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Kilauea Summit

Posted by Maya @ 19:38 on July 14, 2018  


USGS scientists captured this stunning aerial photo of Halema‘uma‘u and part of the Kīlauea caldera floor during a helicopter overflight of Kīlauea’s summit this morning. In the lower third of the image, you can see the buildings that housed the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park’s Jaggar Museum, the museum parking area, and a section of the Park’s Crater Rim Drive. Although recent summit explosions have produced little ash, the drab gray landscape is a result of multiple thin layers of ash that have blanketed the summit area during the ongoing explosions.

The entire caldera floor around a wide area is slumping inward toward this pit.

The Debt Train Will Crash—–BY JOHN MAULDIN-7-13–I think excessive debt is dragging the world economy toward an epic crash.

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:27 on July 14, 2018  

The Debt Train Will Crash—-[ole “muddle through” Mauldin’s finally ringing the alarm bell]

JULY 13, 2018


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:02 on July 14, 2018  

What’s cool with help I can get frequent very small breaks. Not up to eating much for a lunch or dinner anyways right now.
Yep on the boot. I brought the boot but not using it, maybe later. It’s more painful and awkward.
What happened to you will eventually happen to me and will need more people to do it so for now I’m saving the gov money.

Maya – OK Tommy Smothers

Posted by commish @ 15:57 on July 14, 2018  


treefrog @ 10:02

Posted by Maya @ 15:44 on July 14, 2018  

Absolutely true!  No one knows for sure.  Simply speculation on my part.  The vent could plug up tomorrow and begin re-inflating the summit as the system goes quiet for decades again.  Pele is quite unpredictable.

We have a new volcanic island!

Posted by Maya @ 15:29 on July 14, 2018  

Welcome to ‘Little Hawaii’  🙂


This is a view of the new “island,” which was estimated to be just a few meters offshore, and perhaps 6-9 meters (20-30 ft) in diameter. It’s most likely part of the fissure 8 flow that’s entering the ocean—and possibly a submarine tumulus that built up underwater and emerged above sea level.  Here’s the wider view:


From USGS.

commish @ 14:23

Posted by Maya @ 15:01 on July 14, 2018  

You know you’re a beaten-down goldbug when you get excited about making $2.84.

It’s better than most accounts… granted.  🙂


Posted by Maya @ 14:54 on July 14, 2018  

Ah, the trouble with being ‘indispensable’ at work; you always gotta ‘be there’.  (I was like that for decades until they decided to dispense with my job.)   And “the boot” is a crippling device even on a healthy foot!  I had crutches for one day with the boot and couldn’t manage it.  Stayed in a rollaround chair.  The walker with the seat is a good solution!  I also saw at the hospital a records clerk with a boot who was getting around on a ‘kneeler’ two wheel scooter with a high seat platform to kneel and support the lower leg while the good leg pushed one around.  The guy had a run-around job all over the hospital and he got around well with it… without all the ‘boot trauma’ to deal with.


Posted by commish @ 14:23 on July 14, 2018  

wahoo Have a side account with them. On my birthday they wished me best regards and deposited 0.065 gg in my holdings account.  That was very nice.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:39 on July 14, 2018  

Thanks, no big deal at work already. My daughter got me a walker with a seat I can use cuz crutches won’t do it. That way I can sit down if I have to. I should of dropped my phone and just dropped but instead my foot twisted so I didn’t land on my phone. My herbs for quick healing packed up naturally. Healing fast anyways. Worse things could happen but if someone could replace me id let them. Only one who can has to be out of town.

Too late

Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:32 on July 14, 2018  

ut a ZeroHedger has a few more for the list:

Breaking News! OT, but Mrs Boattrash sent me the names of the 12 Russians indicted by Mueller…

1. Hillarina Klintonskaya

2: Barak Obamavich

3. Sallyezhda Yatesina

4. Ivan Brennanovsky

5. Valeriya Zharretovna

6. Yakov Comeyevski

7. Pyotr Strzokov

8. Loretmila Lynchkova

9. Ivan McCainovonovich

10. Sosana Ricenkovna

11. Yakov Klappereyevich

12. Ivan Podestinky

Goldie – hoping it heals quickly

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:24 on July 14, 2018  

and gives you no future problems .

@Rich re Gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:57 on July 14, 2018  

One group (of patriots) raises tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, to get prices higher, and help Americans, then the other group, (global bankers) raise the US Dollar’s value to get prices lower.

Its also possible, the global bankers with inside information, can see the future, and want to jack up their dollars values before they dump them all on far cheaper gold. Sell high, buy low.

A reversal of the past trend, is in motion, and would imply the end and reverse of a fiat money system that started in 1913 and blew itself up in the summer 2008.

