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If that doesn’t get an AuGirl lathered up over a Farmboy, I come up empty…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:35 on June 4, 2018  

This is for a stressed friend but hoping goldie doesn’t blow a kilo gasget…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:32 on June 4, 2018  


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:19 on June 4, 2018  

I hope that’s all it is, a sore throat from something.
Reminds me of a young boy who’s mom asked me to check him because he was turning his head to the side like he had a sore neck. They did the same gave him advice for pain for strained neck. I checked him and found he had Thrush. Sometimes certain meds can cause it. The mom convinced it was a stiff neck said well he never had that before. You hear that a lot. Never had it before means they’ll never get it I guess. Well he stopped eating and was getting dehydrated. I said make sure they look in his mouth this time. They do Xrays blood work but don’t asses the Pts however there are very good ER doctors and nurses that look for a answer not just assume, just not then, although it can happen.
She had to insist that I told them to check his mouth. They did and said OMG. By then it was spreading down the back of his throat. They had to admit him put him on IVs until he could eat/ drink again.

OUCH ! cant imagine !

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:05 on June 4, 2018  

SHARK HORROR Swimmer DIES after shark rips off his penis despite horrified sunbathers’ frantic battle to save his life on Brazilian beach

Be the first to patent shark proof g strings for guys. Made of shark proof chain mail.

Does this mean USD strength? Gold weakness?

Posted by Buygold @ 20:40 on June 4, 2018  

Central Banker Observes Sudden “Evaporation” Of Dollar Funding, Warns Of Global Turmoil

“Dollar funding has evaporated, notably from sovereign debt markets. Emerging markets have witnessed a sharp reversal of foreign capital flows… increasing the possibility of a “sudden stop” for the global economic recovery.”

I got $800 to spend-what would u suggest from these 3 choices ONLY?

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:32 on June 4, 2018  

A.—Buy 1/2 a share of Amazon for my kids college fund.

B.—add $6700 to your $800 and buy a 100 JNUG June  22nd 2018 $14 calls for $7500

C.—-For $800, buy 100 Jan19 2019 WFC $30 puts [8 bucks a copy]–in 2008 WFC went from $36 to $12

Today, with WFC–[Wells Fargo]-at $55, the same percentage drop would be about $17–a $130,000 payday on yer puts.


WHY DB MATTERS=Historically, sharply rising rates have been a catalyst for a debt-related crisis. As long as everything remains within the expected ranges, the complicated “math” behind trillions of dollars worth of financial instruments function properly. It is when those boundaries are broken that things “go wrong” and quickly so.
People have forgotten that in 2008 a major U.S. financial firm crashed as its derivative based exposure “blew up.” No, I am not talking about Lehman Brothers, the poster-child of the financial crisis, I am talking about Bear Stearns.
In just 365-days, Bear Stearns stock went from $159 to $2, with about half of the loss occurring within a few weeks.
Bear Stearns was the warning shot for the financial markets in early 2008 that no one heeded. Within a couple of months, the markets dismissed Bear Stearns as a “non-event” and rallied to a higher level than prior to the event, and almost back to highs for the year.
Remember, there was “nothing to worry about” at the time, even though the Fed was increasing interest rates, as the “Goldilocks economy” could handle tighter monetary policy. Sure, housing had been slowing down, mortgage delinquencies were rising, along with credit card defaults, but there wasn’t much concern.


Posted by commish @ 19:25 on June 4, 2018  


I rest my case….

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:58 on June 4, 2018  

EM debt=to threaten developed world institutions that were buyers of all that EM dollar debt.=major-bank prop trading desks are all on the hook for that debt. . History also teaches that trouble on the periphery frequently moves towards the center to threaten developed world institutions

JOHN RUBINO===What happened? Well, it turns out that a big part of the apparent success of economies like Argentina and Indonesia came from their ability to borrow in international markets – frequently in US dollars – and use the resulting cash to build roads, bridges, airports, and soccer stadiums — that is, things that imply visible progress. Visitors came, saw all the “modernization,” went home impressed and hit “buy.”

But then US interest rates started to rise and the dollar spiked off of its recent lows. Treasury bonds suddenly started to look attractive relative to EM securities, while all those EM dollar debts began to look onerous rather than wondrous. The hot money decided to leave, putting downward pressure on EM currencies (which makes dollar-denominated debt even harder to pay off) and forcing EM central banks to tighten monetary policy and raise rates.

The result? Contraction where once there was limitless growth, and instability where there was rock-solid continuity. Emerging markets have been here before, of course, and history teaches that it will get worse before it gets better.

. History also teaches that trouble on the periphery frequently moves towards the center to threaten developed world institutions that were buyers of all that EM dollar debt— funds, pension funds, bond funds, global stock funds, and major-bank prop trading desks, are all on the hook for that debt. 

Brazilian, Argentine, and Mexican paper, which means – history again – that US taxpayers are actually the ones on the hook.

