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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:01 on July 23, 2018  

Besides if the cost of socialism fell on every individual state these pro open border free everything politicians would have a harder time when the voters realized what that would mean for state taxes instead of some far away Fed taking a hit instead.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:57 on July 23, 2018  

I got a better idea. How about getting rid of Federal taxes all together.

Richard 19:32

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:49 on July 23, 2018  

It’s sad to see that there are people like the housekeepers you had that had no life that are just expected to be there 24/7. Women’s lib in my generation and equal pay appeared to change that but who knows. I suppose it wasn’t unusual. My grandfather had one as it frees up the wife for the husband but my grandmother didn’t need to have it because she wasn’t the type that wanted to be pampered plus have someone else raise her kids. Those days they could afford to stay home though.
Wet nurses were doing the same and think it was more the husbands idea than the wives as they need constant attention. After time though that turned out to be a nightmare. They would actually put the babies in wet nurse homes in Europe where these babies would be neglected even starved to death. So parents were given others babies when they came to retrive them not even recognizing their own child. I’m guessing some did so eventually this idea went away.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:37 on July 23, 2018  

I think the financial burdens (taxes) or overhead costs of the US economy, should fall mostly (highest taxes) on the most lucrative and profitable PRIVATE sector organizations. Gov’t employees, and gov’t vendors should be tax exempt. Because their gross revenue and benefits, comes from the tax PAYERS. So they should not get credit or status, as a tax payer.

Unfortunately, there are poor people paying taxes and wealthy businesses getting deductions.  Imagine  if the law said “all tax payers must all feel the same pain?”

The taxes on a $50,000 person would hurt. Now, what % amount of taxes would it take to give equal pain to a $10 million dollar salary?

The $50,000 guy needs 90% of that money to live, and really can’t afford to pay taxes.

To give equal pain to the $10 million dollar guy, would require a 90% income tax. The left over 10% $1 million, he could still live good.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:36 on July 23, 2018  

Not all hospitals were private. Public hospitals appeared to have a bad reputation and were more overcrowded than private. In 1986 they passed laws they couldn’t deny care. This hurt private hospitals it appeared. It hurt all hospitals because of the close gap of free service and profits were close. I’m guess those where free service by non paying costing more than profits causes closures. My limited understanding is that Public hospitals got tax paid subsidies that private didn’t get. So it’s my guess that after that law was passed it was a matter of survival in some areas with a lot of concentrated poor to become non profit or public. Method threw both paying and non paying in the same boat or waiting room.
This is one reason why changing Obama care has to be careful. If the cut insurance to the poor the burden will fall on hospitals thus causing even more overcrowding of others.
At the same time the young with kids especially who are working class are not going to get these benefits. What is it telling them? It’s telling them don’t make to much money, you can’t afford it or it will bring on a lot of free hours of work to pay for something you might not even need. A middle class family shouldn’t have to pay 1000 plus a month plus have hearty deductibles.Thats insane. That’s what Obama care caused. It’s not worth it to them nor taking the chance if their child gets sick they won’t be able to afford the care, tests, or medicine because of the deductible. Add rising cost of housing and food.
To make it worse imagine sitting there with a sick child in a high immigrant town having to wait hours or in pain because of people who aren’t supposed to even be here and aren’t going to pay blocking you from timely care while you did. Another part of the domino effect.

Mr Copper–u make a great point…I grew up in Peoria, Illinois in the 40s and 50s…

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:32 on July 23, 2018  

when I reflect on those years…I sometimes think that not much has changed regarding poverty…there were so many poor neighborhoods back then…we were rich…in the early 50s my Dad would make $25K a yr–we lived in an 18 room house with 2 white mennonite, spinster maids who were with us for 20 yrs–they had room and board and maybe a 100 a month…there were lots of crap jobs with crap wages back then for the majority of the population–of course there was a solid middle class…and the upper crust…i see little difference today–except in attitude–today EVERYONE thinks they’re entitled to all the goodies…and when they don’t get them, the resentment is great: hence the rise of the socialists–too many poor kids with useless educations and not enuff vocational schools…lower middle class youth with an education sit in coffee shops and plot mischief–that’s what happened in russia and led to the bolshevik revolution…

Goldielocks re they would go to the ER anyways

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:23 on July 23, 2018  

Back in the late ’40s early ’50s as a child there was a nice hospital near by on the main road. I heard the adults talking. There was a motorcycle guy laying badly injured in the street  right in front of the hospital.

