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Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:37 on June 12, 2018  

“NK. Would love to see some real progress.”

Progress to me is everything going into reverse. That WW II crowd, here and in NK,┬ámust be dying off. After 9/11 and┬áthat 2008 dive I figured the USA can’t waste anymore money on defense costs. And that’s what Obama was doing.

I was suspicious of Trump when he said he wanted to beef up the military, (reversing the reversal) but he just said today….”We are no longer playing war games with S. Korea and we will save a lot of money”.

The next thing I’ll be watching for is his stance on Israel. Obama news quote “Obama throwing Israel under the bus”. If we here Trump later on giving Israel negative tweets, then we will know Trump just wanted to get the National Defense votes and Jewish votes.

Trump was against a higher Min Wage. To get businessman votes? But in reality it HAS to go much higher to maintain national security. To make the USA great again, would require a starting wage entry level in any occupation, to equal the buying power of 1967’s minimum wage.



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