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This is interesting contesting hollow steel shaft.

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:50 on April 30, 2018  

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:49 on April 30, 2018  

So someone comes up with the steel and suddenly the answer. If it was why did it fall symmetrically from the strongest point. Think they were aware of that. You should read more when you have the time, might find it interesting.

goldielocks @ 18:47

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:03 on April 30, 2018  

I looked at a few parts of the link. They say, the bigger the explanation, the bigger the lie. Anyway, I also have a structural mechanical engineering background. I read a lot about the way the (new fangled) buildings were constructed.

They were not built the old fashioned way. They were built the modern “cheap skate way”. Not the old expensive 1910, tried and true way, four square construction. That’s why they collapsed. Before that day, nobody ever saw a high rise collapse. That’s why the firemen and equipment were so close to the buildings. They had no idea how cheaply they were built.

Basically, two objectives before they were built was use the minimum amount of steel, and they wanted more open spaces from wall to wall with no vertical beams getting in the way. So, it was a very ingenious new fangled method.

They constructed or created an outside perimeter of vertical steel columns bottom to top. Picture a big vertical hollow square tube. In the center of the square tube, for the elevators, they also had vertical steel beams top to bottom.

Then to keep the outer walls in line and parallel with the center beams, they connected them left to right with the cheap light flooring or roofing type girders, only designed just strong enough to hold the weight of contents. Or snow if its the roof.

There was no left right stresses on the girders. All they had to do was hold all the vertical stuff in place, from moving side to side, so they did NOT have to be strong at all. However, the flooring was the weakest link in the chain.

Melt or remove the flooring and it all falls down. Now we all know why old buildings were built the old fashion way. The ingenious new way is vulnerable to a fire. The engineers should have known that. And probably they did. But probably told themselves there would never be fire in there.

They did have some spray on insulation on those left right girders, allowing for a small fire in one section, but the plane crashed into the structure and pulverized the insulation, and the floors melted and down it all went.

Floridagold @ 20:01

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:58 on April 30, 2018  

I thought our $3.20 here was outrageous! Sheesh

Buygold @ 20:10

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:56 on April 30, 2018  

I haven’t read all the info yet so don’t know. If the documents say that the Iranians were trying to develop a nuclear weapon before the treaty then that won’t surprise anyone. If they are abiding by the terms of the treaty now then what’s the great hubbub? If the treaty can be tweaked-improved and the Iranians will go for it then that’s great.

Ipso – Nice post

Posted by Buygold @ 20:10 on April 30, 2018  

You would think the EU knows the Intel as well, but they need cheap Iranian Oil.

So…either the Intel is bullshit or they don’t care…

The question is that the only (reportedly) country in the M.E that has nukes is Israel, if true and Israel is the sworn enemy of Iran (according to Israel), why wouldn’t Iran want nukes?

Exhausting. Nothing helps pm’s regardless.

We are being duped IMHO

Sure hope this is not headed to the USA !

Posted by Floridagold @ 20:01 on April 30, 2018  

Vancouver Gas Prices Nearing $8 A Gallon — The Highest In North America

Want to fill up in Vancouver, British Columbia? It’ll cost you — a lot.

Gas prices surged to $160.9 a liter Sunday morning — almost $8 a gallon in USD.

Former Liberal Member of Parliament Dan McTeague, who now heads the petroleum industry watchdog GasBuddy.com, told CBC News that Vancouver has the dubious honor of having the highest gas prices anywhere in North America, from Alaska to Mexico.

“These are the highest prices that we have ever seen here in Vancouver,” he said. “We’re into uncharted territory here and extremely expensive for pretty much everyone.”

Although McTeague says the price spike has its roots in a low Canadian dollar and refinery breakdowns, Vancouver was one of the first cities in Canada to proudly unveil a carbon tax that has continued to escalate year after year. McTeague recently told Vancouver radio station News 1130 that taxes on gas sold in B.C. account for 50 cents of every liter, which is the highest energy taxes in North America.

The province of B.C. is also in an energy war with neighboring Alberta over the construction of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, something environmental activists and the B.C. government oppose. In retaliation, Alberta introduced legislation last week to restrict oil and gas exports to B.C. that will push up prices even more.