They would NOT let him in. The hospitals were privately owned. I don’t think they had ERs during the old capitalism days. Socialism gradually brought here, and global in general, ruined this country.

GOOG was up $20 today and is up $38 after hours on great earnings…but, surprise, surprise!

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:14 on July 23, 2018  

As i write, the Nasdaq futures are DOWN 4.25 pts…buy the rumor sell the news? As I wrote earlier, there may be a great risk/reward short on the NAZ sometime this week–best guess sometimes Thursday ahead of the pre-mkt. release of the “great” GDP number on Friday–which may see the mkt sell off no matter if its good or a disappointment=QID seems appropriate…

Mr Copper lol

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:06 on July 23, 2018  

This conversation is never ending lol
If people didn’t have insurance they would go to the ER anyways. Besides emergencies like accidents, strokes, heart attacks, many people go to the ER because they Don’t have insurance or a doctor. Started with mostly illegals in CA swamping the ERs then as the domino effect of rising HC to pay for those who didn’t have it costs people dropped and became a domino effect.
Because they look okay doesn’t mean they are okay.
Problem with ERs is that these corporates where doctors work have too many patients. So besides your yearly visit or a follow up there is no walk ins like their used to be. So if you or a family member needs to be seen right now you wind up having to go to the ER or urgent cares.
They should make more Urgent cares with experienced staff for the more simple things or non life threatening to not overwhelm the ER with more serious things. Experiences to recognize something is more serious than a fever and malaise for instance.
That’s what most people will see in a ER even if serious or potential it’s not immediate like a heart attack, respiratory distress, stroke, serious accidents, a emergency birth, etc they’ll be in back or in surgery where you won’t see them but they’re there.

Richy re part “All are broke, living paycheck to paycheck.”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:04 on July 23, 2018  

General wages for the masses are too low for today’s system. Did you hear the real estate news today? They said if we don’t see a significant raise in wages real estate future not good. Search minimum wage 1937. The business man complaining needs to put more thought into his observations. Businessmen need to form a group, or union of businessmen, that all agree to pay more so they can help themselves or each other. 🙂 But that will never happen. That’s why we need a government that is not influenced by global business. I suspect Trump and his group are businessmen but know what needs to be done to benefit the country they reside in.

Re too many patients these days

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:41 on July 23, 2018  

Trust me, if nobody had insurance these days there would be hardly any patients. Less demand less work less cost. Most of the patients these days are fodder for a government job creation scheme. Look around the waiting room, everybody looks fine. Go to the cancer oncologist waiting room, and the infusion room, everybody looks heathy. Over time This burden on sociaty will be exposed with more and more studies suggesting to stay away from doctors. And stop worrying about our health. We are mostly maintenance free like animals.

Maddog–re; skynet–I agree–and it is obvious that stocks are back to the

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:21 on July 23, 2018  

“no downside” mode–especially the Naz 100–it seldom prints–intra-day–red…if it does go red for a few minutes buying comes in and pushes into the green…this could go on for all July and August…then in September or October “they” may engineer a little 5% sell off just to  remove suspicion from the fact that solid government support is back in place. We all saw how the bank index was rescued from that support line it was about to break…this happens all the time in various sectors.

Read em and weep—from Murph tonight.

