t do that with weakness rather like Obama but the fine line between exchange and not be taken advantage but the unscrupulous.
I fear after Trump it may go back to business as usual and more world poverty any more wars. I think Bushes paintings of veterans is his dealing with his own ghosts he created. Same time doesn’t think Obama has any conscious at all but enjoyed seeing the destruction of this country and the innocent world wise we’re no concern for him.
If everyone brings everything home it will also cause lost jobs. The biggest thing is trade deficit which also in shipping which puts things on our shelves that undermines American companies. We know it’s not just that but crooked politicians who drive them out in the first place.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:41 on January 23, 2018  

Ain’t that something! I’m glad I missed that one … I’ve had enough “surprises.”


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:32 on January 23, 2018  

Nothing really matters anymore after 2008. Everything is changing. Ran its course. The entire global system “threw up” because the US consumer dollars was successfully harvested for global consumption. They could not afford a down payment, and higher property taxes.

So they gave up, and stopped making payments. Millions of them out there living free for 6 years now. I know a few myself. Welfare real estate. The liquidation of America. By accident, the only good years were ’45-’75.

During the Great Depression, all immigration was BANNED. Remember the ship with Jewish people from Europe being turned away from USA??? Obviously today the USA in the second great depression, but nobody sees it except me and real TPTB. That’s why they don’t want any more immigrants. And new tariffs. Trump has nothing to do with what’s going on. He’s being used, because his rhetoric fits needs.

All past presidents were like a shop steward in a factory. They represent or are the go between, or spokesperson between the employers and employees. Its a little different now with Trump. The (PTB employers) now WANT more instead of less, for the “employees”. Citizens. For their own good. I’m done now. 🙂

Yikes ipso, Pretium sure got taken out behind the woodshed.

Posted by macroman3 @ 13:19 on January 23, 2018  

That’s gata leave a mark on our area micros. Could be a decade before I see a return…

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:08 on January 23, 2018  

Here is the trade off for cars with Japan. Without exports they wouldn’t be able to afford imports so you are still supporting the American workers including Farmers, and industrials.
The thing we need to pay attention to is the trade deficits. That’s something these brain dead politicians and pink hats when it comes to economics don’t get or don’t care but at least Trump does. Because much food is imported due to lack of land it’s VERY expensive. Something people here with all this uncontrolled immigration needs to pay attention to.

Japan is a major economic power in the world.
Until recently the Japanese economy was growing very quickly. Much of this growth was the result of increases in worker productivity. This higher productivity was due mainly to: increased capital (machines, etc.) per worker, advance in technology, a highly educated and skilled labor force, supportive government policies and a good world trade environment. However, Japan’s miracle economy of the 1960s and 1970s may be a thing of the past as the nation copes with problems of lower growth.
Economic growth has raised the standard of living of the Japanese people to that of the United States and higher. Income is more evenly distributed in Japan than in the United States.
Like the United States, Japan’s economy has moved from manufacturing towards services. Its companies have successfully used the countries of Southeast Asia as pools of low cost labor. The change to a more service economy also shows changing tastes of Japanese consumers.
Japan is densely populated–it is the eighth most populated nation in the world.
The amount of land in Japan suitable for agriculture is insufficient to produce enough food for Japan’s large population. As a result, Japan imports most of its food from other countries.
Japan lacks many raw materials needed for industry and energy, such as oil, coal, iron ore, copper, aluminum and wood. Japan must import most of these goods.
In order to pay for these imports, Japan must export a variety of manufactured goods to other countries. Major Japanese exports include electronic equipment and cars.
Trade with other countries (international trade) is therefore very important to Japan.
The goods that Japan has exported have changed over time, from agricultural products to manufactured goods, textiles, steel, and cars. Japan is no longer competitive in agriculture because it has little farmland. Today simple manufacturing is too expensive because of the high wages paid to Japanese workers. Japan is also less competitive in energy intensive industries such as petrochemicals and aluminum since the country has few domestic energy resources.
Japan purchases oil from the Middle East. Since the price of oil rose in 1973, Japan has spent more money on oil than any other imported product. Middle Eastern countries cannot use all of the products Japan needs to sell or trade for the oil it uses, so Japan must sell its products elsewhere.
When a country sells more to one nation than it buys from it, the trade between the two countries (bilateral trade) is not balanced. In a world where many countries trade with each other, it is natural for countries to run bilateral trade deficits with some countries and bilateral trade surpluses with others. This is because trade encourages nations to specialize in the production of the things they produce well and to import those things they can not produce as well as some other country.
The more specialized a nation becomes the more likely it is to run a trade deficit with the nations that supply the inputs (oil and raw materials in Japan’s case), and to run trade surpluses with countries that buy the final products. This pattern holds particularly well for Japan. Japan buys coal and other raw materials from Australia and uses these resources to make high technology items. It can not sell enough of its finished products to Australians to pay for the raw materials it buys from them. So, it runs a trade deficit with Australia, which it pays for by running trade surpluses with other nations, for example, France.
Japan and the United States are very important trading partners. However, there is an imbalance in their trade. This is part of the pattern mentioned above. Japan is using its trade surpluses with the United States to pay for its trade deficits with the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations) nations.

