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Taps to play at dusk for our American friends on their day of respect/remembrance. I will reserve my philosophy out of respect for the fallen…

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:54 on May 28, 2018  

Generally, Euro Down Means Gold Down.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:06 on May 28, 2018  

See Gold going down since April?


See Euro going down since April?


My guess is the Europeons are out for themselves, and drove the Euro down on purpose, which drives the Dollar up. Great Britain and Japan too. They don’t care so much about us, other than what they can get from us.

US treasuries RATES are falling fast.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:54 on May 28, 2018  

The Treasury Bond PRICES are going up. 10 year was over 3% on 5/17, 2.9% now.




US treasuries falling fast, due to Euro worries…..but Rig has Gold down…they can’t both be right.

Posted by Maddog @ 20:18 on May 28, 2018  


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:47 on May 28, 2018  

That zombie shirt he was wearing sums it up. They don’t have to even be bad people just really uninformed.
Your right the system is making it easy for any take over if they can get enough of these dumbed down. I think their purpose is more for voting reasons so they can control them because they’re clueless. Free college, free medical, boarders are racist on and on. They can’t even manage cost of living hard ships getting worse by the year and blame it on wages. Obama care is a disaster that will keep going up but they keep preaching the same things to get votes.

P.S. Re Global Corporations Special Interests

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:31 on May 28, 2018  


Something I just thought of. It’s in the multinational corporations, and Trump’s best interests, to maintain and promote globalization. (Unfettered activity across other’s borders)

Plus TPTB always mention how great it is for country A to glean or receive investment funds from country B. But they FAIL to say, the investments that are made in country A, will result in PROFITS for country B’s corporations at country A’s loss or expense.

Think about the global corporations that “have it made in China” (China benefits creating wealth) then they set up middle man stores (wealth absorbing) to sell the crap in the USA. Its a net drain of wealth from the USA. Note $20 trillion national debt.

ipso facto @ 17:39 re Insecurity closes Canadian-owned mine in Chihuahua, Mexico

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:14 on May 28, 2018  

There ya go. More evidence of problems with integrating countries. It sounds like the Mexican gov’t sides with multinational corporations, but some Mexican PEOPLE don’t. And DON’T like their Silver wealth benefitting another country.

Its like Trump and Brexit and Italy and a few others. Some Mexicans want to make their country independent and wealthy (great) again.

Naturally the fake news media won’t suggest what I just said. They are calling the rebels that want “change”, members of “criminal groups”.

Imo the future is not good for global corporations operating in other peoples sand boxes.  May be a good short play some day.

@Buygold @ 10:04 re Afghanistan and Syria are key to regime (CULTURE) change

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:59 on May 28, 2018  

I’m beginning to think the words “regime change” S/B changed to “culture change” because that’s usually the objective and the result. It looks like half the Middle East culture got “westernized”. Cars, driving, TVs, maybe even sex drugs and alcohol etc.

But the other half of the “culture” is still “original” like a thousand years ago, extremely conservative and resistant to change. On account of the half and half situation, too many of the modernized (culture changed)  ones, they flee to Europe as illegal immigrants.

Eventually over time, if the hold outs ever give up and “modernize”, then maybe the illegals in Europe will move back and stay there.

When the Europeons first came to America you could say the native Americans had a regime change, leading to a Europeon type culture change. The Global powers like “uniformity” ya know.

One world country, one world gov’t, one world bank, one uniform western culture, and eventually only one sex. A mixture of men and woman referred to as persons. You know, the mail person, the police person, the sales person etc.

All those trends that started with the dawn of globalization, may be in a long term reversal trend, when you see populism popping up here and there. I never thought it was a good idea to mix or integrate everything and everybody together.

The John and Yoko song “Imagine” called it all, way back in 1969 I think.  Remember?

Parts of song below.

Imagine there’s no countries. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too. Imagine all the people sharing all the world, You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll (Arabs and Muslims etc) join us And the world will be as one.



Posted by Buygold @ 18:05 on May 28, 2018  

Great video, I love Mark Dice! He always points out how moronic the people in this country really are.

Good God, we are ripe for being defeated by anyone seeking to invade the U.S.

No doubt, the dumbing down of America is complete…

Hey Portugeezer

Posted by Buygold @ 18:02 on May 28, 2018  

Of course you know that I hope I’m wrong about gold, but I guess if I predict it’s going down then I have a pretty good shot at being right. 🙁

As far as advice, mine is the worst of anyone on the planet… 🙂

Hope you’ve had a good weekend! – at least over here in the U.S. it’s been a long weekend.

