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Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:15 on May 18, 2018  

I wasn’t talking about immigrants. But it fits the observation, that people in various countries and relearning why it was the way id was, before open borders. Before globalization. Which is trying to reverse. Back to borders.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:43 on May 18, 2018  

That’s not what’s happening. It’s not us immigrating. It’s not us landing in another country illegally and start demanding things. It’s not us pushing our culture on others in their country ” as far as I know.” You can’t invade another country and call THEM racist when it’s them playing the apartheid game.
We need not unlearn anything. It’s them who need to learn.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:47 on May 18, 2018  

Agreed on that. The whole system is in a transition situation. From old to new. So its hard to say how things will evolve. I think things will evolve better, but very uncomfortable first going thru the transition. Have various investments.

A long term trend. Learn, unlearn, and relearn. People figure something out. (learn) Later on people modify or change (un-learn) what was figured out. After that, they figure out why it was the way it was. (re-learn)


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:16 on May 18, 2018  

Assimilation is gone, everyone is me myself and I. It’s only about them, special interest. They are trying to indoctrinate our kids to think that’s okay to get walked over and it’s not okay. We know that but we have a deep swamp now. More people need to wake up.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:08 on May 18, 2018  

That because we’re supposed to worry about everyone else, while everyone else ONLY worry about themselves.
Time we only worry about ourselves first until we see different with everyone else but doubt that will happen anytime soon.


Posted by Buygold @ 21:04 on May 18, 2018  

I won’t defend the Muslims, I don’t want them, Mexicans or anyone else in this country either unless they assimilate into our culture.

The Jews haven’t assimilated either, they’ve taken over – Media, banking, education, lobbying and corrupting our political system with money US Taxpayers have given them.

What have they contributed? Cultural Marxism, Pornography, Gay Rights, War, Divisiveness, Destruction of a Christian nation (although Christians haven’t figured it out), theft via Central Banking and on and on.

Buygold @ 20:19

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:57 on May 18, 2018  

Thanks for the heads up on that. I never gave him a thought. He’s was just another employee of the establishment under Bush to me. So he’s naturally an ass kisser of whoever he works for I guess. He must work for the NRA too then.

Re New Modern Religions, Not Yet Named.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:42 on May 18, 2018  

I remember in the ’50s I was a kid. Everybody went to church on Sunday, they passed a little straw basket around for donations. Gradually over time, after the left took hold, and jobs left, both spouses too busy all week earning a living, going to church became less and less popular.

My personal observation, I see new “religions”, the sports religion for one is probably the biggest one. Then you have the air, ground and water environment religion, and the piping plover religion, the anti gun, anti hunting, animal rights religion. The anti business and anti development religion. The anti SUV religion.

Lets not forget about the feminazi religion, “Origin and usage. Political Slang, refers  to “a committed feminist or a strong-willed woman”. Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh popularized the term among his listeners.”. Remember Nurse Ratched? “One Flew Over The Cookies Nest?

I’m sure you guys can think of a few more that I missed.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:33 on May 18, 2018  

They just might because their left is so adversary to US they will put the concerns even if unlawful or anti assimilation or anti American before America. Then the Muslims will be welcome in by the millions and there you go.
I know you will defend the Muslims but have to disagree with the Jews killing kids with that mob coming after them nor purposely targeted. They were armed with the purpose to kill and would of killed them. They brought their children purposely to be martyred and think those who did should have their children taken away. That’s not to mention strapping bombs on them, or taking abused sweet looking donkeys painting Jewish symbols on them then stoning or cutting their throats and burning them. Animals aren’t part of any war.
Yet I don’t agree with the treatment of the Arabs that were there before their settlement either.

As I said – the world is waking up. Stunned that the UK abstained

Posted by Buygold @ 20:22 on May 18, 2018  

In Stunning Rebuke, UN Votes To Investigate Israel For Gaza Mass Shootings

29 votes in favor, two opposed and 14 abstentions. The U.S. and Australia opposed, the UK abstained.

