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Of all of David Gimour’s Royal Albert Hall appearances I was surprised he even played with these guys

Posted by overton @ 22:21 on April 28, 2018  

this was Bowies last appearance with Gilmour …he did two old Floyd songs Arnold Layne and Comfortably numb…Crosby and Nash did Remember that night. Richard Wrights last year


Samb @ 15:43

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:38 on April 28, 2018  


This probably explains it best in my opinion !


9/11/01 Was One Big Sucker Punch To The Global NWO Global Community.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:30 on April 28, 2018  

Just before 9/11/01, in March ’00 the dot com bubble popped. The economy was collapsing. Supposedly the Arabs were waiting for an economic slowdown for attack time.

Then 9/11/01 caused the economy to start collapsing more, and the Fed and company, to avoid Arab satisfaction of crashing the economy, were FORCED to drop interest rates and create a real estate boom instead of an economic collapse.

However the 9/11/01 collapse did finally happen in the summer of 2008. And we all know what damage that did. Besides all that, avoiding more attacks after ’01 has been a very expensive agenda for TPTB in more ways than one.

9/11/01 was actually the slow start of a global reversal, that accelerated after the ’08 meltdown. 9/11/01, which caused 2008 crisis, has literally RUINED their old 1913 NWO global community and or globalization. Their “baby” was sucker punched and cold cocked by 19 little Arab martyrs with our gas and air planes.


@ Elliott – RE: your 12:33 post with Pentagon video link.

Posted by drb2 @ 16:23 on April 28, 2018  

Thanks for your reply.  The linked wouldn’t play for me.  No matter, I found it elsewhere.  This was the same video I referred to in my original post on the matter.

I struggle to comprehend how this is the best video available.  Even in 2003 the local Liquor store had more and higher resolution cameras than that.  The quality was so bad that there were more comments on the video saying that the recording proved it wasn’t a plane, than there were that it was!

I agree with some of the other recent posts – The forum could discuss this 24/7 without resolution.   To say there are not plenty of questionable aspects to the official story is being pretty close-minded yourself.    Sad to say our govt has shown itself to be not worthy of our unconditional trust.

Floridagold @ 14:50

Posted by Samb @ 15:43 on April 28, 2018  

So very true… one can just pass it bye and let it go. Life is so short so, why bother with it all? On the other hand, the JFK assassination and the 911 events were awaking moments for many, many citizens. These events caused a questioning of both the official version and the obvious coordination with MSN news explainations. These were the type of events that, when years later questioned,  one could easily recall where they were and what they were doing that very day.

There are major “tells” regarding both events. Regarding WTC 911, let Elliot explain how a Saudi hijackers pristine passbook could be found on the sidewalk several blocks away. No burn marks, no soot or dust. Huge put options were placed on the airlines just prior to 911… they were hugely profitable and later traced to a CIA front. Gold was found loaded in a ten wheeler truck along with abandoned front and rear escort vehicles underground a few buildings away. The Gold missing from the trade center amounted to about 2 Billion dollars. The vaults were discovered to have already been opened by the first emergency responders to arrive on site. And so it goes.

As far as Elliot goes, he appeared, out of the blue, on this site. as a man on a mission…with very certainly an agenda. Without any provocation Elliot went on the attack. I hope that they pay him well.

What I see in that picture…

Posted by Maya @ 15:10 on April 28, 2018  

…is NOT ‘demolition crew’.  Those are firefighters, first responders, standing among the still smoking debris.  The area is not clear enough for trucks to haul away steel.  And a cleanup crew would not perform a diagonal cut like that on a beam.  A straight cut is much easier and efficient for removal.   And a torch cut doesn’t leave all that melted steel drip slag.

So here I am… arguing with a troll… much as he intended.  Trolls always have an argument for everything… erroneous though it may be.  I give up.   Floridagold is right.   I shall not further engage this idiot.

