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Alex Valdor

Posted by Middlecreek @ 22:26 on February 10, 2018  

Thanks for sharing your story.  Success from personal effort.

The founding fathers set our stage. They provided the framework for our nation to grow based on the hard work of individuals living in a free society.   They knew the true strength of a country is in its people and it’s  been clearly proven in America the last 200 years.  But it appears someone is trying to water down our strength with an influx of dissimilar ideology and  I fear at some point we could be fighting amongst ourselves over available resources, which would quickly weaken us as a country.   I think Trump  and others  know this and are trying to correct the damage but has found the system damaged beyond their ability to correct.  It simply appears to me that we don’t call our own shots anymore.  It will take more than four years of Trump to regain control.  We came way too close to disaster with Hillary as president.   Far too many people don’t understand where real money comes from today.   They too easily fall for the communists trick of getting something for nothing.   We are  at a crossroads today.   Could go on, but I’m preaching to the choir here. 🙂

Alex – sorry

Posted by Buygold @ 21:36 on February 10, 2018  

Can you send it to me again and title – “from Alex Valdor” ?

I’m afraid you’re getting put in my junkmail.


Swiped from CEO.CA

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:24 on February 10, 2018  

[@mike] Alert for Stockcharts.com Users …CSE stocks are now supported on the Stockcharts platform using the .ca suffix ie CANN.ca

Buygold @ 15:37

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:17 on February 10, 2018  

Until recently I was interpreting “MIC” as motherfu##ers In Charge LOL. Maybe they are …

Agree with all you said. I hope Mr. Big is not in over his head.

Alex Valdor @ 15:32

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:11 on February 10, 2018  

Great story. 🙂

Buygold – I just sent you a story about Putin

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:44 on February 10, 2018  

but apparently the story is a year and a half old .
I guess it is an uphill fight for Putin .


Posted by Buygold @ 16:01 on February 10, 2018  

Interesting that you bring up Central Banks.

After we invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam, the first thing we did was to establish an Iraqi Central Bank – Coincidence?

Last countries left without a Central Bank – Iran, North Korea, Syria – Coincidence?

I think not. The only question to me is whether the Russians and Chinese are in on the scam. They both have Rothschild owned Central Banks.

IPSO – the founding fathers DID have it right

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:52 on February 10, 2018  

No foreign entanglements

No Central Bank

Now we have both , and I fear that posse comitatus has been largely discarded .
Executive agencies have been used in military fashion against civilians in several instances , and have not been held accountable to Constitutional limits .

Ipso, Middlecreek

Posted by Buygold @ 15:37 on February 10, 2018  

I think Trump has been overwhelmed by the Neocons like McCain and Graham, the Dual Citizens- Schumer, Schiff, Feinstein, the MIC, the Rothschild owned Banksters, etc.

Going to be interesting how this shakes out. Hopefully cooler heads prevail.

I’m sure you agree, we don’t want gold to go up because of nukes – just economic collapse! 🙂 🙂


IPSO – a few days ago , you asked for comments about immigration

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:32 on February 10, 2018  

Let me tell you my story :

I was born in Canada and schooled there through high school , then was accepted into the college of engineering of a good university in the Western USA as a foreign student . My widowed mother helped , but I pretty much had to earn my way by returning to Canada to work each time my funds were depleted . On one of those ‘work years’ , all I could find was door to door encyclopedia sales . After a week of training , and an evening as bag man ( assistant ) to a senior salesman , I was on my own . On the second or third door the next evening , a gentleman answered the door and said he’d already bought the encyclopedia which his kids never used . My parents had purchased encyclopedia , and I loved poring through them as a child , so I asked if I could come in and give him some ideas of how to get his family interested . He agreed , but after a couple of minutes stopped me , saying “ Tell me your story – you strike me as being more intelligent than the average door to door type .” It turned out that he was vice-president of a valve engineering company , and hired me as junior draftsman the following day with the understanding that I would be returning to my studies within a year .
I finally finished my five-year degree ten years after starting , but came out as an aero-space / mech. eng. just after we’d put a man on the moon . No work for new aero-space guys ! However, in my senior year I had been contacted by the Canadian Consulate in the USA , asking that I submit my CV , which I did . Out of the blue , I received an offer from AECL ( Atomic Energy of Canada , Ltd.) – not in aero-space , but in valve development for power plants . After five years , I was ready for new challenges , and answered an ad for a valve engineer in Europe for a (US) nuke power plant designer . Because of my bilingual and valve skills I was hired , and after three years was transferred to the USA on a temporary visa to work for the parent company . They wanted my skills permanently , so my position was advertised for three months . If a US citizen answered the ads and had my skills , I would not get a green card . I did , and after several years was eligible for naturalization , which I wanted , but was being sent regularly on multi week and sometimes several month assignments in and outside of the country . Naturalization requires a series of interviews on short notice , so I had to delay my application until decades later when I was retired . As a result , I was a taxpayer for almost three decades before I could vote .

I took an oath to uphold the Constitution , which I honor – and have done so even before I became a citizen . I wish all of our elected officials and government employees had the same commitment and ethics !

To have those whose first act within the boundaries of the USA was to break the law , demanding their ‘rights’ , needless to say , drives me straight up the wall !

