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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:30 on February 1, 2018  

Yes I agree on that 100 % Greed and plain vultures. Part of it was the sudden population increase by a steady stream of both illegal and illegal immigrants. Again supply demand. Prices up wages not keeping up.

Goldilocks Lagging Wages

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:24 on February 1, 2018  

Roger all that. My view re the worst thing that happened to the working class, and social security people, was failure for Gov’t to report accurate CPI numbers, for food, fuel, and shelter, and failure to maintain the purchasing power of the minimum wage.

1967 Min Wage $1.40/hr new loaded Corvette $4,500 = 3,214 hours pay needed.

2017 Min Wage $11/hr new loaded Corvette $86,000 = 7,819 hours pay needed.

3,214 hours needed versus 7,819 hours = 143% more hrs needed.

Or, $11/hr + 143% = $26.75/hr needed for a minimum today equal to 1967.

Story last night on Strange Inheritance a Vietnam veteran ordered a new Vette just before he was discharged, to get it as soon as he gets back home. Used his saved of combat pay.

My friend Geno bought a new big block 1967 Corvette, $4,508. Just a regular factory worker, making precision sheet metal parts. No union either. Air Duct sheet metal workers, real estate related, unionized, made a LOT more money.


Schumer At The SOTU

Posted by commish @ 20:50 on February 1, 2018  


This is the biggest list of Obamas fails and destructive policies I’ve ever seen, it goes on forever.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:29 on February 1, 2018  

President Obama is the stock market’s worst nightmare.  A few weeks before the November 2008 election, when it became evident that Obama might win, big money began to leave the stock market in search of safer homes — such as gold or silver.  Or Switzerland.  The Dow lost 1,342 points between the November 4th election and November 13.*  The investors on Wall Street know what socialism can do to large companies, and they expressed their disapproval.
Obama’s grandiose plans to spend trillions of dollars on laundry list of liberal politicians’ projects has made the situation far worse.  (See Pork products in the bailout bill and in the stimulus bill.)
If Mr. Obama was in fact an enemy saboteur, trying to do everything possible to wreck America’s economy, what would he be doing differently?  Not much.  This is even more disturbing because we know the Barack Obama is a man with a mysterious past, he used to be a “community organizer”, that is, an anti-capitalist troublemaker, he apparently hates America, and he is gradually weakening America’s defenses.

Obama never understood that America needed a good economy.  To Obama, people didn’t need money, they needed programs, with bureaucrats monitoring and administering the goodies, rewarding the ‘good’ and punishing the ‘bad’ (such as the tea parties). it’s why he started so many of them.  It’s why he hired so many bureaucrats and took over so much — from health care to government land.  All he refused to do was cut taxes.  But by leaving tax cuts on the table, it was an easy thing for Trump to snap up the opportunity, work with Congress on a tax cut plan, and just run with it.  In a nation pent-up with uncut taxes, the result has been absolutely stellar, just as it was in the 1980s, an era when Obama was out focused on one-way nuclear disarmament from the U.S. alone.  He didn’t think there was anything to a good economy.
Was Mr. Obama intentionally weakening the economy, or was he just incompetent and obstinate?
The economy began to recover as soon as Obama was gone.
President Nobama.  Obama weaponized federal agencies including the IRS, DOJ, and EPA in such a manner as to worry anyone successful, prominent, and conservative enough to come under the federal radar of a vindictive Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, or a FISA court.  Trump has sought to undo all that, point by point.  The initial result so far is not rocket science, but rather a natural expression of what happens when millions of Americans believe they have greater freedom and safety to profit and innovate, and trust they will not be punished, materially or psychologically, for the ensuing successful results.  The radical upsurge in business and consumer confidence is not revolutionary but almost natural. […] Calling a small pond or large puddle on a farm’s low spot an “inland waterway” subject to federal regulation is deranged; undoing that was not radical, but commonsensical.
Obama tops 2017 biggest losers.  While his name has rarely been in the news in 2017, Obama’s policies were nearly always in the headlines — or at least behind them.  The economy, for example.  It’s hard not to notice the stock market’s performance since Trump’s win:  A 250-point jump the next day, and up more than 6,000 points (more than 30 percent!) since Election Day.  Not Inauguration Day — the day Trump policies would begin.  No, the markets merely needed to know that the Obama-era policies were ending for the rally to start.  And they were right, too.  The economy has grown twice as fast under Trump than it ever did during any year of the Obama administration.  Obama had eight years in power, pushed through major legislation like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, doubled the national debt — and the economy grew at a pathetic 1.5 percent his last two years in office.  Every day of over-the-top economic news in 2017 was a reminder of just how badly Obama under-performed as president.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:18 on February 1, 2018  

