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Posted by goldielocks @ 6:22 on June 13, 2018  

On NK and Bolton. Nobody was too happy with his model statement that’s for sure but maybe he’ll come in handy if the agreement goes sour like it has before. You got the Demos whining through the whole thing. First complaint about the summit, then calling it off, then on again. Now they’re saying he’s being buddy buddy with a dictator. Yeah the right pointed out the things Obummer did, the contrast was that unlike the last weak appeasing Obummer he came in with strength not bribery and appeasement even funding sponsors of terrorism with our money.
He came in with strength and a choice. He wasn’t going to let it draw out like so many did before him.
What that can result in is either they stop their nukes or flip Trump off and then it will be hard for the left to justify drawing it out anymore although they’ll try they need a enemy.
That’s when Bolton might come in. It’s a sort of set up this time. Like getting documentation and history of a ruthless killer who’s about to kill again before You take him out.
It will be his choice. Trump will stand by his word either way. Protection or his regime will go bye bye.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.