From 1800 to 1913, with a natural organic financial system, there was absolutely zero inflation. In fact, prices even got slightly lower. After 1913 the “communist” Bankers gradually reversed the original organic 1800-1913 era, into an artificial system.

Reversing the use of precious metals for money, into a system where stocks bonds and real estate for use as “money”. The global welfare system created after 1913 HAD to use stocks bonds and real estate for use as “money” so nobody could hide how much “money” they had. No more privacy. Everybody’s “savings” is public knowledge for proper taxing.

If everybody had their savings in Gold, they could go on welfare or Medicaid if they wanted to. But anyway, their system is having problems, and maybe the Bankers will go back to the old ways and will be backing dollars with Gold again.



Posted by goldielocks @ 10:51 on July 14, 2018  

That’s good it hopefully won’t affect the people except for where it starts to flow. Looks like some wildlife will get displaced and you’ll have air quality and acid rain.
I’ve been through the tremors after a quake, they can be annoying but at the same time you start to slowly get used it it ” sorta.” IT can be harder on babies startling them too much which is not good for them less in a rocker crib and small children. Luckily there not close together constant.

No can’t take anything stronger than Ibuprofen but just as well I don’t like how I feel on pain meds they make me sick for some reason to passed yesterday just upset couldn’t make it in last night. I think the purposly slowed down so I couldn’t. One doctor told me I know you you’ll go in anyway. Have to be in enough pain to make it worth it which initially I was as foot started to swell and bruise fast and that boot is heavy for tissue trauma. Luckily there’s someone who wants extra hours who can’t do my job but can help today.


Posted by treefrog @ 10:02 on July 14, 2018  

“What I’m saying is that there is a lava source here that could continue for another 35 years…!”

true, but not complete.  could continue for another 35 years, more or less.

the upslope reservoirs are finite, but of unknown size.  could last 35 years, could also be 25, or 45, or any of lots of other numbers.

JUL 13 2018 The Next Big Score…?

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:42 on July 14, 2018  

To want to own gold can be a strange and terrible affliction. What incites such an urge in the otherwise sensible and rational investor?

Why do we listen as the would be “gold guru” in his poorly fitting suit, hair slicked back in a twirl of pomade, climbs to the podium in a darkened corner of some third-tier mining conference?

He tells… no, preaches… to onlookers for the hundredth time, or maybe the thousandth (no one’s really counting anymore) that gold is just about to go to $2,000 and ounce… or maybe, just maybe $10,000!

We just have to hold on… a little bit longer.

Gold is a bizarre thing, but any object that can entrance generations for thousands of years deserves to be taken seriously.

An Enormous Opportunity… Literally

When a friend reached out and suggested I invest alongside his VC group in a West African exploration play I was hesitant. West Africa is extremely prospective, but as discussed there are real challenges. But this friend has been something of a mentor to me, I trust this judgment, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the most successful early stage investors in the space.

So, I dug deeper; and I started where I always start the team.

I was happy to see management checked my number one box – They’ve done it before. The VP of Exploration has held a leadership role in four successful projects in the region. The CEO has been a banker, and the head of corporate development for a successful company: He looks at deals for a living, he had a great job and was making good money, and this is the opportunity he chose to put his name on.  

The rest of the crew are old African hands who know how to get things done in the region.



Posted by Maya @ 2:43 on July 14, 2018  

Sorry about the toe!  I suppose you don’t want pain meds that might affect your ability to work, too.

The summit crater that is collapsing is contained within a larger caldera field with a pronounced rim around it that shows this kind of thing has happened in the distant geologic past, and it was much bigger back then.  At present, the hole is near one edge of the caldera rim where the Hawaii Volcano Observatory and Museum building are, and that building is damaged and abandoned now.  The caldera area is contained well within the boundaries of the National Park and it is all surrounding wilderness area.  Nearest habitations are the volcano golf course subdivision about 3 miles from the summit crater, and there is no geologic indication that the crater could expand that far.  But those folks are getting mighty tired of the near constant 3 magnitude earthquakes daily, topped off with the big 5.3 daily.  My ham radio friends there report FEMA encouraged them to Pre-Apply for disaster assistance at the center here just in case they suffer earthquake damage to their homes in the future.

The orange fire clouds above my front yard are beautiful tonight!



Posted by goldielocks @ 2:15 on July 14, 2018  

Wow another 35 years. Do you think the volcano that keeps collapsing could grow bigger and bigger and threaten other areas?
Friday the 13th and never a concern until today when I fractured part of my foot and had to manually reset one of my toes. Man that smarted, if I cried I probably would of but more because didn’t want to take off work. Doctors wonder why I’m the only one they know of that won’t take off so gave me a option to tear up the paper if I can handle the pain. So they are giving me light duty.
Now I’ll remember Friday the 13 th.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:09 on July 14, 2018  


The ‘Sunset Limited’ in the Arizona desert


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