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mr copper

Posted by treefrog @ 22:38 on January 31, 2018  

coup is french for “stroke, or strike.”

NYC fire department

Posted by eeos @ 21:28 on January 31, 2018  

probably closer to three days of easy work a week. Show up for the routine passed out person, run the siren a bit to a car accident, cut some play handcuffs off of a kids feet. Rake in HUGE paychecks, endless pensions, sick and hurt time leave, and have a real job that you do with all of your time off.

Good closes for once…will catch some attention.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:24 on January 31, 2018  

Food For Thought

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:16 on January 31, 2018  


When the word coup is used on the nightly news, it’s usually describing a military government takeover. In the business section of the daily newspaper, coup might refer to a big corporation landing an important contract or deal. However you use the word coup, don’t say the “p” at the end. It’s not pronounced like chicken …

Noun, 1. coup d’état – a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force coup d’etat – a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force. coup, putsch, takeover · group action – action taken by a group of people. countercoup – a sudden and decisive overthrow of a government that gained …

a sudden successful action.

What Happened To The Dow? It looked good this morning, just a bounce?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:56 on January 31, 2018  

The Democrats are like immature children. Finally there are some grown-ups in the Whitehouse. The “kids” had their way for decades, they crashed the car in 2008, and now the keys were taken away. Even all the past elected republicans watched and did nothing. All useless. The only better thing about republicans, was they were slightly LESS obedient to foreign power re gun control.

Reagan Replican ’81-89 said nothing about off shoring US businesses. During Reagan they even gave increased tax write-offs on purchase of foreign made equipment.

And no one tells us when they STARTED that 35% tax on corporations doing business in the USA? It was a close down or move off shore situation. Poppa Bush republican went along with the 10 year assault weapons ban.

I gave up voting when I found out how Jimmy Carter got in. (I did vote for Ross Perot) Reagan was forced to take Bush as a running mate. So Bush Sr actually got three 4 year terms. Two with Raegan and one by himself. Reagan imo was NOT really the US President. Bush was dominant. Ex CIA.

Reagan imo got used, was there JUST to glean the votes (for the group) and do the their talking. Just like Clinton Obama and even Trump. I’m certain a group of like minded people got together, including Trump, and picked him to run. They even “used” that Steve Bannon guy and all his followers.

Trump had all the right words back in the 1980s. He was just like me, patriotic  isolationist, and complaining about the high national debt etc DECADES ago…Saying “we can’t go on like this” way way back on TV.

Finally his rhetoric and objectives were needed, and there he is.

anonymous quote

Posted by treefrog @ 15:31 on January 31, 2018  

The Democrats numbers are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in an Arkansas trailer park.

Train Wreck latest..

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:24 on January 31, 2018  
shovelhead eforce Jan 31, 2018 2:59 PM Permalink

Hillary was seen fleeing the scene after falling out of the garbage truck.

re State Emergency Management Employees

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:23 on January 31, 2018  

I wonder how many are employed in that tax absorbing occupation, and what do they do for eight hours a day when there is no emergency? Could it be like the NYC Fire Dept? They work 3-4 long days a week, cook nice meals and  play cards etc.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:13 on January 31, 2018  

Seems even a hawkish Fed can’t seem to save the dollar. Exactly what I was hoping to see.

This pretty bullish action for pm’s if it holds up into the close.

Nice change of pace.

Do my eyes decieve me ????? Be still my beating heart !!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 15:07 on January 31, 2018  

Hawaii Missile Postmortem

Posted by Maya @ 14:35 on January 31, 2018  

Although the guy that ‘pushed the button’ would not cooperate nor talk to FCC investigators, the State Emergency Management office did their own internal investigation and the results were released yesterday.

They report that the employee believed during the test alerts that this was an actual, real alert that prompted him to send the emergency cellphone alert out.   His co-workers who were interviewed believed he was not capable of doing his job, and the errant employee was terminated from the job.

Thus ends the ‘real missile’ conspiracy theories.

Just another incompetent government employee… here to help.

The good thing out of this is that procedures and clearances will be revised and tightened up at the (formerly ‘Civil Defense’) office of Emergency Management.

Bye bye Janet…u can get off the Dunny now, it’s all someone elses problem.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:21 on January 31, 2018  

Question did Janet ever have a Fed statement that was not PM Bearish and Dollar, SM bullish…..I don’t think so.

Stock market looks a bit choppy last couple days

Posted by eeos @ 14:17 on January 31, 2018  

it needs more PPT juicing

Don’t know what’s going on but Repubs not running again mid term

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:14 on January 31, 2018  

Hope it doesn’t open the door to the democrats. Was surprised Ted Growdy not seeking reelection. It’s starting to make people suspicious on what’s going on, Maybe they’re just sick and tired of all the corruption. He should try Kalifornia. Lol He wouldn’t of made it in anyways. They don’t want anyone interfering with their printed out agendas.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:07 on January 31, 2018  

That included coins, but yes what they were told at that particular branch. One of those videos I posted but I didn’t have time to watch them all in entirety FWIW talked about think it was Venezuela and all those worthless papers use the same kind of papers as our currency and are being used by criminals to print our currency. Not only C noted out there. My youngest other got stuck with a fake 10 dollar bill by a gas station a few days ago. Not checking it looked like a regular bill. I think they knew because when he went back using the same bill they told him it was fake.