Ps I’m sure most are aware that most came from Europe lol In the beginning they we’re pioneers not immigrants as American Indians did the give them housing our jobs. Later they came as immigrants,legally. Prior to that were the American Indian pioneers from Asia and who knows maybe Europe too, not immigrants per say either.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:08 on February 1, 2018  

Immigration has been on and off hold or with certain large groups coming in on and off since it started. I forget what program that allowed South Americans to go back and forth up to the 60 s then stopped, but soon as they stopped stated the mass illegal immigration. Border patrol was pretty lax even in the 80 s the last time I crossed via car anyways. Last time I went by boat there were machine guns everywhere. They were pretty nice though, probably protecting the tourist business even though I went off the path. They seem to know who’s familiar with their culture who wasn’t although I wouldn’t go now not as a vacation anyways.
Off track some reason whatever it stopped had a opposite effect happened. Mass illegal immigration started. In the beginning they could get welfare easily and even told how by welfare agencies in border cities.

As far as Europe I’m guessing most would of stayed if it wasn’t for socialism/ communism, Marxism. Those who were awake got out in time. Others were awake but felt established or family ties kept them there hoping it would pass and all had to leave everything and start over. They didn’t come here illegally, to smuggle drugs I’m aware of, entitled looking for welfare or word of special interest groups.They should of opened the borders to all Jews prior and during WW11 as well as all other countries but I don’t think anyone imagined the horrors that would come next. There was only a number admitted at that time.
After Ted Kennedy that number started to grow and kept growing. Does it surpass immigrants to death rates? It’s too high considering we have such a high illegal immigrant population as well. It needs to go back down or we’ll be buried and reduced to a third world country as well as wildlife. Supply demand imbalance hurts the working class.

Klondex Reports 2017 Production Results and Provides 2018 Guidance

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:34 on February 1, 2018  


@11:52 re Answer for the Quiz Question For The Oasis Forum

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:17 on February 1, 2018  

What shit hole country did all the immigrants, (our grand parents and founding fathers) come from during the late 1800s and very early 1900s? And before.

Answer? EUROPE.

By the way, all immigration was banned because of the great depression. Immigration was resumed after 1964. Some came in, in the ’50s after the war. Lately they are talking about less immigration. Are they “admitting” the country has been in a stealth depression? Hidden by artificial life support? And its time to pull the plug???

goldielocks @ 16:25-16:31

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:10 on February 1, 2018  

Thanks for the feedback. Agreed about Fox and the rest. About the Dollar, I doubt Trump has anything to do with that. Much higher authorities are in charge of that imo of course.

The make America better started after the ’08 crash. It was moving very slow. Two parts of the plan that were unfolding were #1 less money for military, and #2 less respect and or love for Israel.

It was all in their “news” remember? “Obama throwing Israel under the bus?” “Obama neglecting the military?” Obama did nothing. His “group” did it all. Then we also had the Tea Party influence, stone walling more spending.

Evidently, a spin-off group or PART of the group, did not like those two parts, plus a better economy was progressing too slow, so got Trump, broke away, and reversed the reversal. Meaning more deficit spending for Military, and  more love for Israel.

How else can we explain what happened?? I’m listening. Anyone? In other words…”Here we go again”:) Obviously they are going for double or nothing. The point of no return. What do they have to lose and or gain?

A bigger budget deficit that crashes the dollar with loads of inflation. Or the plan works and prosperity erupts like Mt St Helens, and huge amounts of tax receipts come in and pay down the National debt, or budget Deficit.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:07 on February 1, 2018  

Re:Nothing is a coincidence. They gave trump massive media coverage to get him elected too. They gave Hillary massive bad coverage.

It was really easy to misunderstand. All channels but Fox gave Trunp bad coverage. They tried to prop up Killery and ignored all her say misgivings including the deleting of emails, destroying phones and hard drives. They weren’t even listening to what Trump had to say which reflected on the people’s concerns instead of a agenda that didn’t include them. They were a matter of fact in your face about it including Hillary until now. Their anger toward him is also towards us so out comes the name calling cuz that’s all they have and just a example of their lack of respect for this country or its people like they are just commodities and pawns. Feel the hate. If this were the 1800s or early 1900 some might of been hung for treason or at least out of office and on trial for being a communist along with the bankers they hung then.

As far as what shit hold people came from in the 1800s better question is what have some countries does to improve theirs since then especially given the population explosion thanks to modern medicine and now starvation, joblessness, poverty and threats of extinction of wildlife. Most of these countries were around before we came along and some even before Europe.

Goldie, Mr. Copper, Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 19:07 on February 1, 2018  

Goldie – I think Trump wants a lower dollar but I may also think he doesn’t have a choice. The forex and bond markets are too big and may not allow the US Gov’t a choice. We’ll see.