PAAS having some trouble at it’s Dolores Mine

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:39 on May 28, 2018  

Insecurity closes Canadian-owned mine in Chihuahua, affecting 1,800 workers


Memorial Day morons

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:51 on May 28, 2018  

It’s gotta be California. This is pathetic.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:41 on May 28, 2018  

Forget the suffering. Go out for coffee or something. Had my 5 year old grandson dress close to red white blue and sent him to the co. Fair today too tired to go myself. Not by himself of course. Now I’m goona look for some vegetarian food or something.
Can’t believe Im getting text by volunteers for the left talking about Trump being backwards. Left talking about what’s backwards. I gave them a earful. Because I’m now living in a Santuary state if the right loose they’ll have my number lol Oh well guess that’s okay cuz you’ll never hear from them till next election anyways.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:04 on May 28, 2018  


Thanks Mate!

Posted by Portugeezer @ 15:34 on May 28, 2018  

That’s the best advice I’ve had for a long time. Rich


Posted by Buygold @ 15:16 on May 28, 2018  

Don’t look, it will just cause you pain and continued suffering…

ZeroHedge has been posting a ton of economic doom porn today.

Can pretty much expect a major SM rally and gold selloff starting tomorrow.

Memorial Day 2018

Posted by commish @ 14:40 on May 28, 2018  


Netdania.com seems to be frozen

Posted by Portugeezer @ 14:07 on May 28, 2018  

The Gold chart is not moving.  At 10 Seconds selection it is jumping all over the place.


storm porn – – P.G.

Posted by treefrog @ 10:29 on May 28, 2018  

alberto continues to be a wuss.

here at treefrog manor we have a breezy rainstorm.  lots of rain, not a lot of wind.  ‘berto’s making landfall about now, somewhere out near panama city or fort walton – 150? miles west of here.  reports are that even there, it’s nothing to get excited about – a breezy rainstorm.

may they all be like this.

Afghanistan and Syria are key to regime change and war in Iran

Posted by Buygold @ 10:04 on May 28, 2018  

the American Empire would continue to protect the highly valued Afghan poppy crop necessary to generate massive illicit drug revenues that are used to fund the many black ops conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community and Military worldwide.

Afghanistan is key to the broader Zio-Anglo-American strategy to keep Iran completely encircled by U.S. military bases and naval assets as seen on the map below.  Each of these nations — U.S., U.K., and Israel — have made common cause to conquer Iran at all costs, although for different and some overlapping reasons.

Nothing much to worry about in Italy says the Rig….

Posted by Maddog @ 8:02 on May 28, 2018  

Italian Bonds, Stocks Crash In Furious Reversal As Political Drama Explodes



Posted by Floridagold @ 7:46 on May 28, 2018  



Posted by Portugeezer @ 4:42 on May 28, 2018  

When it goes against the gubbermint storyline – you have to lie.  Lesson learned from the EU’s Juncker (in one of his few cold-sober moments).

The truth hurts – sometimes.  Just ask the FBI, CIA etc..

“for the common good” the libtards shout from their short-sighted Marxist ideological viewpoint.  They probably don’t know the difference between subjective and objective and how dangerous it can be.  He who counts the votes….  he who makes the law….. he who has the Gold, errrr, when does that kick in?



Posted by macroman3 @ 1:37 on May 28, 2018  

“How Wikipedia Lies”, in which I reported that “Smallwood,” the Wikipedia overseer on Wikipedia’s article “United Airlines Flight 93” about the 9/11 plane that came down in Pennsylvania, blocked stating in the text of the article an important fact that was documented even buried within some of the article’s own footnote sources – all coming from mainstream media – that Vice President Dick Cheney had ordered that plane to be shot down and that, therefore, the article’s (and the ’news’media’s and ‘history’ books’) common allegations that resistance on the part of heroic passengers on that plane had had something to do with the plane’s coming down when and how it did, are all false. “Smallwood” blocked me from adding to the text a mention that Cheney on the very day of 9/11 admitted that he had ordered that plane to be shot down and stated his reasons for having done so, and that the order was promptly fulfilled; and “Smallwood” refused to say why my addition of Cheney’s role was blocked, other than that to say that that fact “did not appear constructive.” (He refused to say how, or why.)

Maya, treefrog is trying to outdo you with a rain storm for doom weather porn.

Posted by macroman3 @ 1:09 on May 28, 2018  

Time to post another James Taylor and vote on urgency. treefrog, just joshing ya, everyone’s immediate circumstance is outside of everyone else’s reality…

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