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Elon gets the $ 130 mil falcon heavy deal….he’s probably getting scared

Posted by overton @ 22:27 on June 21, 2018  

with al the saboteurs out there




Posted by redneckokie1 @ 20:49 on June 21, 2018  

i posted a couple of days ago on the big down day that i was buying at $16.20. today’s low was $16.19 on july silver. i hope a few people made the buy.



How can any company sell it’s silver in the west when it’s priced over a dollar higher in the east?

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:10 on June 21, 2018  



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:08 on June 21, 2018  

Spot silver low was down around $16.17 or so I don’t know the futures price.


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:30 on June 21, 2018  

Was it significant?


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 17:40 on June 21, 2018  

anybody notice what the low in july silver futures was today?





Posted by treefrog @ 16:11 on June 21, 2018  

missed your 13:30.  from the responses, it must have been interesting before you redacted it.


fwiw, there are lots of “bobs”

Interesting link between Titanium Dioxide and Diabetes

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:36 on June 21, 2018  

Could your TOOTHPASTE give you type 2 diabetes? White colouring used in food, suncream and toiletries could lead to the condition, study finds


Welcome Bob!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:12 on June 21, 2018  

That’s gotta hurt

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:11 on June 21, 2018  

Blow for Amazon as the Supreme Court rules states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax worth billions of dollars a year


You Too Alex, Thanks For The Comeback.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:10 on June 21, 2018  

One of these days this economy is going to have a head on collision with reality. Its getting to complicated for TPTB to manage.

@Bob re 13:30

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:57 on June 21, 2018  

Well, I thank you very much for that post, and thanks for introducing yourself. Good points re lack of responses. Keep in touch. It takes one to know one. Re unique perspectives.

Mr.Copper – You’re The Best

Posted by Bob @ 13:40 on June 21, 2018  

I never post here but read the blog every day, and have ever since its inception, though then under a different email.

Of all the contributors, I value Mr. Copper’s the most. He has (and always had for the past ten(?) years), a unique perspective.

Dr. Copper, please don’t be dissuaded by lack of response: this is a common phenomenon on blogs where apparent disinterest is merely a function of the medium, where it’s tedious to respond to every posting, and which would also clutter up the site.

LOL , Mr. Copper

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:39 on June 21, 2018  

and we are far enough away that even if you have halitosis and didn’t bathe for a week , it would not matter . Just busy with other things today .

On a ‘bright ?’ note – my heavily PM weighted portfolio is not doing too badly today in spite of G&S being down …again ! A couple of penny stocks which are very volatile anyway got slammed , but I am even seeing a little green on the stronger miners .

Is It Me?? I Pull Up A Chair And Everyone Leaves?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:45 on June 21, 2018  

Oil and Instability In The Economy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:29 on June 21, 2018  

First it was too high at $145 with a low dollar. The artificial “high” created fracking and over production, which later on caused $26 Oil. Then they all or OPEC, cut production to get prices higher off that very bad $26/bbl.

Then oil worked its way to $80/bbl for crude, and they started talking about increasing production to get it lower for “the consumer” they said. Meanwhile the consumer is big businesses bread and butter.

Meanwhile oil started dropping anyway, by itself, or less consumer demand, down to $73 from the May high. And now, just this morning they are talking about INCREASING production to get prices lower.

The entire system is sick. It’s also mentally ill. They are trying to get a “perfect oil price” of some kind, while using a yo yo shit hole Dopey/Dollar at the same time. Are they all (including deep state  media info) dumb as a stump?

What they really need is a brand new stable value unit of account, NOT traded on the oddly emotionally and or manipulated priced futures market.


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:23 on June 21, 2018  

I see salmon in your future. 🙂

Britain’s Fox says now zero chance of stopping Brexit

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on June 21, 2018  

GENEVA (Reuters) – A vote in Britain’s parliament on Wednesday closed the door for good on any chance of the country staying in the European Union, Trade Minister Liam Fox told a debate in Geneva on Thursday.


Do we ever get to catch the fish???

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:03 on June 21, 2018  


This is as good as it gets folks

Posted by Maddog @ 10:01 on June 21, 2018  

Italy is under the cosh again, as its rates blow out and PM’s are falling apart, especially the shares….Wellcome to scumworld, where black is white, up is down, full is empty etc, etc.

Otto Rock comments

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:48 on June 21, 2018  

Orion makes a move on Dalradian (DNA.to)

It’s not just the $1.47 offer that’s interesting here, it’s who is buying that really catches the eye. Private Equity in the mining space.

Lots of M&A going on …

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on June 21, 2018  

Dalradian Resources Stock Surges On C$537 Mln Deal To Be Bought By Orion Mine

6/21/2018 5:25 AM ET

Shares of Dalradian Resources Inc. (DNA.TO) (DALR.L) were gaining around 52 percent in the morning trading in London after the company agreed to be bought by Orion Mine Finance in approximately C$537 million deal.

Under the deal terms, each Dalradian shareholder will receive cash consideration of C$1.47 for each Dalradian Share held.

Under the terms of the Arrangement Agreement, the Dalradian Shares held by certain members of the Dalradian senior management team, Sean Roosen and Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd, will not be acquired by Orion. Collectively, Orion and the Remaining Shareholders currently hold 72,695,911 Dalradian Shares or 20.4% of the issued and outstanding Dalradian Shares. Each of them have agreed to continue to hold Dalradian Shares and also to vote in favor of the deal.

more http://www.rttnews.com/2907138/dalradian-resources-stock-surges-on-c-537-mln-deal-to-be-bought-by-orion-mine.aspx

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:25 on June 21, 2018  


April snow? Brings Grand Canyon Gold!



Posted by Maya @ 3:24 on June 21, 2018  

Spectacular pix and stories today.  Go look for yourself!




Posted by goldielocks @ 3:01 on June 21, 2018  

Chinese medicine calls it cause and effect.
I know a woman dealing with the BA and her father she won’t put in a convalescent hospital. There’s a old saying, take care of the caretaker. If you don’t then what. They can be taken for granted. I’m telling her she can’t to RR please get some rest and eat right. One thing after another with her too. She gets him better than they do something and it’s starts again.
I’m looking cut this week the only thing happened to me was missing lunch. I dropped off some Arby’s sandwiches although trying to cut down on meat got turkey and avocado for myself, gave my daughter theirs her after work while I was heading to work and thought Arbys forgot my sandwich but too late to check. Next day I get from my daughter she didn’t like the one she ordered but the other one she gave me with the avacado was really good. Gir

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