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Ororeef – Thanks -good insight

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 22:04 on July 11, 2018  

That may have been the start of life long sinus problems .

The HuffPost. Leave It To The Libs.

Posted by commish @ 20:17 on July 11, 2018  



Posted by goldielocks @ 18:24 on July 11, 2018  

That’s why they need better teachers when their new or not trained. It’s not exactly free diving for quarters at the bottom of the pool or kids.
You and my friend would of had stories about diving including those deep ones that can make you feel drunk. He’d talk about things I didn’t understand sometimes like pounds of pressure even waves surfing. The way he made it sound all that pressure I should of been crushed.

Alex Valdor @ 16:16 on July 11, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:49 on July 11, 2018  

Its hard to speculate but my guess would be that you made several dives in a short period of time ,and never equalized the pressure on the ears ..even while diving its best to stay at one level .Some experienced diver have trouble coming from a deep dive like 60 ft up to 30 ft and then find they cant get back down to 60 ft because the ears wont respond so easily.Its best to do the deepest part first then lesser levels on the way up.Your ear drums were telling you to stay at one level or risk damage.same with sinus cavitys..the nerves didnt like the up and down .They can get used to the deep ok ,but its the rapid change thats irritating .I find that the depth is not the problem ,just dont go up then try to go back down ..the body cant adjust fast if at all…In diving ,do the deepest dive first then lesser levels after.. this also good practice as it allows you to decompress gradually to prevent bends ..Do not plan on flying shortly before or after diving for the same reason…The bends are nitrogen gas bubbles forming in your blood when ascending too fast the gas can form bubbles that can get to your brain and kill you..Like a bottle of coke under pressure and then a sudden release forms bubbles ….easy does going up when diving ,do a rest stop from 60 feet at 30 feet,then again at 15 feet  to prevent bubbles in the blood…..So thats why repeated diving even to 20 feet up and down can be bad …

Divers also find that the air in their BC Buoyancy compensator the vest type thing they wear is used to maintain neutral buoyancy at any level .You will find that while ascending that you get rising too fast because the air in the BC is expanding and puts you at risk of the bends ,so you must let air out of the BC to control your ascent from a deep dive .

I suspect that if you let bubbles out slowly of your mouth while ascending you could have avoided the pain and possible a mild  case of bends ..Dont worry about running out of air do it controlled and slow as the air in your lungs is actually expanding on the way up ..as was the air trapped in your sinuses. remember to exhale slowly on the way up..

Ororeef – you sound like you really know what is going on

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:16 on July 11, 2018  

and maybe can answer a question that I have had for about 65 years . While I was a scout ( Sea Scout , actually ) we met in summer at the local yacht club . One evening instead of our regular scout meeting our leader took us to the dock to swim and dive . He had a handful of bottle caps he would throw in , which we would try to dive after . I could dive fairly deep , but eventually , he ran out of bottle caps and asked me to dive to the bottom and retrieve some that were there . The depth was probably 15 to 20 feet . I did so , but after several dives , developed a sudden , splitting headache and had to surface and stop . The headache lasted for some time…a few hours ? This was not in my ears , but in my temples – maybe in the far back sinuses ? Any ideas about what that was ?

The Thai Boys

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:08 on July 11, 2018  

were much younger than I imagined them to be Dr.Harris wisely administered a small sedative to them to prevent Panic and anxiety attack …He understood the Patients  as well as the dive risks ..He was probably the ONE GUY in the world they needed and were so lucky to have him….

Last guy out of the caves. He also overturned the Thais plan to take out the fittest boys first and convinced them to take out the weakest first. As below -Dr Harris administered a mild sedative to the boys none of whom could swim. Genius.

‘An Australian doctor who risked his life to save 12 soccer players trapped in a Thai cave was told his father had died just moments after the daring mission was accomplished.

Dr Richard ‘Harry’ Harris, the last person out of the Tham Luang cave system after the triumphant rescue, learned the sad news shortly after he helped the last of the boys to safety on Tuesday.’

‘The 53-year-old anaesthetist, from Adelaide, was hailed for an ingenious medical idea that helped the trapped boys stay calm during the gruelling 1.7km swim to the surface.

Deep inside the cave system, Dr Harris administered a mild sedative to the boys, ensuring the inexperienced swimmers didn’t panic in the water, The Daily Telegraph reported..’


Competence extraordinaire ! How Lucky they were to have him available !

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:57 on July 11, 2018  


Dr Harris has 30 years of diving experience and has worked on retrieving bodies from caves

Dr Harris has 30 years of diving experience and has worked on retrieving bodies from caves

Dr Harris, 53, is the son of Jim Harris who was a renowned vascular surgeon and senior consultant in Adelaide.

He has worked six years for MedStar, an aeromedical retrieval service for SA Ambulance.

He has 30 years diving experience and has worked on retrieving bodies from caves.

He famously found the body of stunt diver Agnes Milowka who ran out of air in the Tank Cave near Tantanoola in the south east of South Australia in 2011.

In the past few years, he’s been involved in cave-diving explorations in Australia, China, Christmas Island and New Zealand. He has an active interest in diving safety and accident investigation.

Dr Harris, who has 30 years of diving experience, is also well known in the cave diving community, including as the leader of record-breaking missions to explore a dangerous underwater cave system on New Zealand’s South Island.

In 2011 and 2012, he led a team of Aussie divers to record depths of 194 and 221 metres in what’s believed to be one of the world’s deepest cold water caves, searching for the source of the Pearse River.

He filmed the dangerous and complex mission for National Geographic.

