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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:57 on May 12, 2018  

Why would Israel attack on 911? What is their reasoning for that? I heard plenty on Bush taking up where dad Bush left off?


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:05 on May 12, 2018  

Maybe he works for a boiler room. You know the kind that are sent to bring some stock down. I heard they get paid and or get paid for every response they get.
Anyways you have a mascot now. I knew I seen him somewhere before lol

goldielocks @ 16:13

Posted by Floridagold @ 20:16 on May 12, 2018  



LOL–I love the boys over on ZH–they are a lively and entertaining bunch!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:06 on May 12, 2018  
Polynik3s J S Bach Fri, 05/11/2018 – 19:16 Permalink

Israel attacked the USA on 911.

The War on Terror will End when Rothschild’s Lucifarian Israel is erased from the map.

God will give Christian Palestinians their land back.

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LaugherNYC Polynik3s Sat, 05/12/2018 – 00:01 Permalink

You guys actually believe this shit, or do you get paid to write it?

Are you bots or sentient human beings?

Look, it’s fine that you are a bunch of pathetic losers with shitty lives, so you need someone to blame, and some vast conspiracy that is responsible for your failure in life. I say it was a conspiracy of two – your inbred dad and the down syndrome 11 year old he raped in a St Pete cellar to beget you. But, ultimately that’s not your fault.

But it isn’t the Joos fault either. Not one rational, breathing hominid capable of free thought believes the Israel 9/11 crap, no matter how many times you get in a circle, drool and chant it.

Calling for genocide kinda kills your legitimacy and makes you a war criminal.

If there is a God, then he is certainly fallible (proof: you and a mirror), but odds are he will side with the people of peace, the ones who don’t ask him to erase millions from the map.


Posted by Buygold @ 19:52 on May 12, 2018  

Seems the Russians would have learned their lessons circa 1900 when the Bolsheviks killed at least 25 million.

But hey, if Vlad wants to repeat, good luck with that

Russia’s Unspoken Relationship with Israel President Putin on Israel: Relevant Quotes from the Kremlin Website

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:49 on May 12, 2018  

Alt-Media totally misunderstands – and oftentimes deliberately misportays – President Putin’s relationship with Israel, which a reading of the official Kremlin website’s most relevant links indicates is a lot better than most people may think.

Alt-Media dogma indoctrinates its followers with the notion that it’s impossible for Russia and Israel to be on friendly terms with one another, let alone allies, because President Putin is supposedly on an “anti-Zionist crusade” to “save the world”, which isn’t true whatsoever. Many websites have popped up and fed into this delusional “wishful thinking” with outlandish headlines and false narratives in order to reap revenue from increased web traffic and the donations that they hope to solicit as a result.

When confronted with the facts, many people who have been exposed to Alt-Media dogma for too long of a time react with verbal violence as they writhe in the throes of cognitive dissonance, unable to countenance that everything that they thought they knew (or rather, were brainwashed to believe) was a lie. For the bulk of them, their binary thinking has made it impossible to accept that any person or country that “legitimizes” Israel can ever be praised for anything else that they may ever do, meaning that these folks consider it unacceptable to sympathize with anything that President Putin and Russia do anywhere else in the world for the simple fact that both of them are on exceptionally friendly terms with Alt-Media’s supposedly biggest foe.

Russia’s Unspoken Relationship with Israel

I think he’s here to save us

Posted by eeos @ 19:48 on May 12, 2018  

He wants to take you through the conversion factor. Educate you on your misbeliefs. Save you

From A Zero Hedge reader= there will be a Russian Jew in charge of Israel at some point during the next 25 years

