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Posted by goldielocks @ 11:11 on June 17, 2018  

It wouldn’t have anything to do with civil unrest in Syria and the division of the two Muslim sects. It wouldn’t have too with CIA, or WH underhandedly without declaring of war funding the rebels turned terrorist while they let people get killed in Benghszi so it wouldn’t get out, or Europe interference for financial gain in ME which is still going on today even in Iran. That’s not to mention their pipeline which couldn’t have anything to do with other Muslim countries. How many businesses have they over there. That would have to do with their going the other way with Trump getting out of the so called treaty even though they find terrorism and yell death to America and Israel. Meanwhile they’re quietly making their own war with Europe internally because they let in a Trojan horse openly saying they’re going to take over. Somehow they think they can handle it so what’s a few dead citizens and suppressed country turning into another hell hole. Never let what started out as civil unrest crisis go to waste just like the other ME states and beyond. Just like other countries including Africa.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.