The Zombie SLV buyers are active…4209 SLV Aug 17 2018 $15 calls sold today at .30–SLV last trade 14.89

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:27 on July 11, 2018  

The Aug 17 $14 call @ a buck call has 1293 volume–so silver has to move up–from here–only 11 cents to cover the premium…I hear that siren song…but I’m plugging my ears.

TPTB Want Europe or NATO Countries, To Increase Defense Spending?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:11 on July 11, 2018  

What that means to me is they want more work for US Defense Plants, US workers, or money going into the USA. I’m pretty sure USA is the go to defense provider.


Crazy energy charts https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=ENERGY&p=d1

Gold down in all currencies, past 60 Days.


Buygold – it won’t last forever

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:17 on July 11, 2018  

and when the global economies crash , the deceleration will be brutal .

Back in the 1950’s when high speed cameras were new , there was an Air Force colonel by the name of Bill Stapp who used to be strapped into a rocket sled which had scoops on the bottom . After accelerating to ( 300 + ?) miles per hour the sled scoops would hit water and abruptly stop the sled with the cameras recording his face , with the flesh almost being torn off by the braking force . I assume the point of the experiments was to determine how fast jets could land on aircraft carriers and come to a stop abruptly without concussion for the pilots . The images were impressive and may be analogous to what lies ahead for mainstream investors .

I’m waiting for the moonshot in G&S , but have to admit that I have been decimated because of my stubborn adherence to the value of ‘real money’…physical , and the mines that produce it .

Alex Valdor

Posted by Maddog @ 13:55 on July 11, 2018  

Tks for yr wishes on Brexit….cheers.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:45 on July 11, 2018  

Yep. Those days of rip your face off rallies appear to be long gone for pm’s

Another from Dr. Tim Ball – appropriate for today’s G&S drubbing

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:15 on July 11, 2018  

The tail always wagged the dog: Now, because of political correctness, the flea on the hair on the tail wags the dog.

Change ‘political correctness’ to ‘global central banks’ .

An adage from Dr. Tim Ball – one of my favorite people

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:11 on July 11, 2018  

Academic gowns show universities are medieval institutions completely out of touch with the modern world.

de debbil made me do it !

Posted by treefrog @ 12:56 on July 11, 2018  


Morning Buygold

Posted by Maddog @ 12:41 on July 11, 2018  

Yup crush ’em hard….PAAS has been taken to the woodshed today…it was looking nice on the charts…can’t have that.

Fallback position

Posted by Buygold @ 12:12 on July 11, 2018  

When markets are in doubt – crush pm’s worse than anything else

Maya – Great photo of the cog railway to Zermatt and the Matterhorn

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:03 on July 11, 2018  

It brought back fond memories of that little train , and a wonderful Swiss girl that I had hoped to marry , over a half century ago (she would not consider leaving la Suisse and I knew I would never advance in my profession there , so it went no further , but the love doesn’t die ) . We spent a wonderful day in and around Zermatt and walking the rough path toward the Matterhorn . At the time , the train started in Visp , down in the valley .

Maddog – your recent post including mention of coins

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 11:52 on July 11, 2018  

I can remember traveling in Italy , decades ago , when shopkeepers would keep a bowl of coins next to the register to make up the difference between the price rung up and the paper Lira tendered for the purchase . No one carried coins and it was a zero sum bowl .

I also recall a joke back in the day when the Lira bill sizes indicated the value . If you were stuck in a city and the hotels were all full , just make a tent out of large Lira bills – it would be cheaper .

BTW – I noticed your comment about the negative article about PM May yesterday – I hope you are correct , and that GB can recover its sovereignty – particularly over immigration. Otherwise , British traditions and culture will be lost forever . My wife and I have a very good friend in the USA who is from Glasgow . She is just beside herself about Scotland’s push to remain in the EU . In fact I would guess that she would prefer to see a Scotland independent from both the EU and UK .

Good luck in regaining Britain’s control over critical issues .


Posted by Maddog @ 10:25 on July 11, 2018  

Not sure about how bad yr inflation is, as we know all official stats are garbage…but over here inflation grows daily.

Coins are rarely used, other than in change, both the £ 5 and £ 10 notes have been changed to a near plastic type, as the old paper ones were wearing out, due to usage, far too fast.

Two drinks in a Pub and u barely get change from £ 10.00 if any.

Gasoline is almost back to where it was at $140 oil !!!


Posted by Buygold @ 10:09 on July 11, 2018  


Buygold-this inflation report and golds’ complete lack of response to it is exhibit A for the case

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:22 on July 11, 2018  

that gold doesn’t warrant much discussion. What can one say about a cadaver? The mortician did a wonderful job of making up the deceased?

Kentucky – when every day is groundhog day there’s not a lot to report I guess

Posted by Buygold @ 9:15 on July 11, 2018  

This should be gold positive but….

PPI Comes Blazing Hot Rising Most Since 2011; Yields Spike

US Producer Prices soared at +3.4% YoY in June – far above the expectation of +3.1% – and to the highest level since Nov 2011. Energy goods and Trade services rose most MoM, but Food prices dropped 1.1% MoM.

Kentucky-You are correct. There is no reason for this site to be exclusively devoted to comments on G&S because

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:13 on July 11, 2018  

there is little to comment about. Endlessly posting tech analysis is pointless because the manipulation renders it invalid…and thank G*d we don’t have a martinet like Vronsky lording it over us…if gold ever becomes a volatile, viable normal market again     the PM commentary will return…in the meantime I find this site a very congenial place to hang out. I have checked most of the other gold forums and they are ghost towns…

I wouldn’t be too smug if I were holding 2000 QID calls. The stock index futures were stopped early last night…

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:06 on July 11, 2018  

and it looks like the drooling bargain hunters are ready to greet this opening sell of with open arms..

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