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The reason a humble person as myself has come to dread a small, normally insignificant state in muddle earth is they can’t stop creating havoc over the rest of a usually copesetic world for their selfish interpretation of religious dogma.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:56 on June 12, 2018  

It would be one thing for their ilk to live and believe within their own hijacked territory without their neighbors wanting to holocaust them for the second (or more) times.

The fact they have over run the greatest nation on earth in the last 100 years is where I draw the line at protecting my family. If they just stuck to their own knitting….

ipso, your point earlier on Obama being green with envy…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:36 on June 12, 2018  

Never, the only colors that commie knew were red and chocolaty brown.

Oh Copper, I need a back brace now LOL about Trump sending out a negative tweet on Israel. He was bought and paid for by Sheldon to ascend to the Presidency. You think the embarressment moving to JEWrusalem was a mulligan?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:23 on June 12, 2018  

BuyGold, help me, my sides are splitting…

Right up there with R640 getting off his Israeli knees…

The “dot plot” could indicate a 4th rate hike in 2018-that would be the only mkt. moving surprise tomorrow

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:49 on June 12, 2018  

I didn’t know that…if so, then gold could get its ass swatted pretty good


This hawkishness will manifest itself in a gradual increase in the median dot for 2018, which according to Goldman will show a total of four interest rate hikes, up from the three projected at the March meeting. What is notable is that only one member would have to boost his or her 2018 projection above the March median for next week’s SEP to show a four-hike baseline this year, an increase which is certainly likely tomorrow. Goldman also expects the 2019 median dot to rise by a quarter point, consistent with three hikes in that year and one additional hike in 2020. This 4-3-1 baseline for 2018-19-20 compares to the March projected pace of 3-3-2.

I think gold goes up after the rate hike tomorrow

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:41 on June 12, 2018  

The rate hike is  for sure…that’s supposed to be bearish for gold; bullish for dollar….but gold’s been firm for weeks and silver had a small rally in spite of the known coming hike….gold may sink after the FED announcement but will be bought and may have a gain for the day

Seattle repeals tax on companies after Amazon fights back

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:28 on June 12, 2018  

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle leaders on Tuesday repealed a tax on large companies such as Amazon and Starbucks after a backlash from businesses, a stark reversal from a month ago when the City Council unanimously approved the effort to combat a growing homelessness crisis.

A divided crowd chanted, jeered and booed at the council meeting, drowning out the leaders as they cast their 7-2 vote. Many shouted, “Stop the repeal,” as others unfurled a large red banner that read, “Tax Amazon.” An opposing group held “No tax on jobs” signs.

cont. https://apnews.com/606ff14719bb4cf4a397cf2d79008992/Seattle-repeals-tax-on-companies-after-Amazon-fights-back

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:57 on June 12, 2018  

Especially in blue states the closer you live to massive Gov jobs and higher populations the bigger the sucking sound of your money being pulled from your wallet. You got kids even worse because they can’t play in massive roads and traffic. Everywhere you take them cost money, even parking at say a water park or city fair, another 10 bucks just to park. Like people can’t just park themselves. If you work down town you have to pay for parking too. That’s not to mention all those robo cop traffic lights you pass on the way that sometimes go wacko and starts flashing everyone esp if raining. I’m guessing it picks up light reflections.
Then there’s taxes always going up.

ipso facto

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:59 on June 12, 2018  

Roger that ipso, thanks. 🙂 Yes I think of all kinds of things that re not in the news. Re your  “permanently low depression.” I agree, very strange market actions for a couple of years now.

I actually think the US economy is in the pits or near the end of a second great depression (lower living standards for many) that was “hidden” or “over road” in various occupation creation ways, but its all catching up to them, and that’s why all this panic agenda to fix the US economy.

We simply can’t afford anymore smart meter and related jobs, environment, check engine lite jobs. Loads of unneeded man hours going on, welfare jobs I call them. They produce nothing of value and absorb funds from other people who can’t afford anymore expenses.


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:41 on June 12, 2018  

You always have interesting viewpoints.

Buygold @ 11:58

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:40 on June 12, 2018  

LOL Maybe we’re stuck on a “permanently low depression.”

“NK and the deep state” Many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. I sure hope he has good protection!

@ipso facto 11:13

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:37 on June 12, 2018  

“NK. Would love to see some real progress.”

Progress to me is everything going into reverse. That WW II crowd, here and in NK, must be dying off. After 9/11 and that 2008 dive I figured the USA can’t waste anymore money on defense costs. And that’s what Obama was doing.

I was suspicious of Trump when he said he wanted to beef up the military, (reversing the reversal) but he just said today….”We are no longer playing war games with S. Korea and we will save a lot of money”.

The next thing I’ll be watching for is his stance on Israel. Obama news quote “Obama throwing Israel under the bus”. If we here Trump later on giving Israel negative tweets, then we will know Trump just wanted to get the National Defense votes and Jewish votes.

Trump was against a higher Min Wage. To get businessman votes? But in reality it HAS to go much higher to maintain national security. To make the USA great again, would require a starting wage entry level in any occupation, to equal the buying power of 1967’s minimum wage.



Ipso, Gold_Titan1

Posted by Buygold @ 11:58 on June 12, 2018  

This is a bizarre market today. Virtually nothing has moved in the last hour. Doesn’t even seem like the market is open.

Really encouraged by the North Korea stuff. Even more encouraged that Trump wants to pull out our troops from South Korea. We’ll see if the deep state actually lets him.

