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BigBad Don

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:51 on July 7, 2018  

That would be an interesting conversation

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:14 on July 7, 2018  

Andrew Maguire Says Major German Bank Just Refused To Hand Over Client’s Physical Gold

MAJOR ALERT: Andrew Maguire Says Major German Bank Just Refused To Hand Over Client’s Physical Gold


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:56 on July 7, 2018  

Lol I’ll take a corona. Calif. will probably be Mexico’s by then anyways.

Maya @ 20:46

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:45 on July 7, 2018  

Great idea! The odds of winning would be pretty good. 🙂


Posted by treefrog @ 21:36 on July 7, 2018  

you got me thinking about zugzwang, and even if they could “not move,” they’re screwed.


i believe the democratic party leaders have maneuvered themselves into such a condition. during the eight obama years the party of the jackass moved steadily to the left, and away from the center (where the majority resides). in nominating hillary, (a centrist compared to the obamatons) the party was acting in a normal fashion – reverting to the mean, structurally a corrective move. in doing so, their cavalier treatment of the sanders faction inflamed the left.
with clinton’s failure, the old guard centrist democrats were devastated. they had felt that the presidency was hillary’s to win …but she lost. discredited, they yielded control of the party to the hard left, which has, instead of consolidating, continued to push further left – further and further from the center (where the majority resides).
what choices does this give the present hard left leadership of the jackasses?
a) they can hold in place and watch all but the hard left slowly slip away, back toward center (where the…)
b) they can continue to move left, accelerating the process above in (a).
c) they can try to move back toward the center, but this would alienate their only firm support base.

!!! ZUGZWANG !!!

Ipso & Goldi

Posted by Maya @ 20:46 on July 7, 2018  

Welcome to the Old Goldbug’s Home!  🙂

Shall we start a “last person standing” club?  Winner gets to drink the bottle of wine.

Why No Material Inflation?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:17 on July 7, 2018  

Artificially cheap Labor and Material makes it possible to keep costs down and profits up. Also, creates the artificial false ability to start an artificial business and hire people cheap. Its for the greater good ya know.  We all know how materials prices keep getting whipsawed on the COMEX.

Why No Wage Inflation?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:54 on July 7, 2018  

Very simple. TPTB, and or big business refused to raise the minimum lock step with the rising cost of living.   The scumbags thru the dept of Labor, constistinly under reported the true inflation rate. One minimum wage paycheck, 40 hours, used to be enough to have a spouse home with two kids. No medical insurance needed either. For the births. $300 to $500 covered the Dr. and the hospital.

Republicans to win in November

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:39 on July 7, 2018  
Soros and the SPLC are getting creative as they panic over the #walkaway flood of people deserting the Demorat Party.
Trump supporters need to do nothing but go out and vote. The DNC is self-destructing more every day.
The Demonrats are trapped in a “zugzwang”. A German chess term meaning that any move you can make will only make your position worse. The best move is to make no move at all. Let the tenor of the commentary soften for a while before something really violent happens.
But they can’t do that. Everything Trump says or does has to be reacted to as if it were apocalyptic. Trump is winning, just like he said he would. The Dems are impotent to stopping him. So there every move becomes more extreme than the last.
The primary victory of this “demcratic socialist” in New York and the DNC chair saying “she is the future of the party” is going to hurt more than help the Dumbocrats.
The Demonrats and the Demonratic Socialist Party is two entities, luckily the Dems are being included in something they for the most part DO not want,but old Dems are running away from both.(independents and women alike)

I get these all the time and Doctors still refuse to do anything.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:12 on July 7, 2018  

Another healthy happy newborn killed by vaccines.

They put this in vaccines

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:03 on July 7, 2018  

The EPA Is Hiding Proof That a Widely Used Chemical Causes Leukemia: Report


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:56 on July 7, 2018  

Good posts. 😊

Thats it ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:06 on July 7, 2018  

…got dis,

I was doing an overnight at a hotel away from home. I took my computer down to the bar to do some data entries.

I sat down at the bar and I asked the bartender, ‘What’s the wi-fi password?’

Bartender: ‘You need to buy a drink first.’

Me: ‘Okay, I’ll have a beer.’

Bartender: ‘We have Corona on tap.’

Me: ‘Sure. How much is that?’

Bartender: ‘$8.00.’

Me: ‘Here you are. OK now, what’s the wifi password?’

Bartender: ‘ “youneedtobuyadrinkfirst”; No spaces and all lowercase.’

