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Posted by goldielocks @ 13:11 on June 28, 2018  

Right,the danger of opening them is infection that could become systemic and kill you. After the wound could be considered a dirty wound so why they want it open not just to drain but to clean it out. That’s why if your going home and a lay person so to speak they just want to leave it that way. Plan water is not the best but for a person going home instead of a treatment regime they might not follow it’s easier to tell them to jump in the shower.
Cancer has many forms some more aggressive plus there are other things that can appear a whole host of things like the more common systemic lupus.
So cancers like basal cell common in that area are like ice bergs. You minght have a small lesion on your nose for instance but below it could be growing even bigger. The must with cancer or pre cancer is getting all of it. Sometimes aside for X-rays they can be pappated but still a guess like your friend that had all those branches.
A nurse friend getting on me yesterday saying I’m a good nurse but more patient with others than myself better check it out as I’ve put in on ignore for couple of years. She knows a patient who trusted the doctor with his saying they got all of it but he didn’t. It was still there and now it’s in his brain and liver.
I’d say have the doctor ID what it is if it requires histology and try to get rid of it then move to the other. Something’s could have similar textbook appearances but not even be cancer or vise Versa. If your friend had melanoma for instance it could of spread quick and wouldn’t know it till it was too late. Some forms don’t have typical dark multicolored irregular patterns. I had two physicals to see if the doctor would even notice it and didn’t. It’s more assembly like corporate that’s killing people now. Have to get to work not editing.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.