So watch for apocalyptic headlines as the 1% softens the rest of us up for yet another transfer of wealth from middle to top. 


Hurry! Hurry! Step right up neighbor, we got oct 19 2018 and jan 19 2019 WFC $30 puts for sale at .04 and .08…get em while the supply lasts at this fire sale price!

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:43 on June 4, 2018  

[In June.2008 WFC was $3o–by Dec 1st 2008 it was $12-Bear Sterns went from $165 to $2 in 2008]]

Banking System Has Huge Problem – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter On June 3, 2018 In Market Analysis

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Money manager Peter Schiff says even though Deutsche Bank is the most systemically dangerous bank in the world (according to the IMF), that is just the tip of severe global financial problems. Schiff explains, “I think it’s a problem, and it’s not just Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank could be the weak link of a chain. If you remember back to when we had the financial crisis (2008). First, you had the sub-prime mortgages blowing up, and everybody was like don’t worry about it. It’s contained. I said it’s not contained, it’s just showing up first in the sub-prime market because these are the weakest mortgages. The entire mortgage market has a problem. I think the banking system has a huge problem because it’s lived off of the life support of artificially low interest rates. As that is removed, it’s like pulling the plug off of someone who has lived off life support. The irony is you have so many analysts that think higher rates are good for the banks. . . . Low interest rates saved the banks. You can’t have it both ways. It can’t be low interest rates helped the banks, and high interest rates will help the banks. It’s one or the other. I think higher interest rates are going to crush the banks. I think it’s going to destroy the value of their loans and their collateral. It’s going to lead to defaults . . . All those banks that we’re too big to fail in 2008 are much bigger now, and it’s going to be a lot more difficult to bail them out.”


Schiff issues a stark warning, “This is not going to end well, and I don’t think the Fed is going to be able to save us again. If you get it wrong this time, you’re done. You are down for the count. You just can’t hold and hope. If the stock market gets cut in half again, the Fed is not going to bail you out with another round of quantitative easing. They’re not going to bail you out with rate cuts because the next time the Fed tries to do that, it will destroy the dollar. I am confident of that. The next time is the last time. We will have a dollar crisis and a sovereign debt crisis. Then the U.S. can’t bail anybody out because it’s the U.S. that is in trouble. It will be the U.S. debt that nobody will want to own. It’s the U.S. dollar that nobody wants to own. Whatever the paper profits that people have because they have been in this bull market the last number of years, none of it is going to matter. The profits are going to go up in smoke as the market implodes.”


What about gold in a rising rate environment? Schiff says, “Gold can go up when rates are rising. In fact, gold will go up when rates are rising. Rates are generally rising because you have more inflation. More inflation is good for gold.”


Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital.

Video Link

https://usawatchdog.com/banking-system-has-huge- problem-peter-schiff/


Ailments Are Common When You Have A Lot Of Things On Your Mind

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:33 on June 4, 2018  

Back pain, digestive problems, psoriasis, on and on and on. I forgot heart burn.

Read Dr Sarno “Mind over back pain”. It fits other things.

Goldie Thanks

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:12 on June 4, 2018  

Im on my way out the door to the DR in 15 minutes…
BTW I tried Manuka HONEY and that helped a lot ,but not a cure…
Im convinced its a throat infection of some sort ..Ill see in a little bit…

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:49 on June 4, 2018  

Maya gave a lot of insight. I can see looting isn’t as bad on the island than mainland or a bad one anyways. One skirmish over fear of looters not many.
Hillary might have done much for gold even caused a hunt for it, either except maybe would of sped things up a bit but the trade off with open borders and attack on our constitution and more not worth it.
It looks to be a global thing that’s gonna happen and we’re seeing the cracks now starting with Italy who could threaten Merkels Euro and hope they can manage to clear themselves out of the way first. Then Deutsche bank, only the beginning.

This is where playing political games in the mkts gets complicated

Posted by Maddog @ 12:42 on June 4, 2018  

Italians Angry After ECB Admits It Slashed Purchases Of Italian Debt During Latest Crisis


@Maya @Goldielocks

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:39 on June 4, 2018  

Thanks for the info re volcano info search.

Boy, this gold market is about as boring as it can get, ever since Trump started campaigning in mid 2016. You can see the strong gold rebound starting late 2015 and by summer 2016 the whole mood changed.

Mood swing from, to American to get great again, better economy, no need for Gold, higher Dow higher rates coming, no need to worry about gun laws, sell gun stocks etc etc.


Hey Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 12:30 on June 4, 2018  

Yeah, I guess pm’s being dead is an understatement. I think the HUI has been in a range from 170-185 for months now.

Shares never open up and keep going, neither do the metals.

The CB’s have everything completely dialed in. The MSM has the news cycle dialed in to have a one day impact since the population has the attention span of a flea.

