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I just checked Zero Hedge-there isn’t one bearish article on the stock mkt or the action today.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:15 on May 15, 2018  

That means stock fall more…


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:15 on May 15, 2018  

Freedom isn’t free, it’s a ongoing fight some of which we were already born and enslaved into like taxes and wars we do not approve.


Posted by Buygold @ 21:55 on May 15, 2018  

Do you pay taxes, state and federal? Are you subject to Obamacare and the rules within? Does the US wage war without your consent?

Sorry, you don’t rule over yourself, neither does God.

Good night, good luck.

Ha what he does to others just came back on him. I’m sure Germanys Merkel will welcome him with open arms.

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:53 on May 15, 2018  

The George Soros foundation says it is being forced to close its offices in Hungary
* The philanthropic foundation funded by George Soros says it must close its offices in Hungary.
* Open Society Foundations says it cannot protect staff from government interference.
* A new office location will open up in Berlin, Germany.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:45 on May 15, 2018  

No one rules over me but myself and God.
Would you want that here. Merkel is down to about 30 % in popularity but still rules the Euro. It’s all about money. She has forsaken not only her country but all those around her. They lost their guns now rule of law and freedom of speech.
All we have to do is see what’s going on there can’t be too long before the effects of loss of confidence in government will start the fall while civil unrest starts to increase.


Posted by Buygold @ 21:32 on May 15, 2018  

Surely you jest. In Germany if you so much as question the 6 million holocaust you go to prison.

Please come back, I know it’s hard to criticize those who rule over you, Geez..

It’s getting bad in Europe. Pretty soon we won’t recognize it. Looks like the next ethnic cleansing will be white Christians

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:30 on May 15, 2018  

Video doesn’t even look like post war Europe looks like 1940s
In an eerily-familiar move, the German government has started cracking down on citizens who are dissenting from its questionable policies.
Concerned by a sizeable rally being held by Muslim Turks in support of their ethnic homeland, Germans took to the streets in Dusseldorf to launch a counter-protest, peacefully denouncing the protestors’ inflammatory position and statements.
Although the counter-protestors were understandably upset by the Turkish agitators, they did not physically harm them and tried to keep distance between them and their opponents. In spite of their efforts to avoid violence, the German citizens were subjected to it themselves.
Eventually, the police arrived on the scene, but not to arrest the Muslims openly waving the Turkish flag in the middle of the city. Instead, they came to round up the counter-protestors and take them to prison for the crime of criticizing the Muslim provocateurs.
This is undoubtedly related to the government’s recent announcement that it would prosecute policemen who came forward with evidence that Cologne attempted to cover up multiple mass rapes because the perpetrators were Muslim.

Mass Arrests in Germany of Anyone Critical of Islam, Merkel Policies


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:49 on May 15, 2018  

PS I wonder if a lot of this is coming from Europe. They blame Jews for everything. I call them as I see them. Separation of religion and power/money.
Schumer , nutty Spectre Id call them Jews by name only. What do we call the non Jews.Yet Europe sits on their hands because like the grandma who was a historian said all the brave are gone. Their own fault now. Just be nice to them like the shirkers.
Yes there some who will say any dialogue is anti this or that when it wasn’t directed as a group but the deed. That definitely was leaning that way.

Buygold Yikes

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:17 on May 15, 2018  

After angry parrot I could say nothing but he didnt succeed to make me like this guy.
All I can say is what no reptilians donating too?
Here’s a good one for zero hedge.
Maybe Obama was a secret Jew too to destroy our country. Not
Barbara Spectre, attacking the original ethnic Christians because they don’t wish to be over run by third world muskrats. Maybe she’s a Jew. Not
The list can go on. Nobody’s fault but theirs Europe sitting on their hands.
I used to enjoy Si Fi when I was younger but it got too stupid and no real plot.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:53 on May 15, 2018  

Much worse. I don’t think back in the 70’s the IMF or Europe controlled the Feds ability to stabilize our own economy or pension funds by telling them they can raise interest rates or the rest of the world will go broke. Effectively as Armstrong said the Fed has become the world bank which is hurting retirement funds as well including SS.
He warned as he’s been warning the next crisis will be in bonds and pensions. Where the majority of money parked.
This will cause loss of confidence in Gov and drive all tangibles up as far as gold bugs. Gold bugs currently only at 7 %. We are only a small group 7% That will grow.
Getting out of being the reserve currency would be good for our enconomy for that reason. Bad thing corrupt wishy washy IMF wants to control it as far as reserve, That shouldn’t happen.
Problem with basket of currencies. We are the only country that hasn’t canceled our currency. Old dollars still redeemable,
How will that work in a basket where other country’s can and have canceled their currencies and started another.

