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Alex Valdor @ 16:16 on July 11, 2018

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:49 on July 11, 2018  

Its hard to speculate but my guess would be that you made several dives in a short period of time ,and never equalized the pressure on the ears ..even while diving its best to stay at one level .Some experienced diver have trouble coming from a deep dive like 60 ft up to 30 ft and then find they cant get back down to 60 ft because the ears wont respond so easily.Its best to do the deepest part first then lesser levels on the way up.Your ear drums were telling you to stay at one level or risk damage.same with sinus cavitys..the nerves didnt like the up and down .They can get used to the deep ok ,but its the rapid change thats irritating .I find that the depth is not the problem ,just dont go up then try to go back down ..the body cant adjust fast if at all…In diving ,do the deepest dive first then lesser levels after.. this also good practice as it allows you to decompress gradually to prevent bends ..Do not plan on flying shortly before or after diving for the same reason…The bends are nitrogen gas bubbles forming in your blood when ascending too fast the gas can form bubbles that can get to your brain and kill you..Like a bottle of coke under pressure and then a sudden release forms bubbles ….easy does going up when diving ,do a rest stop from 60 feet at 30 feet,then again at 15 feet  to prevent bubbles in the blood…..So thats why repeated diving even to 20 feet up and down can be bad …

Divers also find that the air in their BC Buoyancy compensator the vest type thing they wear is used to maintain neutral buoyancy at any level .You will find that while ascending that you get rising too fast because the air in the BC is expanding and puts you at risk of the bends ,so you must let air out of the BC to control your ascent from a deep dive .

I suspect that if you let bubbles out slowly of your mouth while ascending you could have avoided the pain and possible a mild  case of bends ..Dont worry about running out of air do it controlled and slow as the air in your lungs is actually expanding on the way up ..as was the air trapped in your sinuses. remember to exhale slowly on the way up..

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.