Really never seen anything like this in my lifetime…


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:19 on June 4, 2018  

Sorry for typos just got off work hands mind tires.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:16 on June 4, 2018  

That can be a over looked symptom if it doesn’t just go away with a quick fix. As a kid I was given a teaspoon so sugar that sometimes worked. Then I learned to hold my breath even during a hiccup and it usually worked.
BUT it won’t solve the underlining cause of them if it’s more than just a spasm.
It could be a precursor to more serious issues but not to scare you to look at WCS.
They need to do more for you head to toe starting with your throat. Perhaps a ENT if you have good insurance. To check the throat and vagus nerve for vocal cord damnage or any growths in your throats however small for instance.
If there are any other signs mention them. Check your heart rate it should be on you 02 stat machine. Hiccups with stimulate the vagus nerve which will slow down your heart rate so see if there’s a reason for that. Know what your baseline HR is for any future reasons too. Same with BP.
It could be a sign of many things from diabetes kidneys or CNS including impending stroke so why you need a thorough check up to at least R/O these possibilities.
Good call on not taking Thorazine as it is a Nero toxin that could cause permanent neuro and can be severe problems.
Flexeril 10 mg a milder muscle relaxant might help.
At the heath type stores like Sprouts they have homeopathic. You can look at something specific or Culprum Metallicum sp? Close enough as you might recognize it means Copper metal is a mild muscle relaxant that works but not fast acting more long acting. It helps muscle cramping.
Keep in mind with muscle relaxants that your hearts a muscles so want to do the lightest or least as possible.
It won’t stop the underlying problem though if there is one so don’t find something then forget about it.

Gday Buygold

Posted by Maddog @ 12:06 on June 4, 2018  

These PM mkts are damn near dead, was watching Silver on Friday and it doesn’t change it’s price, for hours on end and silver was infamous for it’s volatility. The PM shares always get sold off if they open up and then just go to sleep/die.

The Rig has pretty much finished them off, as it will all the mkts.

Typical Day

Posted by Buygold @ 11:43 on June 4, 2018  

SM opens up and stays up all day long as the USD drifts higher.

PM’s open up and drift lower ALL DAY LONG regardless of what the SM does


Posted by Maddog @ 11:29 on June 4, 2018  

Re DB.

A big chunk of why the mkts are not reacting is the Rig….Due to no Web on Friday, I had to watch Bloomberg/CNBC to get prices…and all they ever talk about is what is the Fed/ECB/BoJ etc gonna do next. To which I thought…get a life, surely there is more…but then over the weekend I did some thinking and well maybe it make sense.

Forever the CB’s have tried to run the mkts/world, but been abject failures, as the CB’s can’t run the whole show 24/7 and the mkts did as needed, punishing stupidity, congratulating common sense. Come the Rig though and now all of a sudden the CB’s look smart and all powerful, they can run the show 24/7, so speculating on what the CB’s want next, does make some sense, as tks to the Rig they will get it.

Then one day something will happen and there will be no coming back, the CB’s will be seen to be useless, BtD will be a one way ticket to the poor house, not a quick way to riches, as they were saying about the Italian sell off, by Friday!!!!!!


Posted by Ororeef @ 11:28 on June 4, 2018  

I have a question about hiccups ..had them for 4 days last week ..started with a sore throat ..then they turned into
muscle spasms in the throat ..feeling like someone is choaking me..get multiple spasms 6-7n a row then a complete freeze up for several seconds then a quick relaxation..I went to hospital ,then ran all kinds of tests chest x rays ,cat scans,blood work urinalysis, no fever ..a ten page report without a solution….they put me on a muscle relaxer Robaxin..They were thinking about Thorazine a psychotic drug ,but decided against it after I suggested a muscle relaxor .
..I still have hiccups (6th day) and muscle spasms continue .I have appointment with MY Physician this morning ..any special questions I should ask him ?I sure its all related to the sore throat that started it all ,but nothing showed up in the blood work …They always say no fever ..go home ! ..They said that last time 4 years ago when it turned out I had pneumonia ,I had oxygen level of 50 and they said no fever ..go home ..what idiots some hospital people can be.. BTW I had a pneumonia shot 3 months prior (will never do that again) ,(nor flu shots )I bought my own oxygen finger testor ..I m at 99 % since then ,will never trust emergency room people again …
Never had serious hiccups before !….Ill see what DOC says this afternoon ..you got any experience with this ?

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:24 on June 4, 2018  

If you want to look for Maya’s post put in Key words like volcano, earthquake, Pele plus you can go to the dates and approximate time people left him a message.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:17 on June 4, 2018  

Oh I must have seen some old requests. Yes use the new one.


Posted by Ororeef @ 11:02 on June 4, 2018  

thanks for the new pass,but you fixed it last week …I will use the new one …..

SCOTUS Overturns Case Against Gay-Biased Baker

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:40 on June 4, 2018  

In a landmark 7-2 ruling (Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor against), the Supreme Court has thrown out a finding that a Colorado baker illegally discriminated when he refused to make a cake to celebrate a same-sex wedding.


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