Armstrong says we’ll see the signs starting in other countries first. Might start next year. Might have a rise at end of year but it will be loss of confidence that’s when all tangibles will rise.

Well written article – Goldie, anyone reading ZH for financial advice is nuts

Posted by Buygold @ 19:38 on May 15, 2018  

5. The Trump campaign was given $25 million by billionaire oligarch Sheldon Adelson (the largest campaign donation made by anyone to any candidate), who provided a further $5 million for Trump’s inauguration. Adelson is a sociopathic pro-Israel hawk who once called on the US to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran. He was present at the opening of the Jerusalem embassy, getting what he paid for.

6. Any position on Israel that is determined by words made up by dead men thousands of years ago is intrinsically invalid. Saying the Jewish people are more entitled to Israel than those who were living there seven decades ago because of some superstitious voodoo written in obsolete religious texts is not an argument. Religious freedom is important, and it’s important to be able to believe whatever you like, but your beliefs do not legitimize your actions upon other people. If you murder someone in the name of Allah, you have murdered someone. If you kill 58 people because you feel some ancient scripture entitles you to a particular section of dirt, you have killed 58 people. Your internal beliefs do not give you a free pass for your egregious actions upon others.

7. Israel is very dangerous and completely unsustainable, but its interests are aggressively promoted by powerful plutocrats and lobby groups. It’s like if fracking was a place.



Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:51 on May 15, 2018  

re your “One other thought on the 70’s and now. Back in the 70’s gov’t debt could handle much higher rates.”

Yes back in the 70s before imports and when we had much higher tax payer wages, the gov’t also had higher “wages”.  The whole country was embezzled. Taxpayer wages lagged inflation, so tax receipts lagged inflation. $20 trillion tax shortfall. So far.


Robert Mueller

Posted by commish @ 17:02 on May 15, 2018  


Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 16:53 on May 15, 2018  

One other thought on the 70’s and now. Back in the 70’s gov’t debt could handle much higher rates.

Not the case today, I’m not sure the debt can even handle the current interest rates, let alone if rates were to spike from here. At some point gov’t debt will blow.

Maybe at the end of the day, that’s what will save gold…


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:45 on May 15, 2018  

Your so knowledgeable with trading why do you bother with reading Zero Hedge? Is it for entertainment reasons?

Capt. Hook makes a compelling case about the relentless call buying in PMs

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:16 on May 15, 2018  

Today the SLV  June 15th $15.50 call had a volume of 3031 and a h’yoooge open interest of  45,124.

Avast me hearties…listen to the Captain!


Posted by Richard640 @ 14:58 on May 15, 2018  

The JNUG 14.50 May 18th  call has an unheard of 8664 calls volume so far…normally large call volumes in an individual strike aren’t usually predictive of anything…but this number of calls with 3 days to expiration has never been seen before to my knowledge…400 or 500 would be a large number for JNUG

NEMO – and there is the American version :

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:14 on May 15, 2018  

( We’ll steal anything that is not nailed down , LOL )

But I have a question for you . In the Kaiser video , he and his son are wearing kilts . I believe that you go to Scotland to fish for salmon ( or am I wrong ?) . What is the connection between the Kaiser and the Highlands of Scotland , other than via the Windsors ( blood relatives )?

Paint the tape, shake the tree

Posted by deer79 @ 13:48 on May 15, 2018  

Yes, business as usual from the Cretins.  Another opportune time to try and breed a bit of panic amongst metal holders. Two times in May, Gold bounced off of the 200MA, and the manipulators needed some fuel to convincingly push it through that support line (retail sales #).  Sorry I’m not posting a chart, but IMHO, it looks like we could find some support @$ 1275 (lows from mid December). 