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:29 on May 12, 2018  
Putin invites Netanyahu to Victory March on anniversary of Nazi German defeat 
President Vladimir Putin has invited Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as his guest of honor at the Victory Day march Wednesday, on the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat. They will sit down for talks at the Kremlin later. Military sources note that this annual event traditionally parades the Russian army’s prowess. Putin’s invitation to Netanyahu is of pivotal significance in a hectic period. They meet three days before the May 12 deadline for President Donald Trump to re-certify or back out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and five days before the May 14 dedication of the newly-relocated US embassy in Jerusalem.
 The government that is on life support is housed in Tehran. You don;t see much from that country because foreign journalists are not allowed outside of Tehran, but the facts are that the country is one straw away from its fourth revolution in the last hundred years. There are public protests against the government in all major Iranian cities, the oil workers are on a nationwide strike, the people are upset about an economy in shambles, and the new sanctions are going to put even more heat on the towelheads in charge. The military will not stand for much more, and as they have done in the past will side with the Iranian people before taking orders to kill from a bunch of old theocratic lunatics in their 70s and 80s. 
Furthermore, there will be a Russian Jew in charge of Israel at some point during the next 25 years, and the young new King in Riyadh apparently seems more willing to work with Israel than to fight them. The Russian government wants to be part of the ruling equation in the Middle East so as to have a say in what price their oil sells for, and the nationalism that always has been a part of Russian politics will be hard pressed not to ally with a Russian leading Israel. 
So the more likely scenario going forward is a revolution that replaces theocracy in Iran with democracy, and a Middle East ruled by the triumvirate of the Saudis, the Israelis and the Russians. Its a time of great change in that region, and the old calculus is about to change in surprising ways. The Americans finally will have a way to extricate themselves from that hornet’s nest, no longer being bound to defend the region’s only democracy. Whoever opposes the coming changes will be rolled over, because they won;t have the money or the weaponry to oppose the new ruling class. 
That’s how I see it, and it explains why Russia is sitting back and letting Iran and Syria fight their own battles now in Syria. The world is going to look a lot different in 25 years, you’ll even be buying goods that have stickers that say “Made in North Korea”. 

Buygold Treefrog

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:14 on May 12, 2018  

Buygold we are already strong. Lol
Treefrog I know but like the saying don’t feed the trolls. I have another name though more fitting. What do you call a Wikileaks MSM copying troll who likes baseball.



Posted by treefrog @ 18:50 on May 12, 2018  

you said, “I vote for a troll policy.”

a couple weeks ago, i mentioned my personal troll policy – ignore them.

once i notice repeated troll behavior, i simply DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE TROLL IN ANY WAY.

responding to trolls, arguing with them, answering them – whatever – only stimulates them.  they seem to be strongly stimulated when you use their name.  best to avoid that. if they get no response, they get tired and bored.  they move on to bother someone else, somewhere else.  not a perfect solution, but good enough.



this is my personal policy, and i recommend it to others.  i like it better than having a formal policy for the group.  that would require giving someone censorship – like powers.  i really don’t like that idea.


Posted by Buygold @ 18:48 on May 12, 2018  

I don’t disagree. I just think we are stronger and will get through this… 🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:18 on May 12, 2018  

We’ve all had disagreements, misunderstandings, difference of opinions but this is a toll who goes from person to person to try to get a response troll. The toll doomed to have no home just create trouble where ever they go. Oh well, if that’s what you want guess he can get on with his Wikileaks’s self.


Posted by Buygold @ 17:00 on May 12, 2018  

Who is Elliot trolling?

He’s the official MSM checkpoint, his candle will burnout here eventually. No worries

Guys like him are all over the net. If we ban him we are no better than the rest of the sites than ban folks that don’t agree. Remember Gold Eagle? What a shit show.

Besides, I love it when guys like MM3, samb, treefrog, and Portugeezer contribute, makes for a lively site.

Yeah Elliott

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:16 on May 12, 2018  

I’m sure your a expert on buildings like your a expert on volcanos, like your a expert on stocks like PM was gonna have such a good day yesterday.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:13 on May 12, 2018  

I vote for a troll policy.

The Bloodlust continues…

Posted by Buygold @ 15:08 on May 12, 2018  

Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza Strip, More Than 20 Missiles Fired

The Israeli military struck Gaza Saturday evening and explosions were heard in the Strip’s north. According to Palestinian reports, the Israel Air Force fired 20 missiles toward an agricultural area east of the city of Beit Hanoun.


