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GOLD=price then traveled further south by at least 32 points (a repeat of which would have us visit those “Whiny 1290s”)

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:22 on March 5, 2018  

And then there’s this annoying technical note: Gold’s study of “weekly moneyflow” as we next show has now dipped below the red horizontal line (at 50 on a scale of 100-to-0) in the chart’s lower panel. This is only the sixth such downside crossing since September 2014: in all five of those prior downside crossings, price then traveled further south by at least 32 points (a repeat of which would have us visit those “Whiny 1290s”). We’ll spare you the average number of points south in those prior cases, as on balance, we view gold to be in fairly firmer stead these days. Moreover, should gold stay stout such as to pull the moneyflow study back up above the red line without too much of a price rout, again we’ll be settin’ our sights on Base Camp 1377:

Staying with the weekly bars theme, below we find gold at 1324 still with some 43 points of clearance above the parabolic flip price of 1281. Yet at present, gold’s “expected weekly trading range” is 31 points, so by that measure there’s not a lot of space for downside excursion in the next week or two without flipping the trend from Long to Short. So don’t flip: get a grip!


This guy expresses what we have been discussing about NWO traitors!! “The bottom line: J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy had it right…100% right.”

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:05 on March 5, 2018  

Retired Green Beret Warns, Prepare For War: ‘Globalism, Socialism, And Communism’ Versus ‘Freedom’

History: It repeats itself and is consistently ignored before it does so.
Ignored are the elements that lead up to the repeated event, although they blossom akin to flowers right before the eyes. One of the problems is doubting it, the “doubting” that the event is happening…is really happening. One of the elements that leads to that doubt is the event transpires almost imperceptibly, with such incremental slowness that it is not recognized as a single event that is happening.
In this case we are talking about the conversion of our society in the United States to full-blown dictatorship or a complete loss of rights guaranteed under the Constitution… such a loss that eventually leads to a dictatorship or a tyrannical, oppressive government. History shows us, and we ignore it.
The Founding Fathers have been degraded and ridiculed by the new society the media and their Communist masters are creating. Their mortal weaknesses are upheld at every chance in substitution for the enormity of the sacrifices they made to form the basis for our nation’s government. The Constitution of the United States of America took more than 11 years to create.
These Communists would have you believe that the Founding Fathers were a pack of illiterate morons who could not control their own lascivious appetites… who owned slaves and were elitists. These Communists have been infiltrating the United States for a hundred years… destroying the moral fabric of our society by destroying the family. The Communists infiltrated our government and camouflaged themselves with the names “Liberal” or “Progressive,” or some (such as Bernie Sanders) declaring softly, “I’m a Socialist.”
The government is infested with Communists, plain and simple, and these Communist/Socialist traitors have denigrated our nation and sunk it into an abyss. Aided by their lackeys, such as the Cloward and Piven, Abbie Hoffman, Saul Alinsky, the Trumka’s and other union leaders… they further destroyed it by what they allowed. These Senators, Congressmen, Justices, and those in successive Presidential Administrations, bolstered by oligarchs and other magnates…what they did not foster or create, they allowed in the media and in Hollywood to be rammed into our eyes and ears.
These Communists have destroyed the family structure, the borders, the culture, the religious and social traditions, and the history that has given us identity and solidarity with one another.
The bottom line: J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy had it right…100% right.

This ZH reader sums it up about Harvey Weinstein–brilliant insight!

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:28 on March 5, 2018  
Fat ugly jewish boy that couldn’t get laid in high school or college goes to Hollywood to follow his dream of having sex with starlets.
Becomes a movie producer and eeks out revenge on the very whores that were sucking and fucking all the jocks and popular guys in high school and college but wouldn’t as much as acknowledge his existence.
He found a way to take advantage of a system in play since jr. high school and becomes a scapegoat for the excesses of Hollywood that has been going on since Tinseltown has existed.
And, it’s not as if poor Harvey was their first. All of them were pretty well versed in fellatio from the first days they hit Los Angles. They’re professional golddiggers and spent more time on their knees than in front of a camera all the way from the photography studio to the casting couch.
Imagine if Harvey looked like Carey Grant or Rock Hudson, (not too familiar with Hollyweirds latest hunks). Do you think these back stabbing whores would be complaining about it?

From Murph tonight=i pay no attention to trading as it is manipulated 100% of every active trading day.

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:45 on March 5, 2018  

To my friend Harvey Organ re the staggering amount of 20,000+ EFP’s he revealed on Friday:

Hi Harvey,
I mentioned this. It is a big story.
But, I have no clue what it means.
That amount is mindboggling.
But it NEVER makes a difference in how gold trades and where the price goes.
gold was supposedly tight in London last year and I think longer than that.
But, nothing happens.

