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Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:39 on May 23, 2018  


Passing the Auto Train to Florida…
“The longest passenger train in the world”


Going with the Flow

Posted by Maya @ 23:33 on May 23, 2018  

For the geographically challenged, here is a map of the current eruptive zone and lava flows to the ocean. My home is not on this map. It is top center a few miles north. On the map, the yellow highlighted “PGV” is the Puna Geothermal Venture plant that now shut down. This plant has had lots of local opposition and fear of what ‘might happen’ that so far are unfounded. Because the production wells go deep (6,000 to 8,000 ft.) into hot rock or magma lots of fear abounds among the ignorant.


The latest PGV ‘hit piece’ has now appeared on Zero Hedge. I will not link to it as it is absolute rubbish. The title says it all: “Did ‘Fracking’ cause the Hawaii Volcano to Erupt?” RUBBISH!
First, fracking is NOT used in a geothermal well. But the author conflates the well drilling terms and tries to make a speculative case for it. The geothermal wells have been producing electricity for years now, with no problem. Basically, my understanding is that the deep wells are treated as high pressure gas wells and are kept well sealed. That deep, the gas they collect is Hydrogen Sulfide that is brought up to a heat exchanger, transferred heat to Pentane to run the heat engine, and pumped back underground. Fears were that Hydrogen Sulfide blowouts could cause havoc for miles around…. but none has happened, aside from minor leaks that were fixed in short order. They have removed the Pentane, so it is not an explosion hazard. Now they have quenched the wells with water and valved them off. They are ready to be covered with lava if that happens. So far, the eruptive vent has built a berm on the side nearest the PGV plant so it might not be overrun by lava. The authorities have no idea of the underground structure of the wells….. they may already be destroyed from below by moving magma. But as time progresses, I doubt that a H2S blowout will occur. And what if it does… among the tonnage of Sulfur Dioxide already being emitted by the vents it would be just another air irritant to deal with. But the raving nay-sayers continue to rave.


Posted by Maddog @ 23:10 on May 23, 2018  


OK that’s enough!

Posted by Buygold @ 21:46 on May 23, 2018  

Can’t believe you all don’t think Pelosi is a hottie – botox or not!!

and she’s so smart!!



Posted by goldielocks @ 18:44 on May 23, 2018  

Second look it might have been a jet flying over that looked like it was coming up from the volcano.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:40 on May 23, 2018  

Check this out it’s not on YouTube FB Friend shared from another friend.
Someone caught it on their phone. Looks like rocket or jet coming right out of volcano area going straight up into the air and kept going leaving chem or contrails behind.

Treefrog 13:54

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:22 on May 23, 2018  

Maybe that Botox spread to her brain.

How About A Hug

Posted by commish @ 17:18 on May 23, 2018  


Wins first PGA Tour tournament.  Pockets 1.4 million dollars. Tries to get a kiss but get rebuffed.

Mr Copper: 15:31 Boomers and Coin Shops

Posted by winedoc @ 16:24 on May 23, 2018  

I also hang out for an hour or more  (3-4 times a  year)   at the local coin shop

Same  sentiment …..

All sellers  ………  (except me)  HaHa

I can’t believe the treasures  that people  drop off  and sell for spot or under ……

Of course the Coin Shop  Staff are playing both sides of  their book too,  they tell me there are lots of buyers,  but I doubt it.  Maybe they mean the refiners, not the public hahaha.

The PM stocks still have a wet blanket over them and I have a few I’m hanging on to as well, way underwater …….  like many others here.

