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Posted by Richard640 @ 20:06 on April 16, 2018  

The First Domino Falls In Illinois… 400 More Funds To Follow

You had your chance but you decided to stick with your jealous, loser, anti-science, no-coiner ways, Illinois.  You could have gotten in but noooooo… you decided to go with the stock market and continuing to promise LeShaun and LaToucha six figure retirements when they turn 40 years old and retire from the Illinois Department of Screwing the Taxpayer – Diversity Enforcement Division.  Bitcoin would have solved this dilemma for you.

You’d be mistaken to think Harvey, Illinois has a unique pension crisis. It may be the first, and its problems may be the most severe, but the reality is the mess is everywhere, from East St. Louis to Rockford and from Quincy to Danville. A review of Illinois Department of Insurance pension data shows that Harvey could be just the start of a flood of garnishments across the state (click here to see the list).
Harvey made the news last year when an Illinois court ordered the municipality to hike its property taxes to properly fund the Harvey firefighter pension fund, which is just 22 percent funded.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.