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US dollar index took a run this morning at the 200-dma sitting around 91.98 then abruptly turned on a dime and gave up all of the gains of the overnight session as of 3:00 p.m.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:23 on April 27, 2018  


In the meantime, the US dollar index took a run this morning at the 200-dma sitting around 91.98 then abruptly turned on a dime and gave up all of the gains of the overnight session as of 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon, is down on the day. As I commented on the other day, the machines are having their way with gold and silver prices by responding and reacting to every tick in the U.S. dollar index. Since the Euro has such a large weighting in the DXY, it has been said that the Euro is dictating price to the PM’s more than the Asian currencies or the pound. I will continue to view the 200-dma as the line in the sand for my option positions and after today’s reversal, I am probably going to buy back a few SLV June $15 calls for $.75 because with SLV at $15.57, paying only an $.18 premium is a decent entry and pumps up the leverage when gold finally punches out through $1,375. I have a hunch that with the dollar’s RSI and MACD readings stretched this week, today might have been the turn for the metals because the algo’s are taking gold up ($7.50) and silver has just eliminated what was a 9-cent drop earlier. In terms of seasonality, the first half of May is usually better than the latter half so that may be the window for the breakout in gold.

The COT report is out and lo and behold, it was the Large Speculators that got squeezed last week with the pop to $17.25. That hugely-bullish short position has now been unwound so the edge we enjoyed three weeks ago at $16.20 is now lessened. It’s not gone completely but I’ll have to depend more on the reversal in the USD as the driver for the silver trade over the near term.

alex, re elio

Posted by treefrog @ 22:39 on April 27, 2018  

i’ve been watching elio for years.  i love the concept, but the timing keeps slipping forward.  they have been scheduled to begin production “late next year” for the last four or five years.  if they ever have one for sale, i’m a buyer, but i’m not holding my breath.

Goldie , R640 , and IPSO -Thanks for your replies, links , etc.

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:54 on April 27, 2018  

R640 – I can afford $5 – anything that might work …the problem as you identify , is follow-up and consistency . I cannot be there all the time to supervise , and she has an MD doctor daughter well versed in Big Pharma dogma .

Goldie – I have copied some of your responses to keep as references.

IPSO – you are correct , life throws some curves , we just have to appreciate the good times we have had and still can have . When my last wife died suddenly , I was distraught , but came around to the point that I was grateful for the 20 years we did have . In January this one and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary . We have yet to have a raised voice argument . Some disagreements , but mild ones .

SnG, troll absolutely, probably one of the five dancing Israelis actually…

Posted by macroman3 @ 19:50 on April 27, 2018  

Friends at the Pentagon was a dead give away…

Next Elliott will disclose he was a mover for Urban Systems.

Say it isn’t so, Ha!

Elliott and Ipso

Posted by silverngold @ 19:38 on April 27, 2018  

Elliott, I doubt there is anyone on this forum who is enjoying the lies and BS you are spewing day after day on 911. Other knowledgeable posters present proof the official story is total BS while all you do is call names and spew lies. Find a new home where other paid trolls like yourself hang out, and I agree with eeos that you should be banned.

Ipso, How about a poll to see if at least 90% of the posters feel the same about the crap this jerk is spewing…..and if so I second eeos request to get this jerk off the forum. I believe he’s a troll because nobody can be that stupid and still read and write. ….At least that’s the opinion and thoughts from Silverngold.

From ZH readers of a Sprott article

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:12 on April 27, 2018  
It is not about the break out.  It is not about up or down.
It **is** about stopping the theft of your wealth.
Ways my Mom could have invested her money in 1965 to 2018:
  • housing $24,000 -> $1,500,000
  • gold $24,000 ($35) -> $900,000 ($1325)
  • S&P 500 $24,000 ($86) -> $735,000 ($2636)
  • mattress stuffing $24,000 -> $24,000
  • T-bills $24,000 -> $117,000 (3%)
  • bars of soap $24,000 ($0.16) -> $225,000 ($1.50)
Note how US dollars have 1/5 to 1/60 the value they had in 1965.
The only investment that outperformed a stable measure of value (gold) was real estate.  And only because her house happens to be in one of the hottest markets in the US.
Housing, gold, and stocks look like good protectors of your wealth.
Gold has the least risk and was the second best “performer”.
The thing you must get past is that inflation (dollar devaluation) is not wealth or even a return on investment.
The above “investments”, except for housing and gold, lost purchasing power.
It is not about big numbers!  It is about purchasing power.

Vote up!

Elliott, facts matter, are you saying the engines on a 757 (not 747 Portugeezer) are 153′ apart or holes left after the “crash” by engines ripped off?

Posted by macroman3 @ 19:07 on April 27, 2018  

The wingspan of a 757 is only 120 odd feet. Engine placement about 40 feet apart.

Never seen those exit hole pics PG, interesting!

