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those face book folks are quite the weasels

Posted by overton @ 23:58 on April 7, 2018  

Ponzi World=Corporate profits went from all time highs in 2007 back to 1975 lows in 2009. ALL of the new McJobs created during the eight Bush years were gone in nine months

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:22 on April 7, 2018  

This society has a collective IQ of 5. Today’s “best and brightest” PhD thought dealers are as dumb as a fucking post. Which was the first of many lessons not learned in 2008. To begin with, in a pseudo-economy consisting of Supply and Debt, stock market P/E ratios have the veracity of a Chinese fortune cookie.

Forward profit estimates have a bad habit of turning back into pumpkins at the end of the cycle. Corporate profits went from all time highs in 2007 back to 1975 lows in 2009. ALL of the new McJobs created during the eight Bush years were gone in nine months. As if there had been no recovery. 

Remember back in 2011 when Gold made its parabolic run which ended with QE2 rolloff? In this part of the cycle, the new safe haven from “fiat” was Bitcoin, which imploded concomitant with the rolloff of QE4.

For all of the ever-shifting reasons Bitcoiners have proferred for owning Bitcoin – digital currency, safe haven, store of value, etc. etc., it never once occurred to them that Central Bank muppet was the only real one. 


Buygold–yes, that’s true–lots pf doom and gloom articles on ZH-but maybe this time the wolf really is at the door…a stopped clock is right etc etc

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:16 on April 7, 2018  

since its slow here’s the BBC Seth Rich

Posted by overton @ 18:59 on April 7, 2018  

piece they put out this week

Leibovit & Bill Murphy this am

Posted by overton @ 18:54 on April 7, 2018  

he taped this at yesterdays close………




Posted by Buygold @ 15:57 on April 7, 2018  

How can anyone get too “beared up” in markets that are completely disconnected from reality?

Sunday night could open up 1000 DOW pts. and it wouldn’t be a surprise. Just a simple comment from Trump, Kudlow, Mnuchin, saying negotiations will China are going well and the algo’s will buy the shit out of stocks and the USD and sell the shit out of pm’s.

I don’t think that will happen but I do think it’s possible.

Always have to tread lightly. I see ZH has some uber bearish articles – one from B of A. When ZH get uber bearish it’s a rally alert…

Buyold-Maybe I shouldn’t get too beared up…chances are sunday nite opens up with

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:59 on April 7, 2018  

the usual schizo calm-as if Friday never happened–


Posted by Buygold @ 12:34 on April 7, 2018  

I think Louise may have a good chance to get her SM decline

Overton @ 0:24. Thanks for passing on the opinions about

Posted by Equisetum @ 11:24 on April 7, 2018  

potential timing of the next high in fiat pricing of the PMs.  An estimate of 2021-2024 is 10 to 13 years after the last high for Ag and Au in 2011.  I’ll wait and continue to hold if that’s what some voices think is on the horizon for timing.  A 10- to 13-year interval between highs for the PMs is better than the 30+ year interval we had to endure between 1980 and 2011.  Best wishes.  Equiz

Weezee’s breakout level 1366 more important 1400

Posted by overton @ 10:33 on April 7, 2018  


Louise Yamada (18 mins in)on market 200 day ma………says gold needs major stock market decline for gold.


Don’t be dissuaded Trump!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:17 on April 7, 2018  

Syrian Showdown: Trump Versus The Generals


Trade War Game On!

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:55 on April 7, 2018  

Trade War Game On!

Presently, it’s unclear if we’re in the early stages of a global trade contraction. The trend in expanding global trade appears to have slowed over the last decade, following the 2008 financial crisis.  The budding trade war between the United States and China just might be the geopolitical shock that closes out the ‘second age of globalization.’


It wasn’t all that long ago, when they were still the best of friends… [PT]


This week Trump and Xi likely pushed the trade war past the point of no return. They called each other’s bluffs and raised the stakes as the week progressed.  By Thursday things had hit a fever pitch.

Our friends at Zero Hedge have been closely monitoring the situation.  Here are several choice quotes they alerted us to from an editorial published in the Global Times, China’s state-owned party mouthpiece:




overton @ 23:00

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:54 on April 7, 2018  

If you ever watched the TV series “Vikings” on the History Channel they delved into the use of “Sunstones.” Fascinating stuff for a history buff like moi. Thanks for the post!

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:38 on April 7, 2018  

Wolf Richter: The Era Of The Fed “Put” Is Over

Adam Taggart
April 5th, 2018
This article was originally published by Adam Taggart at Peak Prosperity

To all those investors expecting the Fed to step in to backstop the recent weakness seen in the stock market, Wolf Richter warns: The cavalry isn’t coming.

After years of force-feeding too much liquidity into world markets, the central banking cartel is now aware of the Franken-markets it has created. And now with a new head at the US Federal Reserve, and soon at the ECB, central bankers have shifted their priority from supporting asset prices to now actively engineering lower prices.

They just don’t want prices to drop too far too fast.

Of course, the big question is: how much control do they really have? The situation may very quickly get out of their hands.

But the big takeaway is to expect lower prices across the board for nearly every “risk on” asset: stocks (including and especially the FANGS), corporate bonds and real estate. The Fed is working to reduce investor exuberance — and as many bloodied contrarian investors will warn you — Don’t fight the Fed:


Wolf Richter: The Era Of The Fed “Put” Is Over

Buygold–Hard to imagine such a fall…but….

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:31 on April 7, 2018  

At market tops, bullish arguments are irrefutable; their logic is ‘iron clad”


Same deal at market bottoms, magazine covers heralding “the death of equites” appear…

Morning R640

Posted by Buygold @ 8:49 on April 7, 2018  

That Ponziworld site is pretty good, just checked it out for the first time. What struck me is chart of the DOW from the 2008 bottom. Yikes. If this is the beginning of the end of the rally then there is a long way to fall.

Today’s point loss was -58 versus -59 on February 2nd. Both were 90% down days. The Monday following Feb. 2nd, was the biggest down day since the smash crash in August 2015:

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:15 on April 7, 2018  

AT THE BRINK—Friday April 6th

The definition of insanity is buying global trade wars, each time expecting a different result…

The S&P 500 closed right on the 200 day Maginot Line.

Recall, we learned earlier in the week that G10 macro data is back at 2016 lows

Any questions?

Another 90% down day. All S&P sectors down today.

Here is where it gets interesting. Employment report Fridays are generally trend up days. There were only two exceptions to that rule in the past 12 months – Today, and February 2nd. 

Today’s point loss was -58 versus -59 in February. Both were 90% down days. The Monday following Feb. 2nd, was the biggest down day since the smash crash in August 2015:

Equisetum…..many of these mp3 radio gold guys keep

Posted by overton @ 0:24 on April 7, 2018  

pushing out the gold & share recovery……….. I’m hearing lots of 2021 -2024 to get to the old highs



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