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@ Elliott re 15:34, Your disbelief that most countries have been quietly merged.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:49 on May 11, 2018  

What you said sounds right and logical by what we see and hear in the Media. Unfortunately in my case, I see different things than most people. For example you said…

Re your,

“China is working the most at present to supplant the USA as the world’s leading power ”

Me? I say, “China” is not really China. Its a harbor for manufacturers around the world. For example if I from USA had a manufacturing plant in the USA, and I moved it to China (a place) all the Copper that I need to fabricate widgets, would be delivered to China the place.

Then the news would say…”China is importing all the Copper” No it was ME having it delivered there.

Re your

“China is working the most at present to supplant the USA as the world’s leading power”.

You could say that Global multinational manufacturers already started that back in 1979 and at “present” they are starting to get curtailed with tariffs and or called onto the carpet. China was just along for the ride. The USA was once the chosen “Vendor” by global corporations or inventors starting after 1913 and all the financing that crashed in ’29.

I think the globally active corporations are trying to rotate back to replenish the USA people for their own good. When we went down in 2008 we took the whole planet down with us. So its wise to help the goose that lays golden eggs.

re your..”engaging in military one-upmanship”?

In my view it was a fake false rivalry with USSR after the war (a shot was ever fired) to maintain special interest military spending on both sides until USSR (taxpayers) went bankrupt first. The USA was supposed to get a “peace dividend” and save on spending but that never happened. In fact USSR never stopped wasting money sending rockets up into the sky.

After that happened, I predicted China would be the next fake rivalry. I even figured the global buffoons would want to beef up China with our consumer dollars so they could afford a new unneeded pork barrel arms race.

There will NEVER EVER be another big country against country world war again. They were all gradually intermingled. But they made everybody THINK they still had separate countries. This unfettered mass migration that’s been going on was no coincidence.

The only “wars” I see are the rebels in various countries that are not happy with integration. Signs or evidence? Look at all the populous movements going on. Brexit, Italy, even the USA. And all those Arabs in the M/E. They are not happy at all with the shotgun wedding global integration.

Re your,

“Right now, in the long run, the main economic and military threat to the USA is China.”

In my view? No threat from China, and in the long run, the main economic threat to the USA is another 9/11 its the new modern way of fighting wars. Also the national debt time bomb, or a big stock market crash or big corporate bankruptcy.

Re your.

““The main economic problems the world keeps having are related to the failure and breakdown of global socialism” is not supported by any facts known to me.”

Like Margaret Thatcher once said, socialism is fine, until you run out of other peoples money. In this globalized integrated world, a world that lives as one big Europe, countries with “baggage” were married to countries with no baggage. The USA has lost a lot.

Re your.

“the USA, China, Russia and the EU are causes of the economic problems of the world.”??

Ya know? How about global bankers manipulating everything? Them and their media have been operating like a big global gov’t. And paper money expansion that causes feast or famine. Inflation leading to deflation.

If you have enough butter for five bagels, and try to spread it onto 20 bagels, nobody tastes the butter. I see two global cabals. One is the philanthropists types that love to help underdog countries. The other is the big global corporations that move their nomadic wealth, plus yes greed, and don’t like borders. So the two work together.



Posted by goldielocks @ 18:58 on May 11, 2018  

No, I know nothing about your trades but you can make trades in the meantime. I think most feel the same about the stocks currently. I’m beginning to see them no better than investing in risky penny stocks at the moment.

So Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 18:23 on May 11, 2018  

are you thinking I should sell all my gold and silver holdings?

Am I reading you right?