Harvey came back with…

what you must realize is that we are dealing with an orchestrated fraud to the highest degree

with regulators and bankers fully vested in the scheme

they can supply unlimited paper gold and nobody will utter a word.

they call for a raid to lower the price and the regulators do nothing

we even have the judge in their pocket as she will not lift the stay so we can discover the crooks

i pay no attention to trading as it is manipulated 100% of every active trading day.

when will it end:

when Russia and China take the last bit of physical gold being offered by the west

and there is no more to give

the backwardation of gold and silver in London suggests that they are running out of metal

‘the negative gold rate this morning also indicates huge scarcity of gold.

all you can do is tell your viewers that this is a fraud and do not buy paper gold but the real stuff

there is nothing else you can do in a fraud.

the EFP paper game was invented by the bankers to hide “deliveries”

Today when you stated that 17,000 open interest contracts collapsed

you were wrong!! longs did not liquidate!

these 17000 contracts plus an additional 3000 comex contracts traded their positions for paper london forwards.


and then the longs decide if they want physical or stay on the London paper wheel

you must understand the fraud/everything else is meaningless.

all the best



Where’s that popcorn?

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:11 on March 5, 2018  

snip RE: SA land confiscation

Another important point is that a lot of this land that the government wants to confiscate probably has quite a bit of bank debt.

Imagine – you just bought a farm for, say, 50 million rand (that’s about USD $3 million). And in order to do so, you took out a hefty loan from a South African bank.

Now the government comes along and steals your property.

Are you seriously going to keep paying the loan?

Of course not.

This means that the banks are going to be stuck with massive defaults and bad debts, leading to a wave of bank failures.

So in their crusade to bring Social Justice to South Africa, the government is effectively engineering a banking crisis in their country.


If You Have An Opposing View

Posted by commish @ 19:48 on March 5, 2018  


Cancer Claim for Monsanto’s Roundup Gets Judge’s Scrutiny

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:21 on March 5, 2018  

By SUDHIN THANAWALA, Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Claims that the active ingredient in the widely used weed killer Roundup can cause cancer have been evaluated by international agencies, U.S. and foreign regulators and the product’s manufacturer — agribusiness giant Monsanto.

Now, a federal judge in San Francisco is conducting his own review during an unusual set of court hearings that began Monday. It has big stakes for Monsanto and hundreds of farmers and others who have sued the company.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria will spend a week hearing from experts to help decide whether there is valid scientific evidence to support the lawsuits’ claim that exposure to Roundup can cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Chhabria is presiding over more than 300 lawsuits against Monsanto Co. by cancer victims and their families who say the company long knew about Roundup’s cancer risk but failed to warn them.

cont. https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2018-03-05/judge-weighs-science-behind-monsanto-roundup-cancer-claim

“Cars Flowing Into USA From Germany Like Water” Trump

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:10 on March 5, 2018  

Check photo how they stack um and pack um.

Germany warns Trump that slapping tariffs on EU cars creates “only losers”

The Rig Rules

Posted by Maddog @ 15:24 on March 5, 2018  

The Italians could have voted in Mao, Stalin and Hugo Chavez, while Trump could have started a real war and the Rig would ensure the SM goes ape to the upside.

At one point the S&P was down 25 pts o/n…..now it is 56 pts higher……while trade wars are discussed and the Italians will have no government for ages, if ever, having told the EU to Va fan culo….meanwhile Au is sat on all day.

RR……Rig Rules.

Ororeef, Hear! Hear! On that. What does the USA have to lose?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:31 on March 5, 2018  

Rebuilding the USA is net good for their own good, re all the other countries. What well off would the rest of the world be if the USA turned into one big shit country? They all have to know this.

Hopefully they didn’t wait too long, or too little too late, and if so a “tipping point” for another great recession may have already started, would explain all this hoopla about how GOOD things are GOING to be in the USA.

Was it Oro or Ipso who said the NWO contingent didn’t want Trumps tariffs…for various reasons…but

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:29 on March 5, 2018  

mainly cause they didn’t mind to sell out U.S. workers…as they want to abolish borders, national identities/folkways and reduce the world to a drab and dreary FINANCIALIZED  mono-culture-WHICH, IMO, HAS ALREADY OCCURRED WITH THE worlds plugged in youth…so I agree with them..

