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While Maya is on watch for rumbling in the basement, Macroman 3 wonders about the excess dampness.

Posted by Equisetum @ 23:17 on May 6, 2018  


Maya @ 22:14

Posted by amals @ 22:24 on May 6, 2018  

Un-huh.  When you think of what’s going on beneath the surface to produce something like that…Ok, then.  I think I’ll be going now…

Hawaiian backyard barbeque

Posted by Maya @ 22:14 on May 6, 2018  

Sunday Ponzi World

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:28 on May 6, 2018  
And the end-of-cycle version of the Citigroup circle jerk doesn’t have a happy ending:


Readers comment on Perma-bull-PM salesman John Rubinos’ latest ZH article.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:18 on May 6, 2018  

then for those that believe gold & silver are relics, there’s buttcoin, for they have complete faith in the casino and really believe something with no intrinsic value is going to make them a fortune. Hello Bernie Madoff.


To sum up, gold’s technicals are improving and silver’s are so positive that you have to wonder if there’s a catch, though what that would be isn’t obvious.
What’s the catch?
The catch is the bullion bankers and the regulators, with the schmoozing coverage of the financial press.
Silver currently has a potential moonshot building beneath it, but it all depends on the actions of the usual suspects.  That’s the catch.
Both metals will be rising rapidly when the central banks collect enough gold to save their asses when the banking system fails, along with fiat currency.  ‘Debt jubilee’ will be a giant hike in the price of gold to cover their absurd amount of derivatives.
And if you’re dumb enough to believe commodity prices aren’t manipulated by the banking system / ESF, then do a quick duckduckgo on ‘fines for precious metal manipulation’, especially the ones where Doosh bank admitted to it, and publicly disclosed the emails on how they were doing it.
Watch the Shanghai prices start to drift higher from the crimex / lbma.  Shanghai is delivery only, no fine print where they give themselves the option to pay in fiat.

Hand in Hand

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:10 on May 6, 2018  

Coeur to Participate in Goldman Sachs’ Leveraged Finance Conference

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coeur Mining, Inc.’s (“Coeur” or the “Company”) (NYSE: CDE) Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Peter C. Mitchell, will participate in the Third Annual Goldman Sachs Leveraged Finance Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

The Goldman Sachs Conference is an invitation-only investment conference. Presentation materials will be made available on the Company’s website at


Most refreshing news…Elliot

Posted by Samb @ 16:45 on May 6, 2018  

Now we learn that even a rabid Neocon can enjoy a game of softball.

Breaking News, for Sunday: a revolution for our beer trucks

Posted by Elliott @ 14:29 on May 6, 2018  

time to run out and buy hydrogen miners LOL.. My softball games got rained out…



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:08 on May 6, 2018  

Amazing, first time I can agree with you.
Although one who had been in Mid East pointed out to me about places like Syria that they ” Christians and Jews” could once live in peace because they were useful to them once and that is no longer the case. Never been there don’t wanna be cuz as a woman that might not work out even as a tourist so can’t say what true or not. One of my friend said I got to stop listening to all this negative but then I can see talking to people who are not paying attention you can see things differently. That includes our elections like your mention of Calif. Are you referring to the gay one think his name is Wu who want to ban the Bible while Pan is working on usurping free speech on the internet if it doesn’t agree with what he wants to dictate. Not all gays or atheist want to ban the Bible or harass Christians, only takes a few. They’re just useful idiots to communists. He wants to have more tax payers dollars go to gov held jobs censoring what people are saying. Good luck with that, but then again you never know. They have this bad habit about not believing or worrying about it until it’s too late.

Christianity has been under attack by atheists, communists and Muslims

Posted by Elliott @ 13:08 on May 6, 2018  

The current news out of California shows the lengths that atheists go to deny religious rights to Christians.  Communism always tried to outlaw all religions as the leaders always wanted complete subservience of the people to the government.  I served in Lithuania during 97-98 and saw how the people there had a huge rebirth of religion (all branches of Christianity) after the Russians left.  Muslim nations, with only a couple of exceptions, do not allow Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion.