RE: the negro CNN contributor who just go his own show-yes, he’s the one who said Trump winning the election was a “whilte lash”

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:04 on January 31, 2018  

From a ZH reader:

 MrBoompi Jan 31, 2018 10:56 AM  Permalink


Option A:
Well kids, now that it is perfectly clear that I and my co-conspirators at CNN were either wrong or lying about Trump and Hillary, and that, in hindsight, you will surely come to understand this as fact, and that all my talk of white lash on television was obviously just race baiting and playing the victim, can you forgive your dad?  
Option B:
Well kids, don’t believe anything you see on television, it is all just fake news.  Trump is a racist and colluded with the Russians, and Hillary never dressed up with Bill in blackface, nor received $150,000,000 from the Russians, or had Seth Rich and a few other friends of her killed.  Keep listening to your dad and you will surely come to understand this as fact, and that all my talk of white lash on television was obviously true, and that because you are half-black you are forever victims.   Daddy loves you, and would never, ever, lie to you.


Posted by Ororeef @ 13:46 on January 31, 2018  

dosent need TAXES to run the Government ..They can PRINT $100.00 bills and import everything they need…SHHH dont tell anybody..it dosent seem fair !   TAXES are nothing but a way to Punish your Political Enemies…. and thats EXACTLY what the IRS …does ask LOIS LEARNER !It has nothing to do with running the Government ..The Government should Print for all their needs ,eliminate TAXES and therefore inflation becomes the Price to be paid …and all pay equally ..Inflation is the only fair tax…If its too high demand Government stop printing so much..! Money can enter circulation without debt attached to it unlike now..No debt money is issued by Treasury simply issue $5000 per year to every man woman & child …The Country would have NO debt and NO TAXES and NO inflation..if they printed the same amount every year .

goldielocks @ 13:14 on January 31, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:25 on January 31, 2018  

The cost of printing money ? is their reason for eliminating cash ?   Former Treasury Secretary RUBIN use to BRAG it costs 4 cents to print a $1 dollar bill and when Government prints for importing their needs

they get back 96 cents worth of goods and services …..(his words)..that sounds like a low cost to me  !

Its counterfeiting at its best  !  Thats why the rest of the world is jealous.Printing a $100.00 bill is money from heaven ……!  with a .04 cost..

More info of train wreck

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:23 on January 31, 2018  

Seem like the passengers are okay. One dead who was in the truck two others severely injured. There were doctors on the scene helping the injured. Heard a cracked type not clear something about pupils dialated fixed. Depends on the injuries but I brought back someone thrown in the air by a car who’s pupils fixed. I had to control bleeding and airway. He woke up just as ambulance came about 10-15 minutes later. Some people were yelling leave him for dead others told them to shut up where to go I was too busy. Good thing the guy turned out to be deaf so he didn’t hear all the comments by them.

goldielocks @ 20:57 on January 30, 2018 DRUGS!!!!

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:14 on January 31, 2018  

High profit Drug stores are the Target    they produce no new drugs ,they are a middle man in the distribution chain and thats where Buffett and Amazon come in they will team up on lost cost distribution and gut the middle man excessive margins that add nothing to the public benefit.   CVS is the TARGET ,they are finished…..Iv been buying the few drugs we use in Canada and pay 90% less than Walmart charges….Walmart charges $96.00 for a eye drop for Glaucoma  and Canadian pharmacy $26.00….for twice the quantity It comes up to $3.00 a drop !  I could buy a whole GALLON of GAS for that …..Both are manufactured in INDIA where 99 % of aaall drugs are manufactured ..READ the Labels.Nobody is passing the cheap labor cost savings on to American consumers  ..ALL the MAJOR DRUG companies manufacture in INDIA ….NONE pass savings on to American consumers.Dont listen to scare tactics ..all are required to meet US manufacturing standards for quality and cleanliness.and require US inspections.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:14 on January 31, 2018  

Yes currency controls and a excuse to take that currency from people like they already have. Accuse them of money laundering, drugs, don’t charge them but take their money. Peoples who’s businesses deal with cash have had a time with them. I’ve talked to them about them trying to eliminate cash and they are telling their workers it’s about cost printing it. That’s the excuse they are telling them.

goldielocks @ 12:37 on January 31, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:44 on January 31, 2018  

One Hundred Bucks ? suspicious ?   really ?  No that’s not believable, there’s more to it than that ,its some kind of agenda more like thats the excuse to implement currency controls ….so beware !   keep some cash available for living needs preferable in $20.00 bills……


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:37 on January 31, 2018  

They’re instructed to hunt money and report anything they think is suspicious so probably triggered ID for cash. Few years back I took cash out a few thousand to buy some PMs from a person and they asked what I was withdrawing it for believe it or not. I don’t remember the whole conversation of why are they asking what I’m doing with ” my” money. They said something about if it’s over a certain amount they are supposed to ask why. Since it was none of their businesses after about 10 minutes of me drilling them for asking where it’s going and why they were asking I just said something about personal needs. All the more reason to own phyzz.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:03 on January 31, 2018  

You described Pelosi right. She looked like she was sucking on sour grapes. All they do is try to pull a blanket over people’s head with race baiting and division to side track from any real issues. She’s lucky Kate’s parents didn’t show up who was murdered by a mult time deported illegal who they refused to release to ICE. Get them talking about that and nothing else like a weapon while they carry out their agenda from the lobbyists and doners. That’s what it’s all about with them, getting rich of their agendas Then as predicted that’s exactly what they did right after I didn’t see too much, waisted time. Heard Maxine gonna have a speech today. Can see it now, impeach 45 like a vendetta.


Posted by Buygold @ 11:55 on January 31, 2018  

Yeah, the Dems really looked bad. They are pretty much nuts.

Kinda hoping pm’ go flat to slightly down before the Fed announcement, then rally hard as the dollar resumes its decline.

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