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:08 on July 23, 2018  


Dave from Denver…

Many Americans Are Living In A Financial/Economic Nightmare

July 21, 2018–Financial Markets, Gold, Housing Market, Market Manipulation, Precious Metals, U.S. Economycredit bubble housing bubble, economic collapse, stock bubble

The following is guest post from a Mining Stock Journal subscriber who runs a family business in the northeast part of the country:

Our family has been in business here for over 100 years. Presently we run a collection of consumer-based businesses, including a hotel, restaurant and an apartment complex. We have very well run businesses with tight controls. All my top managers have been with the company for well over two decades.

Because of the nature of our businesses and related customer base, I have a first-hand, “front row view” of the economic condition of the average household. I can say with direct knowledge that the average American has entered an income and debt nightmare.

I’m writing you because the entire area where I live and work has finally hit a wall of debt. It’s gutted our customers, our businesses, and the entire economy in my area…Everybody including small and mid-size businesses use debt to maintain their daily existence.

It finally showed up in ALL of our business starting this spring…our customers are BROKE and not coming thru the doors. Everyone up here lives by increasing their credit card balance each month, except for the very few that have their entire life savings in overvalued stocks. Before I wrote this, I asked my managers about their friends, family, and our employees. All are broke, living paycheck to paycheck.

Even in the alt-media, there is plenty written about the consumer being tapped out, but few are mentioning small and mid size businesses. Most are in the EXACT shape as the general public – just the numbers are bigger.

The drug use…heroin/meth is OUT OF CONTROL, a huge percentage of people up here can only survive with State and Federal assistance.

Dave, I’m not a gloom and doom’er, but starting the spring of this year…something changed…it’s like a wall was hit. You can bet your ass this area of the county is a mirror image of what I see in my businesses and the surrounding communities. Something is close Dave, very close. I have never seen anything like it in my 60 years. We both know what’s coming, and it’s not good.

Sorry I don’t have positive news……but it’s the truth!!


Judge Jeanine Pirro on “That Problem” in America

Posted by silverngold @ 18:05 on July 23, 2018  

She makes a lot of sense!!

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:00 on July 23, 2018  

Yes I remember the Doctors but in these days it would no longer be safe and too many patients. They can have over a thousand each. Also they won’t perform surgery less it was a emergency maybe but call a ambulance. From what I remember they only appeared with epidemics like measles going around. Usually not emergencies. They had a schedule. Perhaps it was also to prevent the spread to the sick from other things in the doctor office or hospitals.
I remember no doctor came when I fell over hit my chin requiring stiches at age 4. I remember being in the car going there. Theses days they’d numb the child but those days they stitched me up without anesthesia. I remember that too lol
There’s always someone who can beat you in the torture although had another at 11 in a veterans hospital from a severe cut in my foot. Someone I knew told me even worse he had his tonsils taken out on his parents kitchen table and was conscious.
We can’t always look at the costs. Another nurse told me at a veterans she went to after a dog bit her in the face that they put rubbing alcohol on it and kept it there. She said they told her if she didn’t stop screaming they’d put her in the closet. She wound up in the closet.
It wasn’t ALL GOOD in those days. They even operated on babies without anesthesia saying they won’t remember it anyways. That’s severe abuse and pain can stop hearts.
There’s better things for arthritis now too. Bag balm was frequently used for things too. Lots of advancement now that weren’t there then. We just don’t need greed in gouging prices to hold people hostage.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:09 on July 23, 2018  

When nobody had insurance the Dr. came to the house. He didn’t work hard. Now they work hard to help pay insurance company employees and their rents. And often told the patient its in your mind, don’t worry about it. Once the Dr said put my friends grandmother with arthritis, rub horse shit on it. The people today are obsessed with their health. Stress is the primary problem.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:17 on July 23, 2018  

Copy that. I’m not seeing all this over care through. But agree on insurance driving cost up for the care you do get.
It’s made it necessary to have because of it and greed is causing it to fail. Insurance companies are starting to put caps because of over charges. That results in double charges. That’s one good thing That Ororeef pointed out that insurance companies such as supplemental can negotiate which would be harder for a individual would do. People will find themselves paying for a over priced insurance and still get a bill from overpriced services or medication.
Yes there are people who go to the doctor for every little thing but not that many. Sitting in a doctors office your a non appointment visit or ER or Urgent Care all day isn’t usually something most people wants to do.
Insurance has always been important even if you didn’t need it when you were younger. Most young don’t need it but if they did that’s where the problem could come in that people might learn the hard way. For instance you playing football or ” surfing’ dislocate your shoulder. Without insurance you might get diagnosis and something for pain BUT it wont get you surgery to correct it if it’s not life threatening and most can’t afford the up front cost on that surgery.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:41 on July 23, 2018  

Who’s going to be the next PM, Maddog? Any thoughts on that?