AS for Israel, my friends, why have u fallen for the incessant propaganda that has “flipped” reality…Israel did not want nor start its 4 wars with the arabs-Joo leaders have begged, in publick forums, for peace right from the start…but got only war and terror…Yeah, I know, the Joo haters have developed this fake narrative about the EEEEEVIL JOOS SECRETLY, REALLY” wanted war and behind the scenes provoked the arabs into war…but that’s nonsense–What are there? 20 or 30 JOO-Israeli companies listed on U.S. exchanges? How many are listed from the A—–RAB countries-get real…I don’t know why I waste my breath with u guys about the JOO problem…I know the hatred and contempt runs deep..after 2000 yrs of Christian Teaching and preaching of contempt for the JOO-[derived from anti–JOO passages inserted  in the Christian bible to differentiate itself and sell itself as a new revelation to the pagan-God’s new covenant replacing the “old” one and other nonsense]…the conditioning runs deep,,,heck, in Europe–the hatred is genetic…there’s a whole field of study about this issue=


Teaching of Contempt Primary Source Sampler



The Christian Teaching of Contempt for Jews and Judaism: A Primary Source Sampler. Introduction. The debate over the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ, has made it clear that most Christians simply are not aware of the history of Christian anti-Jewish teachings. These teachings were conveyed in several ways …

Jules Isaac – Wikipedia



Jules Isaac was “a well known and highly respected Jewish historian in France with an impressive career in the world of education” by the time World War II began. Internationally, Isaac was most well known for his tireless work after the War in the field of Jewish-Christian relations, culminating in his decisive key role in the …

Life · ‎Career · ‎Judaeo-Christian relations · ‎Death and legacy

The teaching of contempt returns | David Brog | The Blogs | The Times …



Mar 27, 2014 – They recognized that centuries of negative Christian teachings about Jews and Judaism likely helped predispose Europe towards Hitler’s racial anti-Semitism. … It is agonizing to discover that the church’s teaching of contempt [for the Jews] was a major ingredient that made possible the monstrous policy of …

The Passion of the Christ -The Teaching of Contempt | Cosmic Navigator



This monumental and historical document provided certain guidelines one must follow when telling the story of the Passion of the Christ in order to prevent what is called “The Teaching of Contempt” towards the Jews. Before 1965 the Jews were regarded as Diecides, meaning the slayer of God. From 1965 the church …

Combatting Our Teachings of Contempt – Jewish-Christian Relations



Jules Isaac coined the phrase “the teaching of contempt” (l’enseignement du mépris) with reference to the Christian roots of anti-Semitism, which had been perpetuated by the Church for over 1800 years. It was Isaac’s meeting with Pope John XXIII about this “teaching of contempt” towards Jews and Judaism, which was to …

The teaching of contempt: Christian roots of anti-Semitism (McGraw …



In the work itself Isaac considers three teachings which have been particularly damaging. The first is the teaching that the dispersion of the Jews is ‘providential punishment’ for the Crucifixion. The second is the teaching that Judaism was in a ‘degenerate’ state at the time of Jesus. The third is the alleged crime of the deicide …

Teaching Contempt: the Jew through Christian eyes – Taylor & Francis …


by GL Jones – ‎1999 – ‎Cited by 5 – ‎Related articles

to demonstrate how Christian teaching, based on a fanciful and erroneous interpretation of. Scripture, has been reflected in modem anti-Jewish attitudes. The evidence corroborates the view that much of Hitler’s antisemitic propaganda was rooted in Christian thought. Introduction. Hostility towards Jewspermeates classical …

The Teaching of Contempt: The Christian Roots of Anti-Semitism. By



by R Summers – ‎1964

382. CHURCH AND STATE. The Teaching of Contempt: The Christian Roots of Anti-Semitism. By. Jules Isaac. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1964. 154 pp. $4.00. The sub-title of this book is both definitive and alarming, The Christian. Roots of Anti-Semitism. The author is a French-Jewishhistorian known.


Trade Wars are BAD ?….NO Trade WARS are good for ……US

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:40 on March 5, 2018  

that depends on who got screwed last time..If the DEMS were in power and sold out the Americans to American rivals in a corrupt transaction.   Then a NEW trade war with TRUMP in charge is going to scare the CRAP out of them …Trade WAR is going to be BAD FOR THEM  !

THE US is big enough and has enough natural resources to go it alone if necessary ….and Trump cant be bluffed ….WE fixed the ENERGY problem,we dont need the MED EAST any more ..drop them into the the ocean…let them kill each other ,who cares ?  enough already !