Posted by Floridagold @ 14:50 on April 28, 2018  


Spring swells the bosom with hope=Ron Rosen, another hopeful…

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:35 on April 28, 2018  

A Major Bull Move is always preceded by numerous vicious momentary selloffs. Silver in 1979 is a perfect example of this pre bull market breakout activity known as “Clear The Decks.”



Adam Hamilton–hopes for a spring rally

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:21 on April 28, 2018  

During these 14 Aprils in modern gold bull-market years, the gold stocks as measured by the HUI saw average gains of 1.6%. But the lion’s share of the spring-rally gains came in May, where average gains more than tripled to 5.0%! For decades if not longer, May has been one of the best and most-important months to be heavily long gold miners’ stocks. Only February proved better seasonally at a +5.4% average.

The key to gold stocks’ spring rally is to get your capital deployed in mid-March, when gold stocks swoon to their spring-rally bottoming. In intra-month terms the initial gains are often fast in late March as gold stocks rebound out of oversold lows. But then the spring rally tends to slow down in April, discouraging impatient and short-sighted traders. The real gains come in May, and next month’s setup is exceptionally bullish.

Of course the standard seasonality caveat applies that these are mere tendencies, not primary drivers of gold or gold stocks. Seasonal tailwinds can be easily drowned out by bearish sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals. Seasonality doesn’t always work, especially when it doesn’t align with the primary drivers of sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals in that order. Thankfully that certainly isn’t the case this year.

The gold miners’ stocks aren’t entering their second-strongest month of the year overbought after a big rally. Quite the contrary, they have really underperformed year-to-date on excessive bearishness. This week the HUI was actually still down 6.0% so far in 2018, far behind gold’s modest 1.6% gain! Since gold-mining profits amplify gold price moves, gold-stock prices tend to leverage gold by 2x to 3x much of the time.

Thus spring rally aside the HUI should already be up 3.1% to 4.7% year-to-date, or trading between 198.3 to 201.4 compared to this week’s anomalously-low 180.8. That’s another 9.6% to 11.3% higher from here even if gold merely stays near $1325. The gold stocks are overdue to mean revert higher no matter what gold does! Gold’s spring rally will simply hasten and enlarge gold stocks’ long-delayed next upleg.

The farther gold rallies in May in one of its strongest spans of the year seasonally, the closer it will get to major breakouts and new highs. The higher gold climbs, the more attention it will get from the financial media, investors, and speculators. As their sentiment turns bullish again, capital will flood back into the beaten-down gold stocks. The gold miners’ coming surging earnings in their Q1 results are icing on the cake.

While investors and speculators alike can certainly play gold stocks’ coming spring rally with the major ETFs like GDX, the best gains by far will be won in individual gold stocks with superior fundamentals. Their upside will trounce the ETFs’, which are burdened by over-diversification and underperforming gold stocks. A carefully-handpicked portfolio of elite gold and silver miners will generate much-greater wealth creation.


If I could amend the no explosives on plane in Shanksville, there could possibly be fighter jet missile explosive residue found on #93.

Posted by macroman3 @ 13:10 on April 28, 2018  

But not bombs to demo what ever building it was targeted for. That theory is a laffer….

Elliott, 12:33, why would explosives be found in plane debris in Shanksville? Using that cockamamie reason to disprove 911 is worse than the alt right explanations.

Posted by macroman3 @ 13:05 on April 28, 2018  

2  planes took out 3 massive structures demo style free fall at WTC.

Simple 911 evidence points to 4 planes (3 probably guided in by beacons) and an expertly conducted inside job.

The motive was so your diabolical deep state friends could justify the ongoing 17 year invasion of MENA (as observed in Syria two weeks ago) and attack on domestic individual rights in the west.

The Zionists (Christian MIC and Jewish Oded Yinnoners) are losing the story line though, so watch out for a show stopper soon.