Mr. Copper – I guess if you mean “any coverage” regardless of good or bad is what got Trump elected then I guess I agree that he got a lot of “coverage” and it was all bad.

Maddog – something is going on that we don’t know IMHO, the USD should not be falling in a rising rate environment. Although, we may end up needing big rate hikes to save the USD.

Whatever is going on, the scum has got their boots on the neck of pm’s, but I suppose that is the norm.

This is fun

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:53 on February 1, 2018  

@aufever 15:37 @Buygold 16:10

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:40 on February 1, 2018  

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. I just got back home. I’m not sure what you guys meant. Possibly misinterpreting what I said or thought?

In my post of 14:14 I entered a sentence posted by Portugeezer.

I did NOT say…”Trump got very little MSM coverage and what there was, was very bad. Insulting even.”… Portugeezer said that.

I also did NOT say Trump had Positive coverage. I only said he had a LOT of coverage. Even if it was bad insulting negative coverage, it was still better than little or no coverage. His face and his words were massive. Especially during that debate with 17 other competitors. The entire world heard his ideas and objectives.



Hi Buygold

Posted by Maddog @ 16:46 on February 1, 2018  

Wierd mkt the PM’s …sat on all day, then allowed to run…but PM shares still in outhouse.

Perma Bears circling the SM here…getting well excited.

Bonds stink…now that is a real problem for the Rig.

and tommorow all the above potentially pales into insignificance…. as just maybe it will be the end of Billary….what a day that would be.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:31 on February 1, 2018  

First Trump wanted lower dollar then not. Maybe not too low. Looks like there’s a power struggle going on with tptb.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:25 on February 1, 2018  

The only one that tells it like it is on Trump is Fox. The rest is negative opinions making up sleazy comments of ad nausium or fake news which has gotten some of these jokers in hot water or forced to retract. Russias fault not theirs and race baiting they some make a living off and in between nit picking and now want to recycle with lib schoolboy Kennedy who is a real example of white privledge and as far as I know never worked a real job his life talking about next time he won’t put on so much lip gloss. Gads grow up first.

Glad to see gold back above $1350

Posted by Buygold @ 16:23 on February 1, 2018  

and silver come back a little

but we sure as hell aren’t getting the bang for our (lower) buck

Rates starting to really ramp higher – inflation is coming – but also something else that we haven’t seen yet.

Oil up 2%. Ten year closing on 2.8%

How is the US Gov’t going to pay interest on the debt if rates spike? Why isn’t the USD strengthening with rising rates?

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 16:10 on February 1, 2018  

I’ve got to agree with Aufever on Trump coverage in the US. His coverage was always negative and has gotten even worse since he was elected.

Mr.Copper 13:11

Posted by aufever @ 15:37 on February 1, 2018  

That is not at all how I remember the media coverage during the election.

gold up 8.10….GDX down 2 cents…any questions? [

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:28 on February 1, 2018  


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:14 on February 1, 2018  

Thanks for the interesting feed back Rich. I never thought about the local European media. However your…

“Trump got very little MSM coverage and what there was, was very bad. Insulting even.”

It does make sense because Europe is on the losing side with a rebuilding of the US Consumer. Plus Trump and his group would not get or need any votes from Europe.


Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:38 on February 1, 2018  

That’s not how it was in Europe Mr Copper.

Trump got very little MSM coverage and what there was, was very bad. Insulting even.

Whereas Billary got star quality coverage in all MSM reports.

I wonder if we were reading this differently.

Sure the web- based media was all over the billary fraud and murders, but they were split over Trump.

Some bad but many good.


TPTB Media Has Trump On Multiple Channels Pumping The Economy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:11 on February 1, 2018  

Nothing is a coincidence. They gave trump massive media coverage to get him elected too. They gave Hillary massive bad coverage.

Bought some more WAF.V … and GPY.V for the first time today. Both spec plays so I’m prepared to lose it all if it doesn’t work out.

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:41 on February 1, 2018  

Do your own DD!

Platinum $1000 High In 1980, Platinum Today After 38 Years $1000

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:07 on February 1, 2018  

House in 1980 $40,000, House today $4-$500,000. Discounting, or figuring in all the decades of property taxes, you need $500k to break even.

If the gov’t want affordable housing? Affordable prescription drugs? Just put them on the futures market. Simple.

Remember the Uranium bull mkt? They put it on futures and down it went.

Remember Bitcoin?? I mentioned it here after they rushed to get it on futures before it got any higher, and falling ever since. But their Media keeps giving us numerous fake reasons why it lower.

When Commodity prices fly higher its because of shortages because from prior low prices. Then the climbing prices cause over production and back down they go for the greater good at producers expense.

The PTB Media will NEVER admit that the futures market is a commodity government. You heard it here first in the Gold Tent Oasis.

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