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There’d be some fireworks then

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:56 on July 4, 2018  

US Vows To Keep Gulf Waterway Open After Iran Threatens Blockade



Posted by goldielocks @ 23:02 on July 4, 2018  

They should teach it and learn not to take it for granted. The people who were on the Mayflower write one too I’m going to read more about when I have time.

Worth reading ! Even if not American

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 21:57 on July 4, 2018  

The story of the Declaration of Independence . Only John Hancock signed it on July 4 , 1776 .
This ‘book’ dates back to 1957 , so it has been available to school teachers for over 60 years , but ignored by most .



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:38 on July 4, 2018  

Ps yes that’s messed up parents trying to find the least toxic way to treat seizures and they take their children then drug them and call that protecting the child.
They put a status on pot because they deem it as no medical value and call it a gateway drug when infact img_1751giving them MJ instead of heavy drugs is doing just the opposite. It’s keeping them from these drugs. Many of these seizures started after vaccinations. Gotta keep those pharmacy manufacturers in the money.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:26 on July 4, 2018  

Yep we have no obligation to illegal crossing because we can’t take care of the poor here and with cost of living skyrocketing there’s more to come. If we keep these children of illegals when they have a place to go we are obligating ourselfs because their country isn’t paying for their care and the children are losing their culture, language and alienated from family’s. They will then be the next Daca because once they grow up here how can you send them back at 18 and expect them to survive.

Now for MAPA

Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:33 on July 4, 2018  

Make Americans Proud Again.


I’m sure the libbies will be at the front of the queue!!  Maybe not.

But I know that, despite the reversion to confrontational politics, Trump is getting things done, and I’m proud to have supported him, along with you guys, from the outset.

Portugeezer – that is a great point

Posted by Buygold @ 15:21 on July 4, 2018  

and one I’ve never heard made in the MSM

Social Services here in the U.S. separates children from their parents on a daily basis if the parent is accused of a crime.

Recently, some parents gave their Epileptic son marijuana to help with his severe seizures. The marijuana stopped the seizures but the boy was still taken from his parents.

What’s always lost in this “emotional” argument is the parents have committed a crime by crossing the border illegally.

A crime is a crime, no matter how everyone “feels” about it. We have no obligation to these people anymore than Mexico has to illegals that cross their border.


Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:44 on July 4, 2018  

That Cuban kid was Elian Gonzalez if memory serves me correctly .
Castro treated him like a prince after his forced return for the PR .


Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:27 on July 4, 2018  

If your child misses a couple of days from school, you are criminalised and the child can be taken away from you.

These people are dragging their kids thousands of miles.  Abuse?

Who knows if they are really related?  Maybe trafficking.

What would the Libbies say if they started DNA testing anyone claiming to be a parent?

Richard 12:25

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:56 on July 4, 2018  

Same here but forgot much of my Spanish after leaving South Cal long time ago. I agree but they need to find a better way with protecting the children from to much trauma.If it wasn’t too complicated I’d say turn the bus around send them back. The Demos are actually making it worse by dragging it on and on for these people and not speeding up their return and refusing to build walls and secure our borders because their want to overthrow this country. Not all these people are parents or even family of these kids too.
Remember that little Cuban boy found floating alone in the sea. His realitives wanted him and he could stay but his father wanted him back and they let him go back. What’s the double standard?

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:38 on July 4, 2018  

Yesterday I took my 5 year old grandson to Funderland. Rides for tot sized kids. I wanted him to start getting familiar with horses and they had mini horses close by. He rode his first horse and the horse relieved himself along the way. He started to laugh. One of the owners said that’s what he’ll be taking about the rest of the day. When he got off the horse he ran over to see what horse poop looked like. Sure enough that’s all he talked about the rest of the day besides the kids plane they have to maneuver to go up.

FYI–I speak spanish, love latin music, and latinos in general–as per Marc Levin: this is not a racial thing-the

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:25 on July 4, 2018  

open borders, infinite latino immigration is a trojan horse by the leftists/marxists/democrats to abolish the constitution, make elections unwinnable for Republicans [like in California and soon Texas]–and set up an all powerful state apparatus…we’re just about there already, thanks to some backstabbing, fifth columnist Republicans drifting toward the left…the lifeboats are already full….you know that…I know that…same deal for the dreamers–we got enuff native born dreamers here saddled with college loans and underpaid jobs….let’s have a march on Washington to protest the $138,000 Jesse Jacksons son is getting for his bipolar disorder…O, yeah, u must realize that most educated Latinos are very far right–very conservative–they left commie/socialist countries…and they vote for Trump…and even more will after  seeing this socialist gal who won the demo primary in the Bronx.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:58 on July 4, 2018  

