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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:55 on June 3, 2018  


Old Gold trains never die.
They just GO to Canada.


Evacuation Penalties

Posted by Maya @ 23:37 on June 3, 2018  

News tonight is that 30 people who previously refused to leave Kapoho were airlifted out today.  They were each cited by the County for failure to leave a declared disaster zone, and will be required to pay for their helicopter rescue.  The Hawaii County (this island) Mayor, Harry Kim, was the civil defense director here back in 1983 when lava consumed Kalapana and next year Hilo was threatened by a Mauna Loa lava flow, so Harry has lots of disaster management experience, and he believes in protecting his first responders as well as the people.

And yet there are still some holdouts staying in the Kapoho area.

Mr. Copper… dunno how to trim a search for my posts, but I would recommend you send your friend the USGS link I post with my pictures.  The USGS multimedia site has the entire eruption sequence in pictures, and there is a wealth of other info and maps on that site… all at one link.  It’s the best source.

Here’s Johnny….

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:33 on June 3, 2018  

On the bright side Maya, at least you aren;t Guatemala…

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:30 on June 3, 2018  



Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:13 on June 3, 2018  

A friend of mine goes to Hawaii on occasion. If I wanted give him all your posts so he can see the photos and volcano updates. How can I filter it? To send him a link.

Every time I search “Maya” I get posts TOO you instead of posted BY you.

Goodbye, Kapoho

Posted by Maya @ 20:55 on June 3, 2018  

The lava front advances on the Kapoho tide pools and beach lots area.  Courtesy of USGS.


The distant plume in the upper left is the eruption area, about 600 ft elevation.  Lava flowed right to the right edge and then turned toward the bay here.

Why Deutsche Bank Is Important…2008 In just 365-days, Bear Stearns stock went from $159 to $2, with about half of the loss occurring within a few weeks.

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:10 on June 3, 2018  

Do not snicker at buying the wfc oct. 2018 [or 2019 jan 19]  $30 put for 4 bucks.[or a similar trade on some other stock]  [TIA]


Why Deutsche Bank Is Important…

I penned this on Friday, but it is important to understand.
On Tuesday, the market tumbled on concerns over Italian debt. (A problem, by the way, I discussed a couple of years ago.) However, on Wednesday, the market reversed course and apparently the crisis was over. Make no mistake, nothing was fixed or resolved, investors just chose to ignore the problem under the belief that Central Bankers will unite in some form of bailout.
It isn’t just Italian debt, which is magnitudes larger than Greece’s debt crisis, but it is also Spain, and a host of other smaller European countries that continue to ramp up debt in hopes that economic growth will someday bail them out. However, sustained economic growth has failed to appear.
As long as interest rates remain low, and negative in some cases, debt can continue to be accumulated even with weaker rates of economic growth. More importantly, as long as rates remain low, the banking system can continue to play the “hide-the-debt game” through derivatives, swaps and a variety of other means.
But rates are rising, and sharply, on the shorter-end of the curve.
Historically, sharply rising rates have been a catalyst for a debt-related crisis. As long as everything remains within the expected ranges, the complicated “math” behind trillions of dollars worth of financial instruments function properly. It is when those boundaries are broken that things “go wrong” and quickly so.
People have forgotten that in 2008 a major U.S. financial firm crashed as its derivative based exposure “blew up.” No, I am not talking about Lehman Brothers, the poster-child of the financial crisis, I am talking about Bear Stearns.
In just 365-days, Bear Stearns stock went from $159 to $2, with about half of the loss occurring within a few weeks.
Bear Stearns was the warning shot for the financial markets in early 2008 that no one heeded. Within a couple of months, the markets dismissed Bear Stearns as a “non-event” and rallied to a higher level than prior to the event, and almost back to highs for the year.
Remember, there was “nothing to worry about” at the time, even though the Fed was increasing interest rates, as the “Goldilocks economy” could handle tighter monetary policy. Sure, housing had been slowing down, mortgage delinquencies were rising, along with credit card defaults, but there wasn’t much concern.

commish @ 17:33

Posted by Maya @ 19:41 on June 3, 2018  


…some people just can’t.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:28 on June 3, 2018  

The video I saw was the 30 something man went up to the 60 something man like he was going to assault him and started pushing him. It was only then the man pulled the gun shot over his head..Looks like the whole situation could of been avoided if the younger guy didn’t act like a ask and just told him he lived there but instead he went up to the man and got physical.

Angry Geologist does Platosa … I own some Excellon. It hasn’t exactly been a stellar performer

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:13 on June 3, 2018  

Platosa – Mexico’s highest cost silver mine


maya – Watch Out For Loony Tunes

Posted by commish @ 17:33 on June 3, 2018  

@Buygold 11:46 Re your “USD strength can’t really be helping our trade deficits”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:32 on June 3, 2018  

Why do you think we/they are starting tariffs on imports into USA?? Did you read about the tariffs in today’s papers? Before 1913, our domestic Gov’t got 90% of its income from tariffs. Today only 1% comes from tariffs.

After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, they started dropping the tariffs and started the mother, unfair income tax. The USA lost its independence and sovereignty on that day. The global powers took over.

Putin and the Jooish “question”

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:52 on June 3, 2018  

Vladimir Putin had progressed from a 15-year-old schoolboy who played hooky to go to wrestling practice to become president of his country. But he had not forgotten his Jewish teacher from High School #281 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). During the visit, Berliner, a widow, mentioned that she lived in a run-down apartment in Tel Aviv’s Florentine district.  By the time Putin departed Israel, she was in possession of a new apartment in the heart of pricey downtown Tel Aviv, courtesy of her former student.

