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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:57 on May 3, 2018  

Just saw that, mandatory evacuations Leilani area. Rocks flying in air. Hope it’s not to bad. Yes that is a stupid place to build.

Houston, we have LAVA

Posted by Maya @ 23:42 on May 3, 2018  

It’s official.  Leilani Estates hosts the eruption.  This subdivision was built out in the jungle on the very top of the rift zone, next to old eruptive craters, where the ground could (and did!) break out an eruption at any time.   Stupid people.  It’s about five miles south of me.  Evacuation center opened at my village community center at Pahoa.  Pohoiki road nearby is also closed.  Lava fountains and outflow from the cracks at the east end of the subdivision seen, and evacuations underway.

Students nationwide walk out of class to support Second Amendment

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:58 on May 3, 2018  


Since Dec 2015 Gold Is Up 24% together with 6 Fed Rate Hikes

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:12 on May 3, 2018  

Figure that one out. The ten year went about 1.5% to near 3% for a 100% climb. Dollar higher too lately. Gold looking good in a headwind imo.

treefrog @ 19:48 Definitely cooking

Posted by Maya @ 20:41 on May 3, 2018  

About 4 hours ago we had a 5.0 magnitude earthquake below Pu’u O’o vent.  The summit lava lake at Halemaumau crater was previously not affected by the past days activity… has now dropped 100 feet down into the hole and summit tilt meters now indicate the summit is deflating.   Magma appears to be moving underground down the east rift zone.   Leilani Estates (on the top of the rift… stupid place to be) and downslope Opihikao appear at greatest risk among the quake swarms in the area.

The 5.0 quake dropped some rocks into Pu’u O’o and produced an ash plume that freaked everyone out… but no eruption.  When this crater opened in 1983 we had 1500 ft fountains of lava spray.  It happened every month during the full moon (tides) for six consecutive months!  But the ‘scientists’ said there was no relation…. go figure.

Anyway, with all the geologic movement here, this could generate a spectacular eruption.


Posted by treefrog @ 19:48 on May 3, 2018  

it looks like things are heating up, or maybe it’s just getting wider notice.




Posted by Buygold @ 19:08 on May 3, 2018  

Not a horrible day but as usual not as good as it started and weak into the close.

I guess we have to get through the jobs report tomorrow, then after that Op and Futures Ex, then after that another Fed meeting, then after that…

You get the picture.

As for me, I’m going to wake up in the morning and I’m going to look in the mirror to see what a racist I am and how I can persecute Jews. Normal day…


Got gold?…..guffaw!

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:08 on May 3, 2018  

Argentine Peso Crashes Most Since 2015 Free-Float Despite 600bps Rate-Hike

Update: It’s getting worse – way worse. This is now the biggest drop since 2015’s regime shift to a free-float…

*  * *

For the second time in a week, Argentina’s Central Bank has hiked its key rate 300bps today (300bps on 4/27) to 33.25%for 7-Day repo in an attempt to stall the currency’s freefall… for now it’s not working!

Today The Resistance Went Crazy

Posted by commish @ 17:59 on May 3, 2018  


A young ZH reader…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:51 on May 3, 2018  

Here we go again.  Bitcoin, as usual, makes the big gains while the anti-science, jealous, loser, no-coiners sit in their leaky-roofed hovels hoping that their pet rocks become valuable some day.  It’s a new world, old fogies.  Get with the Bitcoin program or die with cheap, shiny, metal.

BUY BITCOIN!!! Losers.

Michael Pillsbury, The Godfather Of China’s Economic Boom at USA’s Expense.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:43 on May 3, 2018  

Meanwhile before “China” it was manufacturing in “Japan” et al that gang banged the USA.


Based on interviews with Chinese defectors and newly declassified, previously undisclosed national security documents, The Hundred-Year Marathon reveals China’s secret strategy to supplant the United States as the world’s dominant power, and to do so by 2049, the one-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic. Michael Pillsbury, a fluent Mandarin speaker who has served in senior national security positions in the U.S. government since the days of

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, draws on his decades of contact with the “hawks” in China’s military and intelligence agencies and translates their documents, speeches, and books to show how the teachings of traditional Chinese statecraft underpin their actions. He offers an inside look at how the Chinese really view America and its leaders – as barbarians who will be the architects of their own demise.

Pillsbury also explains how the U.S. government has helped – sometimes unwittingly and sometimes deliberately – to make this “China Dream” come true, and he calls for the United States to implement a new, more competitive strategy toward China as it really is, and not as we might wish it to be. The Hundred-Year Marathon is a wake-up call as we face the greatest national security challenge of the twenty-first century.

Wyle E. Shepherd?