I do not see an end to religious wars in the near term.  But you never know.  Look at how the Saudi’s are working with Israel and have formed a partnership against Iran.  I think that the Egyptians, Gulf states and Jordanians feel likewise.  Now if the Iranians decide to stop their attempt of building their world wide caliphate, then peace could break out within the Islamic world.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:47 on May 6, 2018  

Yes I’m aware of that and wonder what can be done to stop all these religious wars?
It only seems except in Mid East to be driving people away from religion not toward it. I believe part of communism was to un- glue the bonds of religion except in cases where they use it “which appears not to be about religion” in itself but for political power as Muslim leaders are doing. What the everyday people of any country see is their people and homes being destroyed which then feeds into it. That is a threat Israel is aware and defending their country.
In the meantime Christians today are being persecuted, no forward thinking it’s happening now. When Obama was in he did absolutely nothing about it. Not that it surprised me.

goldi, No I never said or inferred that. Genocides since the age of Christ are all well documented..

Posted by Elliott @ 12:29 on May 6, 2018  

Today, the only large scale, on-going attempt at genocide, is the attempt by the Persians to destroy Israel.  The Iranians are working hard to achieve that goal and their stated plan is to attack the USA and the nations of Europe after that.

Elliott you think Jews were the only ones.

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:51 on May 6, 2018  

Appears the difference is Christians believe in forgiveness and revenge is the lords. It makes them easy target sometimes by cowards that think they can get away with it because of it. For instance do you see a gay couple asking Muslim bakery to bake them a wedding cake?
The persecution of Christians can be historically traced from the first century of the Christian era to the present day. Early Christians were persecuted for their faith at the hands of both Jews from whose religion Christianity arose and the Romans who controlled many of the lands across which early Christianity was spread. Early in the fourth century, a form of the religion was legalized by the Edict of Milan, and it eventually became the State church of the Roman Empire.
Christian missionaries as well as converts to Christianity have been the target of persecution ever since the emergence of Christianity, sometimes to the point of being martyred for their faith.
The schisms of the Middle Ages and especially the Protestant Reformation, sometimes provoked severe conflicts between Christian denominations to the point of persecuting each other.
In the 20th century, Christians have been persecuted by various groups, including the Islamic Ottoman Empire in the form of the Armenian Genocide, the Assyrian Genocide and the Greek Genocide, as well as atheistic statessuch as the Soviet Union and North Korea. During World War II members of some Christian churches were persecuted in Nazi Germany for resisting Nazi ideology.
In more recent times, the Christian missionary organization Open Doors (UK) estimates that 100 million Christians face persecution, particularly in Middle Eastern countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.[1][2]

Turkey Greece

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:41 on May 6, 2018  

Are next due to territory of the sea.
Both heavily weaponized. Armstrong just wrote a short note on it.He said he’s calling in his gold reserves , as currency won’t suffice in war.Pre/ war? So much for new world digital currency.
Both under NATO.

why bother typing so much

Posted by eeos @ 9:58 on May 6, 2018  

Does the banner say Jewish tent? Trying to stir up things more. People can say all kinds of ignorant things are you going to try to referee all day. Do you need to respond to every posting you think is unjust. You’re not needed here

The mother of conspiracy theories, the idiots are bored I guess

Posted by Elliott @ 9:39 on May 6, 2018  

The evil hatred from the knuckleheads who believe such tripe is remarkable.  The Jew haters on the attack again with their stupid theories supported by their racial hatred.  Give me a break.  The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a remarkable fraudulent writing to support the Czar’s secret police is the cornerstone of the idiocy.  This fraudulent writing has been the support for all the acts of genocide against Jews since 1905.  All this crap about Karl Marx, his writings about communism were subverted by the evil leaders of the Soviet Union to what most people think is communism.  News flash, communism failed around the world.  The Chinese have morphed communism into something else that is not communism as Marx wrote it…it has recently become a totalitarian dictatorship.  Most importantly however is the idea that the writings of one Jewish man could be so detrimental to mankind.  Only a Russian propaganda site like Zero Hedge would print a story about how America is turning into a communist country.  Yes, there are lots of progressive socialists and even some commies running around, but I do not see them gaining in power.  The election of President Trump hurt their cause badly.  If it were not for all the evil Christians and atheists who implemented communism in it’s various forms, Marx would be a little known writer with some strange ideas.  Now why don’t you hateful, ignorant idiots, and you know who you are, go back to posting your garbage on one of the Nazi websites.