This Rare Bear Who Called the Crash Warns Housing Is Too Hot Again

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:58 on April 28, 2018  

Note: A bubble is invisible to the people inside the bubble.


Stack, 66, who manages $1.3 billion for people with a high net worth, predicted the housing crash in 2005, just before prices reached their peak. Now, from his perch in Whitefish, Montana, he says his “Housing Bubble Bellwether Barometer” of homebuilder and mortgage company stocks, which jumped 80 percent in the past year, once again is flashing red.

“It is 2005 all over again in terms of the valuation extreme, the psychological excess and the denial,” said Stack, whose fireproof files of newspaper articles on bear markets date back to 1929. “People don’t believe housing is in a bubble and don’t want to hear talk about prices being a little bit bubblish.”
Bubble? What Bubble? As the housing market approaches its key spring selling season, Stack is practically alone in his wariness. While price gains may slow, most analysts see no end in sight for the six-year-old recovery.”

Elliot @ 12:33

Posted by Samb @ 12:54 on April 28, 2018  

The reality is quite the opposite. WTC #7, even with a raging fire, should have left us with a burned out shell of a building. We have seen photos of dozens of completely burned out steel supported high rise buildings worldwide yet none have ever completely collapsed within their footprints. Never before or ever since #7 has this ever occurred. No plane hit that structure, hence no jet fuel excuse. If that collapse can not be reasonably explained other then by demolition then one has every right &reason to question each of the other 911 events.

There Are Too Many Expensive Apartments in U.S. Cities, and That Should Sound the Alarm

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:52 on April 28, 2018  


But a growing fraction of U.S. apartments—especially luxury—have been left unoccupied for longer stretches of time, real estate research firm CoStar revealed in a report Monday, as developers continue to build housing in the cities instead of the suburbs—injecting more risk into the economy.

These developers are mostly merchant builders, developers that aren’t personally invested in the project but are using investors’ or loaned funds. In the event of a recession, these merchant builders would give the real estate to the bank immediately, since the value of the housing would fall—driving down profits.


Nearly 250,000 NYC rental apartments sit vacant

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:41 on April 28, 2018  


Part: “Early numbers from the Census Bureau’s Housing and Vacancy Survey show that the number of unoccupied apartments throughout New York City has grown significantly over the past three years–a whopping 35 percent to 65,406 apartments since 2014, when the last survey was taken.

As the Daily News puts it, “Today, 247,977 units — more than 11% of all rental apartments in New York City — sit either empty or scarcely occupied, even as many New Yorkers struggle to find an apartment they can afford.” One reason for the growing vacancy rates, as the article states, is the city’s high rent, which has risen twice as fast as inflation.”

Nearly 250,000 NYC rental apartments sit vacant


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:37 on April 28, 2018  

Yes your body can make its own cholesterol in times of stress. It’s there for a purpose like fight or flight.
These days it’s from other stresses that aren’t burnt out as it would be in fight or flight. Vita C foods or good supplements and exercise with help with that. I’m guessing they’re giving the melatonin in the study to help with sleep. It doesn’t work on everyone though. There is a special kinda lavender oil that appears to help. You just put it on any part of your body. I tried it a couple times and it worked. I think what it may do is divert your mind away from everyday To Dos or stresses. Another way is to get out of the house ” cabin fever” which helps get your mind off things. I took off to go camping by myself few years back away from Wifi too and don’t even remember falling asleep. Thought that’s weird. Tried it again same thing happened. That was just to get away reasons. But for everyday what ever works that isn’t stressful. Maybe black out curtains as desensitization to light takes longer.

Was it a Bird? Was It a Plane? It Was Superman. Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single bound.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:36 on April 28, 2018  

More powerful than a locomotive. Faster than a speeding bullet.

