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Posted by goldielocks @ 19:11 on February 13, 2018  

That sales job seemed rough in away. However could see a opportunity and take it and willing to do what ever you had to keeping focus on your goal. Too many snow flakes won’t be willing to do what it takes it appears. I remember in college in some classes that required things like research papers when was up to turn them in half the class dropped out. The funniest thing was one of the physiology classes I took on Southern Cal. We came in and there was a bunch of dead rats on our tables we had to dissect to show muscles of the gluteus area. I think I was the only female that could get through it while the others let a male do it for them, from previous hunting experience but didn’t like it and wondered where these poor creatures came from. After that he pulled out eyeballs joking we got the single packages and picked up a big bag he called the economy packages.

As far as the leg I’m surprised they didn’t have proper hazmat disposal.
I’ll tell yeah though you never put a loved one on no code because sometimes uncaring family’s will let that happen in cases of gang green. They’ll let a extremity usually a leg or foot rot off. Actually there should laws protecting people from that slow and many times painful death.
As far as burying I personally think that’s how we should go, back to earth. Earth brought us forth and to earth we should return. It gave life to us and we should then give life back to earth instead of polluting it with coffins or burning us which contributes to emissions. I wonder if these global warming freaks ever thought about that.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.