Howdy Gowdy under fire.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:18 on May 15, 2018  


Rep Trey Gowdy, who allowed the Benghazi commission to be turned into a whitewashing of the guilt of Clinton and Obama, told Jason Chaffetz in an interview on May 11th, “You know, Jason, it was a really productive meeting yesterday. I think every question I asked the bureau and the department now understand they’re relevant, they’re material, they’re specific, they’re pointed and there’s a reason that Congress wants to know the answersto these questions.”  … [[WATCH TWO REVEALING VIDEO

Gowdy made his pitch on behalf of the establishment as one of their key operatives, demeaning American patriots trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on as he did as being misguided. Gowdy said, “It was a really constructive, I know that is not good news from the media standpoint, that we had a boring, constructive meeting yesterday, but that’s exactly what it was. And it was so constructive that we’ve agreed to meet next week.” He’s not that big of an idiot but he certainly seems to believe that we are.
t was not so constructive that the obstructionists Gowdy’s allied with at DOJ have agreed to release the documents they’re sitting on, one’s that will likely land many of them in prison if they do.  In making his defense of the DOJ criminals, Gowdy continues, “You asked if I saw something. I can learn with my ears and I can learn with my eyes,” taking the position that having his information spoonfed once the DOJ has determined what Americans should be allowed to know is acceptable.
Chaffetz, who was the Oversight and Reform Committee chairman before resigning, is not convinced, asking Gowdy, “But when do you actually get to see them?” Gowdy goes into the kind of lecture that would make Obama proud about “intentional tension” between branches of government, making extremely weak excuses for the obstruction and avoiding admitting “likely never” if he does his job as he has in the past.
Issa relays an incident in which he sat in the Capitol with Eric Holder in which he told him there were only “200 some” relevant documents and he would hand them over ‘in an unprecedented way if that would end their investigation into Fast and Furious. Issa points out that still, 10,000 documents later, some of which show Holder’s interference, we’re still not done with it. That sounds an awful lot like the Gowdy-Goodlatte deal to accept a release of 400,000 documents under gag order in exchange for them getting to bury the other 800,000 forever…

Issa says that is exactly what they did not do in Fast and Furious, Benghazi or the IRS. “And it took IGs, and subpoenas and FOIA and judges. And we still don’t have the whole truth in each of those cases,  particularly Benghazi and Fast and Furious.” One of those was led by cheerleading Trey Gowdy.

He points out, “We are being asked to trust the Department of Justice, who we know, did in fact use a law that allows them to spy, but lied to get the warrants, lied to a federal judge under the FISA Act.” He says, “A FISA warrant is in fact a license to spy…Now we’re asked to believe that you can trust the very people, not the management for a moment, but the very people who know this and are covering it up..
“Most of those people haven’t retired,” says Issa. “Some of them knew about it when they broke the law or misled a federal judge, and they don’t want us to know it.”
So we’ve got one former Oversight Committee chairman visibly doubting the words of the current chairman, Trey Gowdy, and another former chairman stating that Gowdy, who allowed similar obstruction during Benghazi, must be fully aware that he’s being lied to as he attempts to sell the American people on allowing censorship and selective criminality to take place within the US Government.
Ah shucks, Mr. Gowdy, no sir. You can stop shoveling, we’re not buying anything you’re peddling today. Just keep your little manure wagon moving and while you’re at it, resign from Congress. Your kind don’t represent the right people.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:56 on May 15, 2018  

Borrow from capitalism to feed socialism.
Socialism is a wolf in sheeps clothing that says it wants peace and prosperity. No they want division, money, power and put the rest in chains to feed their debt and vain desires. When more people realize that although they should start waking up on how hard they fight people like Trump, gold will go up. Politicians get paid whether you do or not. Maybe a law should be made if economy slumps they get pay cuts. Same with bankers.

It looks like

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:53 on May 15, 2018  

mingoldfutwe could hit a seasonal low about on may-18 and next high  on Aug 10  near $1406 for gold

Same old crap

Posted by Buygold @ 12:51 on May 15, 2018  

USD has given back almost half it’s gains from the top this am, and pm’s are stuck near the lows.

If this continues, the shares will just get whacked into the close.

goldielocks @ 12:15 Where else is money gonna move?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:39 on May 15, 2018  

I think the money goes where they want it to go. Its a global European welfare socialist type system we have, and they call it capitalism.

The JNUG May 18th $14.50 call has incredible volume of 7556-

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:34 on May 15, 2018  

Also of note=Crimex gold is dead on the low of the day at 1291, down $27…yet JNUG is is 46 cents off its low of 13.78–who are the brave/foolish believers buying this tape? The $ index has come .335 off its high but is still up .548

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