Sounds like a plan!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:38 on July 23, 2018  

Maverick Republican Rand Paul says he’ll demand Trump strip John Brennan’s security clearance after the outspoken former CIA boss accused the president of treason



Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:30 on July 23, 2018  

Try imagining going to work, and your employers give you free auto repair insurance, with tiny co-pays. You would be at the mechanics place every time you hear a funny sound. And the mechanic?

If you say “this” we can do “that”. Then you say…”I’m going on a trip so look everything over before I go”. The mechanic will even make preventative suggestions. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for it”

These medial places have HUGE HUGE overhead. They have kids in Harvard, wife has the Tahoe and a credit card. When it comes to money I don’t trust anyone.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:26 on July 23, 2018  

At the last annual party conference, during her closing speech, someone gave May a joke P45, which is the tax form u get when yr sacked, in the middle of her speech…..Lots thought it very poor form etc.

Now the vast majority wish it had been real, but she is one of those nightmare people, who are too stupid and stubborn to leave willingly, no matter the vitriol, she will have to be literally dragged out.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:15 on July 23, 2018  

Yes on stress it releases things that can tear up your body. It just depends on the situation. Forcing vaccines on people for instance is a stress inducing culprit assuming you’ll get something you may never get and most of the things you would get with more knowledge on treating it and modern medicine you’d survive through anyways.
Sometimes it’s empowerment, to be aware and keep a eye on it.
There is a lot more stress these days and one way to help counter the negative effects is to regularly exercise.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:02 on July 23, 2018  

I agree to a extent but still beieve in the stitch in time saves nine. There are doctors that seem to be particularly Asia not saying all just a few of many but can come from all walks of life who get caught with treating patients for things they don’t have including cancer. One years ago was caught preforming heart surgery on patients that didn’t need it in Northern Calif.
Some cancers are slower than others, some more aggressive. For instance a tiny melonoma skin cancer not noticed could or will metastasis in just a few months. Sometimes it could take that long just to be seen and if you don’t go straight to the source a dermatologist could take even longer to get a Referal depending on your GP.
Because someone survived cancer didn’t mean they didn’t have it in the first place. Not saying that’s not a possibility but not a general rule.
It depends on the cancer how it has evolved, the patient and their immune system and help they get. Help has a lot to do with it. Like the daughter who cares for her father compared to along term facility being hiseyes ears, the ” if” the better care food, calling the doctor when they notice something, helping with meds and personal care.
Another example I can’t remember his name but was going the way of macrobiotic to treat his prostrate cancer. He played on the A Team series years ago with George Papard Mr T but can’t rennet his name right now.
He went to Mexico and in the same ward was Steve Mc Queen.
They were all on a special macro diet. He said Mc Queen would order out things and bring ice cream in to share with others.
I don’t know if it would of helped with Steves condition that destroyed lung tissue but as we know he didn’t survive it but this actor who stuck to the diet did and continues it today.

Pretty brutal day

Posted by Buygold @ 14:54 on July 23, 2018  

Rates up, USD up – plenty of reasons to sell pm’s

Really wonder if the globalist one worlders have decided to dump treasuries and trash their currencies in response to Trump trade policies.

Hard to believe after 7 years we still go thru this with zero escape from the pain.

Maddog @ 12:49

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:26 on July 23, 2018  

The more I read about what’s going on with Brexit the more of a disaster May seems to be. Hopefully she gets her walking papers soon!

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