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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:59 on June 24, 2018  

Agreed or take advantage. There are about guessing 6 billion poor in the world. Like that gum balls video even if we took a million it wouldn’t put a dent in it and they would have 3 million more. Because they see poverty as normal they don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing to others. That’s why it should be based on merit but not just about money or ever a special skill just good people.

I think some of these leaders have something to prove. They probably never had multi cultural friends growing up and are trying to dictate to those who did and do who can see through it.

I had Mexican second cousins growing up when in Calif. One was well known in the 60s as my whole family was athletic. He was on that Roller Derby show they had then. Ralph Valladares
Where they skated in circles and others was trying to beat them up.
His younger brother another second cousin who was at UCLA wrestling team. I would surf with him and others when I was a teen. As a student all he had was a bed cloths and his surfboard.
I remember only once he made me mad when my brother lost the wax. In those days you needed to wax the boards or slip off. I wasn’t too happy and determined to go surfing anyways as others were just partying hanging out cuz not too many girls surfers then. I didn’t go to hang out so much there was plenty of that but to surf.
I could stay on a minute but the waves were rough that day and I couldn’t get a grip and would just slide off like standing on wet ice in a earthquake,
I usually wore a one peace but had a two piece bathing suit and between the way I was getting thrown off then hitting the rough waters knocking me around I was trying to hold on to my bathing suit and had to let go of the board then get the board only to do it again. Never swim in rough waters when pizzed off. People on shore were laughing their ask off.
Then cousin trying to give tips which made it worse. I was already a seasoned surfer so told him there’s no wax on the board. The wax is gone lost in the sand somewhere. You want to try it here go ahead!!! Everyone stopped laughing no one took me up on my offer and I’m thinking go ahead I need a laugh too.

Anyways they talk about other people like they’re from mars telling me they are full of it, not accustomed to cultures and think they can change them. The cultural egocentric BS. Yes people should assimilate to their country and culture but what there doing isn’t about assimilation.

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