Get your $7000 ‘car’ right here !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:44 on April 27, 2018  

( Will Be ) Built in America in Shreveport, Louisiana by Americans .

A three wheeler , fully enclosed , licensed as a motorcycle :

And you can pay for it in the savings on fuel from your present rate of fuel use .


Hey Elliot

Posted by Samb @ 18:44 on April 27, 2018  

17 years is such a big deal? How about the JFK assassination? Well over 50 years now. Please tell us how you really believe in the official Lee Harvey Oswald version. Can’t wait for your blessing of the official version….that should be a hoot!!

P.S. the $ index came .450 off its high and ended slightly in the red=*The yield of the 10 yr T note was last at 2.96%.

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:19 on April 27, 2018  

from Murph==

I still see this Dollar rally as the reason why the metals are not moving, so maybe we’ll see some confirmation of this point when the Dollar starts to lose value. Remember the president has stated many times the Dollar is too high. What will it take to see a real drop in its value?

Buygold–I like that trade!! From Murph tonight

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:13 on April 27, 2018  

James Mc…

Houdini! Now performing daily at the Crimex


How do you report on a market (silver) that has become SO controlled that it spins all week long pennies either side of $16.50? What can you say other than this is a new level of price fixing never seen. If the offtake to London is that huge they’re getting guaranteed pricing at an average of $16.50, indefinitely. Today is yet another fairly high volume trading day, with exceedingly low volatility. To say we have hit the Tropic of Torpor is an understatement. In fact the month of April has been pretty much dead calm except for that round trip to $17.38 and back.

On April 9 the silver open interest hit an all-time high at 243,411, and it closed that day at $16.51. By yesterday the open interest has plummeted by 53,335 contracts to 190,076, and it closed at $16.49. We lost 22% of the entire short interest in Comex silver in just 13 trading days with the price only moving 2 cents. Houdini indeed! The short sellers apparently have a silent quid pro quo: go short, and if you make money, great, if not we’ll get you out of your positions at no cost.

We’ll wait and see what is in store for next week after the op. ex./FND is behind us. Of course a week from today is NFP, which is almost always its own annoying event. So far nothing has changed in the cartel’s maniacal agenda with gold and silver suppression. All cartel rules are intact, and even when they have been broken it’s only been for a day, or two. Unless physical shortages ever appear in earnest Houdini will continue doing his daily show at the Crimex, and the tennis net will remain set up.

James Mc


But yet Elliott can’t explain something so basic as why the two buildings fell at freefall

Posted by eeos @ 17:52 on April 27, 2018  
  1. They didn’t even bother to mention it in the NIST report. For all I know you’re just one of the jackass authors of it. I haven’t met a single other informed collegue that actually buys the official explanation. So you’re sitting out there on the cliff by yourself buddy. Keep trying to save us though

9/11 Truth

Posted by packy @ 17:39 on April 27, 2018  

For compelling massive evidence compiled by nearly 3000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth see:


You should be banned elliott

Posted by eeos @ 17:35 on April 27, 2018  

Just based on how much dust and dirt you throw in the air. I haven’t seen one positive contribution you’ve made yet. Smells like a dead fish to me. This is my professional expertise that you’re trying to argue with me about. I pointed out some very basic research that you could do yourself. And you have zero legs to stand on.

Okay Elliott I’m a licensed architect

Posted by eeos @ 16:55 on April 27, 2018  

I bet I’ve taken far many more structural engineering classes than any class you’ve ever taken. If you’re so smart explain to me how those buildings fell in 12 seconds. If I was ipso I would just block your IP because I think you’re a fraud. You sound a lot like mountain of gold or hamster to me

Lil KIMS gonna be our Best Friend ! Dont believe me JUST WATCH

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:50 on April 27, 2018  

he’s got plenty of Gold Silver RARE METALS and he needs investment CAPITAL and he’s got CHEAP LABOR !  Listen to the words.Dont believe me Just Watch.

Funk https://youtu.be/gNj133rSuOQ

Hi Eeos – the Pentagon Plane

Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:47 on April 27, 2018  

I think it can proved in a more simple fashion.

Use the OFFICIAL picture of the exit hole of the missile, err, sorry, 747 at the Pentagon:








Think about it.  Something must have stuck its nose out to have made that hole.

Something solid enough to smash the wall in a circular fashion (but not knock the NO Parking Sign down).

Where is it?  What was it? The nose cone of the 747?

The this is what it would look like:








So, I ask again.  Where is the “thing” that made the hole?

Sorry to repeat that only once in the history of the world has a plane vaporized on crashing.  Not one, but four planes, all on the same day.


The facts about 9/11 don’t add up and I don’t care what Elliott says

Posted by eeos @ 16:16 on April 27, 2018  

Yiu might as well stop posting Elliot and just move to a different site. Surely there’s a better fit somewhere else for you, volunteer your time saving folks elsewhere buddy. Science has proven the NIST report to be a complete fraud. 9/11 completely disregards the conservation of momentum and energy. You simply can’t  disregard the fact that each tower fell in 12 seconds. But these towers just didn’t buckle steel girders nor was it a pancake collapse.