Posted by treefrog @ 15:46 on May 3, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:15 on May 3, 2018  

True but it’s just not our dollar always we need to watch. We have to look past the trees to see the forest. Gold index suppressed by strong Aussie dollar.

The All Ordinaries Gold Index has been undermined by the strong Aussie Dollar. Further weakness of the greenback would help support commodity prices and the Aussie. But further gains on XGD remain likely and recovery above 5100 would signal another advance.
Dollar drives long-term Gold prospects

Since your interested in other things as well as maybe some others here here’s a mouthful. They’re pretty up and up and no side tracks. Not trying to dis any sites I just have preferences when to busy to chart which is a lot lately.

Life left in US stocks


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:31 on May 3, 2018  

You bet! I think they have a good operation but I wish they had better community relations. They need to work on that for sure.

PS 4% very nice!


Posted by deer79 @ 14:11 on May 3, 2018  

Thanks for posting the news about TAHO. I own a few shares, but have been interested in nibbling on a few more. Its an interesting play. They have zero debt, and the stock has been decimated in the past few years (along with so many other miners). It yields around 4% and the short interest in the stock has dropped by some 23% (reported monthly) from 14 million shares to 10.8 million shares. The stock popped after that news came out this morning, but they still have ongoing negotiations about their mine in Guatemala. 

The dollar rose from 85 in 1978 to 93 in april 1980-while the 10 yr note was-I think–about 10%

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:08 on May 3, 2018  

gold went from 250 to 850 during that time…that doesn’t mean history will repeat…but it shows that rising rates and a rising $ are not inimicable to a gold bull mkt.


Richard 10:37

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:56 on May 3, 2018  

I don’t read Zero Hedge. They are distractors as well as others. Distractions as far as stocks go are a good way to lose money being distracted instead of paying attention and or listening to people calling for a up when it’s going down and vise virsa. There’s a lot of noise out there.

From a ZH reader

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:02 on May 3, 2018  
And PAY NO ATTENTION  to the bogus chart that the imbeciles at ZH keep putting up that says the Treasury market is short by a record amount. See the CFTC Commitment of Traders report that is an actual weekly compilation of net positions in Treasury futures. That Report shows the market to actually be LONG right now, which confirms that yields still need to go higher before they can go lower. Once THAT Report shows a large short net short Treasury futures position among traders, the market will be ripe for a big rally.


Tahoe Announces Successful Resolution to La Arena Strike; Operations to Resume to Normal Levels Within 48 Hours

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:00 on May 3, 2018  


“Everybody Hates The Boss And The Landlord” envy could explain a lot of things

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:28 on May 3, 2018  

“Everybody Hates The Boss And The Landlord” That’s what my friend told me many years ago. He owned 8 small retail stores, and has about 26 apartment rentals.

Another older Polish friend was a young boy during WW II, (passed away) told me in Germany the real estate and business owners used to boast…..”We own all the buildings, and the Germans own only the streets”

His father was a forest ranger had a gun, so the Nazis took his parents away and he never saw them again. The neighbors took care of him. He was small and they would send him into crashed US airplanes to retrieve jewelry and valuables.

He also mentioned all the US paratroopers whose para-shoots did not open. “They looked 3 feet tall” he said. Why did all those wars happen? After 1913? You tell me.

Elliot 11:04

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:02 on May 3, 2018  

What they want to teach them is ” You mean you don’t have to work all your life to have something when I can get cash handed to me now? ”
They’re also teaching them they don’t have to listen to their parents and that the parents are there to cater to them.

Anyone see the latest from the Socialist City Council of Seattle

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:39 on May 3, 2018  

New tax, a $500 charge for every employee working in the city. Imposed on the larger, I think it was something like 5 or 600 companies. The money to go to homeless housing and related programs.

Seattle City Council … working hard … to change Seattle into Detroit or Baltimore.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:33 on May 3, 2018  

Those weren’t windmills they were hostile knights! 🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:31 on May 3, 2018  

PS Liberty The thing that really needs closure is our own gov officials. I don’t know if you picked up on the search from the link I posted but the Gov first priority after the sailors got home was to look to court martial them. Can you imagine being in a hospital bed all shot up while Some arrogant paper pusher is asking you did you do what you were supposed to do?
Especially knowing they knew about it. The question should of been to those Gov workers is DID YOU DO WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO, OR LEAVE US TO DIE! SOBs They are the ones who should of been Court Martialed! Of course they wernt and privately given metals but we wernt supposed to know the truth.

Just a thought…

Posted by NEMO @ 11:24 on May 3, 2018  

Is it not funny, that Elliott is rhyming with Don Quijote ?

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