Never did understand why May’s government were so pro Billary….now it becomes clear…..idiots,

Posted by Maddog @ 13:03 on January 23, 2018  

FBI Agent Leaks Explosive #ReleaseTheMemo Document

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:40 on January 23, 2018  

I don’t think it was all or totally about turning back the mileage. It was parts too even if you took care of them and mechanic that may have done stuff to them to keep you going back. One of my brothers was a mechanic for awhile till he moved on opened my eyes to that. I remember I was to replace a timing belt once and didn’t want my other to do it because he didn’t want me to work and didn’t trust him either so he took it to a shop and didn’t tell me where. When I got it back I toook off for work on the Fwy and the belt which guessing was too tight snapped and the car just died with a truck behind me. Luckily I had just enough time to cruise to the side. I went straight to the dealers told them what they did and they denied even working on my car in a arrogant way. I’m one for keeping receipts and that’s why. I wanted to jump across that desk lol I told my other those mechanics tried to kill me and what they said. I don’t know what he did but they closed down right after.
Then the foreign cars were getting popular the mechanics or many didn’t know how to work on them came next. Even people who which was pretty common only buying American started saying the Toyota truck was a better truck as far as reliability. At the time I though you got to be kidding.
The thing is now that they can’t put the mileage back you won’t see too many 20 year old American cars on the road but will the Toyotas. It’s not just problems it’s your life. I had to learn to fix carbs and change my own timing and change tires which I think all women should learn how to change a tire case it happens in a isolated place but change them first to lessen that problem.I learned to Hotwire them too case you lose your keys as one of my toddlers lost mine once. Now they’re different. So even when you take care of them things can happen.
The new thing now is they are so computerized and keep adding things that almost anything can turn on the check engine light. You have to get one of those machines you can check what it is or can get ripped off at a mechanic and could be something simple.
Now the new thing is not mileage it’s resetting the check engine light. No matter if the car is 1000 dollars or 30k there should be a bumper to bumper and no deductible. When my youngest bought a used car for something for now thing they didn’t want to give her a ware tee so I negotiated and made them give one for 3 months. Sure enough after 50 miles the check engine light came on and they had to fix some things that would of cost her.
My Grandpa drove Caddys they were very smooth rides but his last was before 1971.
Guess the point is the car be saftey or getting your money’s worth. I used to drive fast but in LA everyone did and my 57 Chevy had trouble turning corners at 50 miles hr. These newer cars handle better although don’t drive that fast usually anymore.I remember LA cops who had a better sense of humors pulling me over saying I can’t believe you took that corner at 50 miles a hour and what I really can’t believe is you passed us to do it. I almost said well I couldn’t go faster because the steering wheel would start to shake but I needed to get out of a ticket, Got tired of tickets.

True story

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:35 on January 23, 2018  

My neighbor is a great guy and a good , reliable friend . Decades ago he had four little kids to feed and had been hungry himself as a kid , so he worked three jobs to see that they lacked for nothing . One of the jobs he found was on night shift at a GM parts warehouse , pulling parts for shipment to GM dealers . He needed the work and soon was putting out about three times the orders that the other union guys were . He teamed up with a couple of other workers who also had a work ethic . Pretty soon the dealers calling in orders were asking that they be given to Frank’s team , because they would have the parts the next day , keeping repair customers happy , instead of waiting three or four days for parts .

The union bosses did not like Frank and his team’s work ethic .

One night , in winter , coming off shift , his windshield was snow covered . He opened the door , reached in , inserted the key , and started the engine while he was outside starting to scrape the windshield , when the bomb went off under the driver’s seat . He had an angel on his shoulder that night . He was re-assigned , and the dealers ( and their customers ) were unhappy again .

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