Richard640 @ 23:23

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:17 on April 28, 2018  

re part:

“it has been said that the Euro is dictating price to the PM’s more than the Asian currencies or the pound. ”


I agree with that part. Noticed it long ago. Euro up Gold up. Euro down Gold down. I think the USA has always been subservient to Europe since 1913. Decades ago I used to call the USA the United States of Europe. Note we have a trade deficit with them also. $130 billion I heard Trump say. Its probably a lot more when you add other things.

I heard the Euro economy was slowing again, so it makes sense that they dropped their Euro for stimulation. They seem to alternate lower currency stimulation back and forth with the USA. Helping us hurts them and vice versa. So they take turns knowing that helping the USA is most important, but at the same time, Europe can’t take too much high value Euro pain. Europe et al have to suffer in this major reversal going on but they don’t want to. 🙂

Bottom line the USA dollar HAS to go much lower against all currencies to take back even just half of what this country lost to those shithole countries.


Hi Elliot – RE: Pentagon – Plane or Missile?

Posted by drb2 @ 11:37 on April 28, 2018  

I am in agreement with Alex Valdor’s post on opposing views – I want to keep an open mind about everything.


On the subject of plane or missile – Personally I think it most likely was a plane.  I have more trouble believing that “Mohammed” was the one flying the plane.

In either case the surveillance videos would just about wrap this plane/missile issue up.


What are they waiting for?

What is your take on why they “suppress the evidence”?


below was snipped from the Pentagon link you posted @ 20:25 on April 27, 2018 (( http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/  ))


Suppressing Evidence of the Crash Serves the Cover-up

Evidence from the Pentagon crash that would decisively resolve the question of whether Flight 77 was the attack plane has been systematically suppressed by authorities, such as the FBI. Actions have included the following:

  • The seizure of security videos from the nearby Citgo gas station and Sheraton hotel within minutes of the attack, and their refusal to release those videos.
  • A failure to release recordings of security video cameras thought to ring the Pentagon or traffic monitoring video cameras along the nearby highways maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation.
  • A failure to release photographs of the Pentagon’s interior prior to removal of debris.
  • A failure to disclose the fate of aircraft debris collected at the Pentagon, and their failure to document or disclose the results of any attempts to identify the aircraft parts.
  • An implausible insistence that the recovered black boxes yielded “nothing useful.”


This behavior is consistent with three different motives on the parts of the those responsible for suppression and destruction of evidence.

  1. An institutional penchant for secrecy, amplified by the atmosphere of national emergency produced by the attack
  2. A desire to suppress evidence that would disprove the crash of Flight 77
  3. A desire to suppress evidence that would prove the crash of Flight 77


From <http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/>


A zh reader comments on a Sprott tout [article]–I kinda thunk the same thing-hence, I took a flyer before the weekend…

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:26 on April 28, 2018  

The rise in the dollar was very interesting last week compared to gold. Thursday night overnight the dollar kept rising but gold stopped falling. Then on Friday morning the dollar stopped rising. It’s like gold stopped the dollar’s rise. Gold was a leading indicator for the dollars top and this also indicated a bottom for gold and a great buy in point for gold.


we shall see Sun nite/Mon morn….


This week is options expiry always a favorite time for the cabal to smash the precious metals. Next week we have a FED meeting and statement and BLS jobs report both are even more precious metal price smashing excuses for the cabal. We have been in a sideways funk for the PM’s for 5 straight years and are at the same price in silver that we were 10 years ago. No commentary should talk about anything else but how the price is being manipulated and suppressed and how this might come to and end. All other commentary is bullshit without this discussion.

Then after May comes the perennial summer doldrums. If we are high in price going into the summer it’s gonna come down a lot. If we are low in price going into the summer season there is often a nice little break out which has been quickly beaten back in the fall by the cabal.

I see absolutely no reason why it won’t be the same this year.


In a nutshell:

Decades of Debt have caused the economic engine to be flooded.

30 years ago you got big increases in GDP with additional debt. Now it’s less than $1 of nominal GDP with $1 debt.

