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time for some covfefe!

Posted by treefrog @ 23:59 on June 27, 2018  





Posted by treefrog @ 22:54 on June 27, 2018  

ocasio cortes cannot be the next damnocrat presidential candidate.  she’s 28. do the math.


Thanks Deer79

Posted by Buygold @ 21:14 on June 27, 2018  

I’m so exhausted


Posted by deer79 @ 19:56 on June 27, 2018  

Hang in there. It’s always helpful to have family and friends to help you through tough times. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Alex Valdor @ 15:59 Yikes!

Posted by goldcountry @ 19:28 on June 27, 2018  


New Intellectual Froglegs

Posted by commish @ 18:31 on June 27, 2018  

Floridagold – Completely agree

Posted by Buygold @ 18:14 on June 27, 2018  

Ocasio-Cortez will be the next Dem Pres. Candidate.

The MSM will fall in love with her, she’s from New York, a socialist, and nice looking – looks like an actress. Fits all the Libtard requirements.

I remember when Bill Clinton was elected. Same thing – tall, good looking, smooth talking rapist. Easy to see he’d be elected.

Hopefully the internet has woken enough people up to understand candidates positions rather than their looks.

Hopefully Trump nominates a fierce conservative like Pirro or Napolitano. Any wishy washy judges would be a disgrace.

OTOH, considering my wife is on her 10th day in the ICU, maybe I should vote socialist because despite insurance, this will surely bankrupt me.

Life is a funny thing.


Goldcountry , Goldie – the benefits of hydration

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:59 on June 27, 2018  

I had a subaceous cyst removed a few years ago .
The doctor told me to get in the shower three times a day , and let the stream flush the wound for a few minutes each time , using a sterilizing hand soap ( Lysol , I think ) . And not to cover it with a bandage – to get air to it . He said the hole would fill in . I laughed to myself when he said that .

He was right and I was amazed !

Here are photos – sorry if they are inverted .
( and apologies if some are squeamish )

Day 1:

Day 2:

After just a month :

Dow>> SnP>> Nasdaq>> Russell 2000 All Acting Like Our PMs

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:26 on June 27, 2018  

Dropping every day since June 11th. For a change they can’t get a break.


And look at the weird price action on Crude Oil. Weird things tend to cause more weird things later.


I retract that…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:21 on June 27, 2018  

It was not gentlemanly demeanor .


Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:19 on June 27, 2018  

…a dirt nap , maybe ???


Posted by treefrog @ 14:19 on June 27, 2018  

justice kennedy just announced his retirement.

ruth bader-ginsberg not available for comment until she wakes up from her afternoon nap.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:13 on June 27, 2018  

There must be a phase transition with politicians Called suicide.
One Demo already got replaced by a socialist. I guess they never thought it would happen in their life time and could care less about the future just themselves. They are getting what they are asking for. People think Romnie being elected was rigged.

Spain: Socialist ruling party wants to give migrants the right to vote


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:12 on June 27, 2018  

I’m not worried about quack watch but results as I’ve heard of these products and had something similar not as strong that used Indian clay with other ingredients in my ER kit that got rid of a widow bite quick. Doctors couldn’t make money on a cure.
I want to go to make sure what I’m dealing with first. I will get the black salve and look for a filler guessing what kind of tissue will be left. There’s different kinds for different kinds of wounds.
In order to fill you have to have moisture for the cells. If it drys out it will just scar over. I memorized the instructions already but what concerns me is the H202 because peroxide does bubble up and kill germs but it can also kill healthy cells along with it. It might be good st first in this case but then while granulation cells are left it would not be beneficial for them.
At that point you’ll have to keep it moist using normal saline you can make yourself and use a filler of choice and keep it covered.
If it looks like it’s scaring over or skin is starting to grow you can agitate it by scrubbing it then apply the filler and cover it. If some of the cells look to big called hyper granulation, growing amoungst the smaller healthy cells it will interfere with healing. That’s probably not likely to happen less it’s over hydrated and why you use normal saline.
In that case you would need to do the same treatment but put pressure type bandage on pressing it down not real hard but enough which would be hard to do on your nose lol.