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:28 on May 11, 2018  

This dollar/ gold teeter totter economy I wouldn’t waist your precious time on them. You can even make money when it goes down not even shorting buying bounces or the dollar bounces although lately significant bounces in this apparent consolidation phase is tricky. Watch it, draw lines, is it side ways, depending how many months, down, up, and don’t always depend on what it did last year at that time. It may be the opposite, may retrace a few years then switch. You’ll probably see the signs when it does in earnest if we live that long.
Every generation when it comes to PMs probably has their stories the good and bad. We may be getting out when another getting in to just go through what we did once. Say this is it then, what? TA is easier when it moves in earnest to make a little longer PO but as we know that could change.
I think there’s a reason PMs are hated, a lot of people probably have been burnt.
There’s probably some from 08 that never came back or were broke and couldn’t.
With the advent with other alternatives like bitcoin the young probably hearing people being in it along time , saying I’m cool with that I’m not waiting 30 years to make money.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:03 on May 11, 2018  

Yes they will, Trump will then be accused “behind the curtain” of interfering with their gravy train.
It would be nice if it could go to vote for that reason but self interest by others also profiting mentioned doubt it will.

Hi Equisetum

Posted by Buygold @ 16:55 on May 11, 2018  

We just hang in there as long as we can. Whether you and I live to see the liftoff remains to be seen.

Hopefully we’ll be around to see it. I dunno.


COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 16:52 on May 11, 2018  

Funds getting played again.

Truth is, the banksters are the masters of flatling pm’s

Hate to break this, but we could get stuck in this range in G & S for a very long time.


ipso facto (9:39) , Buygold (11:24) And so we live another day, with hope for some future tomorrow.

Posted by Equisetum @ 16:47 on May 11, 2018  

goldi, I agree that getting the plan through congress will be tough

Posted by Elliott @ 16:38 on May 11, 2018  

But the line has been drawn, at a minimum big pharma may be scared enough to start cleaning house by themselves (like the old jawboning tactic).  But even an executive order is a lot of progress, and the big pharma people and their supporters will see that by fighting the President’s desire to reduce drug prices and a lot of medical costs, the lobbyists and Democrats who fight the President will be in a tough position ahead of the midterm elections.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:24 on May 11, 2018  

Unfortunately it will be most likely by executive order due to past bipartisan lack of fiduciary duty to the consumers, “citizens” or its economic effects to them as usual. They set their own schedule of irreverent over immediate tasks prenending their too busy and expect everyone else to arrange their lives even if it’s not and obvious not for the better around them to make their donors happy, and they’re one of them either directly or indirectly.
If someone else comes along later and chips away or unravels it due to incompetence and greed, least Trump did his job for the benefit of the people.

The Germans, French and British meet with Iran next Tuesday

Posted by Elliott @ 16:12 on May 11, 2018  

We shall see what happens as a result of this meeting in Brussels.  Russia and China also signed the deal, and have said that they will work to keep the deal intact.  Of course the deal practically guarantees that Iran will legally have a nuclear weapon in 2025…and they will have ICBMs by that time too.  Any bets?  I am betting that nothing substantial will come out of the meeting.

If President Trump can beat the drug manufacturers, the doctors and the lobbyist who make it all happen.

Posted by Elliott @ 15:37 on May 11, 2018  

Then Trump will be reelected in a landslide.   Note:  The big pharma companies, the American Medical Association and their lawyers are all big Democrat supporters and donors.

No, I do not believe that the USA, Russian and China have been and are allies

Posted by Elliott @ 15:34 on May 11, 2018  

The on-going global chess game is serious business.  So far, the game has kept the world out of World War 3. The last time these three countries were allies was during World War 2.  Today, you can say that Russia and China are one man totalitarian regimes.  China is working the most at present to supplant the USA as the world’s leading power  Russia is trying to maintain itself as an equal partner with the USA and China.  Each of these 3 countries have cooperated with each other and competed against each other based on sphere’s of influence, economic considerations, and engaging in military one-upmanship.  In this contest, Russia is the loser as their tiny economy struggles to keep up its military threat while supporting a decent lifestyle for it’s citizens.  Right now, in the long run, the main economic and military threat to the USA is China.  The EU are still where they have always been, hiding under the US skirt.

Saying that “The main economic problems the world keeps having are related to the failure and breakdown of global socialism” is not supported by any facts known to me.  Population growth, water supplies, crazy (and corrupt) dictators, and the economic and military competition between the USA, China, Russia and the EU are causes of the economic problems of the world.  I can sum it up as “Greed and Stupidity”.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:09 on May 11, 2018  

They’re going after drug manufacturers. Another swamp and probably the most money passed to lobbyists then to politicians and even doctors despite news anti kickback laws.

re Russia and Israel Cooperation, My View? Un-cooperation Is Fake.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:55 on May 11, 2018  

The USA is and has been for decades, allies with communist USSR and communist China. That makes the USA partially communist, and those other global welfare recipients are SLIGHTLY less communistic. Israel is also part of the so called global commune-ity.

