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SnG, 21:15 pretty obvious DJT annointing Jewrusalem the capital on 6/12=666, mark of the beast.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:40 on March 11, 2018  

Correlates with Jewrod’s 666 5th Ave.

Anybody can do this religious maff, right R640?

Lotsa questions but you decide. Looks pretty compelling but FWIW

Posted by silverngold @ 23:03 on March 11, 2018  

Be glad to see March go

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:47 on March 11, 2018  

last week storm blew part of my roof  shingles off 35-40 mph winds,Now i got to deal with roofers and Insurance ..besides a rigged MARKET…and my broker (Scottrade)sold out to TDAmertrade who didnt incorporate my hundreds of charts right…Had to re group them….their timing was just what I needed and a threat of snow & rain ..at least the Roofer came right away and patched it up until I can decide when to re roof….He said itll be at least a month ,before he can do it ..so many calls all at once .

BitCoin Index test (new)broker

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:35 on March 11, 2018  


FWIW, You decide

Posted by silverngold @ 21:15 on March 11, 2018  

Alex – Good analogy

Posted by Buygold @ 20:32 on March 11, 2018  

Now that the host is almost dead the parasite will move on to another host.

It’s been that way for thousands of years.

I think I have a great parasite analogy

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:21 on March 11, 2018  

The dead tree in this photo was healthy a few years ago . Then a few small plants began to grow from forks and places where dust and dirt would accumulate . For a while they were decorative , but then the host tree began to get sick looking . It was no longer as verdant as it once was and extremity branches and twigs were becoming denuded . The parasitic plants grew stronger and bigger until now , there is one huge one , up about 20 feet from ground level which is all of six to eight feet tall . The host tree is now dead . I suspect that the parasite will also die off , now that the host is drying up .


and the nightmare continues…

Posted by Buygold @ 18:24 on March 11, 2018  

24 hr gold chart

Mr. Copper – “the parasites” are the globalist, Zionists, dual citizens that run the US


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:11 on March 11, 2018  

Interesting. On my way home from Costco yesterday I was just listening a John Denver’s Best disk with Country Roads on it.

@silverngold re USA has a huge case of parasites

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:59 on March 11, 2018  

Re your:

“Until the USA addresses the problem they have created of giving something to everyone for nothing”.

By that I hope you mean the USA gave it all away to other nations against our best interests, which increased poverty and socialism here in the USA. Because of that, our nations people gagged, and voted for Trump. And hopefully the USA will return to the status they once held.

What we have right now is a huge productive part of the world living off of a very large part of the USA consumers, who are supporting the foreigners. In other words the USA has a huge case of world wide parasites that is killed the host, USA. This is why they are scrambling to get the US wages higher.

As for something for nothing? If one man had one machine that could produce everyone’s needs, he would be giving every thing away for free. There isn’t enough work for everyone to work 40 hrs a week.

Prior mistaken objectives of creating global consolidation, high productivity, efficiency etc a bad thing with a growing global population. UNLESS everyone gets a shorter work week. Saving TIME should allow more time off.

This asshole system now has Americans back up to 80 hours needed when it used to be 40 hours. This whole country got ROBBED or embezzled. Who is getting the benefit of the extra 40 hours of taxed labor?


How old am I – ooh you make me blush!

Posted by Portugeezer @ 14:54 on March 11, 2018  

See for yourself.

One is only as old or young as one feels.


This is a WordPress site that I am using to learn the art.  Looks like it has been universally adopted.

I am also learning how to make music on the computer.  I run a Pop Choir in the Algarve and I develop backing tracks.

I have put them on the site.  The one that get downloaded the most is called “The Folk Singer”.

Not everybody’s taste, but is seems to be popular.

Rich (PS.  I’ll tell you tomorrow).

Portugeezer, The Good Guys Finish Last

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:33 on March 11, 2018  

Re your: “At the moment, the USA, EU and UK sell a lump of polished stone for the same price that the Eastern block make and sell a video system.”

Yes, that’s why Americans can’t resist PAYING foreigners, (like junkies) and why foreigners CAN’T or won’t buy American products. Unless its something good like a Boeing, and we buy crap like toys and consumer electronics.

What you describe below is a possible and likely “transition” period, going backwards from bad to good. If you don’t mind, how old are you? Regarding distorted pricing, I think all product’s values for international trade should be valued in “man hour” costs, NOT manually adjusted currencies to keep THINGS in perspective.

