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This one is for you BuyGold. Just hoping ipso doesn’t censor me so Elliott’s agenda wins…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:20 on May 20, 2018  


Murder Surges 44 Per Cent in Khan’s London Amidst ‘Troubling’ Rise in Serious Crime

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:39 on May 20, 2018  

Sadiq Khan’s London has seen an “appalling escalation” of serious crimes including murder, violent robbery, and home burglary in the last year, according to new police data.
Figures released by the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee showing the number of crimes in the year to March 2018 revealed the murder rate surged 44 per cent in 2017/18 to 157, compared with 109 in the previous 12 months.

Violent robbery and home burglary were up by about a third in the period, and youth killings rose by 30 per cent from 26 in 2016/17 to 34 in 2017/18.

The figures also showed sharp increases in the number of rapes (18 per cent), knife crime offences (21 per cent), and shootings (23 per cent) from the previous year’s data.

Committee chairman Steve O’Connell said: “The unacceptable rise in the most heinous crimes such as murder, street robbery and burglaries is deeply troubling.

cont. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/05/20/london-murder-surge-serious-crime/

buygold, why?

Posted by Elliott @ 20:16 on May 20, 2018  

Probably because of the announced US – China deal to fix the trade deficit, thus ending fears of a trade war.

Someone tell me why

Posted by Buygold @ 20:08 on May 20, 2018  


S&P +16.25  /  +0.60%
Level 2,729.25
Fair Value 2,712.76
Difference 16.49
Data as of 7:52pm ET
Nasdaq +53.50  /  +0.78%
Level 6,927.50
Fair Value 6,871.44
Difference 56.06
Data as of 7:52pm ET
Dow +179.00  /  +0.72%
Level 24,900.00
Data as of 7:52pm ET

Kilauea eruptions on the Big Island

Posted by Elliott @ 18:43 on May 20, 2018  

Looks like the island is growing to meet the Loihi seamount which is located about 22 miles Southeast of the island.  Currently about 900 feet below the surface.  Maybe in another hundred years or so, mother nature has her own timeline.



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:25 on May 20, 2018  

Yes I saw that things were heating up there and the lava flow was now moving fast. Wasn’t sure what areas was being affected. Work keeping me busy. I wonder how close that man was from the lava? Apparently he was too close. Hopefully the damage happened so fast it destroyed the nerves and wasn’t in too much pain but that doesn’t stop shock which can also kill.
Hoping you and all are safe. Is is very far from that open market can’t remember the name I wanted to go to someday.
It sounds like that retired couple although that was a unwise move thought that it wouldn’t happen in their lifetime.
I saw a man over a week ago saying he was a few years away from retirement but can’t now future uncertain.


Posted by Buygold @ 16:52 on May 20, 2018  

Thanks for the updates and insights.

Godspeed our good friend!


Posted by Maya @ 15:52 on May 20, 2018  

Goldi- My understanding is that the man who was hit by the lava bomb has lost his lower leg.  There’s no salvaging it after being hit with molten lava… lots of mass and heat, and it just incinerates flesh and bone.  I’ve been close to slow flows, and it is like being put into an oven from the radiant heat.  Even flying over the flows at 1,000 feet up is like flying into an oven.  Stifling hot.

I expected the flows to increase dramatically like this as younger, fresh lava has now reached the venting area.  Now we wonder how long the outflow will last.  After the initial pulse and pressure release of the rift zone, it might slow or stop… or it could just keep flowing for years if well supplied from deep magma.  Pu’u O’o vent flowed near continuously since 1983 until the recent earthquake cut off that vent.  So this area of lower Puna could be overspread with lava for years to come.

My Helicopter pilot/ham operator told us last night that the flow was coming downhill so fast he had to warn the county civil defense workers on the ground trying to monitor the flow that they had to get out of the way NOW as the flow headed for the highway.  The flow entered the ocean near McKenzie State Park.

I am glad I had explored this area of the island in recent months before the eruptions began.  It is forever changed now.  This is part of the fascination of this place… watching major geologic changes take place in a human lifetime.  I remember the old village of Kalapana and it’s iconic black sand beach before lava flows consumed it all in 1983.  Now it is a large, undulating lava rock plate down to the ocean.  Geologic changes I have seen in my lifetime.  The power is awe-inspiring.

Again, you can find current, daily USGS reports here:


Multi-media photos and videos from USGS are here:


And the Hawaii County Civil Defense information on road closures and evacuations and lava flows status are here:


TV news reporter went in with a Leilani Estates resident to check their home… maybe for the last time.  The house is two blocks from a fissure vent.  This retired couple moved here from the mainland just about two years ago and purchased their ‘dream home’ in Leilani.  They were tearfully bidding farewell to their home during what may be their last visit.  The wife tearfully said “We knew it was ‘Lava Zone 1’, but we never thought THIS would happen!”