Dont listen to the MEDIA that want to keep the US engaged because of Israel  for Israel sake…Tell Israel to prepare a Peace plan they are going to need it .No longer will WAR be Israel;s  motto for survival !    A war like Nation has gotten old and no longer works …..Trumps working on a plan for peace with his son in Law as broker and the Media  used their influence to get his SEcurity downgraded  ….intentionally ,to prevent peace ….they cant have peace its dosent sell newspapers…or make NEWS…Give peace a chance ..support Trump..and end corruption at the same time …..Trade Wars?  Thats the GOOD NEWS ,  for us.


Hope Springs Eternal

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:18 on March 5, 2018  

I went to a Wedding this week-end in Virginia Beach..My 72 year old Friend got married to a 62 year old Stewardess who is close to retirement….They were dancing like teen agers  ! Both had earlier marriages that were bad from the start …they learned who NOT to marry …maybe thats the secret ….

Widely Held Opinions

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:27 on March 5, 2018  

Just after rates went a little  higher, EVERYONE agrees and says rates are going even higher, they STOP going higher. Just when EVERYONE says the Dow is going to 40,000, it stops making new highs.

Just when they all say Bitcoin is going to $70,000, they put it on futures and down it went from $20k to $10k. Remember Uranium? and Rare Earths? Before contracts?

Just when EVERONE says the US Economy will boom going forward, watch it get slower first. Just when EVERYONE thinks guns will be banned and gun manufacturers stocks will die, watch Smith & Wesson and Ruger start climbing, both higher for a few days now.


imo The Word “Contracts” Should Be Changed To “Opinions” or “Votes” Because 90% Of The Guessers Never Buy Or Sell The Actual Product

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:12 on March 5, 2018  

So unfortunately the Opinions or Votes on what the Gov’ts lackey “guessers” think the price  be, (rather that supply or demand) determines the price for the 10% that actually make or take delivery.

Usually the producer gets screwed and the absorber or middle man gets away cheap, and can make a bigger profit on the finished goods, than the producer that provided the product. When the unnatural distorted price gets too far distorted from reality, natural market forces (abundance or shortage) spring back the price the other way.

Put Pharmaceutical Prescription Drugs on futures and see what happens. Write your Congressman. Put Drugs on “contracts”, the 90% Guessers will short the shit out of them until shortages arise.


Large speculators trimmed their bullish gold position and now have their largest bearish net positioning ever in silver, based on the latest reporting week for data compiled by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Still, last week’s price action opened the door to a “tremendous opportunity” for bulls to reposition, said Bill Baruch, president of Blue Line Futures.

Net long or short positioning in the CFTC data reflect the difference between the total number of bullish (long) and bearish (short) contracts. Traders monitor the data to gauge the general mood of speculators, although excessively high or low numbers are viewed by many as signs of overbought or oversold markets that may be ripe for price corrections.

“Our assumption here is that Thursday’s sharp sell-off to major three-star support forced further liquidation from the long camp and many of those longs have yet to reposition. In conclusion, we remain outright bullish in bias and believe that gold is one small catalyst away from a strong surge higher.”



Posted by treefrog @ 12:00 on March 5, 2018  

i just like the play on words with “ital-leave”


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:51 on March 5, 2018  

What is ‘Italexit (Italeave)’

Italexit, short for “Italy exit,” also known as Italeave, is an Italian derivative of the term Brexit, which refers to the June 2016 United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union. Other countries with extremist parties that have acknowledged their own versions of the possibility of leaving the EU include France (Frexit), Austria (Oustria) and the Czech Republic (Czech-out). Each country’s specific political interests depend on the country’s situation and the extremist party’s values.



Posted by treefrog @ 11:08 on March 5, 2018  

it’s not italexit, it’s “ital-leave.”

Hedge Funds/CTAs Move To Net Short Position in Silver

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:14 on March 5, 2018  


Hard for silver miners to make any money at these low prices

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:09 on March 5, 2018  

Americas Silver Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2017 Financial Results


Italexit coming? Italians say NO to the established parties.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:44 on March 5, 2018  

Wall Street Responds To Italy’s Vote: “Anti-Establishment Forces Are On Fire”


So much

Posted by deer79 @ 9:44 on March 5, 2018  

for the COT #’s

Maya – I missed the Oscars too

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 9:06 on March 5, 2018  

– as I have for years .

Headline caught on CNBS: “Gold prices rise”

Posted by Buygold @ 7:38 on March 5, 2018  

24 hr gold chart

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:57 on March 5, 2018  


Slow night.  Is everybody watching Hollywood congratulate themselves at the Oscars… except me?  Wake Up!  It’s Monday!

The American Orient Express heads for the Rockies.


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