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A Bit of Heaven from Dimash and very emotional reaction…

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:40 on January 28, 2018  

Autumn Song https://youtu.be/-TplCFgxPbE

We’re trying on a Sunday night…

Posted by Buygold @ 19:45 on January 28, 2018  

24 hr gold chart

Maya – Yup

Posted by Buygold @ 18:18 on January 28, 2018  

It’s highly amusing, the brainless machinations these idiots put out… and people are dumb enough to believe them.

Can’t disagree

Buygold @ 15:19

Posted by Maya @ 17:18 on January 28, 2018  

I’ve seen or heard at least half a dozen ‘conspiracy theory’ reports from various sources that an actual missile was fired and shot down… all different… all improbable and highly unlikely.

Occam’s razor.  KISS…. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Fact is… the alert happens at a time when Civil Defense personnel in the office are training and testing and sending out routine, closed-circuit tests.   I’ve been on the receiving end and know this for a fact.

I have also intercepted a previous error ‘false alarm’ sent out before we broadcast it in error.   So I have seen Civil Defense make this error before.  Nothing new here.

If this had been an actual, intended alert, Civil Defense would have sounded the sirens (they didn’t) and been all over the radio with their direct broadcast information line on the EAS.   The radio stations were notably silent about any official emergency information.   So Civil Defense did NOT follow thru with all the required responses for an actual alert… which it would have in event of an actual missile launch.

There is also a lot of BS about Hawaii not having a missile shield.  WHAT?  Many missile intercept tests (Successful) were launched from Barking Sands on western Kauai island.  Also, along with Pearl Harbor, the Pacific Command is located here.   Does anyone really think the brass would leave their HQ in Hawaii undefended??

It’s highly amusing, the brainless machinations these idiots put out… and people are dumb enough to believe them.

Good way to spend 30 minutes of your Sunday. BUNDY — The True Story — Official

Posted by silverngold @ 15:02 on January 28, 2018  


Computer Adventures

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:49 on January 28, 2018  

A couple of weeks ago my Malwarebytes program stopped opening. I figured it was some Windows update that had screwed it up. I deleted the program and reloaded it a couple of times … no soap. I wasn’t too worried I scanned my machine with AVG and Superantispyware and they didn’t find anything wrong. About this time I noticed that my computer was sure running a lot, bunches of CPUs being used when I had hardly anything open. I looked at the Task Manager but wasn’t able to figure it out. This morning I started the computer in Safe Mode and was able to finally run Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes found 6 or 7 Rootkit Trojans on my computer. After deleting them, Malwarebytes now opens normally and my computer is no longer running like crazy with nothing open. I’d guess that my computer was being used by someone for bitcoin mining or else in DOS attacks.


These people are Children….who the hell would let them have real money ??????

Posted by Maddog @ 14:30 on January 28, 2018  


So Crypto’s are super secure…..and can’t be devalued by over issue !!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 14:13 on January 28, 2018  

Following the biggest cybertheft in history – $534 million from Japan’s Coincheck – cryptocurrencies are soaring back higher after the exchange confirmed that it will issue full refunds to all of the 260,000 of its users who have become victims of the Friday NEM hack.

As a reminder, the Coincheck exchange was hacked Friday, Jan. 26, resulting in a massive loss of 523 mln NEM coins, worth approximately $534 mln at that time. During a press release following the hack it has been revealed by the exchange’s representatives that the funds were stored on a single-signature hot wallet, constituting a relatively low-security environment.


Notice the way between Friday evening, Cyrpto’s rally’d from minus 5 % to plus 15 % by Sunday….that just stinks of rigging…


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:04 on January 28, 2018  

Hope they get on it. When drug dealers wanting easy money at the expense of the citizens have the audacity to think they can just barge in and attack the police like saying this is their town now. Same thing going on in Mexico. Many don’t like it there either but leaders don’t increase their supply of law inforcememt and monitor internal corruption. We have that drug dealer from Mexico can’t remember his name going to go to court just promised to not kill the jurors. Like Mexico even Judges. Hope they secure them maybe even disguise them. Bottom line go after their money. No money no power. Instead of money hunting honest citizens go after people like them.
In Calif they came up with another one just shows how desperate they are but threatening to arrest poor restaurant servers if they offer a plastic straw hitting them with a 1000 dollar fine. They say they’re really going after the restaurant. In other words hunt money and get some poor server fired. Pretty soon they’ll drive everyone out and it will be another Mexico with gangs running around killing police.

Goldie-Yep! The cartel I guess

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 8:47 on January 28, 2018  

News report:

For the mayor of the city, Alejandro Char, the perpetrators are organized crime gangs who took reprisal for the effective actions of the police against drug trafficking on the Atlantic coast of Colombia.


Posted by goldielocks @ 0:20 on January 28, 2018  

Think I heard something about it at work just a flash about 20 dead in a explosion or something. Going after police looks like attack on rule of law or destabilize it. Would that be cartels or what? Hope they beef up security and can track source maybe news how bad these people are so they rally against them even if be underground. If it gets bad you won’t be able to trust anyone. Looks like Panama should as well.

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