Yep we see that in places like Africa. Going on for decades. Corruption and dependence on others a big part of the problem. In South America although most are hard workers it’s also corruption and trafficking that’s big business for the wrong people along with incentives made by liberal laws.
I saw a video of some ranchers on the border. They said years ago it used to be just a few crossing for work. Then criminals started making a business of trafficking be people or drugs and hundreds were crossing all the time and were also victimizing the people who paid them to cross mostly the young women. They said some would sneak around stealing things from their barns or sometimes livestock. After Trump they said it slowed down again.

Unintended consequences of good will.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 11:36 on July 4, 2018  

They are too numerous to write down.

You think you are doing good, but sometimes you are perpetuating the bad, or perhaps even making it worse.

Save a village from starvation and next year the same village is there without food again, but there are 20% more villagers.

Instead of 100 people starving, it is now 120 or more.  More suffering, not less.

Now its a breeding ground for disease and as the village grows, more of the same, but at a greater level.

At home, give one person a benefit and it becomes a right for everybody else.

Just rhetorical statements.


Richard 9:33

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:45 on July 4, 2018  

Illegal immigration in South America as well as other places is a generational problem because lack of economic sense, crime, and corruption that then cross the border along with the ones escaping it.
That doesn’t mean we should be heartless like in this case. The father took the legal way and they stole his child not sending them back together or leaving him with his grandmother. He didn’t just sneak across. However if it wasn’t gangs that drove him off for his life he wouldn’t have much of a case but then why did they take his child?
They have inefficient law enforcement that didn’t bring the killer or killers of that boys mother to justice. They are a older civilization than us but little changes.
We had crime here through the centuries whether the cities or plains but we dealt with it head on over time. Some of that crime was the government what they did to American Indians.
Yes some were driven away, and we can’t afford to be bombarded with more because there’s no where left to go even if we were driven away ourselves because indiscriminate and illegal immigration.
Now the boy becomes a victim again taking away the only loving environment he has and worse at a time when he needs them most.
They need to either give him to his grandmother per fathers request and stop the games. If sending him back to his country would be unsafe then the father had a legitimate case.
The increased working hours the state pushed on the grandmother in order to afford a bigger place is discrimination. So what if she has a smaller place if she can put portable beds up at night. In time they can usually figure out something.
Further how many men for instance do they criticize for working long hours even if their single parents or widowed.
Meanwhile they’re paying a stranger big bucks to place the child in a institutional setting causing detriment and depriving the child of the only family he has. That’s not a better answer or solution. Now if these children start to disrespect even hate authority figures and start acting out they will blame the children not the system that caused it.
We see this in adults today due to systems witch hunts of the past or brain dead morally void ideas that ended in disaster after the damage was done to those who didn’t have the means to jump hoops and or fight back and even they had to deal with the long lasting detrimental effects.

They are cranking up the “compassion machine”-charity begins at home! We got enuff legal citizens here already that need help. So stop with the violins and D.Scarlattis “Stabat Mater” already!

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:33 on July 4, 2018  

At 9 He Lost His Mom to Gang Violence. At 12 He Lost His Dad to Trump’s Immigration Policies.

A father pleaded for asylum for his 12-year-old son. Instead, the Trump administration deported him and put his son in a shelter. Now the family cannot get the boy out.

By Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

Ms. Cornejo Villavicencio is an Emerson Fellow and a graduate student at Yale University.

Families fleeing poverty and violence in Central America arrive at a bus station in McAllen, Tex., last month. Unlike Brayan and his father, this family was released and not separated.Spencer Platt/Getty Images

When Brayan was 9 years old, in 2016, his mother was brutally raped and murdered in Honduras. Her body was found in a septic tank. When Brayan saw her in the coffin, she was so disfigured that he couldn’t recognize her. She had been seven months pregnant. That’s when his nightmares began, his fear of the dark. His mother’s boyfriend had abused her and was arrested in the killing, but he claimed it was a gang killing and was set free. He threatened Brayan and his father, José, so José vowed to bring Brayan to safety in the United States. The opportunity to travel there safely arrived this year.

Happy Independence Day

Posted by Kentucky @ 7:50 on July 4, 2018  

Hope everyone is well. I would like to suggest that the members of this board investigate Anavex Life Sciences AVXL.



This could be huge

Freedom Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:17 on July 4, 2018  


Happy Independence Day!



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