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Posted by goldielocks @ 3:50 on July 12, 2018  

It’s hard to live as healthy of life as a generation before us due to so much pollution we were exposed to much younger and longer and the younger even worse now dosing them up with massive vaccines. Life expectancy is going backwards now not forwards. How many people found out things they were exposed to are hazardous later like abestos or Benzene that was in cleaning products women used.
Having real checkups including pre stroke and heart checkups help plus educating yourself on signs and symptoms of at least the common things. Also getting things in control like diabetes or things that can contribute to it ” including vaccines” that can then contribute to other problems including cognitive disorders.
In the end out living your friends spouse and sometimes even family can take its toll without something to keep them going.Plus we have a system that wants to keep riding the cost of living. Chip a cowboy fireman said something about this air head who said something about older people shouldn’t get SS ” they paid into. That he paid into it and said she’s gonna get old someday too. That was just this year and he will never be able to collect what he paid into now. I think they should privatize it and give it to his daughters. Lucky they took his dogs he loved. I remember him fretting over one of them running off for a few days on a ranch in NM. It was like a parent fretting over his kid. He was having trouble with the medical system ” insurance” before he died. Most of my long term friends worth keeping in contact already gone.
I believe a big part of it is they are not doing good check ups. We have a apathetic medical system anymore. I know someone now fighting cancer who complained for a year to his doctor of stomach problems and finally went to the ER to find after a X ray he had cancer.
Another one a nurse got a chest X ray from work due to being exposed to but didn’t have TB to find out she did too. They found no TB but found cancer. That was what you call something unfortunate occurance turning out fortunate for her. If it wasn’t caught in time she’d probably be dead now and wants to enjoy her new grand baby now and I’m sure her grand baby her.
She is now doing juicing and macrobiotics as cancer can be quite frightening. She is Japanese and said her family doesn’t have a long life span think she was settling to die too. I told her sometimes genetics is a learned lifestyle like the food you eat or environment your in so sometimes you can make lifestyle changes to change that plus knowing watch to watch for educate yourself. Easier to preach than practice sometimes lol Now it’s glycophosphate.
Yes genetics help but these days there so many toxins plus stress these days around us it’s hard to determine anymore but don’t hurt to strive to be heathy.
What I seemed to notice from those who lived a long time was they had away to shutting themselves out of all the economic stress and you won’t see them aside from the Rothschild type that can have 8 heart transplants won’t see them worried about the stock market that’s for sure lol They have a ability to adjust to almost being a hermit enjoying the sumple things. The French lady who loved till what 120-30 something it was a cigarette wine , olive oil, and chocolate. She lived by a routine.
These days it’s harder to do because it’s like that runaway train heading for a brick wall.
I noticed the EU for instance wants to put off paying more that we tax payers got stuck with protecting them until years later, after Trump is gone. Go figure but he’s not having it.

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