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Posted by Richard640 @ 22:11 on May 1, 2018  

The Korean War is endable, since there is no fundamental reason it must continue, and big powers (i.e. China) have an interest in ending it.

The war btw Israel and the Muslims, and Muslims with each-other is not endable, since these conflicts are driven by fundamentals. People are governed by emotions, and religious identity governs emotions. (1) The Muslims MUST eradicate Israel since it is a beachhead in their territory. (2) The Muslims are dramatically overpopulated in a land that is already far beyond its natural carrying capacity. If it wasn’t for international welfare, the Palestinians would already be dead, since Gaza and the West Bank deserts cannot support them, and they have nothing of value to export. Iran is overpopulated, so is Egypt, so is Turkey. Without gifts from countries with oil money, the Egyptians would starve to death. Excessive populations combined with depleting oil resources in a mostly desert land is a natural powder keg. The Middle East is guaranteed to explode.

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