Floridagold @ 11:55 Re Gold Forcast

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:03 on June 27, 2018  

If Gold keeps dropping from here, it would imply a deflationary slowdown. Or another depression. This system can’t afford falling prices. That puts people out of business.

If TPTB are dropping gold on purpose? Not market forces? Then they are trying to fool and subdue inflationary expectations, being seen for a few years in panic buying of real estate being used as a hedge instead on Gold.

10 Year Bond Rate Still Dropping After All The Talking Heads Said They Were Going Higher Than 3%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:55 on June 27, 2018  

Bond rate now 2.84%, 8% lower than the 3.1% peak. And get this, the dollar is higher at 95 with a lower Bond rate. Also, crude oil is higher along with higher dollar. Figure that out.

this does not make me feel warm and fuzzy !!

Posted by Floridagold @ 11:55 on June 27, 2018  
The current downdraft has resulted in the 50-day moving average for gold prices, currently at $1,306.26 an ounce, falling below its longer-term 200-day moving average at $1,307.20, according to FactSet data.
That forms a technical pattern known as a death cross, where the short-term trend line slips beneath the long-term moving average. Many chart watchers believe that a so-called death cross marks the spot a short-term decline morphs into a longer-term downtrend

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday that non-union workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:09 on June 27, 2018  


Floridagold @ 9:54

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:02 on June 27, 2018  

Anyone who votes for a person with those proposals is voting for the destruction of the USA. Are voters really that stupid to believe all the pie in the sky stuff? Tune in next week …

she will be running for President next

Posted by Floridagold @ 9:54 on June 27, 2018  

A 28-year-old Democratic Socialist just ousted a powerful, 10-term Democratic congressman in New York

Even as Ocasio-Cortez ran defiantly to his left — with universal health care, a federal jobs guarantee and the abolition of ICE headlining her demands



goldielocks @ 21:04

Posted by goldcountry @ 9:04 on June 27, 2018  

I doubt a dermatologist would suggest Black Salve. They have other methods like liquid nitrogen, and curettage if it has become a small cancer. Quack Watch says Black Salve very very bad! (of course they do.) I suppose if you use it incorrectly it is, but if you follow Dr. Wilson’s instructions it works well. I bought the salve a couple years ago, it took me this long to get up the nerve to try it. But it WILL leave a small hole in the skin if the cancer has been there a while. The hole will fill in gradually, and using emu oil helps it heal. It can be a little scary using it on your face, for obvious reasons. But I have been, with good results.

The link again for those who asked: http://www.drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/BLACK%20SALVE.htm

Load the boat…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 8:40 on June 27, 2018  

…chuckle…the DF speculators are about to puke up their derivative positions when silver breaks…it’s about time the baffles are cleared.

Cheers all

Maya – Would listen to …

Posted by commish @ 7:58 on June 27, 2018  

My days in Honolulu would listen to KIKI 830 on the AM dial.  Stephen B Williams was the big jock back then.

Hawaii Libs bemoan Trump’s Travel Ban victory

Posted by Maya @ 2:35 on June 27, 2018  

Crocodile tears today from Doug Chinn, now running for office here.  He was Attorney General for Hawaii who originally filed the complaint.  And our Damn…er… Dem congresscritters all had to weigh in about how this was a ‘dark day for America’ and of course  “The Supreme Court is WRONG, but we must unfortunately follow the law”

Yeah… imagine that… Liberal Dems having to follow the LAW!  Such a shame, that…

I caught all this in a three minute radio news cast locally while I was driving to town.  They interrupted my Rock & Roll for… this!

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:29 on June 27, 2018  


Maybe I should call this ‘the liberal train’?

I swear… All I did was put a penny on the tracks!


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