Posted by Samb @ 13:42 on May 12, 2018  

By all means, enjoy your Mothers day weekend with all your loved ones. Trusting that there are no major mishaps you will come back to us with the same loving attitude as was when you left. All knowing, with a copious venom for those that dare to disagree with you… on any issue. Typical Neocon.

wiki’s great…

Posted by treefrog @ 12:25 on May 12, 2018  

…if you want to find the elevation of hoosier pass, the population of costa rica, or the specific gravity of seawater.  if you’re looking at anything political, take it with a grain of salt.

same for google.  i always look at several entries and figure the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.  there are other search engines.  i think “duckduckgo” doesn’t lean as far to the left as google, but i still scan three or four items on a subject.

LOL, Portugeezer writes trash about Wikipedia, yet follows the quotes from Armstrong Economics

Posted by Elliott @ 12:17 on May 12, 2018  

Interesting to read about Martin Armstrong….from Wikipedia.  Yep, just the facts.


Google and the rest do have a liberal bias, especially on political matters.  However, the factual sites always show up ahead of “false flag” conspiracy theories.  Since conspiracy theory followers are so few,  because they are people who believe facts provided by honest reporting, eye witnesses, subject matter experts, etc., are just propaganda from the government….their silly opinions do not get much credence from the mainstream of public opinion.  Too often, facts used by these theorists are based on misquotes, conflicting reports in the midst of a big disaster, closely cropped and edited pictures, and coincidence.  When their silly facts are disputed by subject matter experts and eye witnesses, these conspiracy theory people simply retreat to their standard position of  “it is all a lie”.  Even when the lie is fabricated because thousands of people have conspired against them.  You know what I mean, like the “ghost army” of government conspirators who sneak into the WTC buildings day after day to drill holes and cut through walls to place explosive charges, circuitry, etc.  Nobody ever sees them, nobody ever sees the walls being cut open to expose the steel beams, etc, etc, etc.

I now will go and enjoy my Mother’s Day weekend with lots of family and friends.

Morning Portugeezer

Posted by Buygold @ 11:18 on May 12, 2018  

Pretty much like Snopes, built to support the official narrative and globalist, left wing agenda.

Something to remember

Posted by Portugeezer @ 8:09 on May 12, 2018  

Wikipedia: The site is shaped, often invisibly, by the collective personalities and agendas of its editors.

It is also policed 24hrs a day to ensure that certain propaganda that is exposed is immediately reverted.

The 911 government explanation is a major one, but many other false-flag operations are repressed.

Searching for Truth vs propaganda on google pulls up dozens of government storyline articles before any fact-based Truther articles appear.

Moral: don’t post dozens of Wikipedia links and expect them to be believed as gospel.

PS, I believe in Wikipedia and I use it a lot for facts and objective matters.

Wikipedia – A Propaganda Tool?

Wikipedia – A Propaganda Tool?

The great Ponzi World

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:00 on May 12, 2018  
Getting back to the casino, the S&P 500 is sporting nested first and second waves, having topped in late January:
The Nasdaq 100 peaked mid-March


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:53 on May 12, 2018  


Sheer Beauty… and a Gold Train!


Volcano on Pause

Posted by Maya @ 1:40 on May 12, 2018  

No new lava eruptions.  Sulfur Dioxide fumes continue to vent heavily.  I’ve got some SO2 masks coming in the mail.  Local suppliers mostly sold out.  Everyone is now in ‘freak-out’ hysteria over the POTENTIAL ash belches that COULD come from the summit crater.  It’s below the water table now, so the vent is steaming, with an occasional belch of ash if a rockfall goes down the hole.  The potential danger now is if the steam weakens the shaft walls and a rockfall blocks the chimney, the steam pressure will build up until the worlds largest ‘spud cannon’ goes off, ejecting rock, ash, and steam.

The lava that has been ejected so far was analyzed and found to be OLD LAVA that has been trapped under the rift zone since the last eruption in 1955… and some analysts say it could be as old as the 1790 eruption.  New, fresh lava from the summit and Pu’u O’o areas has drained downslope but has not yet appeared at the surface.  But it’s putting pressure on the rift zone that is swollen and cracked like it is very pregnant.  Earthquake swarms have moved downslope closer to Kapoho and could likely break out again further east than the present fissures.  That would be a better area for lava, with few residences and a shorter flow to the ocean.

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