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 20:19 on May 18, 2018  

Here’s an education on John Bolton

He is a US/Israel dual citizen. He is an Israel firster and doesn’t give a rats ass about the US unless we serve Israel.

He’s never seen a war he doesn’t support – especially wars that benefit Israel

I’m stunned you don’t know this, you have great knowledge about almost every topic, albeit mostly financial.

Re John Bolton?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:11 on May 18, 2018  

I read a very long interview he had with the NRA, in the American Rifleman magazine. He’s patriotic, and loves the second amendment. So I liked him after reading it, but other than that, I don’t know anything about him.

Elliot – Now we’re into hypersensitive “code words”

Posted by Buygold @ 20:03 on May 18, 2018  

OK, no problem, even though all Jews are not Zionists, let’s just lump them together. I mean hell, I’m sure all Jews love killing Palestinian kids. Now you “Jews” own it Elliot. But I digress, you’ll never own anything. Nope just point the finger and say “I’m a victim!!!”

David Duke was on the Alex Jones show. No way, no how could Alex agree with Duke about “Jews” – after all Jones wife is Jewish.

Country is waking up and you “Jews” should be scared out of your wits because if the US population wakes up enough maybe you’ll be thrown out of this country like the other 100+ countries over the last 2K years.

Own your shit Elliot.


maya – Thanks For The Update

Posted by commish @ 19:18 on May 18, 2018  

Keep us informed on a daily basis if possible.

10801560_805205019540116_4720237505529088987_n Stringing an antenna during a field day exercise.

Student blames teacher instead of guns for school shooting

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:12 on May 18, 2018  

Another thing teacher bulling and they do.
Not only that you have crazys out there.
One teacher brought a puppy to school and in front of the class had a snapping turtle eat him alive while the puppy screamed in pain. Instead of putting the teacher down they put the turtle down These are sick people.
Another just recent caught two raccoons after one ate their chicken along with a possum just for fun put them in cages and instead of relocating them he kept them in a cage and had the students participate in drowning them in the cage by filling up a trash can. Just sick psychopaths.

The reporter then asked the student about his reaction to the school’s handling of the shooting, asking him if they handled it appropriately.
“No, they pulled the fire alarm and got everyone in one position, that’s not smart,” the student replied. “They should have done the right thing and left the people in the classrooms.”
The reporter then appeared to try to bait the student into making a statement on gun control, asking him what he thought about the state of America today.
The student once again pointed out the alleged gunman was supposedly bullied by coaches, saying, “I think it’s stupid, the coaches can’t talk to students like that and make fun of them. That’s their fault, and strictly their fault. Not the kid’s fault, but their fault, no one has talked to him or tried to be nice to him.”

Kim Jong Un

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:52 on May 18, 2018  

Not a Jew but if he is Elliot will point it out for us, who trust him on peace talks? I kinda don’t, but after Bolten ” is he Jewish?.. can they trust each other?


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:43 on May 18, 2018  

I don’t care if he’s a Jew. I didn’t even know he was and I know another part Jew friend who pointed it out because I never listened to his talk show. This was pre election where there was even division of conservatives who they wanted to elect. That’s the thing your saying because he’s a Jew you shouldn’t say anything negative about him. You point it out.
Only if their non Jew it’s okay like Waters, Pelosi, Juan whatever on Fox News on and on. I suppose that’s okay.
Case you don’t know that’s censorship.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:31 on May 18, 2018  

That’s something I’m beginning to see. Where do we draw the line on BOTH sides.
I know you can’t blame all Jews for what gov or propaganda do, not are all Jews rich. I have a half sister worried to death over her younger brother and I even tried to ask him maybe get out of the country he’s in and then he cuts me off too. So just like Bolten, Pelosi, numerous others everyone’s different.
It’s hard to do when there isn’t open dialogue but that’s on both sides because if both sides aren’t listening it won’t do any good.
We see that on MSM how they twist and turn things around.
Now Trump is saying all immigrants are animals because he called MS 13 animals and he probably saw pictures of their victims. Pelosi Schumer et you should see the stupid things they’re saying. As far as I’m concerned birds of a feather, left is just as dangerous no matter race or religion.