Broken model hence Zero interest rates, a historical milestone that nobody seems to talk about.Debt accumulation (borrow from future growth) is deflationary since you still have to pay interest which subtracts from future growth, and the impact grows over time.Hence….inflation will come but will not be “old-timey” style where economic engine has gas pedal pressed to floor and people spend too much money on things.This time, economic engine is broken and next round of QE (after equity markets collapse) will be MASSIVE and also central Bank co-ordination will end, as they all race to cheapen each currency more than the other. Final round of QE / Helicopter money will destroy confidence in FIAT and investors will decide they want things they can actually hold. So Inflation will come via increased Input Prices as material prices increase.Look at Long-Term Chart of Commodity prices. Cheap cheap cheap.Maybe. Because after 2008, if anybody tells you they know what is going to happen you should slap them.

cleaned that up for ya Rich. ipso

I too concur

Posted by Portugeezer @ 9:22 on April 28, 2018  

I go as far as to check out the links provided.

Elliot provides a link and asks me to read it.  So, I did.

It was from a blog written by Jim Hoffman.  It is quite interesting and has some interesting photographs that we have seen before.

Somehow, I don’t think Elliot read it all the way through, because Hoffman makes reference to his other media presentations that were far better productions and produced actual evidence, rather than his own personal opinions (as in the article he posted).

Please take 20 seconds to look.

Elliot’s article points to this following YouTube video as evidence.


But I still want to know where the “thing” that made the hole in the wall ended up.





Posted by Buygold @ 8:52 on April 28, 2018  

I think if we go down the road of expelling people with different opinions, then we’re no different from those on the left and “group think”.

Doesn’t mean any minds will be changed…

I will say this, the amount of posts seems to be up. 🙂

alex re 7:24

Posted by treefrog @ 8:13 on April 28, 2018  

i concur, opposing views should not be the basis for expulsion.    censorship, even for a good cause, would put us on a slippery slope.  then, in whom would we entrust the power to decide what was a “good cause?”

i recommend a personal “ignore” system.  posters who continue to be combative or otherwise unpleasant on a continuing basis should be treated as if they do not exist.  i am of the opinion that the more response and attention they get, the more they like it, and the more it stimulates a continuation of their antisocial behavior.

if you have a bucket of slops, the more you stir it, the more it will stink.


Goldie – interesting that you bring up cholesterol

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 7:37 on April 28, 2018  

My wife has high cholesterol , so for years she has avoided intake of foods high in cholesterol and fat . I had to point out to her that dietary cholesterol was likely not the culprit , and that she has a hereditary tendency to create hormonal cholesterol . She still avoids fried foods ( a good thing , likely ) , but also continues to pull the blanket over her head while sleeping to shut out noise and light , which I think causes her to breathe in her own CO2 and partially starves her brain of oxygen . She also tends to fret a lot about things that she cannot change , and rarely gets a full eight hours of sleep because of those worries . When she sleeps well , I see improvement the next day .

I do not believe that opposing views should merit expulsion from the forum

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 7:24 on April 28, 2018  

I wish I had listened to the PM bears ten years ago . If I had , I would still have some wealth . Instead I believed that debt would quickly bring down the value of the dollar , create hyperinflation , and cause mining shares to go to the moon .

Well , we know how that went .

Our universities today are bastions of bigoted liberal thought , where dissenting ( realistic ) views are disallowed . My eldest grandchild graduated from high school last year . I encouraged her to make a list of things essential to her survival ( air , water , food , shelter , etc. ) and to find a career choice meeting one of those needs . I live in a town where a university is one of the principal sources of income . I would classify it as a liberal arts college , costing about $50 000 in annual tuition . How many graduates are going to be able to pay off their student loans if they have majored in some esoteric course of studies with no practical value ?

Elliott makes some valid points worthy of consideration and refutation if that is merited . It is good to consider both sides of any issue .

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