But, Hey its happy hour,  and soon

Onward Pilgrims







Posted by goldielocks @ 16:14 on May 23, 2018  

Yep you can move over to less paperwork or pts but physical and stress still there.
I was watching a ER show the other day and had to hand it to this male nurse.
He found a complication most of us have come across with probably hiring of foreign help and getting little or no teamwork. A doctor was defibing a Pt in cardiac arrest and this female new nurse just froze. He got her to do the shock but when she did she didn’t say clear.
The doctors stethoscope was on the metal rail. The male nurse yelled no but she did it anyways killing the doctor.
So here’s the male nurse with two people in arrest at once and no help. Luckily they got a beat on the patient so he states CPR on the doctor while telling the frozen nurse what to do running back and forth between the two. He had to start a airway in the doctor which could kill him if he didn’t do it right and only did it once in a dummy. Meanwhile the wife of the PT saying what about my husband. No other doctor was around. The nurse sounded like a Christian and he did a hell of a job saving both lives in the end. One good nurse.
Point is there is a time you have to make a choice whether you could put other lives in danger because you might not be up to things like that happening and they do in different forms.
Even if you taper down like me my nurse friend said a friend of hers did too older than me by a few years and had a stoke. She said she recognized it and called for help before she couldn’t. To get out while you still have your health she was saying. At some point sober or little later I will.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:58 on May 23, 2018  

Silver or gold too. Yes that can happen. The relatives need to educate them or leave a note for them on it.
I gave one of my grandsons one and explained to him it’s worth more than a dollar and why. To set the seeds of awareness. He checks the price of silver since lol and was 10 when I gave it to him last year. Just didn’t want him growing up and taking the candy bar over a silver dollar.
Armstrong has a good video out about everything right now. He mentioned that as he has before about kids paying with their cell phones these days.
When sovereign crisis starts to unravel more will wake up. I’m guessing so will cryptos.
He said it will probably start in earnest in a few years. 20/21
He mentioned something about states too.
The panic or loss of confidence isn’t just countries move in panic think of 80 s where crooked traders came out cheating companies and affect on stock markets.
This time it will be gov. and can cause a domino effect. One state like NY, Illinois, Ca. will go then others. The Titanic?


Posted by Buygold @ 15:57 on May 23, 2018  

yeah, my job isn’t physically taxing so I can probably work for quite awhile longer as long as I’m productive and have value to the company I work for.

Nursing is a hard job, mentally and physically taxing. Long hours on your feet. Mountains of paperwork. Tough career.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:37 on May 23, 2018  

These are the generations that have zero concept of hard times.

They should have had a major scalping back in 2000 and again 2006, but nothing is allowed to disturb their cozy little world…now we are so far out on the ledge, there is no way back and the drop is unfathomable.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:35 on May 23, 2018  

You were smart enough to pick something that you don’t have to retire. My field as Bryrr knows is different less I figure something else up when nursing is all I know. As you know I could never be a computer guru. If I did find something it would probably be so I don’t get bored when your used to being over busy all the time. A nurse dropped by who retired telling me how bored she was with her husband and his friends watching sports on tv lol but doesn’t want to go back as it gets you physically after awhile. She told me I should retire because we know people who didn’t and it killed them. Not many last as long as we did I think it was 10 years at most. Now days they may not have that choice. Nursing wasnt meant to be a career. It started out as a volunteer thing in times of trouble. Wars plagues, childbirth, then would go back to their lives.
So many can’t now or in case of Calif getting out retiring somewhere else.
I think Calif in their brain dead thinking don’t care about the retired. They are no longer generating much taxes from them and their consumer habits may slow down although still there for grandkids whatever.
They might realize many times their kids then may follow, there or elsewhere when they find out how much better it is than here.
Yesterday while shopping for a few things for grandkids a older lady at the store offered to help me take it to the car. I didn’t need help but said okay because she was looking for something to do. I asked her when we got out why no more baggers at the counter at a less busy store unlike Walmart that don’t have them either. She said because now that people are bringing their own bags ” due to charging them 10 c a bag principle of the thing going to lazy gov.,”they laid them off. So this plastic bag tax to feed the Gov instead of the ” citizens” is killing jobs. That’s the Demos, kill jobs while taxing more for themselves or for their base and we know what that is in Calif. She was retired now working in a store semi retired saying she couldn’t retire.
People who can’t retire can’t make way for the younger people. Bad cycle.
Anyways if you guys have a tentathon maybe warn us a month or so in advance incase we spend it on something else lol

Re The Problem With Silver?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:31 on May 23, 2018  

My friend Roy hangs out in a coin store. He says it looks like older baby boomers are dying, the 40 or so year old kids inherit the parents Silver, and immediately cash it in.