Well…. DUH!  What is the definition of stupid?


Elliott – thanks for stating those facts about the Iran deal succinctly .

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:19 on May 20, 2018  

As I understand it , even with those loopholes , the ‘deal’ was never signed by Iran . Trump was right to pull out as far as I am concerned .

Good Post !

Maya – thanks again for your on site reports

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:14 on May 20, 2018  

and the link a few days ago to the USGS site . The video posted there yesterday of the river of lava is mind boggling . The volume of lava looks to be an order of magnitude greater than the creeping lava fronts seen in previous videos of a week or more ago . If I understand your location correctly , you are inland from the crater and the lava flow . We wish you well .

Msg going around about Iran deal

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:06 on May 20, 2018  

Trump can’t get 20 B for a wall but Obama can give 150 B to Iran.

Can’t believe EU wants to continue Iran deal

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:20 on May 20, 2018  

Putting sales of products before safety of others when they use the money to fund terrorism and build missles that can hit their shores. The fact that they know it has hurt other areas in ME should be enough. Just total lack of any morals. Then they play humanitarian when it’s all about money while putting their own citizens in danger as well and then feed them tollarance propaganda.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:13 on May 20, 2018  

Hope your home stays intact after everything you’ve been through.
Saw that one man has been seriously injured by lava getting hit on the shin standing on his balcony. That a splatter could be as heavy as getting hit by a refrigerator. I hope his leg is salvageable as news seems to over dramatize everything but didn’t sound good.

The Iran Nuclear Deal: fatal flaws that Trump needs to fix

Posted by Elliott @ 9:37 on May 20, 2018  

A lot of articles on the subject and a lot of opinions.  I think that the major flaws are:

1- The deal has a sunset clause that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons in the near future.

2-Trust but verify.  The UN cannot inspect Iran nuclear sites without issuing a 23 day notice in advance.

3-Iranian military bases are not subject to investigation, …period.

4-The deal does not address Iran’s ongoing ballistic missile program.

5-The deal does not have any provisions to stop Iran’s support of  terrorism.

EU sources deny report of proposed new nuclear deal with financial aid for Iran

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:01 on May 20, 2018  

BERLIN (Reuters) – Three European Union sources have denied that diplomats meeting in Vienna on Friday to salvage the imperiled Iranian nuclear deal after Washington withdrew will discuss offering Iran financial aid in exchange for concessions.

A German newspaper reported on Sunday that diplomats from Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia will meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss next steps after the May 8 decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to pull out of a 2015 nuclear accord with Iran.

The Welt am Sonntag newspaper cited an unnamed senior EU official as saying that the diplomats would discuss a proposal for a new agreement between Iran and world powers that would be the same as the 2015 deal but with some additions to appease the United States.

These could include provisions to address U.S. concerns over Iran’s ballistic missile program and Tehran’s support of armed groups in the Middle East, the source said.

cont. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-nuclear-meeting/europe-china-russia-discussing-new-deal-for-iran-newspaper-idUSKCN1IL016

USA and China agree to reduce trade deficit

Posted by Elliott @ 8:16 on May 20, 2018  

Certainly, a lot of details to be worked out, but this agreement is a significant win for President Trump.


Rivers of Lava

Posted by Maya @ 5:08 on May 20, 2018  

…flowed from the extended fissure 20 today.  Lava advanced downhill at a flooding rate of 100 yards per hour to the south.  My ham friends report minutes ago that the lava crossed the coast Hwy 137 and is about to enter the ocean.  This has split lower Puna into two sections now.  The west side at Kalapana is only accessible on Hwy 130 which has cracks across the road near the eruptive zone.  They put steel plates across the cracks to keep the road open, and so far the cracks are not steaming.  But if that road is cut, Kalapana will be isolated.

On the east side of the lava flow, residents of the Kapoho area can still escape around the beach road at Cape Kumukahi, the eastern tip of the island.

Steam explosions continue to occur from the summit crater Halemaumau.  Last night at midnight one blast put a plume up 10,000 ft.

Woah woah woah ipso, I wasn’t threatening anyone with death, I was responding to Copper’s instigation of causing death.

Posted by macroman3 @ 0:17 on May 20, 2018  

I was agreeing with his $25k bounty on those who cause such mayhem. That bounty is incarceration for anything less than murder and rape.

Why we all need to be violent is beyond me. I will always call out those who think they are righteous to kill another, for anything other than family protection.

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