McTeague estimates that the price will continue to rise as summer approaches.

Love ya Donald but I don’t support going to war for Israel or Nuttyyahoo – everything else is thumbs up

Posted by Buygold @ 19:54 on April 30, 2018  


The past five years of gold priced in fiat terms have been

Posted by Equisetum @ 19:52 on April 30, 2018  

taxing on my patience, but when I look at the 5-year chart expressed in the fiat I use when I buy or sell an ounce of gold, I have to remind myself that things are not too bad.  Every once in awhile I need to accept that gold nudging up towards the 1700 per ounce level is acceptable for the time being.



Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:47 on April 30, 2018  

Did you read the article on the physics including witness and the fire chief?
Here’s a longer one 60 of them.
How or why it would happen would be the next question but it got us in another war we didn’t want ” again” didn’t it.

re 9/11

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:35 on April 30, 2018  

So what you are saying is the enemy had bombs set up, and were detonated after the planes flew into the buildings? It all sounds like some kind of religious beliefs. Why would anybody put bombs in ahead of time? Aren’t the plane collisions good enough??

I want to meet the scientists that are saying there were bombs inside first. And then what? Wait until the planes come? Or did the Arabs put the bombs there first? And then go home, hijack the planes and crash them, and the other Arabs lit the fuse? ?

Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:12 on April 30, 2018  

There are scientist that would disagree and give their reasons. That it had to be done by controlled demolition.

The Latest: EU says Netanyahu doesn’t show Iran broke deal

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:04 on April 30, 2018  


9/11 was on TV, as planes flew into the buildings, fire started melted the floors, and the sides caved in.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:28 on April 30, 2018  

They were not built to 1910 codes. They used hardly any steel. Hollow shells. Even the surrounding building #7 I think collapsed because of fire melted the floor joists .

goldielocks writes: “You can’t have a honest dialogue with someone with so much contempt for diversity of knowledge and facts if it doesn’t fit in their allegiance”

Posted by Elliott @ 17:24 on April 30, 2018  

So says the liar who said that 4000 people were forewarned not to go to work on 911.  I asked him to post a legitimate news source.  Of course he has not because it does not exist.  I challenged eeos to defend his point of view and he will not.

No goldielocks, you cannot have an honest dialogue with liars and idiots; and that is the group that you and eeos and others on this forum fit.  If you want an echo chamber to believe all the bullshit, then go to a 911 conspiracy site.

I have posted real links to excellent pages that debunk these 911 conspiracy theories.  These links post the charges and then step by step debunks them wilh science, eye witness testimonies and other physical evidence.  But the deniers, all they do is attack, yet if you challenge them to defend their theories they call you names and scream and shout.  And in my case, they demand that I be kicked off the website for posting links that discredit their silly and ludicrous theories.

I have tried to disengage on this subject, that detracts from gold and precious metals news and investing.  But I keep getting the attacks and lies that I find hard to remain silent about.  I am not a paid troll, I am not a robot.  I am a proud American who has served his country for many years and I am proud of my service.  I am also a precious metal investor and have made a lot of money since 2001 that enabled me to take an early retirement.

For the last time, I will not post anything else on this subject …..  unless I get attacked again or see another poster with a deceitful comment, lie or insult.

Nope there’s no logical way the buildings could have fallen in 12 seconds

Posted by eeos @ 16:51 on April 30, 2018  

All you have to do is study the photographic evidence. These buildings collapsed from the top down, it’s a fact. I can’t explain to you how it was done, this is something that needs to unravel itself. I didn’t claim the buildings were wired with explosives. How do we know it was not a directed energy weapon ? Do you think they just stopped at the atomic and neutron bombs? Okay we’re going to throw in the towel here,  no more development of weapons and people just sat on their hands for the last 70 years…lol. remember you can’t choose and pick the laws of physics you agree with and just disregard the others.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:45 on April 30, 2018  