The conservation of momentum states that the amount of momentum that an object has depends on two physical quantities. The mass and the velocity of the moving object. If two identical masses are colliding and sticking together they will travel at half the speed as the original single mass. But in the case of the WTC mass and velocity we’re not a sum force. We were seeing complete pulverization.

The conservation of energy states that inelastic collisions the sum of the kinetic energy before a collision must equal the sum of the kinetic energy after the collision. This is not possible if some of the energy is used to pulverize the next floor and just fail the floor supports. So what you have is that there’s no mass to transfer the momentum. The momentum will not be increased as the collapse progresses.

Given that the building disintegrated from the top down, it is difficult to believe there could be much momentum to transfer, if any. The sheer energy to pulverize each floor needs to be considered. WTC one or two collapsed in 12 seconds. A ball dropped from a helicopter at the same vertical elevation would have landed in 10 seconds. This was a steel skyscraper, there’s far more resistance than a near free-fall scenario.

In conclusion what you have is the remaining alleged unaffected floors below have absolutely no resistance at all. This was not a buckling or pancake collapse as the NIST and Propaganda Scence magazine claim. It’s scientifically impossible to have been buckling or pancake collapse. It’s all in the time that it took the buildings to collapse. That’s your smoking gun.

Go back and review some photos from the police helicopter on 9/11 and it points to a man made pyroclastic explosion of some type regardless of what Elliott thinks or spouts off. So just ignore him



Posted by Buygold @ 16:14 on April 27, 2018  

I picked up some May 18 $16’s @ $.11

Who the hell knows what will happen?

Nothing in pm’s make sense.

I expect to hear from Capt. Hook in 4,3,2,1….

Goldi–on this forum we don’t even consider so called “proven” meds and therapies-we see all day on the Tee Vee Box the

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:09 on April 27, 2018  

meds-“‘proven” with double blind palcebo” studies and listen to the horripilating side effects that must be read…the entire field of oncology and psychiatry are unproven–u know that…and the studies used to justify their meds are poisoned by junk science that is churned out at the behest of big pharma that sponsors the university labs that do the testing—we have to listen to and evaluate for ourselves…the medicos, after trillions of dollars spent, have got the population is a sorry state–yes, they can prolong life but being on the meds raises the question of whether such a life is worth living–now i am only taling about chronic illnesses–not all the great surgical procedures…

Buygold–rats! ….wish they had been better for silver but they are not the absolute arbiter, I guess

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:48 on April 27, 2018  
i went with the slv may 4s to keep my absolute cost down-they are 1/2 the price of the may 11s-and 5 days is an eternity in financial markets-at 4 bucks a call anyone  can afford such a lotto ticket-not sure if i’ll get the jnug-why risk anothe 2500 if PMs come in down monday? but i am pretty sure they pop-i see no bearish divergence today with gold up 7.80 and PM stocks lack lustre—if the $ is down sun nite/monday, they may have a big pop—they are wound like a spring– and i like the dollar action and the 10 yr note action today
04/27/2018  15:35:15 Bought 300 SLV May 04 2018 16.0 Call @ 0.04


COT’s hot off the presses

Posted by Buygold @ 15:36 on April 27, 2018  


Silver not so good, gold improving. It seems once again silver punters have been crushed…

Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry Serves Petition Press Conference

Posted by silverngold @ 14:31 on April 27, 2018  

Hopefully this will open some eyes, but you can’t have your head where the sun don’t shine and ever expect to see the light.

Richard your rambling

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:37 on April 27, 2018  

Yes there are a lot of theories but what’s proven and where’s the control group? Why is it some people can eat what they want or a pound of bacon a day and live a long healthy life while others will get sick? Why do some have a lot of plaques in their brains and never get Alzheimer’s while others do?
What may work for one may not work for another. The Beck institute has actually reversed symptoms just like macrobiotic diets have saved people. All and all it’s a life style along with a bit of mind over matter not just one size fits all. Mines the best no mine is just takes the credibility away turns it into a ego trip. I’ve seen that before to the patients demise. It’s what works and for whom.

Goldi– you know too much!–coconut oil–ha ha!! that’s been all the rage for a number of yrs

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:24 on April 27, 2018  

u cannot cure by grabbing a hodge-podge of items from a dozen or two sources–like O, I heard black mustard seed oil has this or that–or take papayas–they have enzymes etc etc–an alzheimer patient has the disease just because of fats and oils–for the 1st month they should have NO oils–not even the heathy ones–except through fish–like a few sardines or a few ozs. of salmon once or twice a week…Gary null said that COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES are the “gold standard for brain health–so don’t over analyze–eat the right food–take the right supplements–people don’t over anayze when they are working on their cancers or alzheimers by eating all that bas food, do they?

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