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Goldie – thanks for noting that

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:25 on June 28, 2018  

I remember now – the Lysol antiseptic ‘soap’ was a foam that I was to apply to the wound for about a half minute or so before rinsing in the shower , and I was on antibiotics both before and after the procedure . The procedure was moved ahead several days , because once I began the antibiotics , the cyst ‘exploded’ into an eruption of pus as the war began between the good guys ( the antibiotics ) and the underlying bad guys . The surgeon was excellent , and did the procedure in his office .

Cancer is , as you point out , an entirely different matter .

On that topic , I had an in-law relative about 50 years ago who claimed that he had a type of skin cancer on his face that he treated with an American Indian compound . He said the whole thing could be pulled out of his cheek like a miniature octopus after a number of days of treatment – and never came back . I was very doubtful at the time , but after reading the link that GoldCountry posted , I am coming around in my thinking .

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