using codewords like “zios” and zionists is not fooling anyone

Posted by Elliott @ 17:28 on May 18, 2018  

You guys have a history on this site for attacking Jews.  Look back on your recent history in the last month and there are plenty of examples.  One says I should love Jones because he follows his Zionist masters.  Then the other twit chimes in and bad mouths Mark Levin.  Levin is a conservative republican who first worked in the Reagan White House.  Yet he was disparaged because he went from supporting Cruz to supporting Trump…because he was a money grubber.  Of course the other media types and millions of Cruz supporters who now support Trump is not an issue.  Only the Jewish guy who currently works at Fox News.  It was just a few weeks ago that you floated the fake story about 4,000 Jews not showing up for work at the WTC on 911.  You can pretend all you want and make up BS excuses, but the pattern of your behavior is known.


Posted by Buygold @ 17:18 on May 18, 2018  

Don’t explain yourself. Of course you’re not racist, if anything you’ve been pro Israel/Jewish since I’ve known you.

See, Elliot wants total domination of discussion, total loyalty to Israel/Jews, and total submission to the Chosen Ones. That is just barely good enough for him. You may never criticize and he will never acknowledge fault for anything, whether it’s the slaughter of children or control of a nation.

It’s always justified, no matter how egregious.

Problem he has is that people are waking up, and no longer believe the propaganda spewed by the Zionist controlled Western media.

How bout that

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:07 on May 18, 2018  

Levin is a Jewish name. Never the less just another talking head out for money so can’t trust his sincerity to this country when someone else comes along later.
I don’t know what agenda the others see perhaps being in hospitals so long it works like a convent where political/ religion stays behind. Had to be called before I got a iPhone every time something happened. We’re being attacked!! When?? Now!! Thing

Rumor Mill Reporting is BS!

Posted by Maya @ 17:06 on May 18, 2018  

This is the crap that makes me angry.  This story about the geothermal plant here is nothing but a fear-mongering rumor mill report from ZeroHedge.


Nobody did any fact-checking.  FACT:  50,000 gallons of volatile Pentane previously at the geothermal plant were removed last week.  There is NO explosion threat from the plant.  It has been shut down.

An explosion at the plant would NOT generate a landslide and tsunami.  The damn thing is seven miles from the shoreline.

The worst that could happen is that the geothermal plant and well would be covered by lava and destroyed… with no explosion potential.  I find it interesting that the eruptions and cracks have opened to the West and to the East of the plant grounds, but the immediate area of the Geothermal Plant are unscathed by the volcano at this time.   Perhaps removing all that heat from this area of the rift has hardened it against the cracking eruptions occurring now on both ends of the plant.   Just my crackpot theory, but the evidence is interesting.

So don’t believe all the scare-news hype about the volcano.

Elliot = John Bolton

Posted by Samb @ 16:49 on May 18, 2018  

Elliot, Why should anyone listen to you when Bolton can simply give us the pure  Neocon agenda? We don’t need you little Elliot, when we  have the real deal as our guide.

Angry Parrot

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:48 on May 18, 2018  

I never said anything about Jewish. Less Levin is don’t know. I don’t judge people on religion nor race although have a problem with Muslim ideology because it isn’t a religion but a war ideaology. Might want to look in the mirror. I have Jewish friends and relatives. That’s all I say about that personally. I have a half brother half Jewish whos been to Isreal will put a Shalom and Jewish signs on his sit wil in another country where jihad Muslims close by and I think he’s being stupid. His whole brothers and sisters are worried about him so he cuts them off. They turn on their own lol

buygold and goldielocks; geez, you guys find Jews everywhere and they are the cause for you general discomfort

Posted by Elliott @ 16:38 on May 18, 2018  

What racist idiots linger around here.

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