Well said however.. You can’t have a honest dialogue with someone with so much contempt for diversity of knowledge and facts if it doesn’t fit in their allegiance to their progressive ideology and victimology while demanding others to see things their way while they never give you the same respect. The childish double standard of the self proclaimed entitled. They don’t talk to you they talk at you. The know it all even if you point out they don’t or isn’t their knowledge their selling. There isn’t even honesty between themselves. All you’ll get in the end is a self perpetuated victim in denial that its never their fault no one listens to him anymore.

eeos, do any search and you will find why and how the buildings collapsed by brilliant scientists that underwent peer review and scientific process

Posted by Elliott @ 16:28 on April 30, 2018  

The problem is, of course, that you are an idiot denier.   Now let us turn the tables on you and your asinine conspiracy theory that the buildings were wired to explode.  I am sure your friends will join in and enlighten me.

  1.  Tell all of us inquiring minds how your ghost army got all the explosives, detonators and firing circuits into the buildings.  How did they manage to drill through all the walls to get to the beams, you know you have to place all those cutting charges just right to make all those cuts…without notice.
  2. How did the thousands of people, ranging from security personnel, air controllers, ghost army members, etc accomplish this attack 17 years ago and maintain total secrecy?  Not one death bed confession, not one turn coat.
  3. How did they manage to coordinate the attack with the Al Qaeda scum who were working so far under the radar?  Do you think the entire intelligence agencies of the Federal government and New York City were all in on this attack?  The Department of Defense too?

These are just a few of many questions I have…there are many more depending specifically on which attack, ie., WTC or the Pentagon.  The aborted attack by UA93 that was stopped by heroic Americans.

The herd of dummies deny even that a B-757 hit the Pentagon despite hundreds of people who saw it happen, and the pictures of the aircraft wreckage inside and outside the building.  This herd of people are undeniably stupid and follow any little misquote, misleading picture, or lie to try and make their flimsy case.

And honestly you answered your own question

Posted by eeos @ 15:58 on April 30, 2018  

 This means that the law of conservation would have prevented a pancake collapse from happening. Because all of the material was pulverized. If it were pulverized you can’t have the sum of mass+ velocity to come up with the momentum for a pancake collapse. You can’t have energy going into pulverization and also collapsing the floor below it. Sorry couldn’t happen, there’s not enough kinetic energy. Remember conservation of energy does not allow energy to be used twice. And in the end you would have a skyscraper reduced to 30 stories or possibly 40 stories remaining not 4 to 6 stories of rubble. You’re stuck in a circular reference. You have failed logic

Pyroclastic clouds are certainly man-made too

Posted by eeos @ 15:47 on April 30, 2018  

It doesn’t take a volcano to create one ellidiot. Go look at any building implosion you’re going to see traces of them. You still can’t explain why these buildings fell in 12 seconds. Does that look like a pancake collapse fruitcake?

Stunning finding reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest vaccination rates

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:43 on April 30, 2018  

Natural News) The surge of autism diagnoses in recent years has left many people looking for an explanation. Oft-labeled a “conspiracy theory,” or something to that effect, the suspicion that vaccines are a potential cause of autism is on the rise. New research from the Canadian government has indirectly shown that in highly vaccinated populations, autism rates are noticeably higher. These shocking findings are sure to leave vaccine propagandists reeling while they try to somehow discredit the findings of a government agency.

cont. https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-04-30-autism-is-highest-in-areas-with-the-highest-vaccination-rates.html#

Gold never holds gains related to an event-even 9-11 had gold up only 2 days if I remember correctly…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:18 on April 30, 2018  


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:49 on April 30, 2018  

Apologies for the shaky sketch …done with my fingertip

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:07 on April 30, 2018  

But I think you can get the idea :


The Israelis have stolen Iranian documents on the secret nuclear wpns program that is continuing all along

Posted by Elliott @ 13:51 on April 30, 2018  


Well, I am not surprised that the Iranians have been working on their nuclear weapons program ever since they signed the deal that we could not verify.  Most of us knew this all along.

Israel does not need US permission to defend itself against the Iranian mullahs.   The Israelis will do whatever they feel is necessary to defend themselves against a regime that has repeatedly promised to destroy them.


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