They offer them PEANUTS for US silver coins. I hear inherited condos in Fla. same thing. They don’t care what they get, cash it out, its just found money. Eventually this trend will end.

Looks like

Posted by Buygold @ 15:13 on May 23, 2018  

we’re going to get the usual final hour drift lower…

What a pain in the arse

Gold getting a nice uptick now

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:54 on May 23, 2018  

treefrog @ 13:54

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:50 on May 23, 2018  

Yeah but Nancy’s mind is running about 105. Seems like she’s got some dementia or something going on. She should retire before she makes herself look even more like an idiot than she has already.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:42 on May 23, 2018  

Same going on elsewhere be Twitter or FB. Heard FB gearing up for the mid terms. Guessing a lot of people will be in FB jail because of trolls. They even have people trying to clone them and found a couple of patriot friends and warned them. You gotta check your name in once in awhile see what comes up. Or they’ll try to friend them. I try to keep my friends list down and most are hard core right, Christians and Jewish and not afraid to fight back or question the gov either side. Some will now if in FB jail will have someone else post for them to warn others so they won’t stop them. Left know that people are figuring them out or already had them figured out and them fighting hard attacking our 1st and 2nd shows just where they’re going beyond Orwell. I’m not sure what Elliot what he was doing as at first he was contrary of every thing posted in away that appeared to have government written all over him or just indoctrination of it. His attacking seemed to be prelude to social engineering which would come next. Then he acknowledged or appeared to be interested in the truth about vaccines which are dumbing down the masses.
What gets me is all the people particularly babies they are killing but that doesn’t seem to bother them only autism.
Would you take a medicine to prevent a illiness you could live through if they told you you could die from it or have permanent disabilitys.
With today’s awareness of cleanliness which caused the epidemics of past like they do in disasters like hurricanes bad water dead animals etc and now better medicine and antibiotics which is the prime reason of survival.
Back in the days of the plaque they were throwing remains of butchered animals out in the streets or waterways. I can’t imagine what old England and others smelled like in those days. Then the rats and fleas came. The invisible creatures ” germs and viruses”were unknown then. Some even blamed a Jewish group because their biblical rules of cleanliness and keeping their food supply like flower safe and did flee the area some thought since they didn’t get it they were carrying it.
Even doctors who acknowledge germs back when trying to prevent infection were thought to be crazy or quacks. Doctors then would go from dissecting a body to surgery on a person or a new mother ” child bed fever” not washing their hands.
The fact they don’t even warn them about the advers effects or sometimes contradictions. You have a mother seeing her child getting pale lethargic and cold. Believing it’s normal after a vaccine wraps the baby up making them warm not knowing their going into shock until they lay them down for a nap and they check on them to tragically find them dead. It reminds me of times like the dark ages.


Posted by Buygold @ 14:35 on May 23, 2018  

yep, minimal upside but I guess that’s better than the alternative

Large caps like NEM seem to be doing better in general today


Posted by Maddog @ 14:13 on May 23, 2018  

No insults intended…..but Nem is more capricious than any women I have ever known !!!!!!

That said it does seem to lead.

I guess we may be ‘allowed’ a small rally, now the SM is going ape to the upside, obviously Italy has been solved and the Dax is all wrong…maybe I messed that.


Posted by treefrog @ 13:54 on May 23, 2018  




Buygold @ 11:18 & Goldcountry

Posted by Maya @ 13:45 on May 23, 2018  

It’s all about the ‘social engineering’ to control the state narrative.  Someone doesn’t like our free wheeling, independent thinking around here.  So we are targeted for ‘control’ and ‘grooming’ of the publishment here.   There will be others to come… count on it.

Yep … about time!

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:08 on May 23, 2018  

NFL Owners Unanimously Approve Ban On Kneeling, Disrespect During National Anthem


deer79 @ 12:25

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:54 on May 23, 2018  

Thanks! Looks like a necessary move for Bonterra. I’ll check out what Moriarty is saying.

Most of my midgets are in the downward doggie today. BTR looks steady to higher with the news.

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