PONZI WORLD=S&P500 Mini Speculators raised their bullish bets to highest level since February 6th, implosion Commercials largest short since “ever” time:

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:35 on May 6, 2018  

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Canyons In The Facade

The headlines read like some sort of dystopian horror novel now. There’s only one way to explain this gong show – in the context of an aging Idiocracy terrified of change while cannibalizing the status quo with ferocious intensity. After all, mass consumption is their status quo…

Let’s start with the shock and awe:
Commercial net longs have now dropped to record lows, to make room for stampeding dumb money:
Commercials largest short since “ever” time:
While we’re near the topic of consumer staples:


God Bless America-the 1st time ever heard–1938- by the public-written by Irving Berlin

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:21 on May 6, 2018  

My father was from Michigan City Indian-I was there every summer–loved the beach on Lake Michigan & the hickory smoked chubs and whitefish-I am PROUD to be an American

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:16 on May 6, 2018  


Posted by goldielocks @ 2:28 on May 6, 2018  

All those quakes! That’s insane. Some major shifts going on. must be hard to sleep. Then the after shocks will come. It could go on for awhile. People with kids are gonna have it harder. Giving them safety rules of what to do helps empower them a bit to alleviate the fear.
So some waves might be heading our way? Have to alert the surfers. I know your not kidding although still will alert the surfers it just might be karma. I wonder if Brown and Pan can swim.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:18 on May 6, 2018  


Hangin’ out… every dutch door has a photographer


What scares me now

Posted by Maya @ 2:03 on May 6, 2018  

is not the actual eruption.  Lava is slow moving, as Goldi noted, unless it happens to boil up in your street it is easy to get out of the way.   But this earthquake swarm going non-stop along the volcano coast has never been seen before.


This whole area is a lava shelf that is slowly subsiding into the sea.  With this whole swarm of quakes in the area, my fear is that this big shelf could slide off the mountain into the deep sea.  That would generate a Pacific wide Tsunami that would take out California, 2500 miles east of here.  Local officials seem worried also, with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issuing reminders about Tsunami awareness and inundation zones along the islands coasts.

from Makow

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:34 on May 6, 2018  


Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883), was a 19th century Jewish political ideologue who presented himself to the world as a journalist and economist. He is best known for subverting the nascent Socialist movement, likely as an agent of his cousin Rothschild; and on instructions from his mentor Moses Hess, creating a supposedly “scientific” theory known as Marxism.

Marx came from a long line of Jewish rabbis. He lived in Dean Street, London in squalor. He used to visit the Red Lion Pub at Great Windmill Street, Soho where he and Friedrich Engels were asked to write what became the Communist Manifesto. His best known work is the book Das Kapital, which fails to mention that money is printed out of thin air and by his cousins, the Rothschilds.


Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Trier, Kingdom of Prussia on 5 May 1818, an Ashkenazi Jew, to Hirschel Mordechai and Henriette Pressburg. Marx’s Jewish name is Chaim Hirschel Mordechai. Marx descended from Talmudic rabbis; his paternal ancestors had provided rabbis to Trier since 1723, a post last held by his grandfather.

During the Napoleonic War of the Sixth Coalition, [Marx’s father] Hirschel Mordechai became a Freemason in 1813, joining their Loge L’Ètoile anséatique (The Hanseatic Star) in Osnabrück.[3] After the war, he feigned conversion to Lutheranism as a means to better infiltrate Prussian society. He pretended to be an “assimilated” bourgeois Enlightenment liberal, interested in “free thought” and was wealthy, owning some Moselle vineyards.

One of Marx’s grandparents was Nanette Salomon Barent-Cohen, who belonged to a wealthy Amsterdam family. Her cousin had married Nathan Mayer Rothschild and bore Lionel Nathan Rothschild, “Baron” and Member of Parliament for the City of London.


The only good communist is a dead communist. Waste them.

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