The main economic problems the world keeps having are related to the failure and breakdown of global socialism. Taxing the rich USA and giving to the so called “less fortunate” countries, until the effin bottom fell out in 2008.

No more money in the USA to share. 🙂 Now the bozos are scrambling and in panic mode trying to make the USA go from zero to 60 in 6 seconds. Its pot luck now if they waited too long.

Note: Everything the fake media reports is simply no different than somebodies classified add. Special interest advertisements.

Elliott @ 14:44

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:54 on May 11, 2018  

It makes for a safer world.

Erdogan is the one that worries me. Turkey’s taken a giant step backward after he solidified his power.

Ipso, re your 1140 post about Russia and Israel Cooperation

Posted by Elliott @ 14:44 on May 11, 2018  

Yes, the Russians fear Iranian nuclear tipped ICBMs as much as the west.  They also fear the growing Iranian influence with many millions of Shia living in Russia and on it’s borders.  The Russians also fear the Iranian attacks on the Saudi’s and their allies.  The Russians energy complex needs foreign money and the Russians play in the international markets.  We have also seen a lot of cooperation lately between Saudi Arabia and Israel.  The Iranians have only the Turks to schmooze with in that part of the world and I think the signs are already there that the Iran Turkish connection will grow.  Turkey has the 5th largest Shia population in the world behind only Iran, India, Pakistan and Iraq.

scum acting up here…can’t have gold above $ 1320 for end of week

Posted by Maddog @ 14:36 on May 11, 2018  

vital that it looks awfull….no matter the Dollar is down…but of course the SM has found that magical buyer.

Elliot re: Horwitz

Posted by Buygold @ 14:35 on May 11, 2018  

Has the big move started?

No. Today is just another joke of a day, with pm’s and pm shares sucking wind. Horowitz knows nothing.

DOW was down for almost five seconds today though.

Big Reversal On Drug Prices Now. “The Party Is Over”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:33 on May 11, 2018  

No more middle man, no more US subsidy for foreign discounts. $1 over there is $100 over here for the same drug. The massive amounts of drug commercials we see on TV? They never tell us the price on TV.

Little by little, artificial jobs will end. The MILLIONS of EPA jobs. Think about it. What the HELL do they do all day?? Imagine new phony scientific statistics, create more stupid rules while jerking off all day and get paid?

Because TPTB exported millions of real tax PAYING jobs for the foreign good on welfare, then to over ride the losses, they created tax ABSORBING jobs, and unneeded unproductive environment expenses,  and screwing the masses to support occupation creation fake jobs is ending.

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz says

Posted by Elliott @ 14:25 on May 11, 2018  

“Yesterday we wrote that the metals were getting ready to make a big move in either direction based on the pattern that was being formed. Gold has rallied from a low of $1,304 and is now trading at $1,325, and silver has traded as low as $16.30, now $16.80. Has the big move started?

Both metals are approaching key resistance levels — gold at $1,328 and silver at $17. If they can break through those levels, the big move could be up. Failure at those levels keeps $1,280 in gold and $16 in silver as part of the equation.

The next couple of days are very important in deciding if this is a real rally and the big move is up or this is just a dead-cat bounce and the big move is down. This is a great time to observe; like a great horse race, these markets can go either way.”

Foster Brooks cracks up Dean Martin

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:52 on May 11, 2018  

goldielocks @ 11:52

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:52 on May 11, 2018  

Lots of truth there goldie!

Looks like NJ has some crackpots too.

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:29 on May 11, 2018  

So they can take jobs nobody wants? Haven’t heard that excuse in awhile.
NJ Governor signs bill allowing free tuition for illegal immigrants.

Bankrupt Chicago buys anti Trump art but can’t pay their pensions.

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:16 on May 11, 2018  

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