Reserve currency status is NOT good for the USA (all hell already broke loose in 2008) so let some other poor slob wealthy country like China have it.  Let China be the import chumps of the world. The bankers have been operating as a global socialist government. If anything the PEOPLE will have to bail THEM out for nonperforming loans. Not them bail us out.

How long will it take to get the new factories built? Who cares? Look how long it took to get unbuilt. Forty some years? So we get a 40 year up-trend, unless everybody makes believe we got attacked at Pearl Harbor again, and they rush the industrial restoration.

The WHOLE world is changing. Somebody or some well intentioned “group” a long time ago, got away with something very stupid, and unrealistic, called “GLOBALIZATION”. Millions of people all over the world are not happy with what happened to them and are revolting at the ballot boxes around the world.

Mr.Copper @ 12:29 Much of what you say is true…..but…..

Posted by silverngold @ 14:08 on March 11, 2018  

Until the USA addresses the problem they have created of giving something to everyone for nothing they will never again return to the status they once held……and it’s gotta start with everyone must do something for what they get…..or…… you want a free meal you do an hours work…….or you want a place to live you do a weeks work. The effort one puts out must equal or exceed the benefit one receives. What you have right now is a huge non productive part of the population living off of a small productive part of the population who is supporting them. In other words the USA has a huge case of parasites that is killing its host. In it’s simplest terms it is a days work for a days pay…….’cause…………There ain’t no free lunch!!

Disagree Mr Copper

Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:42 on March 11, 2018  

How long will it take to get the new factories built?

Where will the experienced operators come from? What will their wage be?

At the moment, the USA, EU and UK sell a lump of polished stone for the same price that the Eastern block make and sell a video system.

I’m not saying that it is morally correct, but that is the effect of lower wages. What would the cost of that video system be if USA, UK or the EU made it?

Our youth has zero work experience.  Judging by what I hear from the Universities, its no better up the ladder.  I don’t hear students rebelling against the clintonistas.

Take the blinkers off.  The USA will lose reserve currency status and all hell will break loose.  Don’t tell me the bankers will save you “because it’s your turn”.  They do not care about you or me; they will find some other country to pump and rape.

We have lost faith in the Bankers and it will take 100 years to change that, but some other “block” will take the carrot and find themselves King of the Road until the bankers decide to reap what they have sown, just like they have with you and me.

JMHO.  Rich




Portugeezer re USA back to the stone age??? UK and EU Yes, But Not USA

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:29 on March 11, 2018  

USA already lost. No way to go but up. After the transition. UK and EU in uptrends after bottoming in 1945, ran good until the peak in 2008. Free medical ins, 6 week vacations, unlimited sick days free college etc.

USA in downtrend going backwards economically since 1975 because of the cost of defending UK and EU and rebuilding and building countries all over the world. Where do you think China got all its money? US Consumers.

If we in the USA have to rely on our own manufacturing capabilities? Our living standards will rise, and other countries will decline, by keeping the work here rather than farming out our work to outsiders.

The other countries will decline like the USA was since 1975. Occupation creation, fake gov’t service jobs, doing unnecessary work, (EPA jobs) for example and billing it to fellow citizens. China I heard is already starting to go anti pollution (wealth) USA shutting down anti pollution. (less wealth)

South Africa gold miners’ silicosis lawsuit settlement expected within six weeks

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:58 on March 11, 2018  

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South African gold producers will likely reach a settlement within six weeks in a lawsuit over a fatal lung disease that companies have set aside 5 billion rand ($420 million) in provisions for, a lawyer and industry group said on Sunday.

cont. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-safrica-mining-silicosis/south-africa-gold-miners-silicosis-lawsuit-settlement-expected-within-six-weeks-idUSKCN1GN09V

USA, UK &EU back to the stone age!

Posted by Portugeezer @ 10:43 on March 11, 2018  

Careful Mr Trump!

If we in the west have to rely on our own manufacturing capabilities, I think we get knocked back to the stone-age.

Check it out:



China, Korea, Singapore, Japan:




Morning Silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 10:19 on March 11, 2018  

Greg Hunter was on a roll and all of it was true!

Greg Hunter has his head on straight!

Posted by silverngold @ 9:34 on March 11, 2018  

Silver Doctors, with Rob Kirby

Posted by silverngold @ 9:09 on March 11, 2018  

Missing $21 Trillion Used to Manipulate Markets? | Rob Kirby

Spring Ahead – 1 Hour

Posted by Maya @ 5:27 on March 11, 2018  

You will get one hour less sleep tonight.  Enjoy.

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