Trump dosent understand

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:00 on July 7, 2018  

Inflation has a Governmant definition …its rising WAGES ……therefore rising prices is not inflationary ..He should concentrate on wages more…..and forget about prices …or maybe he does understand ! ,,,, thats why he gets so much resistance from everybody in Government ..They get rising wages by government edict ,so they have advantage over everyone else..they live better relatively than everyone else .Government job wages need to be tied the cost of living minus 10 % since they have job security .That would stop the growth of Government from becoming an inflation factor.

Stability would be a better goal..and avoid  hyper inflation. Price would then become very moderate and stable.

Immigration stops wage inflation for the rest of the population …Government employees wages are the problem and driving force of distortions ruining the middle class .Merit based immigration would bring higher wages to those that create wealth instead of to those that consume it. The consumers of wealth always vote for communist anyway ,who need that ?WE need to become a Nation of intelligent wealth creators and pull up the standards of living for all that reside here. The rest of the world can decide for themselves what their policys are ….We dont owe them…..They too can do what we do if they choose .

sign up

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:31 on July 7, 2018  


(Actual letter from an Oregon resident sent to his

The Honorable Wyden
731 Hart Senate Office Building
(202) 224 3254
Washington DC, 20510

Dear Senator Wyden,

As a
native Oregonian and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue
Service, I am
writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the
Department of
Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process
for becoming an
illegal alien and they referred me to you.

My primary reason for wishing
to change my status from U.S. Citizen to
illegal alien stems from the bill
which was recently passed by the
Senate and for which you voted. If my
understanding of this bill is
accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in
the United States for
five years, all I need to do to become a citizen is to
pay a $2,000
fine and income taxes for only three of the last five years. I
know a
good deal when I see one and I am anxious to get the process
before everyone figures it out.

Simply put, those of us who
have been here legally have had to pay
taxes every year so I’m excited about
the prospect of avoiding two
years of taxes in return for paying a $2,000
fine. Is there any way
that I can apply to be illegal retroactively? This
would yield an
excellent result for me and my family because we paid heavy
taxes in
2004 and 2005.

Additionally, as an illegal alien I could
begin using the local
emergency room as my primary health care provider. Once
I have stopped
paying premiums for medical insurance, my accountant figures I
save almost $10,000 a year.

Another benefit in gaining illegal
status would be that my daughter
would receive preferential treatment
relative to her law school
applications, as well as “in-state” tuition rates
for many colleges
throughout the United States for my son.

Lastly, I
understand that illegal status would relieve me of the
burden of renewing my
driver’s license and making those burdensome car
insurance premiums. This is
very important to me, given that I still
have college age children driving my

If you would provide me with an outline of the process to
illegal (retroactively if possible) and copies of the necessary
I would be most appreciative. Thank you for your

Your Loyal Constituent, (hoping to reach “illegal alien”
status rather
than just a bonafide citizen of the USA )
Dale B.
Lebanon, Or

“350 grams of gold a tonne” It’s a Bonanza!

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:45 on July 7, 2018  

E-waste mining could be big business – and good for the planet.

Many millions of tonnes of televisions, phones and other electronic equipment are discarded each year, despite them being a rich source of metals. But now e-waste mining has the potential to become big business.

Professor Veena Sahajwalla’s mine in Australia produces gold, silver and copper – and there isn’t a pick-axe in sight.

Her “urban mine” at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) is extracting these materials not from rock, but from electronic gadgets.

The Sydney-based expert in materials science reckons her operation will become efficient enough to be making a profit within a couple of years.

“Economic modelling shows the cost of around $500,000 Australian dollars (£280,000) for a micro-factory pays off in two to three years, and can generate revenue and create jobs,” she says.

“That means there are environmental, social and economic benefits.”

In fact, research indicates that such facilities can actually be far more profitable than traditional mining.

According to a study published recently in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, a typical cathode-ray tube TV contains about 450g of copper and 227g of aluminium, as well as around 5.6g of gold.

While a gold mine can generate five or six grammes of the metal per tonne of raw material, that figure rises to as much as 350g per tonne when the source is discarded electronics.

cont. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-44642176


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:16 on July 7, 2018  

Guess that depends why you buy it and when. Doesn’t really matter if u buy it or equities if they wait too long they’ll give it back. Only difference is equities recoup faster and continue higher faster without having to wait a life time.


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:56 on July 7, 2018  

“like us”

Geez I hope not! 🙂

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