I heard this story often when I visited Moscow this fall. It was one of many anecdotes people told me to illustrate the Russian president’s benevolence toward individual Jews and toward the Jewish community as a whole during his first term as prime minister (1999 to 2000), two consecutive terms as president (2000 to 2008), a second term as prime minister (2008 to 2012) and his current term as president (2012 to 2018). Other anecdotes featured Putin weeping at last year’s funeral of his Jewish wrestling coach, Anatoly Rakhlin, whom he has called a father figure, and his affection for the family of poor religious Jews who lived in his Leningrad apartment block and took care of him in the humble years of his youth. In his 2000 autobiography, First Person, the Russian leader mentions this family, describing them as “observant Jews who did not work on Saturdays and the man would study the Bible and Talmud all day long. Once I even asked him what he was muttering. He explained to me what this book was and I was immediately interested.”

And of course, Muscovites reminded me repeatedly of Putin’s lifelong Jewish friends, more than a few of them now billionaire “oligarchs.” Arkadi and Boris Rotenberg, brothers worth about $2 billion each, were Putin’s judo sparring partners in their youth, when all three were streetwise toughs training under Coach Rakhlin. (The brothers made their fortunes by sticking close to their judo buddy: construction connected to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics alone gave them 20 contracts worth $5.5 billion.)

I was also regaled with tales of Putin‘s Jewish circle today, which encompasses prominent community leaders such as Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar, who is commonly referred to as “Putin’s rabbi.” The long list also includes oligarch Moshe Kantor (personal net worth $2.3 billion), whose Acron Group is a world leader in fertilizers, and diamond mogul Lev Leviev (personal net worth $1.5 billion). Both hold powerful positions in the international Jewish community. Kantor has twice been reelected president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), an umbrella organization of European Jewry, and Leviev is chairman of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of the Confederation of Independent States (CIS)—a Russia-dominated loose conglomeration of Jewish communities in most of the former Soviet republics. Oil and aluminum czar Roman Abramovich (worth $9.1 billion and known for his ownership of the Chelsea soccer team and a 533-foot “superyacht”) along with industrial tycoon Victor Vekselberg (worth $13.6 billion) are trusted confidants. Abramovich has served as governor of Chukotka, a province in the Russian Far East, and is very active in Jewish organizations. Vekselberg collects Fabergé eggs, the fabulous tsarist-era Russian heirlooms worth millions each and scattered around the world since the Russian Revolution. His attempts to return them to their homeland have endeared him to Putin.


The markets will crash when Goldman is damn good and ready

Posted by Buygold @ 11:46 on June 3, 2018  

USD strength can’t really be helping our trade deficits

Goldman: If Trump Wants To Win A Trade War, The Market Has To Crash

“It is unlikely that the White House can convince trading partners that tariff threats are credible without also convincing financial markets.”

From ZH on California high cost of living

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:23 on June 3, 2018  
[[HRH of Aquitaine 2.0  Shillinlikeavillan Sat, 06/02/2018 – 21:15  Permalink

Saw some from South America a few days ago at my local grocery. Woman with two kids. Really short, native-type blood line (Incan, Aztec). She, and her two offspring, looked at me and I was looking at them. They knew I saw them as outsiders. They are nothing less than invaders and freeloaders. Why should the local school district pay to educate those foreign brats?
By the way, great discussion on Stefan Molyneux’s channel, this morning, when a teacher called in and discussed the remnants of the US education system. It is worse than any of us thought. And it is perfectly legal. From the kid that shows up with a gun or knife and isn’t kicked out of school or sent to a mental institution to the local school board counting bodies as a way to increase their revenue stream to the mothers that want their child to be declared autistic so the single mother can continue to get welfare (for life) to take care of her autistic child (as SSI disability for the kid also provides benefits to the mother as a caregiver, all part of the scam). It’s lunacy and it is not going to end well. https://youtu.be/kEdB1xIsHHs

  • It’s too bad bros.  Cali is the most beautiful state and these people are being forced to leave the beauty of Cali for shitholes like AZ and TX and NV.  Too bad.]] 

    if a banker makes too many bad loans, he faces a firing squad. It means crushing the forces of social dysfunction and deviancy, and reforming the laws to protect families, property, and inheritance (i.e no more feminism, no more no-fault divorce)

    Posted by Richard640 @ 7:24 on June 3, 2018  
    From ZH reasders=
    Goose Shtepping Moron Sat, 06/02/2018 – 12:28  Permalink
    The reason that Brussels, the EU, and the Globalists keep managing to cling to power and to steamroll over these nascent nationalist movements, is because the opposition, even with power in their very hands, always insists on doing something retarded like instituting “universal basic income” or refusing to reform the pension system. These things do nothing to address the underlying insolvency problem and hence the new government finds itself no more able to effect meaningful change than the old one.
    There is a way to defeat the Globalists, but in order to do so you must bite the bullet and take the pain. First, pay off all your debt, no matter how horrible it is to do so. No one else will have any control over you if you have no debt. Second, prove that your country can stand on its own two feet. This means organization, discipline, and not tolerating slackards. It means punishing criminals, especially the white collar variety — if a banker makes too many bad loans, he faces a firing squad. It means crushing the forces of social dysfunction and deviancy, and reforming the laws to protect families, property, and inheritance (i.e no more feminism, no more no-fault divorce). It means eliminating immigration so as to promote national coherence and high average wages.
    For the Italians or anybody else to achieve their freedom, it’s going to take a tour de force of manly discipline. The choice before them is not whether pay their bills or to slack off, it is between organizing themselves or being organized (as an object) by somebody else. The first leader who is able to take the pain and to insist upon meaningful sacrifices will be the father of a new Italy. Until then, it is all just kicking the can.
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