Apologies for the lengthy story .

BTW – seeing leftist college professors disrespectful of the Constitution and free markets also drives me up the wall . My parental home harbored several escapees from behind the Iron Curtain for several years as I was growing up . Those folks respected freedom , and had some horrific stories to tell of life under Communism .

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:16 on February 10, 2018  

The Founding Fathers had it right AFAIC. The ordinary people of the USA only lose as a consequence of all these overseas adventures.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:14 on February 10, 2018  

Sure seems like a lot of our politicians have their heads right up Israel’s as#. You get no argument there.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:12 on February 10, 2018  

“I would expect the Russians to try and get things to tone down a bit, but fully expect Israel to escalate.”

Looking on all the craziness it almost looks like the Russians are the only sane ones involved. I sure don’t know what the US is doing other than most of whatever Israel wants. I sure don’t give a fig about Syria and don’t have a clue why it’s so important to remove Assad. Is psychopath ego going to kill us all?

PS I’m fairly pissed at Trump for not doing what he said and withdrawing us from the ME.

IPSO-bring ’em home – I agree

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:12 on February 10, 2018  

Don’t put our youth in harms way …and then worry that they suicide themselves on their return , having participated in taking sometimes innocent lives .

Morning all

Posted by Middlecreek @ 13:31 on February 10, 2018  

Ipso, you mention having the balls to tell Israel no.  I’m thinking Usa and Israel just one and the same. I mean with all the duel citizenship’s we have between us. They’ve strategically placed themselves in high places within this country.   Just random thoughts,  but I seriously question everything I thought I knew these days.   We getting played like a fiddle.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:01 on February 10, 2018  

I don’t know how the Iranians will act or the Syrians. I would expect the Russians to try and get things to tone down a bit, but fully expect Israel to escalate – FOX says it was a Russian missile that took down the F-16.

Israel has been pushing for Assad’s ouster for years along with their puppets in the US Gov’t and been going on bombing runs inside Syria for the last couple of years.

Maybe it’s just me but this feels a little more serious.

A little lighter

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:56 on February 10, 2018  

all by myself https://youtu.be/dZOREUeEowg

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:17 on February 10, 2018  

Too bad the stakes are so high. A few miscalculations and humanity itself is threatened.

I’m all in favor of withdrawing most of our overseas military.

IPSO – the MI complex is rubbing their hands in glee

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:00 on February 10, 2018  

Just what Ike warned us of , 60 years ago – and from a retired 5 star general! The Supreme Allied Commander .


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:40 on February 10, 2018  

I’m not real hopeful that a wider war can be prevented.

So how are the Iranians going to react?

Do we have the balls to tell the Israelis NO?

Morning Ipso – beat me to it on the article

Posted by Buygold @ 10:10 on February 10, 2018  

Do they never get tired of war and death?

I’m with you, I hope we leave it alone and let Israel clean up the mess they created, but we won’t…

This looks like Israeli aggression to me. Let’s hope we stay out of it and it doesn’t progress to WW3

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:01 on February 10, 2018  

Israel Carries Out “Large Scale Attack” On Syria After Israeli F-16 Shot Down

Open war has now essentially broken out between Israel and Syria. Israel confirms through its IDF spokesperson that it has carried out “a large scale attack” consisting of at least a dozen strikes on Syrian and Iranian military targets inside Syria.

What we previously described as Assad’s strategic “waiting game” and reluctance to respond to repeat Israeli violations of Syrian airspace while launching unprovoked attacks appears to be over as Syrian air defense has shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet near the Golan border region in what is a major escalation in the conflict.

cont. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-10/israel-carries-out-large-scale-attack-syria-after-israeli-f-16-shot-down

EEOS – Not sure about that

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 9:17 on February 10, 2018  

Unless the band is at least 20 years old . I have always seen it spelled phishing when referring to the Internet and email . Wikipedia defines it in the way the company has used it .

Well damn Portugeezer

Posted by eeos @ 8:25 on February 10, 2018  

They don’t even know how to spell fishing. Phish is a band, not a virus. Someone hijacked their name.

My website has been hacked and all my sites are off line

Posted by Portugeezer @ 7:43 on February 10, 2018  

This is the first contact I had:

I am writing from the MarkMonitor Anti-Fraud Operations Center,  contacting you on behalf of PayPal.  It has come to our  attention that your website has been compromised (hacked) and is hosting a fraudulent Classic Phish that is attempting to steal  account information from customers of PayPal.

The URL(s) of the fraudulent site:  hxxp://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx.xxx

 Hosting IP address: 12.123.1234

Please remove these files from your site in order to disable the Classic Phish.  If possible, we request that you send us a copy of any files you remove for analysis.
 We also suggest that you follow up and work with your web hosting  provider to prevent future compromises of this kind.
 Should you have any questions, please call us at +1-240-618-1300.
Thank you,
Security Operations Center

MarkMonitor is a legitimate company.  I have asked Bluehost to delete the offending file.  Let’s see what happens.

At least its not a Porn Site Company like the last hack I had about ten years ago. It seems that my site was hosting (films resided on my site) somebody else’s business.



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