Probably shouldn’t be a diplomat

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:19 on June 12, 2018  

“I Own That” – Peter Navarro Apologizes For Trudeau Tirade


Hi Gold_Titan1

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:13 on June 12, 2018  

“Tight ranges”

Yes getting a little beyond ridiculous. Classic theory would say that this presages a big move in one direction or the other. We’re about due for a Moonshot … maybe …

Wasn’t me talking about buying Aussie stocks. I see you’ve done very well with them. I’ve never bought one, not because of prejudice but because my broker doesn’t make it an easy thing like with the Canadian or US shares.

Fascinating stuff going on with NK. Would love to see some real progress. Obama must be green with envy.


Hi Ipso,

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 11:04 on June 12, 2018  

I can’t believe gold is trading in such tight range, are they trying to suck in as many as they can, before they slam it hard and take their profit, and send everybody else to the cleaners.Just have to wait and be vigilant and quick.

Can’t remember whether it was you or someone else that mention that they never made money on Australian gold stocks, I am surprised because some have gone by huge amount eg SBM 12c 2014 -$4.12 now , NST $1.00 2014 now $6.00, unfortunately PRU from $3.50 2014- now $0.43- luckily I bought it at 39c, and RSG 67c in 2014 now $1.26 but was as high as $2.50 dec 2016.  Bought into lithium stock AJM ( EV batteries component) ,will see what happens with this one, but Chinese have about 30%, so I think it should do OK.

Trump -Kim agreement finer details will be interesting, I find it hard to believe that NK would give up it’s nukes altogether  , considering that happened to Gaddafi (Libya) and Iraq, but then there is China as a referee, and I think that makes a huge difference.


Entry Position @ 24:86 NUGT

Posted by Samb @ 11:00 on June 12, 2018  

I am not day trading it but, rather playing the Intermediate trend….those trends last for months. So, if after a rising trend I then cash out and buy some gold coins with the profits… then how have I hurt the Gold market?

MM3 re : The streak

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:53 on June 12, 2018  

Almost 50 years ago , I worked at a research facility in Ontario . The nearby bedroom community at the time had the highest per capita education level in Canada . One of the principal recreation venues was the Curling Club , where periodically dances were held for the townsfolk . During one of the biggest dances of the year , the door flung open and a streaker wearing nothing but a paper sack over his head flashed through and back out the door .

His identity was a mystery …

That is , except for a number of wives at the dance who recognized his ‘endowment’.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:47 on June 12, 2018  

Although this discussion is better with bullion, yes because it takes share supply off the market. The problem with shares is the people who manage them have done (and will do) a terrible job a la dilution. Some manage the company for shareholders, but not many. Most are managed for the principals, you know, their stock option plans, unjustified salaries, and the perks (condos, jets, etc.).

The ETF’s are worse, because they promote rank speculation and use of derivatives that fuel the machines. So you can act on a bullish signal, but you are not taking any supply off the market. What’s more supply is unlimited.

So if you want the clusterfuck to continue…just keep playing the derivatives.

Gata go.




FYI ticker PLM, Two Day Break Out, Metals and Mining Group

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:43 on June 12, 2018  

Captain Hook @ 9:49

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:30 on June 12, 2018  

So, if Samb had bought the below stocks instead of GDX that would not have been classified as “insanity” but a smart move by you??

(the list below is the top 10 holdings in GDX and make up 60+ % of the ETF)

Newmont Mining Corp

Barrick Gold Corp

Franco-Nevada Corporation

Goldcorp Inc.

Newcrest Mining Limi

Agnico Eagle Mine

Wheaton Precious

Randgold Resourc

Royal Gold, Inc.

Kinross Gold Corp

Investing in real things … PS “investing in the Congo” Good luck with that.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on June 12, 2018  

China’s CITIC grabs stake in Ivanhoe Mine for $560 million

A Chinese state-owned conglomerate will become Canada’s Ivanhoe Mines’ (TSX:IVN) biggest shareholder after billionaire Robert Friedland’s company agreed to sell a 20% stake for about $560 million (Cdn$723m).

Under the deal, CITIC Metal will also make a $100 million loan facility available to the Canadian listed company, which said it would use the proceeds to advance its projects in southern Africa, including Ivanhoe’s flagship Kamoa-Kakula project in the Democratic Republic of Congo – considered the most significant copper discovery in decades.

cont. http://www.mining.com/chinas-citic-grabs-stake-ivanhoe-mine-560-million/

Kinross going ahead with expansion of Alaska gold mine

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on June 12, 2018  

Shares in Kinross Gold (TSX:G) (NYSE:KGC) jumped Tuesday in pre-market trading as the Canadian miner announced is going ahead with an initial expansion of its Fort Knox mine, located in one of Alaska’s largest gold producing areas.

The project, to be carried out over an area known as Gilmore, immediately west of Fort Knox, is expected to initially extend the mine life of the open-pit operation by six years to 2027, and leaching to 2030.

Kinross says it’ll spend an initial capital cost of only $100 million, increasing life-of-mine production by about 1.5 million gold equivalent ounces.

cont. http://www.mining.com/kinross-going-ahead-expansion-alaska-gold-mine/

New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:17 on June 12, 2018  

Vote Vote

Captain Hook @ 9:49

Posted by silverngold @ 10:17 on June 12, 2018  

Kudos on all that! Been saying the same for years but to deaf ears.

FWIW but the guy makes lots of good points IMO

Posted by silverngold @ 10:09 on June 12, 2018  

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